09 Jun 2018
Deal Making Strategy with North Korea
in America

Let’s give Trump a basic guideline for a deal making strategy with North Korea. It should be pretty much simple and straight-forward.

What do we need?

  • Denuclearization
  • Elimination of Communist policies
  • Christianity and the Freedom of Religion

What can we give?

  • Removal of sanctions
  • Support in finance, technology and international trade

It’s a simple game of give and take. The more you give, the more we give. The lesser you give, the lesser we give. We want them to follow simple 3 steps of denuclearization, elimination of Communism and movement towards Christianity with Freedom of Religion. If they agree to all 3 steps … then super good … we will give them everything that we can. No … if they are going to play cheesy … then we play cheesy. If they are going to make very partial moves … then we also make very partial moves. It’s a simple balance of give and take.

Options of Good Deals
Based upon your discussions and negotiations … you will have these 3 options of good and positive deals.

The Best Deal – 5 Star Deal

  • Kim Jong Un converts to Christianity
  • Agrees to eliminate all Communist policies
  • Denuclearization of North Korea

What we should give

  • Here we can give full support to North Korea in every form
  • Progressive removal of sanctions
  • Support in finance, technology and international trade

This is the ideal scenario and the best possible deal that you can get. A Nobel Prize is guaranteed on this deal. This is a rock solid deal that will face no opposition or criticism back home. It will be a splendid victory.

Intermediary Deal - 3 Star Deal

  • Kim Jong Un does not convert but agrees to Freedom of Religion
  • Agrees to eliminate all Communist policies
  • Denuclearization of North Korea

What we should give

  • Here also he can get the full package … but the pace should be slow with verification in each step because the core ideology is not yet rectified in the leadership
  • Progressive removal of sanctions
  • Support in finance, technology and international trade

This is a 3 Star Deal of an intermediary level where Kim Jong Un does not convert. What you should note is that the main issue with North Korea is the “ideology”. And if the main leaders of the country that hold cent percent of the power … if they themselves have not converted … then they can flip at any instant of time. Because Democracy and Freedom of Religion is a whole new game for them. It is very important for us to analyze their reaction and support for each move that will be taken in North Korea. In this deal, you have to follow a slow pace with verifications and checks at each phase. So that complete denuclearization takes place and also complete removal of Communist policies takes place.

Most Basic Deal - 2 Star Deal

  • No commitment about religion
  • No talk about Communist policies
  • Denuclearization of North Korea

What we should give

  • This is a very limited and partial deal
  • Only 10-20% of sanctions should be removed in this case … remaining 80% of the sanctions should remain intact
  • 80% of sanctions should be removed only upon the elimination of Communist policies

This is one of the most basic deal that is possible. This is also a positive deal but it is extremely limited … where there is no change in the ideology or systems in the country.

Issues with denuclearization
Here are a few things that you need to know about denuclearization.

Point 01. Hidden Nukes. All of the countries that you are sanctioning are “enemy countries”. These governments hate America. They can easily hide nukes anywhere across their country … under any mountain or basement spread across thousands of square kilometers in their country. There is absolutely no way for 20 inspectors to go and screen the entire country. In fact, the moment you started military drills, North Korea moved its missiles to several locations … so that all missiles don’t get destroyed in a few strikes. Practically it is impossible to screen the entire country for nukes or nuclear material.

They can easily hide 80% of their nukes and dismantle only 20% of them in the name of denuclearization. In fact, Iran might have already bought nukes from North Korea or Pakistan. It is an extremely rich country. There is no way to verify if Iran has nukes. You will get to know that only if the war begins and they start using what they have.

Point 02. Private Production of Nukes
These sanctions or denuclearization commitment only applies to “large-scale industrial production” that can be detected via satellite imagery. They can easily carry out small-scale private production that cannot be suspected or intercepted via satellite. This is why when you decided to pull out of the Iran deal … they said “we will start large-scale industrial production”. These are the words that they used. It reflects that there is already some private production activity going on.

Point 03. Ideology
Iran’s nukes were only a partial concern in Obama’s nuclear deal with them. The main reason why Obama signed this deal was to avoid a war that will spill into Russia. That was one of the main objectives of this deal. Because Netanyahu was going around campaigning for a war against Iran. The best way to shut him up was via this deal. And it worked.

But what you should note is that … before this deal, Iran’s leaders used to cry “Death to America” and after this deal they cry “Death to America”. There was absolutely no change in their slogans or approach towards America despite having a nuclear deal with them. Why? Because there was absolutely no effort made to address this ideological issue in these countries. Obama’s main concern was “no war” and he worked towards that. If you want to make a more intelligent and far-reaching deal … then strike at the root of the problem … which is their ideology.

Denuclearization is partly a redundant deal
These are enemy countries and they will exploit every route to cheat. The only thing that denuclearization does is … stop the large-scale production. But all you need is 10 nukes to destroy the other country. If they hide just 10 nukes … then they have what they need to destroy the other country. So they might officially denuclearize … but if they are hiding a few hundred nukes all across their country … which you can never practically verify … then this denuclearization deal is mostly a joke. It will only be frontend politics that means nothing much in reality.

Change of hearts and minds is more important. Something more important than denuclearization is the change of hearts and minds … and this you can you achieve when you start working on their communist ideology.

The Bad Deals
Here are some examples of bad deals that are possible.

Supporting Communism Deal – Laughing Stock Deal

  • North Korea denuclearizes
  • No talk of Communist policies
  • No talk of Freedom of Religion

What we give

  • Removal of all sanctions
  • Full support via finance, technology and trade

If you sign up for such a deal thinking that … “hey, they agreed to denuclearize and I am supporting North Korea”. Then you will actually become the laughing stock of the entire democratic world. Firstly, because North Korea has already hidden 80% of its nukes. Secondly, you are the leader of the world’s most powerful Democratic country and you are supporting & financing a Communist country. The Establishment will fully utilize this deal to ridicule you and make fun of you.

The questions that will be in the news are:

  • Is America financing a Communist country?
  • Is America supporting the abuse and torture of 25 million people?
  • Did Trump even talk about Communist policies?
  • Does Trump support and endorse Communism?
  • Is Trump a Communist?
  • Why is Trump supporting and financing a Communist country that abuses 25 million of its own citizens?

This line of questioning will take a big piss over your Nobel Prize.

Supporting Communism is not supporting the Establishment
It is quite evident that you are supporting the Establishment and its systems in many of your actions and policies. Since Communism is setup by the Jewish Establishment … you might think that the Establishment wants you to support Communism. Trust me, that is not the case. Yes, Communism is one of the byproducts of Satanic Judaism … but nobody expects you to support Communism … nobody … not even the Establishment.

You carried out missile strikes on Syria while having a beautiful chocolate cake with President Xi of China … thinking that “hey, the Establishment hates Muslims and I am killing Muslims while eating a chocolate cake with a Communist leader. Wow, the Establishment must love me for this.” No, hell no. Nobody even understood what you were doing. President Xi was shocked and the Establishment did not even get what you were doing. Lol.

You can trash and stomp on Communism and Communist policies as much as you want … and no one will stop you. Communism is something that even the Establishment remains totally silent about it in the West. It is a totally disastrous system that the Establishment itself does not dare to support. So, please do not support Communism or put up with any Communist policies … thinking that you are supporting your Jewish Establishment. As far as the Western Democracies are concerned there is no connection between the Establishment and Communism. Feel free to stomp on it. The entire world will support you on this front.

A Bare Bones Deal – Bribe Alert
Owing to your massive Establishment favors and massive spending on the Establishment … the fact that you are trying to benefit from such deals is quite obvious. Kim Jong Un might try to use this opportunity to bribe you and gain maximum benefit from you while changing nothing back home. There will be a namesake denuclearization and all abuse & torturous systems continue in North Korea. Such a deal will also invite a lot of criticism … as to why Trump is giving so much for so less?

Again … questions in the media for your support of a Communist country will overshadow your peace deal and the possibility of a Nobel Prize. The Establishment will try to do its best to make a laughing stock out of you … for every support move that you make for a Communist country.

The best strategy to combat this malice is … when North Korea gives less, then you give less. When they follow less, you give less. The more they change, the more you support. The more they get rid of Communist policies, the more we give. This will be a very just way of dealing with them. Your policy and objectives with North Korea will be transparent to the world and no one will be able to criticize you.

Most political advisers cannot think beyond
Most of your political advisers cannot think beyond. The only thing that most of them will suggest is “verified denuclearization”. When in reality this term is not practical at all. It is not practical to screen the entire country and detect if any nukes or nuclear material is being stored by the country … or if any private small-scale production is taking place. You will end up chasing something that is not practical. If we don’t remove the ideology then North Korea is not like Iran … they already know how to make nukes … they already have the know-how and technology. They can flip anytime in the future after taking tens of billions in support … and then make even better nukes.

Apartheid System in South Africa
A more practical example of dealing with Communist ideology from these hateful countries is South Africa … sanctions and world isolation till you change your policies towards your people. This resulted in a verified change in the very aspect of how the South African government functions. South Africa changed for good. You have to use the same strategy in North Korea … this time you will target nukes and the Communist ideology.

This is an easy win. It will be a fantastic win. The world will support you. Try to get a 5 Star Deal.