25 Dec 2017
Trump the first US Citizen to directly win the White House
in America

What many people don’t realize is that President Trump is the first US Citizen to directly win the White House. All other previous US Presidents had prior political, military or government careers. President Trump is the only person … who was a simple US Citizen … he stepped into politics and directly won the White House. He stepped into politics and directly became the most powerful person in the most powerful country of the world.

Now, that’s what I call winning. You aimed for the stars and became a star. No, you did not land on the moon or any other secondary position … but you got exactly what you aimed for. And that’s freaking awesome. Not everyone can make it to the top of the world as the first victory. This victory is history in itself.

And this also shows how the American people are fed up with the current system. They are fed up with the ongoing stagnation, they are fed up with Washington politics and they are fed up of nothing being done. And among all running candidates, the American people chose Donald J Trump to lead America into a new world. They wanted someone from the outside … someone who was not rigged … someone who was not puppeted … someone who could fight for America and take America to greatness. And they chose Donald J Trump.

Turbulent times and the misleading of a good person
However, we are in turbulent times and we also saw the misleading of a good person. The Establishment has rigged almost all of the major systems in America and they were actively misleading the President on various fronts in order to delegitimize his Presidency.

  • Action against minorities. President Trump was misled into taking action against various minorities.
  • Refugee and Travel Bans. He was misled into bans that would affect the minorities again.
  • Troops to Afghanistan. This was another mistake. Troops should not have been sent. Instead the leaders of the new faction should have been taken down via precise measures.
  • Net Neutrality brought the internet under more Establishment control.
  • The Jerusalem decision was designed to root out Trump’s support from Muslim leaders and population.
  • Tax Cuts. The President does not know that the current tax cuts will be defined as “Trump’s corporate tax cuts” and they will be blamed for the debt crisis by the Establishment. The Establishment is planning to shift the blame of the debt on Trump.

However, the above are not catastrophic mistakes which cannot be fixed. They can easily be handled. They can be fixed.

Major Positive Momentum
Despite the Establishment trying to derail the Trump Presidency and create chaos … it seems like President Trump has a protective eye over him … he has only got a major positive momentum when the country is concerned.

  • Record Breaking Job Growth. He has got a record breaking job and economic growth in his first year. He got a healthy economy at hand and owing to his “Make in America” campaign and his focus on American greatness … we got a fantastic forward movement when the economy is concerned.
  • Stabilization of Countries. The previous Administrations have only destroyed several countries. But under the Trump Administration countries are being stabilized. ISIS has been rooted out from Syria & Iraq and the countries have been stabilized. The Establishment wanted to create chaos and destruction but the opposite is happening.
  • Tax Cuts coupled with a breakup of Monopoly. The thing that will shuttle the Trump Presidency to unmatched greatness is the coupling of tax cuts along with the “breakup of monopoly”. This will create massive wealth for the country. Not only you will see phenomenal economic growth with the lowest taxes but you will also see the successful elimination of the debt crisis.

The Making of a Hero
This is what President Trump should keep in mind.

  • Hate begets hate and love begets love. Having the Establishment opposition, the last thing you need is more enemies out there. The Establishment itself is too much to deal with. When you address the minorities, try to show some love and support. This has been your major drawback till date. Because you are not showing concern for the Blacks, Latinos and Muslims, you are losing the White support as well. Show love and support for them and you will win the White support.
  • Greatness is helping the weak. Do you when a person is called “great”? When he helps the weak. You can be a fantastic lawyer and make a killer income. You will be defined as a good lawyer. But you will be defined as “great” when you use your skills to help the weak. Do you know any such lawyer? I will tell you … his name was Gandhi. Gandhi was basically a lawyer. His fight for freedom was nothing but a legal case in favor of the Indian people against the British. He used his skills to help the weak and he ended up helping hundreds of millions of people. Today he is called “Mahatma” … meaning a great soul.

I know you are focusing on a great America. But a great America is not a “great White America”. That is not the way to reach greatness. Greatness is pulling everyone together. Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Christians, Muslims, Jews, rich and poor … pull all of them with love and support. And do what is right. And then you will win … you will win big … you will be great. You have the material to be great … the need is there … the vacuum is there … grab the opportunity and rise to greatness.

The Golden Lady Ivanka
Cannot end the page without thanking the golden lady, Ivanka Trump. Thanks for helping and guiding your dad. Remember, saving Trump is saving America. By helping your dad, you have helped America.

(He just needs to transform himself and work on the right policies to fit into such praise. Otherwise, he is a nice guy.)

Merry Christmas! May God bless you and your families and America with love, peace and prosperity!