07 Mar 2018
The Establishment is like a destructive disease
in America

Let’s try to explain Trump from another angle so that he understands what is going on. The Establishment is like a destructive disease. What happens when you have a serious and complicated ailment? The people go in debt owing to the massive expenses in trying to cure themselves and the disease only creates death and destruction. That’s exactly what the Establishment does … it creates debt, death and destruction.

Look around yourself … America is trillions in debt on every front … it might be National debt, State debt, business debts, mortgage debt, credit card debt, student loan debts … we have crossed trillions in every field. The total debt is about $70 Trillion. The $20 Trillion is only the National debt … the total debt from every field comes out to $70 Trillion. The Establishment’s debt based systems have created the same condition in several countries across Europe.

The ideology that they follow advises them to setup systems like these. To extract, to leech and to suck like a parasite. It eventually results in mass drain of wealth from the people and the country … till they reach an eventual buckling point where the country itself fails. That’s what a disease does to a person. It weakens him … the mosquitos suck the blood again and again and again … it does not care if you are sick … it does not care if you are dying on the bed … all it needs is that drop of blood that it can extract from you. If your body is warm enough, it will extract that blood even after you are dead. That’s the level of their thinking and approach … that’s how they design their systems.

This exact same thing already happened in the Communist East. All of these countries were ravaged, destroyed and leeched out to the maximum. The same thing is being done in the West but using different names and systems. The ideology and principles are exactly the same … it is just being done under a different name and system.

How do you deal with a disease?
You get rid of it. You don’t want disease around you … not at your work place, not at your residence and not on the streets … you don’t want it anywhere at all. You will get rid of it from every place and sphere possible. Isn’t it? That’s exactly what needs to be done with this Establishment and its systems. We need to get rid of them … destroy their monopoly, make them powerless and eliminate their systems. It is then only that you will be free from debt, crime, abuse and destruction.

And just like you don’t hate the person but you hate the disease. Similarly, you should not hate Jews or the person who is a part of this Establishment. You should very carefully and systematically target only the ideology and systems. Just like you remove only the disease from a person. Similarly, you have to tactically remove their exploitation and debt based systems.

And what happens when you don’t care about the disease and pack your room with people with that disease? That disease will rot all of your policies and systems. That disease will infect all of your work. That disease will take you down. Which is why … as a first step we tell world leaders to get rid of all Jewish Establishment elements from their office. Do not take advice from any Jewish Establishment element or their supporters … because they will disease your work. First move them away and then tactically start dealing with this mass epidemic that they have created with this disease. These debt based systems are a mass epidemic that are plaguing America and Europe. Move the Establishment elements away and start working on strategies to handle this mass epidemic.

If you associate with the diseased ones then you end up going down. If you end this mass epidemic then you end up being a champion of the world. Its an easy choice … disease your work and go down … or solve the crisis and be a hero.

Obama is not the Establishment
Mind games is one thing that you have to dodge with this Establishment. If you don’t understand their mind games then they fool you very easily. What they are doing right now is blaming all of the aggression against the Trump Presidency and Trump Family members on Obama.

  • Obama and the Democrats are doing all of this!
  • Obama is behind the mass demonization of the Trump family and Presidency
  • Obama is behind the lawsuits
  • Obama is behind these investigations
  • Obama is behind Mueller
  • Obama is carrying out these indictments

All of the above is bullshit. Obama and the Democrats are not doing anything to you. In fact, they are chilling. This has been the easiest years for any opposition party in America. Nobody needs to put in their energy or time in opposing the ruling party. Everything is taken care of by the media, celebrities, intelligence and legal networks. Obama and Dems are just sitting back and chilling. Their opposition is to the minimum.

The Establishment is carrying out all of the aggressive moves against you and then blaming everything on the Democrats and Obama. This might be one of the reasons why you are moving closer and closer to the Establishment despite their repeated abusive and humiliating moves against you. This is something like … they kick you from the back and then they say … “no, no, no … it was Obama. Obama kicked you, we didn’t”. And then they kick you again and blame it on Obama. And then they kick you again and blame it on Obama. They have been doing this since the past one full year. Don’t you get it?

  • Obama and Dems don’t own the media companies
  • Obama and Dems don’t own the corporations
  • Obama and Dems don’t run the intelligence agencies
  • Obama and Dems don’t run the legal networks

It is the Establishment elements that are pushing these aggressive moves against you.

Obama himself was a victim of the Establishment
This malicious and misleading Establishment has stalled the Democrats for the past 8 years and gave Obama a stagnated Presidency with no major accomplishments. They misled him into ridiculous wars, created massive debt and gave him zero accomplishments while looting the country. What you don’t know is that Obama himself will be a massive force behind you once you take up the fight against this criminal Establishment.

Predicting next moves is our job
Something that you need to understand about our work is that … predicting the next moves that the Establishment might take is a part of our job. This is what gives us an upper hand in handling Establishment malice. This is a part of System Analysis. It is done based upon:

  • Establishment ideology
  • Their background
  • Their past moves
  • Their support points
  • Their objectives and
  • Their goals

We take into consideration several factors to predict the next moves of the Establishment. Now, some idiot adviser will tell you that, “hey, this guy said everything before it happens. He told us that there will be investigations soon after this demonization. And then there will be lawsuits and indictments. Whatever he said is happening. He is an Obama guy. He has connections with Obama and the Democrats. Therefore, it is the Democrats who are doing this.” This is again total bullshit. See all of our posts and the articles that we have published during the Obama Administration. We have used the same style in helping Obama against this Establishment malice. For Obama also we have predicted all of the next moves that these guys can take in order to help him.

Obama did not associate us with the Establishment just because we know their next steps. Obama knows that this is one of our skillsets … this is how we stopped WWIII. We predicted all of the moves that these assholes will take to facilitate the world war. Obama understood those moves and fantastically avoided a world war under his Presidency.

Are you able to understand? When we are predicting that the Establishment will do this and this to you or your family members or your Presidency … it does not mean that we want bad things for you. It does not mean that we are working with the Dems in making these bad things happen. It only means that we are helping you with the next bad things that the Establishment is planning.

Its like a doctor … telling you that this disease will kill you. Your lungs are failing and if you keep smoking then you will die. It does not mean that the doctor wants bad things for you. It only means that the doctor knows how your body functions and he knows that if you keep smoking 5 packs a day while having severe lung infections … then eventually your lungs will fail and you will die. The doctor is only protecting you from a disease that will kill you.

If you say … “nah, nah, nah … this doctor keeps telling me bad things. Cigarettes are my best friends. They are so nice to me. I am going to smoke 10 packs a day instead of 5 packs now. Cigarettes are my best friends. They never tell me that I am going to die.” What will happen if you think like this? Befriending the disease and its associated elements will only kill you. You need to get rid of that pack of cigarettes and start working on fixing your systems. Get rid of the disease from your body and become healthy and strong again.

This can happen when you work with the doctor … understand the disease and get rid of all elements associated with it … fix all systems in your body following the right medications and diet … and soon you will be healthy and strong again.

Team Building Options
Predicting the next steps is one of the things that we do. Let me show you how some configurations will work out.

Option One. Trump works with Active Democracy
This is the best option for you where you get the leadership role. You get fantastic policies, people will rally after you and the Democrats will follow. You get complete ownership of the work. You get all of the credit and you are the one who shines.

Global Forces. Being the President, your strong suit is activation of global forces. Russia, Germany, UK, Europe and GCC leaders will support you. Dealing with the Establishment is a global game. A single President cannot do anything to them. You have to pull strings in order to knock them out of America. Russia and GCC will gladly help. This is not a crime, it is not an illegal activity and it is not collusion. It is based on simple human rights.

Option Two. Trump approaches the Democrats first
We were reaching out to you till date because we wanted to give you the fullest advantage of the work. So that you get to shine under your Presidency and you become the historic leader who led the world in fantastic reforms. But instead of teaming up with Active Democracy, if you try to team up with the Dems first then this is what you will deal with:

  • Control of Dems. They will try to control your Presidency. They know that you are weak and that you are getting hammered by the Establishment. They will put in a long list of requests that will curtail your Presidential powers and they will get to run the country under your Presidency … which is not good at all.
  • Why should they help? Secondly, why should they help you? Technically, they are the opposition party. Why should they help the Republicans when the Republicans stalled and stagnated the Democrats throughout their two terms? Obama has a zero Presidency because of Republican opposition. Why should they help? Out of good will?
  • Chill and wait for the fall. Every opposition party hopes for the ruling party to fail … so that they can come to power. With the Establishment hammering the Trump Presidency … all that Dems need to do is wait … chill and wait for the fall. When you fall it is good for them … because they get the Presidency after that. This is simple opposition politics.
  • Mueller or 2020. There are two ways that the Trump Presidency will fall. It will be either via Mueller’s indictments which will lead to an impeachment. If that does not happen before 2020 then given all of the lawsuits, investigations, demonization and indictments … the Democrats are pretty strong on winning 2020.

If you try to approach the Dems directly … then this is how opposition politics work. Telling you everything openly so that you know how things fall into place. Your better option is Option One … where you get to lead without any compromise … you get full support of the people which will ensure your victory in 2020. With your fame rising into the skies, the Dems have to follow out of obligation to the people. You get direct victory as well as Dem support in Option One.

Option Three. The Democrats work with Active Democracy
This is the worst case scenario for the Trump Presidency and the best case scenario for the Democrats if they want to win 2020. What you are assuming is that if Dems work with us then you will call it as Collusion. That crap will not work as we already have tens of thousands of support points all over America in politics, intelligence, media, celebrities and security agencies. It is not as you think it is … that we are one foreign company trying to change America. We have been active since the past 10 years and we have a massive and very influential network in America that is hammering the Establishment itself. The Establishment itself is getting hammered by our network. If you cry collusion on our work then you will become a part of the Establishment that will be taken down along with these criminals.

3 fold victory. Democrats get a 3 fold victory when they work with us. The Establishment is the major issue in American politics right now. Even if the Democrats win in 2020, they will also be hammered just the way the Trump Presidency is being hammered. This is one of the reasons why Oprah backed out. Because today, it is not about just being President … it is about dealing with a massive malicious Establishment.

  • Smack the Establishment. When the Dems start working with us now. They get full 3 years of smacking the Establishment. We will not provide any solutions in these 3 years. We will only expose Establishment malice, crimes and exploitation systems. The only thing we will do is continuously hammer the Establishment.
  • Market Republican Incompetence. Since the people know of all of these malicious and criminal systems, the Republicans have to provide solutions for this crisis. We will not give any solutions to the Republicans and if Trump goes against us … then the media will go ballistic against him … calling him an accomplice in this malice and a protector of criminal systems. You will not be able to solve the crisis nor will you be able to stop us … which will lead to complete Republican incompetence.
  • Get 2020. Only in the final couple of months before elections … we will give some key solutions to the Democrats. The Democrats will be seen as the champions who can solve this crisis. They will get a sweeping victory in 2020.

The Democrats get to smash the Establishment right under your Presidency … show you as incompetent … and take a swift and safe victory. There will be no hammering of the Democrat President as the termination of the Establishment would have already begun. Dems get a 3 fold victory.

If Trump works with us then he gets a 3 fold victory … if the Dems work with us then they get the same. Either ways both of you have to work with me only. So, decide who wants to be the champion. I told this before … any leader working with me will rise to greatness.