03 Mar 2018
The Democrats are activating Private Donors
in America

Trump thinks that the Democrats are not doing anything. Lol. He does not know that we are the ones who stalled taking donations from Private Donors. Otherwise, the Democrats have already networked with several billionaires in order to finance our project.

Multi-point Support Strategy
Here’s the thing. We are dealing with an Establishment that relies on multiple points to run its agenda. In order to combat this Establishment then you yourself should activate multiple support points in finance, politics, media and security. It is only then that you can win. If you remain dependent solely on one channel … let’s say for finance as an example … then the Establishment will try to control that one channel and thus control your entire project. If you rely only on one base for security then the Establishment will try to pressurize that one base and control the work that is being done at that base. It is compulsory and a major requirement to activate multiple support points in all of these fields … finance, politics, media and security … in order to combat this criminal Establishment.

The only major reason why we stalled donations from the Democrats is because they want 2020. They have absolutely no interest in the Trump Presidency. It was just your first year … siding with the Democrats would only mean … just demonizing one guy and getting rid of him. Getting rid of Trump from the White House is no big deal. Trump is not a malicious asshole. He is not a mega criminal like the Establishment.

He is a simple hotel owner who ran for President and we made him win. Sending him back to Trump Towers is not a big accomplishment. We made him win because on the other side we had Hillary GodDamn Clinton. She literally had a suicide belt tied to her. Trump winning the Presidency actually saved America from this crazy Establishment puppet. I was so concerned of how to control Hillary if she won. For most people, Trump winning was a shocker. For me, it was when Trump’s scandals were revealed and that the possibility of Hillary becoming President became real. I was like … eff, eff, eff … what the eff … I have to manage her now? I have to train her now? Ow goodness heavens! Save me.

But thankfully Trump won and we had a new comer in the office … who had some commonsense … who was not an Establishment puppet and my hopes were high. I was like … yup, that’s the guy who has the potential to shine as one of the best leaders of the world.

Learning Tennis and the Trump Presidency
Trump is into the major league by winning the Presidency. What he does not know is that … the only reason, we made him win … is because the other guy had a suicide belt attached to her waist. She would blow up the entire stadium. You did not win because you are an extra-ordinary tennis world champion. You won only because the other guy had a suicide belt with her.

New comers make mistakes. They are still learning. Sometimes they hit in the net, sometimes outside the court and sometimes even in the audience. It happens. But new comers need to learn the game, improve and become a pro. If you keep hitting in the net and outside the court among the audience … even after one year … and also refuse the training … then watching this show becomes ridiculous for us as well as for the audience. Let alone hitting in the net … what you are doing is … taking the tennis ball and aiming it at the audience because one guy is a Black … because the other guy is a Muslim … and because the other guy is a Latino. Instead of working with the coach and learning the game … you are busy aiming at the audience and hitting them with the tennis balls. This is the ongoing state of the Trump Presidency.

The door is open
Trust me, I did not flip … despite having a billion dollars sitting for me on the table on the other side. You had your one full year of time to do what is right … to pull the strings and play the game correctly. You did not have to invest a single penny … all you had to do is pull a few strings … and you could be the best leader of the modern world.

And I am sure that you already think that you are the best President that America has seen. Some idiot adviser of yours is telling you this and you are also bragging about it. What you don’t know is that … you don’t even know the game and that you are busy hitting the balls at the audience.

See … my objective is not Republican or Democrat … I don’t give a damn about local politics. Our work is targeted at “criminal and exploitation systems”. This is our primary objective. These are the systems that we need to take down. $70 Trillion in overall country’s debt is enough … enough is enough now. These debt based policies need to stop. We are open to working with anyone who is focused on taking down these criminal systems. If you step forward, we will work with the Trump Presidency. If the Democrats step forward … we will work with the Democrats. Whoever shows commitment and initiatives … we are with them.

What we are looking for
This is what we are looking for:

  • People Centric Systems. Work with us to end criminal and exploitation systems and facilitate fantastic people centric systems.
  • Pull Strings. Pull strings locally and internationally to facilitate cooperation in finance, politics and security.

It is simple as that. A commitment to do good and pull the strings to do good. You are not investing a single penny of yours … no personal investment at all. You are simply pulling strings and remaining attached to what is good. It cannot become any easier than this to become one of the best leaders that the world has seen. This is our promise to leaders and politicians … work on people centric systems … because the need is there, a huge vacuum is there … just take the opportunity and shine … you will become loved and adored leaders.

Donations and Active Democracy
Here’s the thing about donations and Active Democracy. In reality, these are not donations. Technically, we will accept these as donations in order to setup companies. But in reality, these are not donations. This is our share for the revenues that we have already generated for your countries. This is one of the reasons why we prefer donations from “countries” and not private individuals. Because all of our work directly benefits the country as a whole. Our work channelizes hundreds of billions into the economy of different countries.

Some examples will help. Trump was a hardcore anti-Muslim Candidate … we showed him how Saudi Arabia is a very good American Ally and how they will cooperate with Trump. He gets new information and based upon this … he changes his strategy and signs up for about $500 Billion worth weapons deals with the Saudis. We wrote several pages in order to change Trump’s strategy … it helped in the American economy getting $500 Billion in revenue and it helped the Saudi Government in getting defense supplies worth $500 Billion. We just brought $1 Trillion worth of benefit in two countries. If we had not reached out to Trump then he was planning to open 911 lawsuits against Saudi Arabia and totally worsen relations with them. Instead, we changed tracks brought about a positive relation. Is this Collusion or a criminal activity? No, it was a good thing to do. It was 100% legal and legit.

Similarly, we helped Russia. Even before we got in direct touch with them … we activated SM elements and showed how Russia and China will be key elements in stopping and controlling these ridiculous wars by the Establishment. That led to Russia and China teaming up … getting closer and exchanged hundreds of billions in trade. When we directly got in touch with the Kremlin … we showed how Russia could play a crucial role in the Middle East and win allies. Russia gets involved … saves Syria and Iran … and gets scores of billions in defense contracts and business via Syria and Iran.

Let us average out the trade deals between Russia, China, Syria and Iran to about $500 Billion. If Russia just sat down there doing nothing while Syria was attacked … then would they get this much business? We wrote several pages so that the Kremlin understands what is going on and how they can play a winning element. Russia won allies, they won the war and they won scores of billions in trade. Our work helped Russia in every way possible. Russia is no more an isolated country in the world … which is what the Establishment was planning. Our work changes tracks for several countries around the world and brings beautiful things for them. We are a force for good.

Roughly assuming that our work in total brought about $1.5 Trillion in revenue for USA, Saudis, Russia, China, Syria and Iran. It is much more if I sit and get the correct numbers … but let’s just take this number to understand the point. 1% of $1.5 Trillion is $15 Billion. If a marketing company comes and tells you … hey, I will generate hundreds of billions for your country … can you give me only 1%? Does that sound like an okay deal? How much do we need? Just $1 Billion. That is not even 1% … it is lesser than one thousandth of the revenue. If someone says … hey I will get you $1000 … and all you need to do is give me just $1 and you can keep $999 … is that a bad deal?

That too … he comes and tells you this when you are in a catastrophe … you are about to die. He saves your life and generates trillions in revenue for you … all you need to do is support him with a tiny fraction of what he already got you … and you have to be a dick for that? This is not a donation. This is our earned income … it is our rightful share.

On top of that, we tell you … hey, this tiny fraction that you will give us … we will again use 80% of that and invest it into making your countries even greater … we will get rid of almost all criminal systems from your country and take you and your countries to great heights. Is that not good enough for you?

This is one reason why we work with countries. We can say this. We can proudly and humbly do the work with honor. We are doing great things for you … and what you give us is a tiny fraction of what we already got for you.

Private Donor Issue
The thing with Private donors is that … we don’t want charity. We might be a Human Rights group but we don’t function on charity … not Active-Democracy. Until and unless … we start an operation for feeding and educating people in Africa … we don’t want charity. Active Democracy is aimed at countries. And we work with the most developed countries in the world who are filthy rich. A few billion is peanuts for them. And we generate thousands of times more revenue for them. If you see these weapons industries … we spent trillions in the wars in the Middle East. These weapons industries got trillions in revenues … can they say … that we have generated thousands of trillions in revenue for these countries? You spent trillions on these weapons companies … what did they give you in return? Just a bad name, debt and dead people.

We give you greatness and a flourishing economy … while the defense companies give you debt and dead people. That’s the difference between Active Democracy and defense companies.

Now, when a Private Donor comes to us and says … “hey, I like your work. I would like to put a billion or two … if you don’t mind?” What we think is … “what the hell did we do for this guy that we should take his money?” Its like taking charity.

Private Donor Workaround
I think that the Democrats are facing a major issue of limited power right now. Since they are out of power, they can mostly activate Private Donors. Here’s how we can work around this “charity” issue. For now, we will accept Private Donations … on the condition that once we have a Democrat President then you will work on channelizing twice the amount back to these Private Donors. We will show you how to do it. It is easy. Private Donations are fine … but once you are in office … we channelize them twice the amount. This eliminates the charity issue. It just becomes a technique of handling being out of power.

Just so that President Trump knows … the door is still open for you. I am just activating an additional support point because you have been inactive. But once the Democrats signup with us … that’s when the door closes and the strategy changes. Their primary objective is 2020 and if they are the ones who will show initiatives then it’s obvious that I would work with them. You would do the same if you were in my place.

Trump’s paths ahead
President Trump has mainly 3 different paths ahead of him. I think you should know, so that you can prepare accordingly.

  • Path One – with Active Democracy. He should have worked with us. I don’t know … some idiot might be advising him to stall. Whoever he is … he has no idea of what is going on. However, if he works with us then he still has a chance of rising to greatness. But once Democrats start working with us then this path becomes extremely limited. We will only work on how to keep you out of jail. Yes, you will lose 2020 but we don’t want to lose you before that. We need you to be President till then. Because we don’t know what the hell Mike Pence will bring to the table. Even if you don’t work with us, we will still save you from jail or impeachment.
  • Path Two – Establishment Mode. It is possible for Trump to jump into the Establishment boat. He will be on an auto-destruct path. He will end up burning himself on this path. It will become very very easy to eliminate him in 2020 if he follows this path.
  • Path Three – Parasite Mode. This is Trump’s current path. He is essentially in a parasite mode. Some idiot is telling him to just sit there and extract information from my site. Trump dear, there is nothing to “extract” from my site. Everything is open and public. Everybody knows what I publish. There is no genius in taking information from my site. We told you this several times before … the only information we publish is related to catastrophes, major blunders and wars. It helps you only to survive.

Its like a mosquito. He will take a fraction of a drop of blood from your body and he thinks that he’s got all what he needs. His mind and body is full and he is the happiest person on the planet. Why? Because it got that drop of blood that he needed to survive. That drop of blood just helps the mosquito survive. The mosquito does not become the greatest President of the world by extracting one drop of blood.

That’s how the information is there on this site. It is designed only to avoid catastrophes and wars. It is designed only for survival. This was crucially important during the Obama Administration because of the oncoming World War III. Survival was the top priority. We had to stop that war. And we did it successfully. Now, the need is to move forward.

Neurosurgery Example
I already gave you the neurosurgery example. The only thing that the neurosurgeon can do for you on the phone is tell you how not to kill yourself, remain alive and come to the hospital for the treatment. That’s the only advice that a neurosurgeon can give you on the phone. He can tell you … how he can remove your problems and make you healthy again. But if you actually want the treatment then you have to go to the hospital. The neurosurgeon cannot perform the surgery using a kitchen knife … he needs a fully functional hospital with trained staff and equipment. In order to setup this hospital, we are asking you to pull a few strings.

And some idiot is telling you to just sit there … never go to the hospital and talk to the surgeon on the phone. Nothing will change until and unless the hospital can be setup. We need to work on this crisis with all of the required skillsets. Nothing in America or Europe will change until the hospital is setup. This mode of extracting one drop of blood at a time like a mosquito … will only maintain you in the weakest and most expendable state. The Establishment can easily knock you out. It gives them all of the time and liberty that they need to hatch up new malice, lawsuits and troubles. That’s the main reason why they are maintaining you in the weakest mode with the least amount of information and support. Don’t listen to idiots who know nothing and work with us. This is not a hard decision to make.

Trump works till date
Because Trump has absolutely no understanding of what is going on … these are his works till date:

  • Total Blunders. Right from his candidacy … it has been blunder after blunder. I don’t need to enlist them here. All of us know it.
  • Teeny Tiny Initiatives. He made some moves. Tariff on timber in the first year … then tariff on steel in the second year. Third year will be cement and fourth year will be bricks. Timber, steel, cement and bricks … that’s it … your Trump Presidency. And he is calling this historic, awesome and goodness gracious what not. All of these are teeny tiny itsy bitsy moves … because he doesn’t know anything more. He has no idea about the full strategy. It is just one tiny speck of blood and he has no idea about the entire organism behind it. He does not know the life and soul behind it. He knows nothing.
  • Media Ridicule. His small initiatives are shown negatively in the media. His initiatives are only ridiculed. Doesn’t matter what he does … the Establishment will never let him gain the credit for it.
  • Doesn’t know the game. He stands there and says “You are afraid of the NRA. I am not afraid of the NRA.” Its great to say that … but he does not know how to break them down. His limited info is his biggest disadvantage. Yes, it is good that you are not afraid of the NRA … but after saying that … you have to break them down. If you don’t then they kick your ass. He does not know how to play the game at all. Telling the NRA that you are not afraid of them and then not having a plan to break them down is like ... bending over and saying ... here's my ass, please spank.

His Presidency is a major victim of bad advisers and suck ups. Either ways it is very easy to take over Trump. If he follows us then he is the easiest guy to raise to greatness. But if he does not follow us then he is the easiest guy to get rid off. Both of them are very very easily possible.

Two important things
When Democrats are activating Private Donors then there are two important things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Russia is an ally. Trump is not an enemy of the US. Trump might be a Republican … but he is not the major crisis that America faces. The major problematic element is the Establishment. It is these criminals who have thrown America and Europe in crime, drugs, debt and wars. The major opposition that America faces is not Trump or the Republicans … but it is this criminal Establishment. And trust me, to handle this criminal Establishment … Russia is a crucial ally. Russia is ready to cooperate at every level to handle Establishment malice. Russia is keen on good relations with America and Europe. Till date, you have been hammering “Trump Russia, Trump Russia”. But go easy on Russia … once you get Presidency … we need Russia. You have to keep the long term in mind. Russia is not the enemy … Russia is a great ally. If you flip against Russia then you will not be able to manage the crisis at home. We need Russia.
  • Private Donor Reimbursement. And yeah, you have to coordinate in the reimbursement for Private Donors once you enter the White House.

Organizing Private Donors
You can activate mainly two types of private donors:

  • American Billionaires. You are already working on this. You don’t need info on this one.
  • Arab Billionaires. If Trump sets up the Embassy at Jerusalem, he will lose support from the Muslim world. Arabs will finance like hell to get rid of Trump. All you need to say is, “sighting security concerns, we will suspend the Jerusalem Embassy”. In fact, there will be a lot of security issues … rioting, protests, attacks … just use them to suspend the Embassy.

Send John Kerry for a Middle East tour … he already knows everyone out there. Just use the Jerusalem Embassy card and they will rain cash for you.

The Obama Foundation
You can divert some funds to your Foundation as well. I heard you were struggling to get sponsors yourself. It’s a good opportunity to cash in. Trump’s mistake will be your gain. Utilize his blunders and you will get sweeping support. (But please do not try to make me work for your Foundation For heaven’s sake, do not reopen that chapter again.)

How to handle Collusion
There will be “collusion eyes” watching every move. I have got reports that someone from the White House is already coordinating with the FBI for collusion … which is why Russians were indicted for collusion. If we enter the mode where we are taking down the Trump Presidency then you can look at more coordination of the White House and the FBI in order to hunt for collusion. This is how you can handle it.

  • Human Rights. We are a human rights group. Everything that we do is based on human rights. There is absolutely no law that says you cannot donate to HR groups. For Collusion, the evidence of crime or an illegal activity is compulsory. They cannot cry collusion only because a foreigner is involved. They have to prove crime. And there is no crime in fighting for human rights and doing what is right for the people.
  • Donor Confidentiality. To secure our donors, we will provide strict donor confidentiality. The US courts or the FBI have very limited powers on foreign soil and we will protect our donors from Establishment moves as much as possible.
  • Multi Country. Just to be on the safe side, activate multiple countries … so that we are not solely focused on America. We will work on this as the project begins. Our objective should not be shown as to root out the Trump Presidency … but we should work with several countries in helping with their economic systems as well. When we spread across, our work gains more support and weight.
  • Take it public. FBI will not come after you or donors on their own. There will be some criminal Establishment element trying to use the intelligence agencies to put pressure on people involved. The way to deal with them is … just take it public. Hammer these agents within the FBI that are puppets of the Establishment in the media. Take it public and hammer them openly. Our distributed strategy will create several support points. More the FBI gets involved in suppressing human rights, the more Establishment influence in the FBI will be exposed. It will only backfire for the Establishment.
  • International Support. We will also garner international support for the work from several Establishment free countries and human rights pro countries.

The key is multiple support points locally and internationally … and we can easily handle Establishment malice against our initial start.

Note to Trump: Don’t worry. In all cases, we will still help you against Establishment malice that is designed to throw you in prison or for impeachment. And don’t get rid of Ivanka. She is gold. This is a good opportunity for her to learn. You can get rid of all family members from the White House but stick to Ivanka. She has the potential to be a great President … that is if you work with us and learn.