25 Feb 2018
The Silent Majority is getting bolder and stronger
in America

It’s time for some confidence building for Trump. Trump is scared as hell of going to jail and he is openly teaming up with the Establishment. We need to do some confidence building. 

Firstly, we told you that this would happen if you delayed the project. We told you this in the initial months itself. They started with massive demonization … we told you … this will lead to investigations and lawsuits … and eventual indictments. We told you this in the initial months itself and you were like “we will see, we will see”. You thought that you are the President and no one will dare to do this to you. You delayed and look where we are now. Exactly in the state that I told you would happen.

Secondly, don’t worry too much about the FBI use and the Establishment powers … these guys are a bunch of criminals. They can easily be managed, provided you also make proper counter moves. If you do nothing, then they will only buildup their momentum and remain the upper hand. You have to coordinate with us and come into action. It’s only then that you can win.

Not illegal
No, this work is not illegal. All of this information is total garbage information designed to put fear in you. Working for human rights is not illegal in any country except in Communist strongholds. An international news agency covering news of several countries is not illegal in any country. An international news agency or human rights group collecting funds from any source around the world is not illegal. There are absolutely no restrictions to the amount or the source of the donations in any legal code. It might be America or any other country.

It is 100% legal to cover the news and it is 100% legal to talk about human rights in any Democratic country. Trump Jr. is probably afraid of going to jail because he is the most susceptible member in the Trump family for future indictments. Which is why probably he is working on massive Establishment favors … to the extent of showing our work to the FBI and trying to protect the breakup of the Establishment monopoly as a favor to them. He is trying to show our work as illegal in order to protect the Establishment.

But sadly, even after that … Mueller’s indictments continue against the Trump Team and Campaign members. Did it work? We told you before also … favors to the Establishment don’t work. These guys are back stabbers.

We are already active on US soil
You are assuming that we will start the work and then the FBI will stop our work. What you don’t know is that the work is in progress since the past 10 years on US soil. The FBI cannot stop it because it is not criminal activity. The FBI gets involved in crime and not in basic human rights.

The Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement
Based upon my writings the Silent Majority network activated revolutions in several countries, especially in the Arab world. These revolutions were known as the Arab Spring. It was an SM activity. It was successful in overthrowing several regimes. However, it saw limited change in terms of reforms. SM networks have no idea what to do after getting people on the streets.

They followed our basic concept of first having the people involved and making them fight for their rights. “People should stand up for their rights” … this was the basic requirement for change. That’s exactly what SM worked on.

Once they saw that the concept was immensely successful then they created the Occupy Movement in several major cities across the United States. The Occupy Movement was nothing but people standing up for change. What change did they actually want? They had no idea … nor did they have an idea of how to get things done. They wanted me to come down and lead the movement. I wanted people on the streets … and they put tens of millions of people on the streets in several cities across America … who literally pitched tents on the streets waiting for me to lead.

We told them … this is not how it works. Change for America will come from the outside. Being an Active Citizen is not living on the streets … being an Active Citizen is a part of life. We have to prepare change for America from the outside and then take the movement from within.

Making SM bolder and stronger
We have continuously trained SM in being bolder and stronger against Establishment malice. Year after year, they have learnt many things. It has helped them evolve and understand what actually goes on and how this criminal Establishment is designed. They have successfully taken many steps to expose and counter Establishment malice. They are working on it as we speak. Let me give some examples.

Avatar – Iraq War and Establishment Technology
The movie “Avatar” won several awards. Do you know what this movie was really about? It was about the Iraq War. Going out there and taking something precious that lies below the soil of another nation for one’s own greed … this is something that happened in Iraq … the same thing was translated into a different form in Avatar. SM was a little bit timid at this time … just like you guys are so scared right now … even SM was scared. But they started off with little steps. First they used an indirect way of showing how greedy the Iraq War was. And then they moved to bolder steps.

The second thing that they also show in the movie is how the Establishment technology functions of controlling human beings via ‘remote control”. These mass shooters on US soil … they are trained, directed and controlled using similar technology. This was also one way of exposing what the Establishment is doing in real time.

SM started putting this information in movies because … we told them … “look at the movies that the Establishment creates … its all about promoting LGBTQ, drugs, violence, condemning God & religion and promoting their own deviant ideology. They are doing this on US soil using your own funds and people.” SM got pissed off and they started creating their own movies with their own exposure angles.

Minions – Criminal Jewish History
Take a look at the movie “the Minions”. But before you see it … keep this in mind. The entire movie is actually designed to expose criminal Jewish history. Lol.

  • Minions – Jews. Do you know who the Minions are actually? They represent Jews … criminal Jews.
  • Yellow Color. Their yellow color is supposed to reflect the Mediterranean color of the original Jewish people.
  • Small Size. Their small size is supposed to refer to their petty criminal minds.
  • Gibberish Language. Their gibberish language is supposed to refer to Hebrew.
  • Love and Enjoy Crime. The Minions love and enjoy crime … which is something that these criminals Jews do.
  • Silly Jokes. The Minions enjoy silly jokes … that is supposed to reflect typical Jewish humor.
  • Gatherings and Meetings. And then the Minions also have secret criminal meetings … which is again supposed to refer to Jewish criminal gatherings and meetings.
  • Criminal Leaders. The Minions are on the hunt for criminals to be their leaders … supposed to reflect on Jewish reliance on Satan.
  • Expulsion. And then it also shows that the Minions used to get expelled because of their crime and malice … it is supposed to reflect on the repeated expulsion of Jews in their history.

The entire movie has been designed on US soil, by Americans, many of them who are Jews and it is a super hit movie. The whole movie is nothing but an indirect exposure of criminal Jewish history. What you should know is that … there is a huge section of Jews … especially American Jews who are with us … who support our agenda and project. Jews themselves are directly coordinating with us. And you are going there and trying to do favors for the Jewish Establishment … when we ourselves have Jews by the masses who support our work.

Women’s Marches
We said no to the concept of Occupy Movement. It was touching but it was not the right solution. But SM has to maintain the “active involvement”. So they came up with these Women’s Marches. Why do you think millions of women are marching in several cities across the US every year? Why are top celebrities involved in these marches? Why are there major financiers for these marches? All of these are the pointers that we have given them.

The abortion issue and women’s rights is just an excuse. You might ask why women? That would be a long story for this page. But these are active Democratic movements designed by SM to keep people involved in politics and rules & regulations. This is a key requirement for the accomplishments in the next stages.

Enormous Media Coverage for Trump
Why do you think that every single move that you make enters headlines? Why do you think that every single move is immensely discussed in the media? This is “Active Democracy” in action. We are already in action on US soil. This is involving the people in politics via the media. This is about taking the people’s feedback in every move. The people are having a hell of a time. It seems like a long long long year. It is not just because of Trump … it is because of this Active Democracy in action.

People need to know what is going on. People need to have a say in what they want and what they don’t. This is the concept and we are already in action in various ways. Yeah, some Establishment media outlets are also using this opportunity to demonize Trump … but that’s a different issue. The basic concept is to keep the people involved.

Now, what is the FBI going to do? Tell the media to stop covering information about Trump? Tell women to stop asking for their basic rights? Shut down all media agencies or shut down all women’s marches? This is not an FBI issue … there is no ongoing crime at any level. Its basic life.

#metoo movement
Yes, women are in the lead here again. Do you know what this movement is about? Here is where SM is getting bolder and stronger. They did the movies via indirect mode … they conducted the marches … now they are in strike mode. The #metoo movement is about taking down “targeted Establishment members”. Some of the major falls that we got from this is Roger Ailes and Harvey Weinstein. Yes, the Establishment also tried to expose scandals of Christians in America. The whole thing turned into a sex scandal season. But SM has become bold enough to point out a Jew in a top position on US soil and then take him down successfully.

At first, the movements were just general with no objective. Now, SM has learnt enough to target and take down criminal Jews in America does not matter in what position they are placed in.

#timesup movement
This is actually an extension of the #metoo movement. The message is not towards the Establishment … but the message is towards the Trump Presidency. What SM is saying is “times up for Trump. He failed to work with Active Democracy. We have to start working on replacements.” This is one of reasons why I am pressurizing you not to delay. I am the only major entity in the SM network that is saying “hold on, Trump may turn around”. Otherwise, everyone is recommending alternate replacements. Remember, I tell you stuff before it happens. Don’t be shocked if you get replaced.

Gun Violence – NRA
The current status of the movement on US soil via SM is the issue of gun violence. This is something that they SM is doing all on their own based upon the training we gave them. They started off with only marches, then they moved on targeted individuals … and now they are moving towards the corporate entities. They are hammering the NRA. This is an SM movement. Can’t call them the “Silent” Majority anymore right? They have become pretty much vocal.

Module Design -  Don’t fear legals
Don’t fear legals. We are not stupid enough to directly get involved in American politics. We will setup several companies … not just one … we are a concept … we are not a company. We setup each company based upon its:

  • Sponsors
  • Staff
  • And Objectives

For example, if we have to directly get involved in American politics, law making, legislation and voting then we use American sponsors, American citizens working on American issues. There is nothing illegal in that. If the funds are American, the key staff is American and they are working on American issues … then it is 100% legal.

Which is why we setup separate companies … if we have to work on direct American laws and legislation. Then we setup an entire company at a separate location with different staff with American sponsors to work exclusively on that issue. The FBI cannot stop Americans from working on American issues while they are funded via American sponsors. There is no crime … there is no foreign interference … there is no illegal activity. Just because the Americans are sitting in Istanbul or Malaysia … their activity does not become illegal.

Stop looking at us as one company. We are not one company. We are a concept … of good. And good can be stopped only by a fascist dictator. The FBI is not fascist. There is no reason for the FBI or any other agency or government to stop this.

Legislation part is only 5% of the work
The direct involvement in American politics, political structure, legislation and change in government is actually only 5-10% of the work. This work will be taken over by American sponsors and key American staff. But the rest of the work is pretty darn general. It involves the entire world. The Establishment malice affects not only America but the entire of Europe … and it has a major devastating history in the Ex-Communist world. That’s why we separate everything into modules … of separate companies, with different staff working at different locations.

If we have a Russian team sponsored by any foreign sponsor … working on the Communist crimes committed by the Jewish Establishment in the Communist world … then it is 100% legal. It is a foreign sponsor, a Russian team working on a Russian issue. The FBI has no authority in this matter. If one Russian team is working on a Russian issue in Istanbul or Belgrade … the FBI has no rights or authority to interfere in that activity.

Let me give you an example … transparency.org. The company is Transparency International … they are working on assessing the levels of corruption in each country around the world. They are literally pointing out to each country around the world and telling them … “your government is corrupt to this level”. They are studying several factors in about 180 countries to make their report. Corruption is a world issue … the company is based in Germany. Now, is this political interference? Will the FBI shut down this German company with German workers and German sponsors … just because it is giving reports of the levels of corruption in the American government?

There are hundreds of human rights organizations that work on human concerns around the world. They study every country possible and make their reports and publish them. This is 100% legal and legit. Stop fear from getting into your heads.

90-95% of our work is based upon human rights and human concerns around the world. We are not just about America. We are looking forward to work with 195 countries across the globe. This is the main base of the work. Once we initiate this, we will automatically get enormous publicity on US soil. This will automatically pull sponsors from America … which we will use to activate the political reform and legislation campaigns. Moreover, if we carry out the Media Revolution successfully, then we don’t need to directly run a campaign for reforms. It can be done via our media outlets.

Terminating all Russian Investigations
Trump Jr. should stop freaking out and stop jumping into the Establishment boat. There is an easy way to terminate all investigations involving Russia and the Trump name. Once we start exposing the crimes and criminal systems of the Establishment … Russian support will be seen as a key factor in accomplishing changes and eliminating this criminal Establishment. Once Russia is seen as a hero and a key leader in this change … Russian involvement will actually be welcomed and congratulated.

Once that happens, who the hell cares about Russian interference? We want Russia, we need Russia and we will create several pacts with Russia to combat this Establishment in the future. Russia will be a key American and European ally.

And yeah, if you don’t work with us … then you will end up doing some dandy doodle stuff by yourself which will never work and you will end up jumping back into the Establishment boat. You have no time for dandy doodle stuff now. There is nothing nice for you in that boat except total termination of the Trump name in politics. With one hand, they are giving cash to your Dad and with the other hand they are pointing at your Dad saying “this guy is a filthy thief”. The Establishment boat is a filthy boat, the only thing you will get from them is treachery and a stab in the back.

We are already active on US soil in various ways. We will get this done one way or the other. The question is … do you want a Trump Dynasty and reach great heights? Or do you want a quick elimination?

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