15 Apr 2018
Aggressive action is generally reversed
in America

So, how are you my sweet and lovely lady? See, here’s the main thing. My job is to “protect the American people” from malicious and exploitation systems. This is basically my work … that’s the core base … to protect the American people from malice, abuse, exploitation and crime. And it is “America First” … yes, I will be working with several countries but America is my number one priority … simply because it is the biggest victim of these exploitation systems.

The Establishment is my number one target because its systems leech more than $1 Trillion from America every year. This debt that is being created in America is because of the Establishment’s exploitation systems and debt based systems. Now, if you come into the picture and become a tool for this Establishment … give them full political and financial support … and create even more debt … then you yourself become a part of the criminal system that needs to be stopped.

Your moves have created an additional of $2 Trillion debt for the American people. So, technically, the Trump Presidency is two times worse than the entire Establishment combined. In this scenario, I have to show where you are going wrong. It is a compulsory and an obligatory part of my job to show your wrong moves that is creating such a massive debt. $2000 Billion is not a small amount that can be ignored. It is a massive amount.

As I said before … this is how we function … if you want us to help you rise and shine … then these are the two simple moves that you need to take:

  • Channelize finance to start our work. No you cannot say … “hey, I got your funds now. Please stop and let me do my thing.” No, this is not hush money. You have to work on the next step as well.
  • Work with us in changing systems. Start changing the systems in favor of the people. We will show you how to do it step by step … so that it is not difficult for you.

Once you start doing that then things start automatically changing for you. Don’t expect us to change before that happens. If you don’t want to work with us then … no problem. We have options. But don’t expect us to stop exposing your disastrous moves before you start changing in favor of the people. Right now you are on a terrible path and you need to be controlled.

Any aggression will be reversed
Since I actually like you guys … I am giving you a heads up … so that you remain secure. Any aggressive move made against me will be reversed on you. This is how the Matrix functions in protecting me. At first, they were breaking bones, hospitalizing people and even shooting at politicians. I was simply outraged at the violence. I strongly condemned this violence and told them that there should be no violence in “my name”. No one should get hurt in my name. I love helping people … they simply cannot go around hurting people in my name.

So, somehow they agreed to it. Now, the formula what they use is … first, they find out what the person wants to do. Does he wants to put me in pain? Does he want me arrested and put behind bars? Does he want to start a lawsuit against me? They collect this information and then … not only protect me from that person … but also reverse the action on that person.

This is how they “justify” what they are doing to that person. Examples … Hillary wanted me arrested and tortured. She was very adamant on that. That’s why they tell me that … they gave her a head concussion and hospitalized her for several weeks. Because she wanted to inflict pain on me … they inflicted pain on her. Netanyahu wanted to arrest me via lawsuits … which is why he is having criminal lawsuits and investigations against him. I am very simple person … but the Matrix is not. It is freaking powerful and very well connected.

Now, coming to your lawsuits … I am getting reports that some lawsuits against Trump family members were initiated because you were collaborating with the Establishment and FBI against me. It might be via Collusion or Fake News laws in India & Malaysia. They are saying that … Trumps wanted you arrested via lawsuits … which is why we have launched some new lawsuits against them. Just think ... were you doing anything against me when these lawsuits happened? Who all were involved? Who supported it?

I am just telling you this for your own good. I like you guys … its not that I don’t like you guys. This is for your own safety so that you don’t end up in unnecessary trouble. In the Matrix they don’t care who you are … you might be the President or Secretary of State or a simple man … if you are doing something wrong … then they will come after you. And you will get surprises from unexpected directions.

Not just Hillary and Netanyahu … I have seen many many examples in the past 10 years of my life … how malicious actions have been reversed on the main perpetrator. It’s a Matrix thing. Call it fake or whatever … this is what happens in real life.

Know-how groups
Lastly, another thing that you should know is that … there are mainly 4 different groups based upon Establishment malice know-how.

  1. People with solutions
  2. People who support solutions
  3. People who create the problems
  4. People who support the problems

People with solutions. We are the only ones with the solutions for these problems … which is why many elements are pressing you to work with us. No one else has solutions to these problems. Forget about having solutions … people don’t even fully understand the problems.

People who support solutions. The Matrix Network, Silent Majority and many people in prominent and influential places … support our work for the solutions on these problems. This network is incredibly strong in America.

People who create the problems. It is just a handful of Jewish families that sit at the top of the Establishment running all of these schemes. It is just a handful of families … nothing more. They form the “Establishment”.

People who support the problems. They create the problems and cover it in different skins … and push them as “solutions”. These problems under the cover of solutions are pushed via different networks owned by this handful of Jewish families. It might be in political, corporate, media or Hollywood networks. It is just a handful of criminal Jewish families who push their systemic problems via different networks. These networks knowing or unknowingly support these problems.

By supporting the Establishment, you are being just one of those guys who support a criminal network. Anything that happens to a criminal gang will also happen to you. It is like … standing with a gun and protecting a boat full of drugs. When the policeman comes … he will ask you “why the hell were you protecting that boat and the drug smuggling business?” What are you going to say? That it is not your business … that you were not the one who was smuggling the drugs? You were protecting their illegal business … which is why you are a part of their criminal work and you also become a criminal. The policeman will treat you as a part of their network and as an equivalent criminal.

This is the problem that you are getting yourself into. Just helping you out … because these networks are going to be busted. When they are busted … it will be very important on which side you are.