20 Feb 2018
Handling Mueller’s Indictments
in America

This is how you handle Mueller’s indictments. The first thing that you should understand is that the Special Counsel is Establishment malice. It is just one tool that the Establishment is using as a whipping stick.

What not to do

  • Do not give into fear. Do not be afraid just because they are the FBI. Do not crumble under the game of authority. Whoever they might be … everyone is equal in a Democracy. All laws apply to the FBI as well. FBI is not above the law. Their job is to protect the common citizens and not to abuse common citizens … it might be of America or any other country.
  • Do not nod along. Do not approve everything that they say. Do not approve their indictments. If you nod along then you have just buckled and gave them an upper hand. Approving them is legitimizing them. Do not legitimize everything that these guys do. Their major objective is malice. If you approve then you are helping them succeed in their malice.

What to do

  • Rip them apart. Verify everything they say or do. Use your legal experts and dissect every single statement that they make. The FBI needs to follow the law and being in the White House, you are in the strongest position to make them and force them to follow the law. They cannot go around abusing the citizens of your country or any other country. They have to respect basic human rights of every citizen of the world. Being the Intelligence Agency of the leader of the free world … this is their primary duty and responsibility.
  • Use the law, use common sense. In every move that you make … use the law and use common sense. These will be your best tools in handling this criminal Establishment. What you should keep in mind is that … these guys are nothing but a “bunch of criminals”. One of the reasons they get away with their malice is because of the “mental voodoo” games that they play. Remain conscious of the use of law and common sense.
  • Activate multiple support points. The major advantage that the Establishment uses is “multiple support points”. And when you see multiple news channels nodding along and supporting the Establishment agenda … do not fall for it. 90% of the News channels are owned by the same Establishment … it is just one entity talking. To combat this … you have to activate multiple support points from your end who will fight against the arguments presented by the Establishment.
  • What people know and think is important. Sending a message to the people is important. Their media games are designed to mold the minds of the people. They have repeatedly carried out this anti-Russian propaganda for so long that a considerable section of the people think that Russia interfered in the elections … a huge section of them have an anti-Trump image. You have to activate multiple news channels and present your argument. This is a part of the game to handle the Establishment.

Activating Multiple Support Points
This is how you activate multiple support points in your favor.

  • The White House
    • Loyal Republicans. I hope that you have already formed a team of loyal Republicans who will fight for you … who understand this Establishment malice to some extent at least. Use these guys … let them go on major News channels and fight for you. Let them use the talking points listed below.
    • Fox News. Media is a major limitation for you as of now. Don’t worry, once we have the Media Revolution … you will have dozens of channels in your favor. For now, just use Fox News … this is the pro-Republican channel. You are using a combination of “politicians and media” to send the message.
    • White House Speakers. You also have a few speakers for the White House or pro-Trump speakers. Feel free to use them as well. These indictments were against Russia but the more Mueller indicts, the more trouble it will be for the Trump Presidency. It is in your key interest to show the hollow and flawed nature of this investigation.
  • The Kremlin
    • Speakers. Just like above, you can use speakers on behalf of the Kremlin … it might be from Foreign Affairs or the Kremlin.
    • RT. You have a good channel running on US soil. Use that channel to hammer the Special Counsel’s indictments.

Internet Research Agency
This is how the Director or Manager of IRA will justify the usage of the agency. This was not done only to support Trump … just being pro-Trump was not the objective. Their major and primary objective was to stop a world war … to stop a war between America and Russia. Americo-Russian relations have already dipped below Cold War levels. And you did not want to worsen the relations and enter a possible war situation.

There has been a massive military buildup near the Russian borders. There are a lot of military drills and a lot of war tension. The Internet Research Agency was designed to avoid a massive world catastrophe. It was done to bring peace. It was done to create better relations between America and Russia. And that’s the reason why IRA supported Trump … to stop a catastrophic world war. That’s why they hired Russians, Americans and sponsored Ads online. Working for peace is not illegal … stopping wars is not a crime. Whatever you did was 100% legit.

On the other hand, if you see … we had Hillary Clinton … the woman is a crazy fanatic. She was spewing hate towards Russia and if she would have been elected … there would be so much higher chances of a conflict. Whatever the Internet Research Agency did … it was done to prevent a world war. And look, we have Trump in power … Trump is far more understanding … he is much more intelligent and it has been more than one year … there has not been any major catastrophe. When we had Hillary on the other side … supporting Trump was the right thing to do. That’s exactly what the Internet Research Agency did and they did nothing wrong. This is your argument.

Using Different Identities: This is how you defend the use of different identities. Firstly, it is not illegal to use nick names online. Secondly, we are dealing with a criminal Establishment that wants to destroy America, Russia and Europe via a massive war. Every security and intelligence agency provides “anonymity” to people who expose criminals. This anonymity is guaranteed in almost every country of the world. The objective here is to expose the criminals and stop their malicious wars.

What the Establishment is trying to do here is … portray you as the criminal for using an alternate identity. When in reality, it is the Establishment that is the biggest criminal in the world that we are trying to expose. And when some civilians are working on exposing vicious criminals then it is the State’s duty to protect their identity and personal contact information. The identities of anyone working on such a project must be protected and it is the responsibility of the State to guarantee and assure that their identities will remain protected. By using a different identity, you have done nothing illegal … in fact, this is how the law works when it comes to exposing criminals.

On the other hand, demanding that every civilian that exposes crime must fully publish his real name, identity and contact information only puts civilian lives at risk. It only gives these criminals a route for vengeance and helps them suppress simple civilians. This is not how the law works. The law, the government and all security & intelligence agencies guarantee the protection of civilians against malicious and vicious criminals. Your use of alternate identities was 100% legit and this is done in every country of the world.

These are “reverse games” used by the Establishment. They try to portray you as the criminal and they try to portray your work as crime. When in reality … they are the biggest criminals of our time who are running several malicious exploitation systems all over the world. All of the ongoing genocidal wars are their doing. They are massacring people by the millions and maintaining the world under fear and insecurity … and now they are working on a major war between America and Russia. You have all of the reasons to use alternate identities. Protection of identities in such cases in guaranteed in every country of the world. You should simply tell them “fix your malicious criminal systems and stop targeting our civilians”.

(By the way, I am getting reports that there is someone from the White House or a relative of someone in the White House that he has coordinated with the FBI in levying these indictments against the Russian civilians.)

Some Talking Points
Sit with your lawyers and formulate the best strategies for this. The Special Counsel’s angle is that … the IRA supported Trump, got involved in the political system to sway voters. What you have to do is play an upper hand. You have to show that just supporting Trump was not the only objective. The major objective was stopping a world war and bringing peace for the world with better relations. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Use the below talking points:

  • What was the actual crime that the Russians committed?
  • They stole from no one, no one was hurt, no State secrets were stolen, no one was killed … where is the crime committed?
  • Saying we like Trump is a crime?
  • Saying please vote for Trump is a crime?
  • That's exactly what some Russians did … went online and said please vote for Trump … how is that a crime?
  • Since when is liking Trump a crime?
  • Why is the FBI criminalizing support for Trump?
  • Saying we like this candidate, please vote for him … is that interference in the political system?
  • How is using nick names online a "Federal Crime"?
  • Should every non-US citizen be indicted for using a name that might be American?
  • There are tens of millions of Americans who do not use their real names online. Are all of them committing a Federal Crime of identity theft?
  • Are they going to make it compulsory for everyone to use their real names online?
  • Are nick names going to be banned?
  • Every security agency guarantees anonymity for civilians exposing criminals.
  • It is 100% legal to hide your identity when you are exposing criminals or criminal systems.
  • It is the country’s duty and responsibility to protect the identities of all civilians who help in taking down criminals and criminal systems.
  • Exposing the identity of such civilians only puts their lives at risk. It gives criminals an upper hand to suppress and silence simple civilians. The FBI is actually helping the criminals by exposing the identities of the Russians involved.
  • It is the duty of the FBI to protect such civilians and it is their duty not to expose such civilians.
  • What about the Trump haters?
  • From Mexico, from the UK and from other parts of the world
  • They also made statements online … are their statements also political interference?
  • Why condemn only the Trump supporters while turning a blind eye on the Trump haters?
  • Why aren't anti-Trump speeches and statements by foreigners / foreign leaders seen as "political interference"?
  • Didn't these statements and speeches "sway the people's mind and sway the election in favor of Hillary"?
  • Should we indict the world as well?
  • What about millions of foreigners talking about American elections online?
  • Are all of them also committing a Federal Crime and interfering in the US political system?
  • People from almost every country in the world are talking about America … should the entire world be indicted?
  • Why is the FBI criminalizing basic human rights?
  • If Russians love Trump, let them love Trump … how is that a crime?
  • If the British loved Trump, would that be a crime?
  • Why are we portraying Russians to be demons?
  • Expressing your likes and dislikes are covered under the "freedom of speech" act.
  • The FBI has entered the wrong territory of criminalizing basic human rights.
  • Is wanting peace a crime?
  • Is stopping wars a crime?
  • Is wanting a peaceful world a crime?
  • Is wanting better relations a crime?
  • What about South Africa?
  • Was it wrong it get involved in the Apartheid System?
  • Was it wrong to support the Black people being abused?
  • Should we indict the entire world for interfering in their political system?
  • This is a hollow investigation with absolutely no crime committed.
  • Interfering in elections means only two things … bribing election officials or tweaking voting machines … if that was not done then there was no interference.
  • Some ads of Facebook and Twitter is not called election interference.
  • Supporting or liking a candidate is not election interference.
  • All of the indictments are garbage indictments.
  • Show how hollow and baseless this investigation is.

If you look at the above talking points … you get to hammer the Special Counsel from multiple points. Trump should not do this directly nor should Putin. Use multiple subsidiaries and multiple news channels and hammer them from multiple angles. That’s how you play the game.

Understand your weaknesses
Trump tried to use Bannon to run a campaign against the Establishment and from Russia, IRA was used. The thing with the Establishment is that … if you have to deal with them … then you need to understand their multi-layered and multi-platform presence in multiple fields. These guys function in 3 dimensions within a 3 dimensional network at various points. When you don’t understand that and try to take up the Establishment then eventually you lose. Look at Bannon … he tried and ended up creating racist rallies … eventually flips against the President and supports a bestselling novel that makes fun of the entire Trump family. IRA tried but their approach was also very weak.

A veiled attack on Active Democracy
Actually, these indictments were a veiled attack against Active Democracy also. We are also planning to create a massive online network to combat Establishment malice. With these indictments they also want to threaten our activities.

What they don’t know is that … we are not a political group. We are about “corporate crime … Establishment malice … criminal systems … exploitation systems”. All of our work is designed at ending systematic crime … we are about protecting people and empowering people. Amusingly, the Establishment is trying to use the FBI to tell us that … “fighting crime is illegal”.

These are some of the features of Active Democracy and how we operate.

  • Massive Online Network. We will be setting up a massive online network. Not only we will have hundreds of employees working via social media but we will also setup our own social network with our own membership. We will not depend totally on Facebook and Twitter for social connections. We will develop our own social network with its own membership base.
  • On the Ground Network. We will as well use an on the ground network to rally our messages across the 50 States in the US in colleges, universities, Churches and other public places.
  • Fighting crime and criminal systems. All of the above work will be done targeted at fighting crime, criminal and exploitation systems.
  • Alternate Identities. And yes, we will use alternate identities for almost all of our online employees. This is a basic right and security featured guaranteed for any civilian who helps in exposing crime and criminal systems. We are not running any malicious agenda. We are openly fighting crime. The provision of protecting civilian identities is guaranteed in any country around the world.
  • Foreign Bases. Some of the activities will be based on foreign soil. There is a division of activities. All activities are 100% legal and legit. Only because the Establishment will misuse legal tools and threaten to shut down the operation … we will be using foreign bases. We simply cannot allow a bunch of criminals to silence those who expose them and we cannot allow them to continue their illegal and criminal systems.
  • Multiple Countries. Yes, we will keep America first but we also work with several other countries. This will help us run our systems, improve their countries and take them new heights. If America lags behind for any reason, this will give us working models of our systems and policies in other countries. It will show the people how life can actually be with working examples.

That’s why we have chosen countries like Turkey, Malaysia, Serbia and Russia. Because these are the most Establishment free countries that can safeguard our work in terms of legals and politics.

The Establishment is on its last legs
We did not know that these guys would get so insecure so soon. Netanyahu is busy bombing Syria to start a major war. This is not working, now he is looking for an excuse to bomb Iran. He is assuming that if he bombs Iran then at least a major war will start. And on the other hand, the Special Counsel is threatening that supporting Trump online is a crime.

Do you know what this is? This is how the sheep panics before it is slaughtered. Dude … I thought as per your ideology … Christians and non-Jews were the sheep and cattle. Why are you panicking like a sheep? Why are you so desperate for war? Why are you condemning the use of social media? Relax … I will make it nice and easy.