08 Mar 2018
Trump, don’t pay Stormy Daniels anything anymore
in America

Trump should not try to pay Stormy anything anymore. There is a point where cash does not matter. Even if you pay her a million now … the Establishment will pay her $2 Million to break the contract and to go against you. Money will not solve this problem.

These guys are trillionaires. They will outmatch any number that you come up with. If you pay $100 Million then they will pay $200 Million … if you pay $1 Billion then they will pay $2 Billion. Cash is free for them. They literally own the money printing machines. They are the Federal Reserve.

They are designing Stormy to be your Monica Lewinsky. Throughout your Presidency and even after your Presidency … she will be minting cash by selling the details of your sexual encounters. It might be talk shows, newspaper articles or even recreating sex scenes as they happened with you using another pornstar dressed up like you. She is a pornstar … there is no “shy element” here. They are going to pay her to recreate all sex scenes exactly as they happened with Trump.

And these sex scenes are going to be circulated in every major news channel and talk shows. They will just blur out the xxx details and show it all. Something like SNL’s Alec Baldwin … but this time it is going to be actual porn. She is going to make a lot of money in various ways. For the Establishment, money is not the criteria here. It is the ridicule of the Trump Presidency that they are interested in. Challenging your NDA agreement with her is only step one. Next steps will be full details in news articles and talk shows … and then even possible full recreation of the scenes.

Seeing the amount of publicity and the money that she is making … all other pornstars and playmates that you have been with will follow suit. All of them will also sell their “exact recreation of the affairs with the US President.” They are pornstars and playmates … they literally do this for a living. And if they are going to make a killing out of it … its just a gold mine for them.

They will get full legal support, finance and the best publicity for each of their episodes. This is how the Establishment functions. This is what their monopoly helps them to do. They stand like major power figures against whom even the US President is totally helpless. The key to breakdown their aggression against you is to break them down itself. Breakdown their control over media so that the negative publicity is to the minimum. Flush them out of legal networks and the government so that they get minimal legal support for their malicious schemes. Breakdown their corporations and banks so that they are not able to finance this kind of bullshit in your country.

If you do nothing then you will only be on the receiving side of their aggression just like the last two years. They keep demonizing you and ridiculing you and you stand helpless. They keep on piling lawsuit after lawsuit and you stand helpless. They start targeting your team and family members and you stand helpless. They have started indicting and charging your team members and you stand helpless. Why are you doing nothing and standing helpless?

We tell you stuff even before it happens because we know how these guys function. Breaking the NDA is just step one. Next will be full details in the news and talks shows. And then there will be recreation of the sex scenes. It will be one of the hottest selling and most viewed porn … because it will be the exact recreation of the US President in the scene. You cannot stop her but you can definitely attack at the core of this problem and try to minimize their efforts as much as possible.

It will help you in two ways … it will minimize the damage and it will also help you do good things for the people which will improve your image to a great extent.

And why the hell do you want to give these guys Jerusalem? Was backstabbing you with Fire and Fury not enough? They have given you only some more backstabbing with Stormy Daniels. Understand that these guys are malicious and criminal assholes. Quit doing favors for them. Its for your own good. You stick with them and they will take you down along with them.

These guys are so malicious that … even after doing this to you … they will try to blame it on the Democrats or even on us. “Hey Obama did this to you. Hey, it is that Active Democracy guy that did this to you.” They stand right behind you and kick you and then say … no, no, no, Obama kicked you. This is the level of misleading that is going on in the Trump Presidency. You need to snap out of their malicious games.

They are blaming all of this malice on Obama and the Democrats so that you never tie up with the Dems. The moment you consolidate your support from Active Democracy and the Dems … then they become totally helpless. They become powerless. You can pass any rule and regulation that you want … and the Establishment cannot oppose you or stop you. So the strategy that they are using is … keep kicking your ass and blame it on Obama. So that you remain divided, isolate and weak. Which makes their demonization and ridicule strategies very successful and it ensures that they remain in full power.

Try to snap out of their mind games.