05 Jun 2018
Trump feeding the Piranhas while he is himself in the Piranha Lake
in America

Most of the lawsuits and investigations launched against President Trump, are designed by the Establishment. We have been warning Trump about this since more than one year now. There was an easy path with which he could have easily delegitimized these investigations and come out winning. All he needed to do was:

  • Launch People Centric Policies. Show stunning reforms and progress for America.
  • Instantly activate the Silent Majority. These policies would instantly activate SM to protect Trump from Establishment malice.
  • Sweeping support from the people. He would get sweeping support from the people owing to these fantastic policies.
  • Clearly expose Establishment malice. All of the above would clearly show that these lawsuits and investigations are designed by the Establishment that are trying to delegitimize the Trump Presidency and stop his work. He could have dealt a crushing blow to all of these investigations by now.

But instead of following this path … Trump has chosen to feed the Piranhas while he is himself in the Piranha Lake. He thinks that doing massive favors for the Establishment and following all of their policies will protect him from these lawsuits.

  • He gives trillions in tax cuts to the corporations and the wealthy.
  • He blows up another trillion on defense companies.
  • He actively chases war wherever he gets the opportunity.
  • While the country is in $70 Trillion in debt, his work for the people has been extremely limited in making any change in the debt scenario. Forget about launching anything fantastic, he could not even fix the debt crisis.
  • In fact, he went in the reverse direction which only created additional trillions in debt and he has actively been the defender and the promoter of the Establishment.

Trump is on this path because he thinks that ... feeding the Piranhas keeps him safe. Routine hotel politics does not work President Trump … Establishment malice is pretty darn complicated. You have to handle a dozen different diversions and misleading attempts at every turn. You are thinking that Mueller is going to wind up his investigation but as per Establishment plans … he is just getting started.

Till date almost all of the work was verbal and psychological … very soon they are planning to convert it into action. The Piranhas don’t eat you up all at once … this is Presidential meat … it is eaten little by little. They have to make sure that the people are buying it. If it is done suddenly then people will be ill-informed and surprised as to what and why it happened. This prolonged decimation of the Trump Presidency is designed only to pull public support in what they are doing.

Interesting, isn’t it? We asked you to launch fantastic people-centric policies to pull the public’s support to your side. But amusingly, the Establishment has been continuously working to pull the public on their side to support your termination. Do you see how effectively they have used the same time?

Trump has prepared for the Exit
You were already well aware of this option. You knew that it was somehow possible for the Establishment to terminate your Presidency. Which is why … you went on a spending spree … blowing up trillions of taxpayer money in a very short duration of time. You wanted to make your cash asap … not knowing what will happen in the coming months.

Well, that was not really smart. Because these Piranhas eat you up to the bones. They are trying to find every glitch and every possible mistake that you can make … even including the spellings on your Tweets. Do you really think that they will allow trillion dollar scams to slide? Once they are done with your Presidency, they will come after every single deal that you have ever signed. They will put a microscope on every single transaction. This is the current path that you are on.

Trump’s Psyche and Calculations
For Trump, the Presidency is nothing but a cash transaction. His basic calculation is that … he invested $100-200 Million in this venture and he has already made tens of billions via deals. Business wise, he has made a hundred times more than he invested. For him, this has been the best hotel business year in all of Trump’s generations. Technically, Trumps are having a blast and this is the main reason why they weirdly stick to the Establishment. Even if he gets impeached or removed from the White House, his cash deals need to remain so that he has capitalized on this venture. This is one of the major reasons why Trump does not slide away from the Establishment … cash deals.

But whats the use of the cash when your own Establishment friends are backstabbing you and planning jail for you. They are planning to investigate each and every deal. A huge amount of mess is yet to begin.

We told you again and again … change your track, change your track. You didn’t listen. Life is all about decisions.