14 Jan 2018
Understand why Oprah is being activated
in America

This is what President Trump needs to understand. Like we said before … there are two main forces at play in American politics. One is the Establishment and the other is the Silent Majority. Both of these are “network based” operations. They use one guy to do the job … if he can’t do it then they use the next guy. Nobody sits and relies only on one person for successful accomplishment.

If you want to understand why Oprah is being activated then look at her profile:

  • She is a billionaire … which means that she does not have to depend upon the Establishment for donations to run for office. She can sponsor her own campaign. This is rarely the case with other politicians.
  • She is not a puppet. She is not controlled by any Establishment element yet.
  • She is an outsider. We are pulling in leaders from the outside so that we don’t have to depend on the routine Washington politicians.
  • She loves America. We can rely on her to do what is right for America and Americans.

Right now, we need someone with the above profile to fix the system. The entire malice has been created by the Establishment. The above profile gives us the right fighter to fix the system.

But then again … that’s the main reason we picked you. Donald J Trump was picked mainly because he already has all of the above attributes … a billionaire, who is not a puppet … an outsider who can fix Washington … someone who loves America and who will do what is right for Americans. This is the main reason why we picked you.

The election was rigged in your favor because on the other side … we had Hillary GodDamn Clinton who was totally the opposite. She was totally dependent upon the Establishment, a total puppet, a routine Washington mouthpiece and she didn’t give a rat’s ass about America or Americans. That’s why SM rigged the election in your favor and put you in the White House.

Yeah, yeah … you will say that … “no, no, I won the election”. Yes, you won the election after it was rigged in your favor. It was handled by SM. This is something that SM specializes in. That’s not important. What’s important is … understanding why you are there in the White House … why you have been placed in the White House. We are in critical times and you have been chosen to save America from these disastrous elements. You have been chosen to save America from the Establishment. This is your number one priority. If you do this … then you automatically rise to great heights. This should be your primary objective.

While doing this … if you make some money on the side … then nobody cares. The important thing what people see is that … you have saved America from a massive crisis and taken the country to new heights. This is the most important thing that you have to prioritize. Whatever happens on the side does not matter much. And even if there is an issue on the side … then it can be managed.

But if you don’t play your primary role … then nothing changes. If you don’t work with us … then the Establishment monopoly remains intact … which means all of the exploitation systems continue … which means all of the systems continue to operate just as they are and the people continue to suffer. The people want to end all of these exploitation systems and they want phenomenal growth and success. And when you don’t give them this … then your stay in the White House becomes meaningless for the people. In this case, SM does not care to help you or support you … and the Establishment aggression towards you only intensifies.

Not only Establishment aggression is at its peak … but SM is already preparing for alternate options. This is the main reason why Oprah is being activated. They think that I will work with Oprah in a much better way than with Trump. In fact, the Establishment is promoting the concept that … “why should we take Trump to great heights? The guy is a total disaster. Instead, let Active Democracy work with Oprah.” They are trying to mislead SM as well.

Pushing for the longest route
The truth about leaders is that … there is no perfect leader. Waiting for a perfect leader is like waiting for Jesus to come down and lead us again. Everybody has a plus and minus. You work with the positive aspects and get all of the great things that can be done under his leadership. And manage the minuses. If you keep on waiting for the perfect leader to show up … then you will be waiting till infinity and nothing will ever be done. This idea that the Establishment is promoting … of flushing out Trump so that we can work with Oprah … is only pushing us into the longest route possible.

The truth is that … the Establishment knows that there are some policies that we can directly activate via Executive Decision under President Trump itself. We don’t need to wait for 3 years for the changes to begin. We can initiate the changes within a few months … once Trump starts working with us.

Two paths ahead
President Trump basically has two paths ahead in front of him. The Establishment wants to flush you out. They want to give you a humiliating exit from the White House in such a manner that no other Trump will ever step into the White House ever again. This is their plan. The other option with you is that … you can work with us, reform yourself a little bit and we can help you rise to glory and greatness. Not only you will be a fantastic world leader … but you can create an entire Trump Dynasty. Several other Trumps will get the opportunity to enter the White House … with fame and glory.

Issues that you might have in mind
There are some issues that you will have in mind.

Military and Defense. “Hey, I already have a lot of defense deals going on. I cannot allow you to terminate all of that.” See … here’s the thing … the Establishment has setup a lot of exploitation systems. There is a lot of work to be done and it cannot be done by one President in two terms. The work needs to go on with the next Presidents as well.

There are a few sections that we can leave out while we prioritize the others. When the next President comes, she can look into the areas that you have left out. The fields that you can work on are:

  • Media Revolution. You need this more than anyone else. Given the mass scale demonization and ridicule … trust me, the media revolution will do wonders for you. You are trying to use the libel laws … but that’s just targeting one or two leaves on a tree. It will only create a massive backlash from other media outlets. You are the President. Your job is to run the country … not sit and fight lawsuits against media outlets. How many lawsuits will you file in this manner? That approach does not help. You need “revolutions” … which will change the entire industry itself. You need to revolutionize the media industry. We will show you how.
  • Government Revolution. You have to revolutionize how the government officials are hired or elected. This will give you an overwhelming support from the Congress. Right now you are struggling to get votes. If you flush out the bad guys from the government then you get sweeping support from the government at various levels. You need this. One government entity that you might be interested in overhauling is the FBI, among other intelligence agencies.
  • Corporate Revolution. You will create tens of thousands of millionaires via a corporate revolution. This will change how campaign finance moves into politics. This will change who will come into power and what policies companies will support. This will again give you immense fame and support from the government. This also something that you need.
  • Infrastructure Revolution. Right now, you are just struggling to get $18 Billion for a wall. We will activate a massive infrastructure revolution and channelize trillions into massive infrastructure development in every major city and town across America. And coming from the real estate industry … you are simply perfect for the job.

You need all of these revolutions … and trust me, 8 years will fly by like a bird. 8 years are not sufficient to fully realize all of the above works. But in several sections, your accomplishments can be substantial. And you will lay the groundwork and the foundations for these new systems. You will be the “Founder of New America”. You will be changing every city and town in America affecting every American life. You will be loved and adored. This glory will be more than enough to create a Trump Dynasty.

Don’t allow Kushner to play the mole for the Establishment
One small thing that you need to do is “manage Kushner”. Don’t allow him to play the mole for the Establishment within the White House. He could promote massive favors for Establishment elements including Israel. As of now, you don’t need to be anti-Israel. Just contain it and be balanced.

  • As of now … don’t be anti-Israel. Don’t make any verbal comments against Israel. They will come after you using their monopoly in the media.
  • At the same time, don’t do massive unreasonable favors for them. Don’t give them Jerusalem … hold it off and don’t support their illegal settlement activity.

You don’t need to go anti-Israel but don’t support their illegal activities either. Hold off on this section while you work on the other sections. We will come to Israel once we revolutionize America.

Kushner should stop asking for massive favors for Establishment elements and Israel. Kushner is family … give him all the powers and money he wants. But he should focus on making America great for Americans. His focus should be on Americans and not the Establishment interests. Don’t allow him to play an inside mole.

Bannon’s Disastrous Failure
Try not to go to other people to handle Establishment malice. This is our unique specialty. This is something that even the Secret Service or the FBI cannot help you with. This is why Obama used to follow us. He was not any person … he was the President of the United States. What we can do … right now, there is no other person who can help you … other than God Himself. Thanks to God for His blessings on us.

I will give you an example … if you talk to other advisers and friends … and tell them that … “hey, there is this Active Democracy company that can break Establishment monopoly and revolutionize the country for us.” Then they will just laugh in disagreement and they will suggest you the routine steps that they know. And these routine steps will not help you in any way. It is something like … pulling a healer from the middle ages and taking his advice on neuro surgery. What will the healer say? “What? What? He will open your head and take out something from your brain? Are you crazy? Just use these herbs. Eat these leaves and you will not get the headache anymore. These leaves are very good for headaches.” Lol.

The healer has no idea what neurosurgery is … and he will suggest you only what he knows best. That’s the difference in understanding of the Establishment between others and us. An open example is Bannon. How did he manage the Establishment? First he setup racist rallies that only backfired. And then he himself flipped and got used by the Establishment. Taking help from a person who does not know anything turned out to be a disastrous failure.

Our Solutions Work
Our solutions work … for example … look at North Korea. You have to understand Establishment malice from several points. It is multi-layered, multi-platform operation spread over multiple fields. You have to analyze them in 3 dimensions within 3 dimensions. If you understand all of their malice points, then you get victory.

North Korea was not just sanctions. We had to take measures of controlling possible simultaneous malice in East Europe and involve Russia & China as well. And then we had to show them the threat of wiping out Communism for good in the North. These multiple pressure points … changed a guy who was yelling trash at us … into a guy who is participating in the Olympics. They are running and dancing together now … they were on the verge of war before.

This is a simple example that you have you seen live in action. We made it happen via just a few pages published online. Lol.

Demonization is garbage politics
The demonization that you are facing is “garbage politics”. We will show you how to flush it down. They will not flush you down but we will show you how to flush them down. We will show you how to win. We will work with you and make you win.

America First
America will always be first and near and dear for us. Don’t worry if we are studying other countries or approaching other countries. It’s a part of the job.

Ivanka for President
Well, this is actually good news. I don’t see why this is being seen as something bad. We would more than welcome the golden lady into the White House as President. But not immediately after your Dad. Take your turn after Oprah. Once your Dad starts working with us … we can hold off Oprah for 2024. After Oprah you can give it a shot.

What happens is … your Dad will make hundreds of billions or may be even trillions on the side. After his Presidency, you have to work on channelizing those funds back into the country via various massive projects. If you remain in politics then all of this cash flow will be questionable and it will be scrutinized to the fullest. Once your Dad finishes his two terms … you need to step out of politics … so that all of your projects are inspection free. Let Oprah do her job while you work on your projects. In the next 8 years, setup all of your projects and channelize massive resources for a fantastic Presidential campaign.

Well, all of that is long term planning. First things first … your Dad needs to prepare against the Establishment quite soon.

Stab, stab stab
The Establishment is going “stab, stab, stab” on you … every now and then. And while they stab you … they will deviate you from working with us … under stupid pretexts. “Ah ah … he wants money to run the operation.” Hell yes, we need the finance to run our operation. What kind of company of 1500 people runs without finance in this world? It is basic commonsense.

Will your government run without finance? Can your hotels run without finance? Can hospitals run without finance? On top of that you don’t even spend a single penny. Everything is invested by the Middle East and third party members. You don’t invest a dime. All you do is make a few phone calls. Make a few phone calls and we change your lives. Isn’t that the best deal you can get. You invest nothing and get everything good for yourself and your country?

We told you previously, our entire operation is like a hospital. We need all of the specialties to work in all of the target fields. That’s how we can successfully save lives. If you are pulling a few strings to setup a hospital that saves millions of lives and helps billions of people … then what is wrong with that? There is nothing wrong with that.

Stop allowing them to get in your head and look at things practically and logically. You will never beat the Establishment without matching their potential in politics, media, finance, government and legals. You have to activate support points in all of these fields. You are getting stabbed repeatedly … demonized and ridiculed terribly … even then you don’t take the right moves.

You need to wake up and make the right moves. We are ready whenever you are ready.