21 Dec 2017
Trump should take it easy on Jerusalem
in America

Trump should not give more attention to the Jerusalem issue. Do not get more involved in this. It will be catastrophic for you in world relations. The UN vote is a mere voice with no action to back it with. Let them vote whatever they want.

Telling people that we are watching you and that you will be reported and we will cut financing ... and demanding support on something that was done out of international law, supporting an illegal occupation, supporting the criminal acts of Israel and that too this was done only to gain Establishment support in USA to save yourself from legal challenges. This is not politics. This is not diplomacy. This is bullshit. Don't do it. Your popularity will plunge on this track. This is plain bullying. This is not how smart and intelligent diplomats function.

The decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem was itself disastrous. Doing anything more on this path is only going to be even more disastrous for your Presidency in house as well as at an international level. People watch everything and every move. This path is a total disaster.

You made one annoucement to please someone. Now, let it go. Let other countries say whatever they want. Ignore it. The more you press on your mistake, the more it will backfire. Don't go out there and do 10 more mistakes to protect one mistake. Just relax and let it pass.

We will show you alternate moves to handle this issue. It will be taken care of. Just delay your movement of the Embassy. The rest will be taken care of. Just relax, do not respond and do not take any more actions on this issue. Not against Palestinians and not against any other country.

If you take any action then everyone will portray you as a bully and as a dictator. And this image will fit in exactly the image that the Establishment wants in order to impeach you. Stop falling for their traps. Play wiser and smarter.

If you make a mistake, remain silent or use deviation tactics. Don't go on moving on a disastrous path. Its not good for you. Firstly, Israel's occupation is illegal. You made the mistake of supporting it. Doesn't matter what the previous Administrations promised about Jerusalem. If one politician promises something, it does not become legal. If something has to be done then it should conform to international law. "Killing people and occupying their land" is not legal. This is what Israel has been doing since the past 50 years. This is why it has several UN resolutions against it. No one is "picking on" Israel. The UN points out only its criminal activities that abuse other countries.

This is why the previous Administrations used to promise the Embassy ... only to please the Establishment at home during the election season. If you see all of those promises then they were made during election campaigns. But when it came to actually supporting and endorsing Israel's illegal occcupation ... no one made the mistake of supporting it legally via their Administration. Because this is the catastrophe that would break on their heads. Nobody wants to deal with this kind of shit for no reason whatsoever. Nobody wants an international demonization of its Administration. They have enough to deal with at home.

Now, you are going to fight with the rest of the world and force them to support your mistake? This is asking other countries to give up their Democratic rights. At home itself they are suing you for almost every policy that you are coming up with. Now, do you want international lawsuits against your Administration? Imagine what is that going to do to your popularity back home. Some countries are already planning lawsuits against you for this move. Dont give them more material to come after you.

As it is, you have enough trouble with lawsuits. Your decision has created riots and protests ... and people are dying. It is creating chaos. They can easily sue you for this ... for destabilizing their country or region. In order to save yourself from domestic lawsuits ... you made this mistake of Jerusalem. Now, you will get international lawsuits because of this mistake.

It is a major mistake that will attract international lawsuits. You have to go easy on this and think smarter. It is a mistake ... go silent and delay any action on this. It will be handled via other means. If you stand your ground on a mistake then you are looking at a variety of lawsuits. Why do you want unnecessary additional trouble? This is what the Establishment wants for you. To make a mistake at every place so that you can be rattled, demonized and sued ... so that you totally desecrate and fall. Play wiser and smarter so that you can be stronger. More the mistakes, the weaker your stance becomes.

Being bold is great ... but only when you are right. But when you are making a mistake then the strategy should be totally different. Any idiot who is encouraging you towards the Jerusalem decision is only pushing you towards an additional catastrophe.

And another point. Pleasing Netanyahu is a waste of time. Yes, the Israeli government is the frontend entity of the Central Bankers. But Netanyahu is as useless as Hillary. Do you think Hillary has any powers over the Establishment or the media or corporations or intelligence or legals? She has absolutely no power over any Establishment entity. The same applies to Netanyahu. These are just political puppets with no actual power to do anything when it comes to the Establishment. They cant change anything.

If you think pleasing Israel or the Israeli government or Netanyahu will change how the Establishment is treating you back home in America ... then you are seriously mistaken. Forget about controlling the intelligence or legals in America, Netanyahu cannot stop investigations against him in Israel itself. Lol. Establishment politicians are powerless puppets. Core Establishment entities don't even directly interact with these puppets. These puppets are controlled via secondary corporations that are financed by the Bankers.

You are totally wasting your time pleasing Netanyahu. And not only wasting time but in the process they are destroying your image at an international level. Till now, your problems were limited to America. But now, they are creating opportunities to attack, demonize and investigate your Presidency at an international level.

Think ahead how it affects your reputation and play smarter.