24 Feb 2018
Trump, don't worship the snake
in America

The time for promises is over. "We will get it done" ... you are still talking in distant future. If you said "we will get it done" in the early months of 2017 then it was fine. This is something that should have been accomplished one year ago. You are severely behind schedule. And you are still talking in terms of distant future.

The words that you should be using right now is ... "Alright its done. We start tomorrow. Let us know what to do next and what comes after that. I already have a team for this. How to handle this? How to take care of that? What to do after this?" These are the sentences that you should be using today.

But whenever Mueller takes out the hammer against you ... you are like "okay, we will get it done, we will get it done". This is not even a promise. It is more like a cry out of fear. You just say that and then do nothing. In fact, we have reports that the White House has been consistently stalling and blocking the cooperation of other politicians and sponsors with us.

Did you notice that no one calls you "thin skin" anymore? The humiliation, the ridicule, the lawsuits and investigations that the Establishment has continuously showered over the Trump Family ... it is simply record breaking. SM is literally sitting there and thinking ... how much does this guy needs to be kicked around and humiliated so that he understands that the Establishment hates him and they want him gone? Why is this guy worshiping the snake? The more they kick him, the more he worships them. They are going to totally burn him down. Doesn't he realize that? Why is he putting up with this? Why is he living under their shoe when he can actually rule and kick out these guys that humiliate him?"

Trump's worship of the snake is shocking everyone across the network. The Establishment is itself shocked that "What? Is this guy serious? He wants some more kicking? Should we just toss him into jail?" They are sitting there and working out the worst things that they can do to you ... which includes impeaching you and sending you to jail. The guys who abuse you, they themselves are shocked at your zero response and loads of humiliation and abuse that you absorb.

They are just sitting there and working on the next major punch. "Let's see if he puts up with this. Let's see how much we can rub him under our shoe. Let's expose this about him. Let's hammer on this. And yeah let's send him to jail eventually." This is what they are discussing in every single meeting.


Probably, these are the assumptions that you are making to put up with this humiliation from the Establishment.

  1. Cash. The Establishment is the corporations and via deals with defense companies ... I am making my money. The source of my cash is the Establishment. I am making billions in every deal. The Establishment is actually benefiting me.
  2. Media demonization. Your second assumption probably is ... this media demonization is just politics and it is the crap that comes along with the job. Let the media ridicule me, I am ripping off this country big time. They are paying for ridiculing me. I will sign off the biggest payments to defense companies in the history of the country. I am blowing up their cash, I am winning.
  3. Jail. It is the Establishment that will send me to jail. If I team up with the Establishment that is ripping off this country then I will also save myself from jail. I get my cash and I save myself from jail ... it is a win-win solution. Screw the people and media.
  4. Blame Russia on Democrats. Now, this whole project of taking down the Establishment ... why should I be a part of this? I need the Establishment to make my money. I ran for the cash and not for public service. Why should I take down the Establishment when I need it to make my money? Why put up with the risk with an Establishment that can send me to jail? Let's just blame this whole thing on the Democrats. If I don't work with Active Democracy then they will work with Democrats. And when they work with Democrats then I will blame this whole thing on "Democrats and Russia". This Russian interference was basically against the Establishment ... Russia is a key player in helping to take down the Establishment. Why do I need Russia? Let's just blame this whole Russian involvement on the Democrats. Let it be their agenda. I worship the Establishment. I have nothing against the Establishment and they will stop demonizing me.

Now, some idiot out there might be misleading you on this path. Given your current moves, this thinking pattern is quite evident. My dear lovely President Trump, don't get cold feet. Don't run for the escape route. Because that is actually not an escape route ... it is a fire that will consume you.

Let me answer your assumptions ... whoever is misleading you on this ... the guy doesn't know shit.

  1. Cash. We have to keep talking about the cash. Because cash is your biggest priority. You can make your cash big time. These are tiny elements that you are playing with right now. These are tiny companies that can give you only a tiny share. You are holding the office of the most powerful person on the planet. There is no limit to what you can make. But you have to do it in the right manner ... otherwise this cash making can also lead you to jail. If you provide stunning reforms and fabulous changes for the people ... then people don't mind. People don't mind if you made something on the side. What you are making right now is tiny tidbits.
  2. Media Demonization. This media demonization will vaporize. With stunning reforms and a media revolution ... you can easily respond to any level of demonization. People don't give a damn of how many women you sleep with ... provided you are doing what is right for the people. These demonization gimmicks wont work anymore.
  3. Jail. Everyone will fight for you against jail. Once we take down the Establishment, the Russian support will be seen as a key force that helped us secure the world from Establishment malice. No one will be investigating the Russians any more. All of these investigations will be gone. Russia will not be seen as an enemy State but as a fellow loving Christian country.
  4. Blaming Russia on the Democrats. Pushing yourself away from Russia and pushing Russia towards Democrats ... will only help Democrats. Russia does not care if you are a Republican or Democrat ... these words mean nothing to Russia. Russia will work with any American President that is keen on good relations with Russia.

You are thinking that this is an "escape route" ... but it will totally burn down your Presidency. Like I said before, the longest path that you have at hand is 1 year and 10 months. This path is not only for our finance ... getting our finance is like just putting on the shoes. And then you have to learn how to hold the tennis racket, learn the rules of the game, learn how to make each shot and be a world champion. Two years to learn tennis and become a world champion. People generally spend 15-20 years for this training itself.

The good news is that ... we already have 17 years of experience in this Establishment malice. And unlike tennis, in politics you can follow the advice and win the game. It is totally possible with 2 years of training. You can enter the winning league. Because the uniqeness of this game is that "no politician knows how to play this". There is absolutely no politician who knows how to play this. You will be the first player with the winning strokes in this game. That is more than enough to win the second term. Then you have a full 7 year duration to play the full game at its best. We can give you an entire Trump Dynasty. Ivanka is the next Trump with the potential to run for Presidency. We can give you a series of Trump Presidents.

If you learn nothing then you are looking at a very early knockout. From getting a dynasty, you get total ridicule of the very Trump name itself. You are thinking that ... "hey, I will grab my bag of cash and get the hell away from this White House". But the Establishment knows this and they are planning to condemn you as a "filthy racist thief". They will point at you and say ... "hey, this guy stole from a house on fire while the women and children were screaming and burning in that house." They are playing both sides. On one side, some cash ... on the other side, filthy demonization. They are playing both sides to knock you out. Mueller is continuing to indict Trump aides and he is building the way up to your family members.

Don't be afraid. Don't worship the snake. If you make no moves then nothing moves in your favor. When nothing moves in your favor, the aggression only piles up. When the aggression piles up, you get afraid and buckle. So, the key not to be afraid is to ... start making the right moves and build your support base to a massive extent. Start building yourself and start limiting the Establishment.