01 Jun 2018
Understanding the 90% of the Matrix in action against Trump
in America

Let me explain you how this 90% of the Matrix is put into action against Trumps and his Presidency. The Matrix is not one simple entity. It is not just one company with one command center. There are tens of thousands of companies involved. The agenda is run under several skins. Each group is given its own instructions, reasons and agenda to run. This is how the Establishment tries to control the country.

It places its people or control the people in each group … it might be LGBTQ, media, corporations, celebrities, politicians, legals, intelligence or even pornstars. Each group functions under its own set of rules, ethics and objectives. What are lovely Establishment has done is … infiltrated each of these groups via various means … by owning them, by leading them, by financing them or by designing the entire group themselves. All across America there are hundreds of thousands of such groups … spread across each city and State. This entire network is the Establishment network.

This entire network is again further spread across the individuals that form these groups. They have tried to contain and control as much of the population as possible in each developed country. This entire network including the people in it … form the Matrix. There is a world of a difference of how pornstars function and how politicians function … of how intelligence agencies function and how celebrities function … of how legal networks function and how corporations function. But our lovely Establishment has infiltrated and attempts to control each of these groups under different skins and pretexts.

The Establishment tries to use the Matrix to run its agenda. It might be including trashing Trumps, lawsuits and investigations against Trumps as well. It puts all of these entities into action. It has effective control points in all of these groups. The control points in all of these groups help the Establishment to run their agenda using tools of intelligence, media, celebrities, corporations and politicians. This entire system is run via Establishment monopoly.

The Establishment itself is only a handful of families … a tiny minority. It can carry out its agenda directly via only 10% of its loyalists. For everything else, it has to use control points in each of the different fields. The Establishment cannot place Jews in all key positions of intelligence, media, legal networks and corporations. They have to use Christians and other non-Jews so that their agenda and activities do not come into the spotlight. If they directly place Jews in all key positions then they easily get knocked out. It already happened before … in Communist countries as well as in Germany before WWII.

That’s why their current strategy is to use Christians against Christians and Muslims against Muslims and Christians against Muslims … and common Jews against all others. This running of agendas under different skins helps them to do this.

Silent Majority in Action
SM understands who the culprits are … but since they don’t own the companies and they don’t have direct control over the agendas or policies … they have to follow indirect routes to reach to the decision makers … explain to them how the malice is setup and help them change decisions to do what is right. The Establishment has direct top to bottom reach … but when SM has to come into action … it has to move from the bottom to the top via indirect means.

It’s a well connected network … with so many years on tracking Establishment malice … they have formed quite a good network.

Misunderstandings – 90% of the Matrix is against me
You might think that … “hey, 90% of the Matrix is against me.” No, it is not like that. Most of the guys don’t even know how the Matrix is setup. They don’t even know that it is an Establishment agenda to remain anti-Trump and anti-Russia. They just do …

  • What their bosses tell them to do
  • What the reasoning they have been given
  • What objectives they are pushed to achieve and
  • They work on subjects that their bosses tell them to focus on

They do not have any idea that this is an Establishment agenda and they do not understand how the Establishment is using different skins and excuses to run its agenda in their groups or companies. They just follow whatever instructions that are given to them. Their scriptwriters write anti-Trump jokes … the guy will stand on live TV and read jokes against Trump. Do you understand what is going on now? The Establishment does this via their monopoly.

Establishment weakness – Logic and facts
The major weakness of the Establishment is that only 5-10% of them are their loyalists. Otherwise all Americans follow logic and facts. The Establishment has to prove that whatever is being done … it is as per logic and facts to the majority of the Matrix. This is where their misleading games come into the picture. They use different misleading games in each group so that the people follow through their programs and run their agenda.

Beating the Est. with logic and facts
This is exactly how we started defeating the Establishment and stopping its games … via “logic and facts”. Key decision makers in the system started following logic and facts against the Establishment’s malicious schemes. This is how we started bringing about a change in decision making.

You guys are blindly following the Establishment … but what you should know is that the Establishment itself has a tough time when logic does not support their actions or policies. At many many many places, we have pushed back Establishment actions with the simple use of logic.

Demonization and Lawsuits against Trump
Don’t think that … just because the Establishment’s malice moves through the Matrix 90% of the time … it does not mean that 90% of the Matrix is against you. No, it is not like that. This large scale demonization and series of lawsuits are one of the curses of Establishment monopoly that you are facing. The Establishment is able to do it only because of their monopoly in various segments of the society. They keep you occupied with one crisis after another, only via their monopoly.

90% of the Matrix is not against you. Its just that they are under the influence of Establishment monopoly. Why do you think that since day one we are asking you to work on breaking Establishment monopoly? Because as long as the Est. holds the monopoly they can initiate any misleading games at any instant of time. The work that SM is doing right now is manually intervening and changing tracks as per the guidance that we provide. For how long is this manual intervention possible? If I am out of the scene for any reason then the Est. can run any shitty scheme that it wants. Who will speak up? Who will expose the malice behind the skin and who will stop the malice?

If you break the monopoly then automatically the majority of the ownership moves into good hands. And then you never have to worry about these malicious schemes. Even if the minority makes up some shitty stuff then then the majority will easily suppress it. The system would take care of itself automatically.

The only thing that Trump is focusing right now is his own benefits, Establishment safety and only itsy bitsy stuff for the people. Your current path changes nothing except for some minor changes. You have failed to realize is that you yourself are the biggest victims of the Est. monopoly. Almost all aggressive moves against the Trump family and the Trump Presidency are facilitated via Establishment monopoly. It might be via the Matrix or directly themselves … they are able to make these moves only because they have support points in all of these spheres. Once you break the monopoly all of these support points start to disappear. This will help you, your Presidency and your country.

The Operational Difference between the Establishment and the Silent Majority
This is the major difference between in how the Establishment operates and how the Silent Majority operates. The Establishment operates via:

  • Ownership. They own the media and corporations.
  • Agenda Design. Since the ownership is in their hands, they get to design what agenda is run in their companies. For example, the anti-Trump and anti-Russian agendas were designed and run by the Establishment. It was not because some journalist found some real truth because of which Trump or Russia need to be demonized. These agendas are not fact based … they are agenda based. The company directs … “find anti-Trump material and promote anti-Trump materials” and that’s what the entire news team does. Right from the reporters & journalists to scriptwriters, editors, comedians and news anchors. All of them go and trash Trump only because that’s the instruction and priority given to them by their own company. If you have to work in their companies then you have to follow the priorities and rules of the company.
  • Propaganda. And when this ownership spreads across tens of thousands of companies … especially in the media line … then thousands of companies come into action on the same agenda. The agenda turns into a national and an international propaganda.

These are the simple tools that they use to manage their operations … ownership, agenda design and run propaganda via monopoly.

How SM combats these agendas is via … logic and reason.

  • Logic and reason. They show the concerned people as to what destructive agenda is being designed by the Establishment and how it will adversely impact the people and the country.
  • Key Decision Makers. Using reason and logic they try to change the decisions of key people … especially in the fields of politics, intelligence, legals and to some extent in the media and corporations. SM is not operating via authority and ownership. It is operating via logic, reason and facts.
  • Change Decision Makers. Another powerful tool that SM uses is the “change of decision makers”. The Establishment can own the corporations but they don’t own the people. They cannot control who you vote for. If SM detects a blind Establishment supporter sitting at a key position and he is creating problems for the people … then they start working on kicking him out. Changing decision makers has helped to a great extent in changing how the White House functions … in changing what policies are created and what actions are taken.

The major tools used by SM or the Matrix is logic, reason, facts and decision makers. The Establishment can own corporations and the media … but they cannot own the intelligence, legal networks and the government. It is extremely easy to control these elements via reason & logic and by putting the right decision makers in these fields.

This 90% of aggression that is channeled via the Matrix … SM will defend you once or twice or thrice. How many months and years are they going to sit and defend you … when they don’t own the companies? The moment SM moves its control … the company snaps back to the Establishment agenda again. Because the core ownership lies with the Establishment. All of the simulations that were shown to you … that is exactly what the Establishment agenda is. That is exactly how the Establishment is using its companies.

SM cannot stand there and defend you when you are a total rip off for the people. You have done nothing for SM other than blow up their taxpayer money. I told you … they use “reason and logic”. What reason and logic should we present to SM in order to defend you? You don’t care for them and they don’t care for you. It is simple as that. If you become a fighter for them then they become a fighter for you. It would be ridiculous to defend someone who doesn’t give a shit.