11 Mar 2018
Oprah should definitely consider running for President
in America

Oprah is still not decided?
So, I guess you are still not decided whether to run for President or not? Whether you should enter “politics” or not? Firstly, let me say that … you should definitely run for President … in 2020 or 2024. If Trump works with us … then let it be for 2024 otherwise run in 2020. Just take Elizabeth Warren as VP and we will show you how to win.

Secondly, at the moment the US Presidency is not about politics anymore. Politics is just a part of it. The main reason why intellectuals like you are being activated is because “America needs champions … America needs saviors”. We need champions who will fight for the people and the country. All you need to do is stand up for the people and you will get a sweeping victory.

Understand what is going on
Read this … I wrote this page not only for Trump but for you as well.

Radical Islam and the War on Terror have been vaporized

This page will give you a small preview of what is actually going on behind the screens in America. When you get some time read “The Lovely Jewish History” section on the website. You will get detailed information on “Establishment malice”. Yes, there is a malicious and criminal Establishment that is bent on destroying America and Europe. It has placed exploitation systems in almost every sphere of life in America and Europe. That’s why I said … politics is just a part of the Presidency … the main game is dealing with this criminal Establishment and to end its exploitation systems in the country. Which is why there is a massive search for “saviors and champions”. We need leaders who will fight and save the people.

Well, fighting for the people sounds easy but once you start reading the Lovely Jewish History then you will get a preview of this Establishment and its systems. These systems have been set up at such massive scales that Presidents and Kings of several countries have to combine and work together to eliminate these systems.

Why Active Democracy?
Now, understand why Active Democracy. People will say … “hey, he is a popular guy. Just work with him and you will win”. You might be thinking … “if I have to run for President … why do I have to work with this guy who is not even in the country?” Lol. So, here’s the thing … we are the ones who exposed this criminal Establishment … their roots, their ideology, their systems, their support points, their next moves and ongoing games and so on. While reading the Lovely Jewish History you will understand everything.

Not only we will help you understand this criminal Establishment in real time but will show you how to win against them. We will work with you simultaneously in eliminating these criminal systems and setup fantastic people-centric systems. It will help in the elimination of massive debt based systems and it will help in the creation of fantastic and fabulous people based systems. This is what the American people want. This is what the President should be doing.

We need a President who can dodge the Establishment and make decisions in favor of the people. The current system is rigged and controlled by the Establishment. Many key decision makers are controlled by the Establishment … which is how they are able to run the country in their favor … which is how they are able to maintain the country in debt and crime. And this is why we are trying to pick people from outside the system and put them in the top spot where they can make people-centric decisions.

Technically, you are not entering “politics” to play politics. You are being a “chosen leader” … to keep people first … to decide in favor of the people … to subdue and terminate exploitation systems. Understand this … you are not entering politics … you are only stepping forward to be a savior and a champion for the people. That is your most important role. If you love people, if you love doing great things for the people … if you love rescuing people from crime, debt, abuse and exploitation … and if you love taking people to great heights … then you are meant to be in the game. You will be playing a crucial role and an incredibly important decisive factor in changing the game in favor of the people. This is the role that we are trying to pick people for … which is why some people are trying to reach you.

I have been offered other candidates to train as well … like Joe Biden. But the thing is … I know the Establishment and I know how they have designed the systems and I know all of the moves that they can take. Joe Biden is a good guy … no doubt about that … but he can’t withstand pressure. He is brittle … under pressure, he will break. That’s why I did not pay much attention to him. Generally, I pick the golden candidates … I see all of the moves ahead and I see if you can handle the next moves or not … and trust me, you can do it and also Elizabeth Warren. Both of you are very good candidates.

Your current status and experience
Forget if you know anything about politics or not. I don’t care if you were good in Civics at school or not. It is not about learning the procedures of the government, its operations, rules and regulations … all of that is just bla bla bla and boring. Nobody cares if you know the abcds of politics or not. All of that is itsy bitsy stuff that you can learn on a day to day basis. That’s not important at all. We can put one adviser next to you and she will tell you all of the procedures that you need to know.

What’s important is being “people-centric” and to have a soul that fights for the people. Now, take a look at the work that you have done throughout your lifetime.

  • Media Mogul. You are a massive media mogul. You have constantly interacted with people by the masses.
  • People Concerns. You have constantly addressed the people’s concerns from several spheres of life on your shows. Even today you are constantly working on people’s concerns.
  • Immensely popular. You are immensely popular and loved. People love you for your work, style and the issues that you work on.
  • Establishment Independent. Most importantly, you are Establishment independent. Which means you do not have to depend on Establishment finance for your survival or to finance your Presidential campaign. You are not controlled by the Establishment via finance or advisers.

 All of the above makes you an excellent candidate for the Presidency.

Rising to be President
Now, you will think … on what basis should I run for President? Why will people vote for me? What can I offer? How will I rally people in my favor? Why will people choose me over other candidates? How can I win this?

Here is exactly where we come into the picture … my dear lady. The policies that we have … the scale of the work that we do … the massive amount of reforms that we will be putting into place … the stunning progress it will create in the country … all of this forms fantastic Presidential material. Working with us and implementing the right strategies … takes leaders to glorious heights. You will deliver a squishing defeat to anyone in the Congress. Why? Most of the guys don’t even know what is going on. Some of them know only a little bit of the malice … but they have absolutely no solutions. This is your winning card.

And it is not like one policy or two … we have several “revolutions” that will be created in several spheres of life. We will get rid of all rigged and obsolete systems … we will revolutionize each system to make them fantastic and people-centric. When you will campaign for these policies … you will be the most loved and adored candidate. When you will do these works as the US President … you will be the most loved and adored President.

Should I run in 2020 or 2024?
Its not important which year. You should know that you are fantastic Presidential material. Right now, we have Trump in the office. He was supposed to work with us. Till date he hasn’t … some idiot must be stalling him. Our current policy is that the “door is open”. If Democrats get in touch with us first then we will work with Dems. If Trump gets in touch with us first then we will work with him.

If Trump gets in touch with us first … then obviously he will get some of the key policies and he will himself start working on major changes in US systems. He will overshadow almost any other candidate in 2020. But if he does not get in touch with us … then his current policies are either blunders or itsy bitsy stuff that you can easily overtake. He knows that there is a trade imbalance … but he has no strategy of how to fix it. He has no idea of the other exploitation systems … he has no prediction model, he has no risk assessment, he has no strategy of how to handle all opposition moves … he basically does not know anything. If Trump is not working with us … then don’t fear Trump … we can easily take him over.

Don’t declare anything yet
You don’t need to declare that you are running for President. Its too early to declare anything yet. Read the content on our site … read the FAQs, Lovely Jewish History, Tips and News sections. Understand the ongoing game. If you want to run in 2020 then you can announce that in late 2019 or in early 2020. Until then don’t reject nor declare. Just learn and get involved in issues that you understand well. Make nice statements … express your views … let people know what you stand for. Indirectly, you will be using the time to learn and promote yourself. This is what you should be doing on the frontend.

Using 2018, 2019, 2020
While you are learning and promoting your views among the public … this is what you should be doing in the backend. You have to expose and hammer the Establishment’s criminal and exploitation systems. What you should note is that … this massive aggression and demonization against the Trump Presidency is designed by the Establishment. If you do nothing to this Establishment in these 3 years then you will face the same amount of aggression and ridicule by the same Establishment. It will not be pornstars or playmates … but they will find something to hammer you with.

The weaker and the more diminished the Establishment is … the better and safer it is for you. You have to team up with the Democrats and start working with us in hammering this Establishment. This will secure your Presidency from a lot of trouble in the coming years.

The nice thing is … when we start exposing Establishment malice and criminal systems, the Republicans will have to offer the solutions. Since they are the ruling party, the people will look up to them for solutions. And they will stand there totally clueless not knowing what to do. It will help you show Republican incompetence in the current crisis. Exposing Establishment malice also helps you expose Republican incompetence. It turns into a 3 year indirect campaign for your Presidency. 

You will have one solution that will form the basis of your campaign. Only in the final months of your Presidential campaign, we will start giving you some key solutions. The people will know that you are well aware of all issues and you also know the solutions. They will see you as the savior. That’s how you win.

Elizabeth Warren as VP
Take in Elizabeth Warren as VP. You will not be there standing alone. She will help you with the routine procedures of the Congress as well as be a forceful element in hammering the Establishment. The “O Eli” ticket will be a hot selling ticket of all time. African American and a Native American … both of them women … running to be the President and the Vice President of America … it will be a fantastic and fabulous ticket. You will get a sweeping victory. This victory will be historic … the first women power couple in the White House.

Trump’s worry about Oprah
See … we will work with Oprah … only when you are not working with us. And the main thing that we will be doing is … hammering the Establishment. In a way, it is only helpful for the Trump Presidency … we are hammering your opposition. The weaker your opposition, the better it is for you. The worst thing that can happen in this scenario is that you will lose 2020 … maybe Mueller will impeach you even before that. But the important point is … we are hammering your opposition.

On the brighter side, even if you win 2020 … you will get a weaker Establishment to deal with. It will only help your second term. Doesn’t matter if we are working with the Dems or you … our primary objective is hammering this criminal Establishment. The only difference is … if we work with Oprah … she rises to fabulous heights … and if we work with you then you rise to fabulous heights.

The feeling inside you, the calling
Oprah is worried about the “feeling inside and the calling”. You get that feeling when you know what is going on. First, learn everything that is going on and we will give full strategies of how to handle it. Then you can check with the feeling inside. It will only yearn to get this done. Trust me, you will hear the calling.

The anti-Russia campaign
This ongoing anti-Russia campaign is bullshit. It is designed by the Establishment … don’t get carried away by that. Russia is a great ally and a strong support against this Establishment malice.

Don’t fear the Establishment
We have done a lot of work since the past 10 years. This Establishment is literally crawling behind the people … hiding itself under false pretexts … their end times are near. We are working on putting elements in place to get it done. It’s a lengthy project that will take a few Presidents. If you learn this issue well then you will be better prepared to handle what is going on. You can hit the ground running.