12 Jun 2018
Establishment strategies to take a piss over Trump’s Singapore Summit
in America

Robert De Niro is actually a nice guy. Yes, he does not like you and he is pissed off at you since a very very long time. But that was not Robert De Niro in action … it was the Establishment trying to use him at the right time … so that he unleashes his anger publicly using most vile words … so that the Establishment gets to take a piss over your Singapore Summit.

See, what you did in Singapore was simply fantastic. It is unstoppable … you have SM networks working on it long before you moved in that direction … they will activate several points to help you succeed in that work. I will be showing SM what has to be done. That will be taken care of. But someone who is really pissed off at this new world that is being created … at these new “deals” being signed … that pissed off someone is the Establishment.

In such scenarios, this is basically what they do:

  • Limited Coverage. They will try not to cover the event. They failed in this also … because this was such a historic move that everyone were glued to their television sets. Now, they will try not to prolong the positive coverage of this deal. An event with a Muslim guy with a knife used to be covered for several weeks. But Trump saving 25 million people from Communism will be brushed off within days.
  • Negative Coverage / Play it down. The event is already over. Their priority is now to “vaporize” the effect of this event. They will try to play it down … saying that … “nothing much was achieved … the other guy gained a lot … the other guy did not give up much at all.” All of these are their tactics … to play it down. They are already using it.
  • Create an equally shocking event. The event was simply historic … they cannot match a negative event so quickly. But they will try to create some negative event or bring into the news some negative activity … which will help them vaporize the positive effect created by this event. Their objective is to take away your shine as quickly as possible. This is something that they can easily do using their monopoly in the media. They did this during your trip to Saudi Arabia also. You were coming back with a historic investment of more than half a trillion dollars. What did they do? They created a terrorist event using a Muslim. They took a nice piss over your investment victory … you could not even talk about your victory because of that event. You were busy managing a terrorist event.
  • Create Interference. Another thing that they will try to do is create interference in order to derail the work. You will see that your own Republican Party members are saying that any deal with North Korea should move through the Congress. The Establishment is using your own party members to create interference and put their own conditions into this deal.

Even before you touch American soil back home … the Establishment is already working on the above 4 strategies.

  • Limit the coverage … don’t prolong it too much.
  • Negative coverage … try to play it down.
  • Create an equally shocking event … try to cover something else drastic.
  • Create interference … use Republicans to interfere in the deal

All of the above are “monopoly games”. You are the President of the United States … and even before you touch American soil from your foreign trip … the Establishment is activating several strategies to vaporize your work. They did the same thing … when you went to Saudi Arabia … they are repeating it with Singapore Summit.

Well, it has been more than one year between your Saudi Arabia and Singapore trips. You already know about Establishment monopoly and how they maliciously use it. You have done nothing to address this malice … so you really can’t blame them now. If you know that you have fever and even then you don’t take the medicine for the fever … then the bacteria is not alone at fault. Your inaction helps their malice.