23 Feb 2018
Russian indictments is the second major Establishment misled blunder
in America

Backdoor Deals
After Jerusalem, Russian indictments are a major blunder under the Trump Administration. No idea of who misled you into these decisions. It might be Establishment elements or your advisers or whoever … but both of them are massive blunders. And from the look of it, both of them were designed as “backdoor deals” in order to appease the Establishment.

The Jerusalem decision was a major favor to the Establishment in order to please Israel … so that it helps in easing the investigations or indictments of Trump family members. But what you need to understand about this Establishment is that … they really don’t care about Israel. You are attempting to please them by doing favors for Israel but they themselves don’t care about Israel.

Israel was designed to host the reserves of the Rothschild Family. The gold has already moved to South China Sea. The Establishment has all of the manufacturing and technology hosted in China. And on top of that, they have also built massive “empty cities” in China to host millions of Jews that will flee WWIII. They have packed up and left the scene already. Which is why Israel is bombing Syria right now … so that it pisses off Iran or Russia so that this war can begin. Israel is on a suicidal mission.

This is why your attempts to do favors for Israel changes nothing. Even after your Jerusalem decision, the Establishment has given you the Fire and Fury book, massive publicity of an affair with a pornstar … once that was covered fully, they started exposing an affair with another playmate. All of this after you gave Jerusalem. One of the major drawbacks of the Jerusalem decision was it was designed to root out your support from Muslim countries … so that all Muslim countries hate Trump and they do not help Trump in any way.

Russian Indictments
The second major appeasement effort was via Russian Indictments. Someone from the White House coordinated with the FBI and said “hey, hey, hey … we will give you some really juicy information. Look, there is this company called Active Democracy. They are teaming up with Russia in taking down the Jewish Establishment in America. They are planning to go online and use the social media to revolutionize America. They want to change all systems in America.” Apparently this was the information given to the FBI which is why they indicted Russians for interfering in the US political system.

This was another back door attempt to appease the Establishment and to show that Trump is helping the Establishment and doing them massive favors … so that they go easy on the investigations. But this is again another blunder because if you truly understand the Establishment then they don’t care about America itself … let alone save their monopoly in America. The Establishment is actively working on terminating America and Europe via a war against Russia. They want the entire country burnt down and terminated. And you are thinking that … “hey, I am saving their companies, networks and systems in America … that’s why the Establishment will think that I am their friend.”

This is a colossal blunder. Firstly, the Establishment does not care about America itself and secondly, it pisses off Russia another key ally that we need for the project. Using your first blunder, you pissed off Muslim countries and with the second blunder, you pissed off Russia. Despite both of your moves nothing changes for you in America because this vicious Establishment has no regard for Israel or America. In fact, both of these countries host the majority of the Jewish population of the world. These guys are so vicious and self-centered that they want to terminate countries that host 12 million Jews.

The only thing that they will tell their Jewish friends is “move to China, move to China, we have already made the arrangements … all Jews run to China!” They want to root out 12 million Jews from America, Europe and Israel … and move all of them to China. That’s the plan. And you are thinking … “how about I do a favor for Israel … how about I help the Establishment network in America … will this please you guys … is this a favor big enough?” Whoever is giving you this advice that guy either doesn’t know shit or he is openly misleading you.

You are losing all of your key allies with such moves and the humiliation and investigations against Trump continue in America. Such moves are disastrous for yourself and your own Administration.

Additional Misleading Techniques
Their additional misleading techniques that concern Active Democracy are:

  • Stop Publishing. Apparently, we should stop reporting anything and stop publishing any information about them. It is then that the Trump Administration should start working with us. As long as we are publishing, the Trump Admin should not work with us.
  • Stop asking for funds. And the second request is … stop asking for funds. Apparently, we should stop asking for any funds for the work. If we ask for funds then there will be no cooperation.

What happens when we stop publishing? You never know what is going on. Because we started publishing and because we got in touch with the White House and Kremlin … we were able to stop WWIII successfully. Everyone got a full understanding of this malice. And what happens when we stop asking for funds? The work never begins … it never starts. If we follow both of these advices … then nobody knows what is going on … our work never starts … and the Establishment gets to mislead in the darkness. This is another ridiculous misleading technique of theirs.

Understand their mindset
That’s why we keep saying … try not to get stalled or deviated. These guys are experts in mind games. When doing something right … just go out there and do it. If you think too much, the devil gets to play its mind games and stall you. This is how they design their games … Satan is their guide … they literally follow Satan and its methods. Which is why they keep getting expelled again and again.

What happens to Satan eventually? It does its malice but then it eventually gets expelled. This is there in Jewish history since thousands of years. They will say “we got expelled only because we were Jews” but they don’t say what they actually did to get that expulsion. Right now their leaders and the top cream Establishment is planning a mass expulsion of 12 million Jews … the largest expulsion of Jews in their entire history … from America, Europe and Israel to China. Their own leaders are planning this. Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, is a key pawn that they are using to get this done. The Prime Minister of Israel is himself coordinating in terminating Israel and getting rid of all Jews to China.

The extent of their malice and criminal deviance is mind blowing. It shows no morals, no attachment or no care for anyone but themselves. They come from a totally different mindset. You might be thinking that … “hey, I did the best for Israel. I did the biggest favors for them”. Hell no. These guys are vicious criminals and those are not favors for them. A favor for them is the termination of America and Europe and moving to China. Do you want to destroy your country and reduce it to nuclear ashes … and then move to China ... if you survive the war that is? This is what they want. This is their goal. Anything in between is a waste of time for them.

What they are doing is very nicely misleading you in rooting out all of your support bases and ultimately pushing you in that direction whether you want it or not. With one blunder they are rooting out your support from Muslim countries and with another blunder there are rooting out your support from Russia. They are very nicely isolating you so that you can be dictated on their destructive plans.

Snap out of it. Do not follow any Establishment element. This is the first thing that I tell any world leader that I work with. The first thing that you should so is … do not work or take advice from any Establishment element. Their psyche, methods, ideology and techniques are quite complex and very different.