11 Jun 2018
Trump Presidency being consumed by two major Sharks in the waters
in America

I don’t micromanage the Silent Majority. All of them work based upon formulas and what is right for the people … based upon American & Christian values and principles. I don’t dictate them every single move. I am the guy that designs the policies and the movement. To move the policies ahead … sometimes, I point out at the malice … SM will go out there and hammer out malice and hammer the guys associated with it. Sometimes, I point out at something good … SM will go out there and support what is good & support the guys associated with it. Managing the country involves “help and hammer” … both aspects are active.

SM is the entire country … it is not just one person to hold a political opinion. This is not politics … this is actual people deciding what they want and what they don’t want. If you don’t like people standing up and saying what they like and what they don’t like … then you have no business being in public service. You want to be in the White House? Then you have to interact and work with the people. That’s basic.

You are in a complex situation right now.

  • Firstly, you are not a routine politician and these are not routine times.
  • There is a major transition happening from Establishment politics to People-Centric politics. Yes, I have a major role that I am playing in designing this movement and its associated politics. SM carries out the moves based upon the given direction.
  • Owing to the above transition, the Establishment is pissed off and they are very insecure and in a transition of their own. Their priorities are … how to stop this, how to delay it, how to blow up things via war, how to take down guys who are supporting it … they are in a frenzy of their own … because they never faced such a large scale unstoppable movement against them. They were the ones who used to design the policies and run the country. Now, the game is changing … they are themselves shocked and surprised of how this is happening.
  • You are in the river where there is no fixed current. One strip of water moves in one direction … another strip of water moves in another direction … another strip is going round and round. The water in the river should flow up or down … it can’t go up, down and round at the same time. But this what’s happening in the river right now. And you are the guy in the water trying to swim … to add to that … you have no swimming experience.

This is your situation President Donald J Trump.

  • You are doing good things and bad things are happening to you.
  • You are doing bad things and even more bad things are happening to you.
  • Life is not supposed to be like that. A Society should have a proper direction.

You are in this complex situation because this is a major transition phase where there is a war between two sharks in the water. If you put two large fishes in a tub of water and those fishes start fighting with each other … then what happens to the water? It gets all ruffled up. And you are the guy that is trying to swim and survive in that water. Lol. We are telling you this right from day one of your Presidency … you are not in normal times … these are very sensitive and critical times. Anything can happen.

Your bad luck is that … you can’t even see these fishes. At least if you can see the fishes then somehow you can dodge and move forward. Let me give you an idea about the fishes. You are facing enormous opposition from both powers … the better the understanding you have, the better will be your position in handling the situation.

  • Establishment – Agenda Based. The Establishment opposition is mostly agenda based. Their ideology is like that. Favors for them won’t work … they have carried out too much crime and they have their own agenda to cover up that crime. One or two Presidents don’t matter for them.
  • Silent Majority – Fact Based. Their work is fact based. They will follow a “help & hammer” strategy. Their actions will be based policy by policy … action by action. If your policies are good then you get good support … if you are going against American & Christian principles and values … then you get hammered. SM are your own people without any pre-defined agenda.

Now, the chemistry that is happening between the Establishment and SM is that … the Establishment knows very well that SM will not tolerate racist policies, scams and scandals. Throughout your first year … the Establishment has maintained you in nothing but racism, scams and scandals. And it is using SM to create a massive united opposition force against you.

Which is why you will see that:

  • Only Establishment based demonization. When you are not working with the Establishment then there is massive Establishment based demonization via the media and several other sources. The Est. facilitates this via their monopoly.
  • Establishment + SM Demonization. When you are working with the Est. and supporting all of their scams and scandals … then you are facing even more opposition.

There is no reprieve for you either ways … with or without the Establishment. This massive opposition is not happening because Trump is bad or because Trump is good. It is because of the bigger forces into play in the waters.

That’s why we said … the solution to your crisis … is getting extremely people centric. Launch fantastic and fabulous people-centric policies … and pull the entire country in one direction. “LEAD” and pull everyone on your side and create one direction. That’s how you normalize the waters … that’s how you take control over everyone. In order to do this, you have to manage these large fishes at every turn … there can be a dozen veiled crisis at every turn. You need to be able to understand these dozens of different crisis that can be unleased at every turn … you need to have a combat strategy and alternate routes … and then you win. It is not an easy game … it is a very complex and dynamic game that keeps changing every few days.

Inaction leads to termination
What you are trying to do right now … with the tariffs and making EU pay … it is good and positive … but it is all “itsy bitsy” stuff. Its just breadcrumbs. That is not going to help you in any way or solve this massive crisis. It will only give you momentary relief and then again you will be stuck in the battle of two sharks in the sea. What happens when you are stuck in the waters when two sharks are fighting? Either you drown or you are eaten up … you have to run away from the situation. That’s exactly what will happen to your Presidency … either you will get impeached or jailed … or you have to quit and run away.

And trust me, this has very less to do with you. Yes, you have a lot of scams and blown up trillions of taxpayer money … you have some baggage. But the termination of your Presidency will not be because of that … it will be mostly because of these sharks in the waters. And this doesn’t apply just to Trump … it applies to anyone in the White House. As long as the current crisis remains … as long as Establishment monopoly remains … as long as the debt based systems continue … there will be a continuous war between these two sharks. And it will consume the guy trying to lead the country.

Even if Oprah, steps into the White House … if the parameters are the same with nothing being changed and if she does not take the LEAD with fantastic people-centric policies … then even her Presidency will be consumed. I am telling you this … even before she declares her candidacy for the Presidency. Because we know exactly how these forces function and how to manage them. That’s why I told you many times … you want to save your Presidency? Then save your country … it will automatically save your Presidency.

You want to go solo in the waters with the sharks … then you will get what the sharks will give you. That’s why … when you activate people-centric policies … you get tens of millions of people by your side. These sharks will have to back off once People Power comes into action. The only force that can contain and manage these sharks other than God is … People Power.

Your itsy bitsy moves will get you nothing … especially in times when the Establishment is working on levying criminal charges against your team members and your family. You need enormous people-centric policies and massive People Power by your side. Its then that you can win.