01 Jan 2018
Trump: Screw Jobs, Create Millionaires
in America

Trump keeps bragging about “jobs, jobs, jobs … record breaking jobs”. Firstly, it is not record breaking. Bill Clinton created about 23.5 Million jobs during his tenure … that is, about 3 Million jobs per year. You managed to create just half the amount in your first year and you are bragging “jobs, jobs, jobs”.

Secondly, what you should note is … the economy started plunging into debt by $1 Trillion per year even “after” 23.5 Million jobs were created. You are hoping that everything is going to be nice next year or maybe the next year … but my dear friend this is not the place to learn via experimenting. We already have a live experiment that you can refer to. Study Bill Clinton’s tenure … what it will show you is that … doesn’t matter how many jobs you create, it will not solve debt crisis. Jobs don’t solve the debt crisis.

In fact, George Bush never mentioned even once during his Administration about the debt … not once he talked about the debt. It is after he handed over the Administration to Obama that we came to know that we are in $10 Trillion in debt. The expenditure on wars was only $1 Trillion … where did the remaining $9 Trillion come from? Yeah, it is the monopoly that drains the wealth from the country. Establishment monopoly is one of the main reasons behind the debt.

Thirdly, creating jobs is a cheesy thing that everyone does. A Trump Presidency should not only brag about jobs. It should do something new … something phenomenal … something that people would love … something that will take the people and the country to new heights. So I say … “screw jobs … create MILLIONAIRES”. Every idiot President can create jobs. You need to step in and be phenomenal … and break all boundaries … set new standards for accomplishments. Creating jobs is just plain and cheesy. That’s not how you are going to measure your Presidency. Create Millionaires.

Set records in the creation of millionaires. You should launch a new era of Trumillionaires. Every millionaire created by Trump should be known as a “Trumillionaire”. You should not create just 10 or 20 or 100 Millionaires … but you should be aiming at creating tens of thousands of millionaires. A record breaking phenomenal accomplishment that no President ever thought of doing or has ever done.

Till date, the only cheesy thing that Presidents do is … claim the creation of jobs as their victory. Technically, it is the companies that hire … Presidents don’t hire. In America, all you need to do is … be a decent President and not blow up other countries … that’s all you need to do to facilitate the creation of jobs. All you need to do is maintain peace and stability … if you do that … then American businesses are not stupid … obviously they will hire and grow over 8 years of time. The claim of job creation is kind of cheesy. It is like saying “hey, I did not destabilize the country … look the businesses are growing”.

Some Presidents could not even manage this simple task … like George Bush. He kept the country occupied in fear and hate … and the jobs market plunged. Obama used commonsense and the economy stabilized. Jobs creation is not a gigantic task. It is simple commonsense. And kind of too plain and cheesy to call it as an accomplishment.

Especially for a Trump Presidency … where you can aim for the skies. You have the potential to do what has never been done. Putting a salary in someone’s pocket … is a cheesy thing that anyone does. Reducing taxes … is also a routine cheesy thing that anyone does. But what leaders don’t do is “create millionaires”. Make someone a millionaire and then you see the smile on his face. That’s the kind of happiness that you should aim for. That too … you won’t create just one or two or 100 millionaires … there will be record breaking tens of thousands of millionaires. Now, this is something that has never been done before. This is something that you can call a “record breaking” accomplishment.

The next President who would come into office should find it difficult to fit into your shoes. He should be like … “ow my God. He created tens of thousands of millionaires. Now, how am I supposed to do that? How am I supposed to match up to that?” You should be setting standards of new levels of accomplishments.

Today, getting a job is not a big deal. People are working 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet. An average American lives off 3 credit cards … just to survive his daily routine. In such a scenario, if you step in with a program of creating millionaires … then that’s what people will love … that’s what people will be attracted to.

Trust me, there is enormous amount of potential in every field … right from media, manufacturing to businesses. You can create millionaires in almost every field.

Happy New Year!