17 Jun 2018
How Trump’s hotel marketing translates into National level politics
in America

What you are basically doing is “hotel marketing”. Trump is being a typical hotel owner.

This is what you need to know about our interactions. We work in two modes.

  • Public Mode. This is when you are not directly working with us. When you are working with us, this applies to the opposition party. In the public mode, we tell things as it is … so that everyone knows the plus and minus … what are the positive moves and what are the negative moves. We will never be your trumpet blower … we will never stand there blowing your horn. Our priority is the “people” … our loyalty lies with the people. We mold politicians to do what is right for the people. In the public mode, you will see us discuss both aspects of your works and presidency. We will show what is positive and also show what is negative publicly. So that SM elements can help you or control you wherever necessary. Our interactions are not just about blowing your horn … or being blatantly against It is all about activating thousands of support points in supporting good and stopping what is bad. That’s the nature of the work.
  • Private Mode. This is when a politician or his Party is working with us. We are still not blowing your horn even in this mode. In this mode, the counseling on your negative policies is done in private … as much as possible. We will provide you with fantastic strategies and promote those strategies and your initiatives for them publicly.

So, if you are looking for only blow horn material on my site … then you are mistaken. This is the first thing that you need to know about our work. And it is because of this nature of the work … we were able to make so many changes.

But if we look at the way you have been functioning since the past one and a half years is that … you are simply being a typical hotel owner.

Hotel Marketing
This is what you have been doing all of your life … brag, brag and brag about your properties … in order to make the sale or get customers. “This is the best condo ever … this has the best views … this is the best ever … the most fantastic ever and bla bla bla” … your high end degree of praises and compliments typically come from your 5 Star hotel business. This is how you sell your properties and this is exactly how you are trying to sell your Presidency. “Ow, look at the jobs … highest number of jobs … look at the jobs … record-breaking jobs”. You are taking these one or two points and marketing your Presidency to the public.

What you are basically thinking is that … you can sit there … take a few points … and brag the shit out of those points … to show that the Trump Presidency is the best Presidency ever … while actually doing nothing for the people. You are extremely hesitant in going after the Establishment because you have your cash deals associated with them … that’s the last thing that you would like to change. As an end result of your “hotel approach” to National level politics … what the American people are getting is:

  • A guy who will not do anything for the public
  • A guy who will sit there and brag the shit out of itsy bitsy stuff
  • While doing nothing, he will bow up trillions among the Est. to benefit himself
  • He thinks that this is the perfect marketing strategy as well as self-benefiting strategy

This is basically the end result of your hotel strategies being translated into National politics. And because you are at an extreme level of bragging about jobs and North Korea … it means that you will do nothing for the people:

  • When your own people live in the highest cost of living
  • They can’t survive this cost of living and they are begging to double the minimum wage
  • You are openly saying that you don’t give a rat’s ass about the problems of your people … because of have two things to brag about … jobs and North Korea
  • You don’t give a rat’s ass when your own people have to survive on 2-3 jobs
  • You don’t give a rat’s ass when your own people have to survive on 2-3 credit cards just to pay bills
  • You don’t give a rat’s ass when your country is sinking in $70 Trillion debt as a whole
  • You don’t give a rat’s ass when the resources and wealth of your country and people are being drained into the hands of a few malicious criminals
  • You don’t give a rat’s ass if there are malicious exploitation systems that are leeching your people’s lives
  • The only thing that you care is … using itsy bitsy stuff … to blow your own horn and make sure that your cash deals are intact.
  • You don’t give a damn about any criminals or exploitation systems or debt of the people or the country … as long as your cash deals are intact.

This is the exact state that you are in since the past one and a half years, by sucking up to the Establishment and not giving a damn about the people. We had to unleash repeated interventions in order to change your disastrous tracks. The Trump Presidency is turning out to be a “phase of interventions” … when it actually should have been about Trump being a great leader. Instead of being a great leader … you have only been a disaster that has to be managed. And now on top of that … you want to sit there doing nothing but bragging about one or two itsy bitsy stuff that you have at hand.

Okay fine … more jobs and North Korea are good things but:

  • How do they change American lives?
  • Americans still have to survive under 2-3 jobs
  • Americans still have to depend on 2-3 credit cards
  • The Establishment monopoly still exists and all cash still flows into the hands of a few
  • There is absolutely no change in the cost of living
  • All exploitation systems continue and remain untouched

And what is our President planning to do about all of this? Nothing. He just wants to sit there and brag about some itsy bitsy stuff that we showed him how to do. North Korea is no big deal when the lives of 330 million Americans are concerned. It changes absolutely nothing for them. If North Korea is the only thing that you are going to do and brag about then … maybe you should consider running against Kim Jong Un in 2020 in North Korea and lead their people from there. Why do you want to stay in the White House for?

You are elected by the American people to represent their concerns. Its time to start working for them. Protect them from malicious systems, give them fantastic policies, raise your country to fabulous heights and be a glorious President. Get out of that petty hotel mentality. Think big, play big and win big.