28 Jan 2018
Turkey managing Kurds is a win-win solution
in America

Kurdistan is a “death trap”
This is what the Trump Administration should understand about the “Kurdistan” region. Kurdistan is a death trap and it is designed by the Establishment. The strategy that these guys have been following is “profit via crisis”.

  • Step One. Create a crisis
  • Step Two. Profit from it

This is one of their formulas of success … formulas of making money. It doesn’t matter if people die or if billions of people are exploited. A crisis for you is money for them. This is how they design systems for their benefit. And Kurdistan is another mini-system in the making.

Kurdistan is essentially a death trap for Kurds. On one side, Israel pushes Kurdish leaders to sell oil to them … at rock bottom prices as low as $10 per barrel. On the other hand, if you look at the location of Kurdish territories, it is surrounded by Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey. Nobody wants a Kurdistan to be formed because it leaders are puppeted by Israel and it is providing free oil to Israel. While these countries will squeeze on eliminating Kurdish control … Israel will keep pushing its leaders to resist and provide free oil to Israel.

It will eventually result in a large scale death operation against Kurds … while Israel benefits from it. Israel will actually support this operation against Kurds because this conflict will result in weapon sales for the defense industries back home in America. This would be another “genocide” operation against innocent Muslims designed by the Establishment.

Kurds cannot run and manage a country of their own because they come from a terribly backward group … with absolutely no previous administration experience or even know how. On top of that, if they are misled by Israel and the Jewish Establishment … it will result in total genocide for their people … only because of their misled leaders.

This is not the first time that the Jewish Establishment has created a “profit via crisis” scheme. They have created several such schemes:

  • War on Terror. The entire War on Terror scheme was nothing but genocide for the Muslim population while the banks got hundreds of billions via interest, Israel got 70% of its national oil requirement for as low as $10 per barrel while the world was paying $50-60 per barrel and they got a whooping business for the defense industries. The War on Terror was nothing but genocide for the innocent Muslim population so that the Establishment could profit from it.
  • Taliban Factions. Look at what is happening in Afghanistan right now … as if 16 years of bombing and war was not enough … there are Taliban “factions” attacking the Afghan military. What you have to do in such terrorist scenarios is “take down their leaders”. Find out which Taliban Faction it is … who is leading this … and take down their leaders. Taliban forms tens of thousands of the Afghan population … how many millions do we plan to kill? “Generalizing” issues is not the solution. Use intelligence … catch their leaders and end their operations. That’s how you win against these “artificially created factions”. Spain has used this formula and they won in Catalonia. Catalan leaders are on the run. There is no separation of Catalonia. Go only for the leaders … once the leaders fall then the groups dissolve.
  • Settlements. This is another scheme where Jewish lives are put at risk by the Israeli government. Settlement homes are built and poor Israeli Jews are made to live in those homes built on Palestinian land … putting their lives at risk. Israel is expanding its territory while putting the lives of Israeli Jews at risk.
  • Embassies in Jerusalem. This is another scheme where Israel is planning to benefit while putting the lives of others at risk. Jerusalem is a highly sensitive and critical city. They are inviting other countries to setup their embassies in Jerusalem so that it helps in Israel getting more cities recognized for itself. It is doing this while putting the lives of other citizens at high risk. And they don’t care what happens to you … because your life is just a pawn that they use for their benefit.

The same applies in Kurdistan … they are creating two sides for a conflict. One is misled Kurdish leaders and on the other side is several countries who don’t want Kurdistan to be created. It’s a perfect formula for massive defense contracts. They get to start another genocide in the Muslim world while they make money off it.

Israel and Kurdistan
This is what you need to know about Israel and Kurdistan.

  • Israel cannot publicly support Kurds. The Trump Administration does not need to fear Israel on this issue because Israel cannot publicly support Kurds. Why? Because the moment they do … it will raise several critical questions.
  • Reveal Oil Deals. Firstly, the question will be … why is Israel supporting Kurds? It will automatically reveal Israel’s oil deal with Kurdish zones since the past several years. The world will know that Israel was buying oil for $10 per barrel from “war zones” while the whole world was paying 5 times more.
  • Refugee Snub. The second major question that the world will ask is … how many “Kurdish refugees” did Israel take? When all of these Kurds were fleeing the war … where was Israel? How many tens of thousands or millions of Kurdish refugees did Israel take? None, whatsoever. So, Israel does not care if you were being bombed and killed … now all of a sudden it is caring for your territory? Or is it for your oil? Israel preferred you to die and just take your oil … and never provided any refuge.
  • Refugee Demonization. Forget about taking refugees … Netanyahu and several Israeli politicians went about demonizing Muslim refugees and they warned several European countries not to take refugees. The Establishment media greatly criticized Angela Merkel for her refugee policy. They started marketing ideas like the “Islamization of Europe”. If you did not like these guys so much that you campaigned in several countries to shun support for refugees who travelled several thousands of miles on foot … why you care for their country now? They don’t care about creating a “Kurdistan” … it is only a vicious plan to create another genocide trap for innocent Muslims.
  • Israel does not have a voice in this. The Trump Administration does have to fear anything from Israel on this … because they don’t have a voice in this. And the moment they speak up … they are only going to get hammered severely. Which is why you see … when Turkish forces are moving into cities in Syria … they are pretty darn silent about it.

Why Turkey?
Why allow Turkey to take over Kurdish zones? Diplomatically and practically this is the best solution. I will show you from several angles … it is a win-win solution for everyone.

  • Sunni Muslim Government. Firstly, Turkey is a Sunni Muslim government and Kurds are also Sunni Muslims. It creates an excellent integration factor. Syria, Iraq and Iran are Shia governments. Living as minorities in these countries will only invite abuse, isolation and victimization for Kurds.
  • Loving, kind and generous. Turks by nature are a very loving and caring people. Its not just a compliment … its factual. Forget about human beings, they even take good care of dogs and cats on the street. You will see in Taksim … outside several shops, they will place food and water for cats on the street. They will feed dogs and even the Seagulls. They literally care for others.
  • Massive construction works. In some small areas that they control in Syria, Turkey has already started massive construction works and schools are already operating in these zones. You can see their love and care literally in action.
  • Excellent administration and management skills. The Ottoman Empire included Saudi Arabia until WWII. They have excellent experience in managing several ethnicities within their control. They are one of the best in administration and management in the Middle East.
  • Already supported about 3.5 Million Syrian refugees. This is again a testimony of their love, care and management skills. They have open heartedly welcomed 3.5 Million refugees and they have spent hundreds of millions in taking care of them.
  • Turkey will be blessing for Kurds. Kurds don’t stand a chance at self-governance. But under Turkish administration, they will live under a blessing. They will get peace, stability, security and progress. Kurds will be saved against a genocide being designed against them.
  • Stabilization of the region. Turkey has been an incredible factor in getting rid of terrorist factions. This will result in the stabilization of the entire region.

Wins for America
This is how America wins in this equation.

  • Defense Deals. One of the most important things that American Administrations look at is the defense deals … its mostly about defense spending. That’s fine … provide the defense supplies to Turkey. It is a massive region right below the Turkish border … Turkey could use help in defense supplies … provide the defense supplies to Turkey instead of wasting it on Kurds which will only result in a genocide. Providing the defense supplies will give Turkey a helping hand in managing this zone. Turkey is not an extremely rich country like the USA that can spend hundreds of billions on defense. Some help will be good for Turkey. Channelize the contracts to Turkey.
  • Beneficial for the Trump Administration. This is how the Trump Administration will benefit. Establishment media cannot demonize this deal. Mainly because:
  • American Ally. Turkey is an American ally.
  • Eliminating Terrorist Factions. We are eliminating terrorist factions in the region.
  • Stabilization of the region. The whole thing results in massive stability in the region. The genocide against Kurds is prevented and the region is stabilized.
  • Protection of Sunnis from Shia Governments. You would have successfully protected Sunni Muslims from Shia governments.
  • Better off with Turkey than with Assad. These regions are better off with Turkey than with Assad. As long it is only Kurds, Assad will always try to regain these regions. But once they are with Turkey, the battle would be over. Its a small zone, let them handle it ... we have bigger games to play. Their concern is genuine.
  • Another victory, take credit. This would be another victory for the Trump Administration, you can take credit for stabilizing the region. You make your money via defense contracts as well as stabilize the region and get credit. It’s a 3 fold victory for you.

Wins for Kurds

  • They get saved from a death trap that they did not see.
  • They get saved from the misleading of their misled leaders who have no clue of what is happening.
  • It provides them with peace, stability, progress and security. It’s a 3 fold victory for the Kurds.

Wins for Turkey

  • No more separate Kurdistan as a country next to its border.
  • No more the creation of a second Israel next to its border.
  • No more security issues for Turkey.
  • They get a little bit of land and oil in the process.
  • A gift from God. And if you see … all of these Kurdish zones are lined up below Turkey’s border. It’s more like a gift from God that is being presented to Turkey.

Wins for Syria

  • Syria already has a huge territory stabilized.
  • No more rebels, no more wars and it can focus on its redevelopment.
  • Live in peace.

Wins for Russia

  • Nobody wants a war between Turkey and Syria. We already have enough death and destruction to deal with.
  • The region finally gets stabilized.
  • Russia and Turkey are key allies in our project.

Phases to be followed
Follow two phases.

  • Phase One. The only thing we say officially in phase one is …
    • Dismantling terrorist factions. Turkey is helping America dismantle terrorist factions. They are working on their security issues.
    • Stabilization of the area. It is leading to the stabilization of the area.
    • Defense contracts and supply. Turkey is a key American ally with defense cooperation.
    • Development. Turkey will secure the area and start the development works.
  • Phase Two. Once the area is fully secured then …
    • Turkish Territory. Then they declare it as Turkish territory.
    • Recognition. And then we provide the recognition for the same.

If the whole thing is done with good cooperation and understanding … then it can be smoothly accomplished … keeping everyone’s interests at heart.