08 Jan 2018
Democracy via "Diplomatic Pressure"
in America

The strategy that you are following is ... Democracy via Diplomatic Pressure. This applies to repressive and dictatorial regimes like North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and so on. Just because there are "talks" going on ... it does not mean things are normal, yet. Its a good move ... its positive ... its a step in the right direction. But we have a long long way to go ... untill we reach the right status of Democracy in these countries.

Our objective is to install full fledged Democracy in these countries ... where people have rights, all of their needs are taken care of, they are free to express their opinions, they are free to ask for change and each and every need of their is taken care of. Its a good step that ... from firing missiles they are talking to each other. It is a good accomplishment.

Firstly, understand why they have taken this step. It is not because there is a change in heart and all of a sudden they want to be nice. It is mainly because the sanctions are crippling their government and military operations. North Korea is not an oil rich country. If it will not get oil then it will have no fuel. What is the use of tanks and police cars when you dont have the fuel to operate them? Their government and military operations are under threat.

In communist countries, the largest entity is the military. Communist regimes maintain a massive military ... mainly because they are "afraid" of their own people. They keep the people repressed and abused. They fear backlash ... which is why they maintain a massive military. If this military weakens down then they fear that the people will take over and throw them out. We have already pushed them to this state.

Now, just because they are "talking" and will take part in Olympics ... it does not mean that we are going to remove any sanctions. If they want sanctions to be removed they have to start incorporating democratic features in their country ... which starts with:

  1. Providing food, education and medical aid to all people in every corner of the country. We will send international monitors to make sure this happens. International monitors will be placed to observe and report on people's conditions.
  2. Freedom of expression. People should be given the right to express their opinion and ask for change. For each move ... international monitors will be placed.
  3. Freedom of political participation. Other political parties should be allowed to participate and voice their concerns and opinions.
  4. Elimination of repressive measures. People should not be forced to bow down to statues and photos of Communist leaders. This is not freedom, this is slavery.

Design a long list of points ... observe everything in the country and pressurize them to follow all of the points. Once they follow all of our points and give full freedom and liberty to their people ... then we will look at sanctions removal.

Just because they are talking to South Korea ... because they are afraid of the fall of their military ... we should not remove any sanctions on them. It will only lead to the continued enslavement of 25 million people. This is a fantastic diplomatic technique ... that does not cost us a dime. It will help us in a complete overhaul of the entire country.

And dont meet with Kim Jong Un, yet. These guys are not routine politicians. You will not like their approach. First let them start showing us the changes. Once all changes have been successfuly accomplished then they can get to meet the President of the United States. Till then, dont bother giving them your time. Number one priority is "change".

Create a detailed list that address issues at all levels of the country ... the government, military, people, media, companies, education, healthcare, freedom, liberty, religion ... eliminate all Communist policies and install Democracy. Do it via sanctions ... do it via diplomacy. It will work.

Just make sure that your sanctions dont create a humanitarian crisis in the country. Mainly target the government and military. Allow access to food and medicine for the people.

It is highly probable that the government will crumble and the country will be revolutionized on this path. Because what it does is … it starts strengthening the people and weakens the government. The government cannot abuse the people anymore and it will lose its powers. It is quite unlikely that the Communist government will bring about all of the changes. But since people become stronger every day with every policy … the government eventually crumbles. When the Communist government crumbles … the South Korean government should be ready to move in with a massive support and unification program.

It’s a long term strategy. Work on it with patience, peace, stability and a strong hand. They don’t have a way out. We will win in one way or the other. The strategy has already proven to be successful in South Africa’s apartheid government. This time it is not just the minority blacks but it is the entire population that lives under abuse. Communism is “government vs people”. Like all Establishment systems … the bad guys are a tiny minority. Support the masses and you will win.

Its a good accomplishment. Take credit.