27 Jan 2018
Turkey will be a blessing for Kurds
in America

Erdogan should take over the entire "Kurdistan" zone in Syria and Northern Iraq. Always remember that Kurds are Sunni Muslims and they are much better well off under a Sunni Muslim government like the Turkish Government ... rather than being under the Shia government of Syria or Iraq. Turkey can provide a much better country for Kurds than any other country in the region ... a better country in terms of schools, hospitals, better education and better opportunities. Kurds have only been tortured and victimized in the Middle East. Turkey is the best option for Kurds.

Erdogan is NOT going against Kurds but he is a blessing for Kurds. For your verification, look at the Kurds already living in Turkey. They have all provisions and facilities just like any other Turkish citizen. Turks are very lovely, beautiful and welcoming people. Apart from that, they are very strong in administration skills ... they are the strongest in the region when administration and management is concerned.

Trump should allow Turkey to take over the entire Kurdistan regions of Syria and Iraq. If these regions are left alone then they will become zones for terrorist training because of the high influence of Israel in the Kurdish territories. It is because of Israel that we got ISIS from Iraq. Erdogan is super fantastic in handling these shitty terrorist groups. They manage it excellently.

Turkey is so good in this field that just by seeing Turkish forces, the terrorist groups run away. Turkey has made a clean sweep in stabilizing any region that they have entered. And most importantly, Turkey is "an American ally". It is only in our best interests that these zones are stabilized by one of our key allies.

Erdogan should not stop at the Iraqi border but he should also take over the northern Kurdish territories in Iraq as well. He should take over as much area as possible occupied by Sunni Muslims. If we allow Kurds to live as minorities in Syria or Iraq then they will only face profiling, neglect and abuse. Kurds have faced abused throughout their history. Turkey will be a blessing for them. Turkey provides strong stability and development over every zone that it controls.

For example, take a look at the small zone that they control in Syria. Erdogan has already started massive construction and rebuilding works in those areas. Schools have already been established in those areas. Turks are very positive, loving and constructive people. They are very very helpful. Turkey will be a blessing for Kurds. And when the Kurdish areas are controlled and managed by Turkey ... it will help in the stabilization of the entire area.

Another example is the excellent support that Turkey has given to Syrians and Iraqi people fleeing war. Turkey has opened its heart to millions of people ... doesn't matter if you are Sunni or Shia ... Muslim or Christian ... they have spent hundreds of millions in providing refuge to them. They are very good hearted people.