21 Feb 2018
Trump, trying to make a deal with the fire?
in America

Nope, the kissing lady was not from our side. This is how the fire in America works. We already told you before America is like a building on fire. If you don't put off this fire then this fire will burn you down. The Establishment is this fire. And SM can save you from this fire. They can create a protective shield for you from this fire.

They will do this if you work with us and fight for the people. If they see that you are cooperating with us then they will protect you. Which is why, your last few weeks were quite peaceful. Because you made open statements in the media and promised cooperation with us. But if you dont follow through then what happens is that SM sees that you are not serious about your commitments ... then they lower the guard and the fire touches you. There is no use wearing a firefighter suit when you will not fight against the fire. There is no use being in the White House when you will not fight for the people.

You don't see this fire because everything is pretty darn good at Trump Towers. You are making billions via deals with defense companies. You have made more in one year than you could ever in your entire life. Everything seems pretty, nice and beautiful. That's why you say ... "hey, everything is nice. Look at the jobs. Look at the stock market." America is a building on fire and people cannot survive on minimum wage. They are asking for the doubling of minimum wage. An ordinary American lives on 2-3 credit cards apart from working on 2-3 jobs. The country is in total $70 trillion debt including the national, state, business and personal loans. For you everything is nice ... but for the people ... the country is on fire.

The Establishment wants you gone. Either impeached, jail or quit. This is their plan. They have been working on this non-stop despite your repeated favors to them. Even after giving Jerusalem, the Establishment released Fire and Fury. A book that humiliates the entire Trump family. This entire fire and aggression towards Trump, Trump family members and your Administration is designed by the Establishment.

How the system works is ... when the SM networks protect you then you dont get burnt. We dont do anything against you. Trust me, we dont have the time for that. You are burning in the fire that the Establishment has designed around you. Your choice is to fight for the people and save yourself from the fire. If you dont fight for the people then the fire will take you down. It is your choice. We have nothing to do with any aggression against you. We can only help you and guide you how to save yourself from the fire.

The major problem that you are facing is that your "strategy" is wrong. You are functioning like a hotel owner. We have told you this repeatedly before ... hotel politics are not going to help you against Establishment malice. "If anyone threatens your hotel business then you do a favor for them and save your hotel business ... it might be tax collectors, politicians or intelligence. Just pay them off and save your business." This is a typical hotel owner strategy. This does not work with the Establishment, especially in the current times.

You are repeatedly trying to do massive favors to the Establishment in order to escape from the investigations, the media humiliation and indictments. It is totally understandable to try to use this approach but even after your favors the Establishment continues to piss all over you then you should get the signal that it is not working. Despite giving them Jerusalem ... you have Fire and Fury ... then you have scandal with a pornstar ... then you have another season of infidelity with a playmate. It is ongoing repeated aggression against you, your family and your Administration.

Why this continues is because you have done absolutely nothing to take down the Establishment monopoly or get rid of this fire. If you live in a burning building then obviously there will be heat all around you and it will constantly affect you. Your deal making attempts with the Establishment is like a guy standing on the top of a burning building trying to strike a deal with the fire coming towards it.

The reports that we are getting about you since a few months is that ...

  • You have repeatedly stalled and blocked Putin from working with us.
  • You have also tried to stop our work at our current location.
  • Someone from the White House has also coordinated with the FBI in indicting Russians citizens for meddling.
  • In recent strikes in Syria, Russians were also killed. Was that done to please the Establishment?

In actual action, you have not shown any progress in working with us. No calls, no sponsorship support from the Middle East ... the only we got from you is "words". In real action ... the "reports" say that you are actually blocking our work and someone from the White House is directly coordinating with the FBI against Russian citizens. We are trying to help you and you are pushing away all of the help that you actually need and jumping into the fire. We are the fire fighters who can save you from this burning building ... we can save you and your entire country. You are pushing us away and jumping into the fire.

Don't blame us when the fire hurts. It is your decision. We are here to help. We have not done any damage to you whatsoever. The entire fire is designed by the Establishment. Deal making with them is like trying to make a deal with fire standing on a burning building.

Let me give you a preview of 2020. Let us assume that we are going to have the elections tomorrow itself ... then what are your chances of winning the elections? Right now, your image is in a minus 1000 below zero. If Hillary was a minus 100 and George Bush was a minus 200 ... your image is in a minus 1000 right now. This is exactly what will happen on the debate stage ... your opponents will ask these questions on National TV while the entire world is watching.

  • So, how many pornstars did you sleep with, President Trump?
  • With how many playmates did you cheat on your wife with, President Trump?
  • What have you done for the people except blowing up tax payer money for your buddies in defense companies and giving trillions in tax cuts for the rich?
  • And if you use any derogatory name like Pocahontas ... they will say "From filth comes filth. We can expect only garbage in a garbage can. Dirt throws only dirt."
  • Your Travel Ban and Border Wall will be shown as open racism towards the minorities.
  • The Establishment plans to show you as a filthy racist thief.

They will portray you as the most filthiest and racist character in American history who has only been a thief in a house on fire. Instead of helping, he only stole from America. This is your preview of 2020 based upon the current track that you are on. Candidates are going to stand out there, on National TV, point at you and say ... this guy is a filthy racist thief. Let's get rid of him. This is exactly what the Establishment wants for you. And you can't deny it ... they will show all of your sex scandals and cheating on your wife with pornstars and playmates to show you as filthy. And then they will show your Border Wall and Travel Ban to show you as racist. And then they will show your mass spending on defense and tax cuts for the rich to show you as a thief. They will prove all 3 points against you ... filthy racist thief. That's the ongoing plan.

What you have to do is move from this minus 1000 level to a plus 1000 level. You have to initiate strategies that will take you from this minus level ... raise you to normal and then sky rocket your image to an unbeatable level. You have to outmatch all other politicians combined together. And you have only two years for this. You have already lost the first year. You have 2018 and 2019 to fix this problem and rise to a state where you are loved and adored. If you waste these 2 years then your game my friend is over and out. No one can help you. We will raise you to a level where people will say, "we don't care how many women he slept with. President Trump is the best President that America has ever had. We love Trump and we will vote for Trump." That's the state you need to reach. Does it look like you have reached that stage?

Let me give you an idea if people will vote for you. Imagine Hillary had extra-marital affairs. Imagine Hillary having sex scandals with strippers, pornstars and playmates. Now, with dozens of pornstars and playmates claiming affairs with Hillary ... do you think that people will vote for Hillary? Hell no. Then why do you think that people will vote for you? Because of the jobs and economy? Any school student can stand out there and say ... "hey, look at the jobs. Look at the economy." The main question is ... what have you done for the people that they will fight for you or vote for you? You have to show yourself better than anyone on the stage. Right now, you are in a minus 1000. 

Hillary is not going to be the Democrat nominee in 2020. That is already decided at the DNC. They are preparing strong and fresh candidates. The main reason people voted for you in 2016 is because you had a clean slate. The main reason people liked your name calling is because the people are fedup with the current system. They don't like the Congress and they dont like the politicians. They wanted change. They thought Trump is going to be the change. But you have not given them any major change and have a long list of sex scandals and on top of that you blow up tax payer money by the trillions on defense and tax cuts for the rich ... with this record, my dear friend, you are headed towards a total failure in 2020. Your name calling will only severely back fire because you will be shown as filth.

Understand what you are doing ... understand what the Establishment is designing. You are jumping into a fire that will only burn you. And you are pushing away those who can save you. With so much humiliation at hand, you are inviting Netanyahu for a State visit next month. They are literally burning you down and you want to throw a red carpet to the fire coming at you. You are on a track of non-stop favors for the Establishment and you don't realize that these favors mean nothing to them. Nothing will change and they will still consume you.

You have already lost two months in 2018. You have just 1 year and 10 months at hand ... that is if Mueller does not make indictments ... that is if you are not impeached in between. This is the longest path that you have to save yourself 1 year and 10 months. After that, its severe hammering and the people will have the right to make a change. I think this first year of Establishment experience should have been enough for you to choose the right track.