03 Apr 2018
Trump stuck in a stall and hammer cycle
in America

Don’t worry dear Lady … whatever I will do for your Dad will be good. I know that Trump is not the Establishment. And yes, your Brother screwed up when trying to direct the FBI to us and try to frame us for Collusion. That was a silly thing to do. But if you look at the bigger picture … Trump himself is the victim of the Establishment and he needs something to shine. He needs to show a few things at least that he has done positively and effectively. The Establishment is planning a humiliating exit for your Dad. The Democrats want any exit possible. I am giving you the details on this project so that … if you shine … then you will get Nobel Prizes … but if you don’t … then at least your Dad will get an easy and humble exit. He will at least be seen as a one-time President who did good stuff for a few countries.

Right now the Establishment is framing your Dad to be the biggest mistake made in American political history … an embarrassment to the country and disgrace for the American people. Doing anything substantial at the Domestic level requires a complicated process of managing the Establishment. These changes in foreign countries are very easy jobs. Est. has zero influence in the process. These can be splendid Trump-Putin victories.

Who knows … if your Dad revolutionizes America from within with at least a few modules … then he can be a total rock star. Anything can happen.


See, if you guys are not going to work with me … the best I can do is give you a decent exit. That’s the best that is possible … that is, if you understand the forces at play. We told you before that the Establishment is using a “stall and hammer” cycle. They are stalling you from working with us … and then they are going to the SM networks and telling them … “hey, Trump is not working with your guy! He doesn’t care! He is only interested in cash deals for himself!” The Establishment is itself infuriating SM networks against you … which is why SM is not stopping the Establishment from hammering you. In fact, SM is helping the Establishment to hammer you in every way possible. It’s a stall and hammer cycle. With all of this hammering you will get a very very ugly exit. It will be terribly humiliating.

That’s what I am trying to stop now. At least if you do a few decent things for other countries … then the exit can be a little bit decent. There are chances of Nobel Prizes is you change systems domestically … but if you don’t do that … then at least the exit will be decent and not that humiliating. These are the best options that you have as of now.

Why are SM networks pissed off at you? Because America is a building on fire and you guys don’t give a damn. The media can be revolutionized … but you don’t give a damn. The infrastructure has to be revolutionized … you don’t give a damn. The corporations and business networks have to be revolutionized … you don’t give a damn. The banking, politics and so many other segments need to be changed at home … but you guys don’t give a damn. The only thing you guys are doing is hoarding cash for yourselves. The entire Trump Presidency has been nothing but a scam till date.

You guys are surrounded by hot rods that want to burn you down. There is enormous anger and frustration with the Trump Presidency as of now. If I allow the forces to play as they are right now … it will be pretty bad. I am only cooling off a few things for you. The cooling off will not take immediate effect because all of these changes are not for Americans … but once other countries start changing … maybe after one or two years … you will see some positive impact on your image.