01 Mar 2018
Security Framework Overview
in America

There are some doubts on the “legality” of the work owing to which there has been some hesitation in cooperation. So, let me give a brief overview of how the security and legals function at different levels of the project. Right from the concept and base countries to the recruitment and international laws.

We can broadly categorize our work into two sections:

  • The exposure and elimination of crime, abuse and exploitation systems.
  • The creation and implementation of fantastic people centric systems.

The above two are nothing but … stop evil and do good. Both of these activities are inherently loved, adored and allowed in almost every major religion around the world … including Christianity and Islam. Both of these works are basically a part of life itself. In no corner of the world, a person in his right senses would say “stop good and allow evil” … except for the evil doers.

Both of these works are a part of human rights. It is a human right to be protected from crime, abuse and exploitation … doesn’t matter who is protecting you. For example, if there is an American ship sinking in the Ocean … if a Russian ship comes to its aid and helps the Americans onboard … then it is a good thing. It is not an obstruction of any American rights … but it is a humanitarian gesture of good will. Doesn’t matter who is in trouble … if you go out there and help him … then it is a good human gesture … this is humanity. This is how we, the human beings, are integrated with each other … on basic human grounds.

Foreign Intrusion
We know of Establishment malice and how they function within the US … which is why we setup bases outside the US to protect our work and employees. One of the gimmicks that the Establishment could try to play is that “this is foreign intrusion”. When there is no crime or abuse … then it is not intrusion. When only good things are being done … then it is a good thing.

It is like banning mobile phones. Nokia was one of the first companies to come up with the mobile phone. It was based in Finland. Now, would it be right to say, “no, no, no … we don’t want foreign technology. Americans love what we have. We love our wired phones. We love to stand next to the wall and talk. Why should Americans carry their phones on the streets with them? We don’t want this intrusion.” This talk is totally ridiculous. Why? Because the new technology is designed to benefit the people … it has goodness for the people. It gets rid of obsolete technology and brings in more powerful, useful and dynamic technologies that empower people. You don’t have to run to your home or office or a telephone booth to make a call now. You have the power in your hands. Mobile technology helped empower the people.

When good things are there for the people then governments work with governments … governments work with corporations … corporations work with governments … and the governments work with individuals. There is no bar to any type of configuration when good things are involved. This is the basic concept.

Legal Frameworks
In order to secure our works from mainly Establishment malice … we will work at several legal levels:

  • International Law. Our priority is America but America is not the only country that we will work with. We have to expand our work across the globe eventually. We will work with legal experts and make sure that all of our activities conform to International Law as much as possible. Human rights are very well protected under International Law.
  • American Law. Since one of the first countries that we will be working on in America … highly possible … we will coordinate with American lawyers and screen all of our tasks and activities to conform to American laws.
  • Local Laws. Since we will setup bases in Turkey, Russia, Malaysia and Serbia … we will make sure that we are not breaking any kind of law at the local level.

These are the primary tasks of our legal teams to make sure that all of our activities are in accordance to the above legal structures.

Political Coordination
We don’t need political cooperation only for the finance … but we need them more importantly for security and legal protection.

  • Security. We have to formulate the best security shell for our work and employees. Thus having a contact with some of the top politicians will help us get the right level of security.
  • Legals. The second major level of cooperation we need with local politicians is “legal security”. The Establishment might try to hatch up some kind of legal case in order to stop our work. It is a possibility. In such adverse cases, we need local coordination so that our work and employees are well protected from any kind of legal pressure coming from Establishment elements in America.

We know that everything that we will be doing is 100% legal but the entities that we are dealing with have criminal minds. This cooperation is required to protect ourselves from their criminal minds and criminal tactics … just in case we need it.

Base Country Selection
We have selected these countries … Turkey, Russia, Malaysia and Serbia … mainly because:

  • Minimal Presence of the Establishment. These countries, especially Turkey and Malaysia … they have minimal presence of Establishment elements. Since their presence is minimal, the response that they can hatch up will be the weakest in these countries. Locally, we will be extremely strong in these countries.
  • Strong understanding of Establishment malice. Turkey and Malaysia are Muslim countries and they have a strong understanding of Jewish malice … mainly because of Israel’s record and the Quranic teachings about Jewish malice. They know exactly what we are dealing with. Russia and Serbia are ex-Communist countries … they have already experienced the wrath of Communism … they have personally experienced what the Jewish Establishment does. The background of all of the 4 countries helps them understand the issue very clearly.
  • Fantastic Leaders. All of these countries have fantastic leaders who will be more than willing to help and cooperate. Putin and Erdogan are super people oriented leaders. And so is Malaysia … Russia has a massive influence on Serbia … providing us with another secure base. These fantastic leaders can provide maximum cooperation in the project.
  • Strongest Security Shell. All of the above factors … with minimal Establishment presence and influence … and with strong people oriented leaders who understand the Establishment malice … we can create the strongest security shells in these countries in cooperation with their intelligence and security agencies.

These are the main reasons why we chose these countries.

Local Government Coordination
Having an understanding of the bases that we have chosen … this is how we coordinate with the local governments.

  • Top Politicians. We coordinate with the top politicians … so that they have a full understanding of the project.
  • Intelligence and Security Agencies. The politicians can easily activate and help us coordinate with their intelligence and security agencies to protect our work and employees.
  • Protection from all attack routes. We will fully discuss all possible attack routes that Establishment elements can utilize during each phase of the work. And we will coordinate and formulate strategies of handling the same. This includes the residence, the office buildings, data networks, terrorism, hacking and every other possible route.
  • Security for employees. In each country, we will be hiring a lot of local employees and we want to make sure that everyone is well protected … despite the fact that the chances of malice are minimal. Even though, we will take all possible necessary precautions.

Company Design, Recruitment and Training
Someone may think that … “hey, this is a dangerous project. These guys are criminals. Something may happen. Why are you taking this up?” The company design is multi-faceted … because the type of problem that we are facing is multi-faceted. The operation strategy of the company is of a “human rights group”. But the recruitment strategy will be of a “security agency”.

It is something like a Police Force. Now, will you say, “ow my God, there are criminals out there. Why do we need a Police Force? Someone might get hurt.” Is that reasonable logic? Because there are criminals out there, we need the Police Force. The criminals make it even more important for the Police Force to exist … so that the common and innocent people are protected. Just because there is some risk in the job … should we abolish the police force? Just because one policeman gets hurt or even gets killed … should we abolish the police force? Because the work has some risk attached to it?

That is not how a Police Force works and that is not how the military works. Just because there is risk … do people stop joining the Police Force or the Military? Every country in the world has a Police Force. There are millions of police stations around the world … who are fighting crime … who are fighting criminals … and who are keeping the people safe and secure every single day as we speak. Just because some criminals exist out there, we don’t ban the police force. In fact, we strengthen the police force and concentrate on regions of more criminals. That is how you deal with criminals. You don’t get scared and run away … you strengthen and concentrate efforts to eliminate their malice.

  • Security Agency. Our entire hiring strategy will be for a security agency.
  • Understanding the duty and risk. All hired employees will clearly understand their duties and the types of risks involved.
  • Security Training Modules. This is one of the reasons why our initial training will require 6-12 months. We will coordinate with local security agencies and formulate the best security training modules for the employees based upon their tasks and responsibilities.
  • Fighting Satan. The base of the work is “fighting Satan”. We will be hiring people who are religiously inclined … especially the Priests, Fathers, Sisters and Nuns from the Christian community. Fighting Satan is something that they are trained to do and they would love this job.
  • Handsome Pay, Hefty Life Insurance. Each employee is given a handsome pay with a hefty life insurance package. So that, just in case, God forbid, God forbid … if something happens then he is fully insured in every way possible. We will work with the best insurance companies to provide the best packages to our staff.
  • Alternate Work Identity. And yes, as an additional layer of security, we will provide alternate work identities to all employees wherever required. This will be done in coordination with local authorities.

These are just some of the security measures for employees … we will formulate the full strategy when working with legal and security experts.

Company Setup Security
The project will not be carried out only under one company name. But we will setup several companies at different locations with different staff. This will provide distribution of tasks and brand name. It will provide better management. Employee Training, Think Tank, Online News Channel and Activism … all of them will be done at separate locations using different staff. So that if there is an issue with one operation … it does not take down the entire project. The segmentation helps in creating a medium instead of being one solid block.

Secure residences will be setup for Americans with full security. The entire building will be secured for them. The same will be done for the office work … the entire building with full security will be used in the project. The same applies to Russians in the project and all office buildings being used.

Donor Security
Just like our employees are secured. We will work towards donor security. There is no reason to publicize which country or private donor is contributing to our project. We will provide full donor security.

Company Operations Flexibility
We are dealing with the concept of good and evil. The base concept will remain the same while our company operations will remain flexible based upon the issue that we are dealing with at the moment and based upon how the Establishment is responding. It’s a battle of mediums … flexibility is a necessity and a required skillset at various levels.

Distribution of Pressure – Multiple countries and organizations
One of the best technique of dealing with Establishment malice and their security issues is “the distribution of pressure”. More the number of people stand up for the issue … the stronger the movement becomes. These 4 countries are just the base countries … we will be activating Europe and the entire world eventually on this malice. Multiple countries will be activated. Thousands of human rights and civil rights groups will be activated. Tens of thousands of Churches, Colleges, Schools and Universities will be activated. Well … that’s the strategy … to distribute this risk of security issue.

More the number of people get involved, the weaker the Establishment gets. This is exactly, what SM is doing as we speak regarding gun violence in America. They are activating schools and politicians to address this issue of gun violence. They are following the strategy of “distribution of pressure”.

American Politician Security
They will use only one major gimmick. “Ah, foreign company! Foreign intrusion.” It’s just bullshit.

  • Good is Legal. Keep one formula in mind “good is legal”. Doing good is legal. You can associate with any government, politician, company or individual … if you are doing good together … then it is 100% legal.
  • Foreign or local does not matter. Doesn’t matter where the company is located in the world … if you took something good and did great things for your people with that … then everything is legal and great.
  • Great Legacy. The only thing we offer to leaders who follow fantastic people centric systems is a “great legacy”. You will be known as one of the best leaders in the world.

Jewish Establishment Concerns
I know the Jewish Establishment is totally freaking out. The only thing that I will say is:

  • World Crisis. We are saving the world from the crisis that you have created. We are actually doing a favor for you.
  • Fighting Satan. Our number one target is “Satan”. We are targeting criminal systems and criminal ideology. We are not focused on any particular person as such.
  • Accept and conform to good reforms. Accept the given changes … don’t fight it. Conform to good and positive ways that help the people.
  • Be a part of a beautiful world. We are not coming with you with a dagger in our hands. We are fixing the massive crisis that you have created. We are only eliminating the systems. Change and conform to good ways and systems. Be a part of a beautiful world. Instead of being hated and hunted … be loved and adored.

The “Fighting Satan” Manual
Talking about security, once we are done with the major changes in America … we will publish an entire manual of Fighting Satan. It may be called Fighting Satan or something in similar lines … we will decide that when we publish it. It will basically contain a complete manual of how to deal with these systemic criminal and exploitation systems. It will cover almost every sphere of life that has been exploited by the Establishment systematically … including banks, politics, government, media, finance, education, entertainment, family, corporations and manufacturing industries.

Each of the criminal system will detail:

  • The crime
  • Its impact
  • Prominent Features
  • Diagnosis
  • Solutions

This will be provided as a “manual” … as a teaching catalog … to every police force and security agency in every country around the world. We will coordinate with the government of every country to facilitate this training and instruction of their police force and intelligence agencies. We will activate the entire world against these malicious systems.

This manual will be printed in a 100 different languages. It will also be sent to almost every major Church, Mosque and religious institution around the world … so that they know what the Satan was doing till date … so that they get to communicate to their community and leaders on this crisis. It will be an yearly manual with yearly updates … that will be sent to all government and religious institutions. That’s how we are going to “Fight Satan” and its systems.

This is not a fight against any one person or individual. We welcome you with open and loving arms. Accept and reform … and be a part of a beautiful world.