02 Jan 2018
Trump under Establishment pressure
in America

Aha ... I see. So, its "time for change". Firstly, we didn't do anything yet. We haven't started anything ... we haven't launched anything ... we haven't made any changes at all. The only progress has been made by the Establishment in trying to impeach you or put you in jail. The major reason why these guys were able to develop this momentum and be able to do so much was because ... we did nothing. We started nothing and we stopped nothing. We openly gave them the lead. And you are ready for change?

Secondly, now that they have the lead ... they are able to pressurize you with the threat of "jail or impeachment". They are able to place you under their hammer. They are able to call the shots. And you are in a weaker position. We told you about this last year itself ... do not delay, do not delay ... the more you delay, the more advantage they get and eventually they will place the threat of "jail or impeachment" on your head in order to make a puppet out of you. We told you this a long time ago. You are not listening. You are not playing right.

Thirdly, these guys are total assholes who will stab you in the back. Doesn't matter what you do for them ... they will stab you in the back. These are very critical times and it is not routine rigged politics. Doesn't matter what you do for them ... that train of "jail or impeachment" is still coming. They will still stab you in the back. These guys are malicious criminals of the worst kind.

The only solution to get out of this problem is to breakdown their monopoly and eliminate their support points. That's the only way to save America and to save yourselves. If you give in then you will lose.

We haven't even started anything yet and you are ready to change in favor of the Establishment? You are ready to start doing massive favors for them? The Jerusalem decision is one such decision, isn't it? To appease the Establishment so that they dont throw you in jail or impeach you? Trust me, none of those favors are going to work. They will still continue to toss you into jail or impeach you. They will stab you in the back.

And what does this mean for Russia and Putin. If you are ready to favor the Establishment, then you are ready to throw Russia under the bus. Which means you will only give sweet talk to Putin while doing nothing for Russia in the process. You will never remove the sanctions and you will never mend relations with Russia. Because the main obstacle in US-Russian relations is the Establishment. The Establishment wants worse relations with Russia. If you are changing in favor of the Establishment, then you really dont care about Russia at all.

The only reason you talk nice to Putin is because you dont want him to bomb all of your properties ... just in case the war begins. And secondly, you dont want Putin to release your pee-pee tape. If Putin releases your pee-pee tape then your Presidency will be so toast.

My dear friend Trump, you are siding with malicious criminals who dont give a damn about their own people. Netanyahu is ready to toast millions of Jews in a nuclear holocaust. Do you really think that they will care about one politician on the other side of the Ocean? You are making such a big mistake.