12 Dec 2017
The Sex Scandal Season in America
in America

Battle in the Matrix
Here is some interesting information. Do you know what is with the recent multitude of sex scandals in America? It is essentially a battle between the Silent Majority and the Establishment within the Matrix. SM hammered Harvey Weinstein and Martin Shkreli … one of whom is already in prison and the next one is on the way, probably. The Establishment realized that “hey, this is SM activity against us! Let’s respond!” And they started picking on non-Jewish leaders and started exposing their sex scandals.

This went to and forth and resulted into a complete Sex Scandal Season … revealing the sex scandals of the top:

  • Billionaires
  • Politicians and
  • Frontend Establishment Elements

Why is this being done?
Why is the SM hammering Establishment elements via sex scandals? It is all being done to give “courage” to President Donald J Trump. The only thing that SM is saying is that … “hey, we have this under control. We have the Establishment under our hammer. We can hammer the shit out of anyone. It might be billionaires or politicians or any Establishment element. Do not be afraid of the Establishment.”

This entire Sex Scandal Season is designed only to show Trump that anyone can be hammered in America … all we need is proof of malice. You don’t need to be afraid of them. You don’t need to suck up to them. You don’t need to buckle.

What SM has been seeing is that … yes, Establishment media is being unfair to Trump. But the excuse of “being unfair” lasts only for a limited time. It has already been two years since you are getting beat up by the Establishment. One month was fine, two months … six months … but it has already been two years. On top of that, you already know who these miscreants are … you know their ideology, you know who they are and you know their malice. Despite that you are sucking up to them and doing them favors. It is disheartening and humiliating for SM that the President of the United States is buckling to a bunch of criminals.

Entering the Shameless Zone
What SM is arguing is that … “if you were abused or treated unfairly for a small duration of time … then it is understandable. If you did not know who these guys are or did not know how to handle them … then it was understandable. But now … it has been two long years … you are only getting beat up and pissed upon … and even then you are doing them favors so that they stop abusing you. There is no dignity in this. You are entering the shameless zone.”

What they say is … “for how long is Trump going to get beat up shamelessly? For how long is he going to put up with this? When is Trump finally going to get up and fight?”

Looking for alternate leadership
What Trump does not know is that … SM is already looking for alternate leadership options. The only way out of this crisis is to root out the Establishment. You can do that … only if you stand up and gear up for a fight. It might be diplomatic, tactical, using connections, pulling strings, playing wise … it can be anything. A fight does not mean punches. If you show no move to fight back and just keep on taking the beating … then you are bound to lose.

Obviously, SM will move on and consider other leadership options. Look at Elizabeth Warren, she is not even President. She is a simple Senator and she has the balls to question and hammer the shit out of the Bankers. It is this kind of strong leadership that is required. Look at Putin, he has balls of steel and wisdom of a genius … what America could not do in 16 years … he did that within months. This is the type of leadership that is required. If there is a criminal out there who is exploiting the masses then you root the shit out of him. You don’t buckle, you don’t negotiate and you don’t compromise.

Why does SM think that you are showing weak leadership?
The Silent Majority thinks that you are buckling, compromising and doing massive favors only to suck up to the Establishment and the Israeli government. There are several moves that you have taken recently that indicate this … take a look for yourself. You are incorporating … knowingly or unknowingly … all Israeli policies and policies that benefit the Establishment.

  • Border Wall … it is an Israeli policy
  • Anti Immigrant … it is an Israeli policy
  • Anti Refugee … it is an Israeli policy
  • Anti Muslim … it is an Israeli policy
  • Taking action against families … it is an Israeli policy
  • Nikki Haley blindly supporting Israel in the UN … meets Israeli requirements
  • $700 Billion for defense contractors … supports the Establishment
  • Ramping up military expenses … supports the Establishment
  • Eager for wars … supports the Establishment
  • Directing terror events towards Islam and Muslims … Establishment and Israeli policy
  • Snake Story … directly reading from the Jewish playbook
  • Jerusalem … again Israeli policy

All of the above policies will only:

  • Create hate and debt
  • Hate for Trump and the Trump Presidency
  • Facilitate blunders and catastrophes to impeach you

None of the above policies will actually help America or the American people. No idea where you are getting all of these policies and ideas from. It might be from:

  • Don Jr.’s Rabbi
  • Jared Kushner
  • Netanyahu
  • Establishment Donors

All of it creates only hate and debt. Two splendid examples for you are:

  • Israel ... it is one of the most hated countries in the world. A BBC Poll rates Israel as the 4th worst country in the world … with North Korea, Pakistan and Iran.
  • Hillary Clinton … you follow Israel and its policies then “hate” is exactly what you get. Hillary followed several Israeli and Establishment policies and she is one of the most hated politicians in America. Bush did the same and he ended up being the Worst President in US History.

The track that you are on is totally disastrous.

  • They have put you on the verge of a Nuclear War
  • With massive demonization and ridicule at home
  • Trying to root you out via lawsuits and investigations
  • While eliminating your support bases from the Muslim world and Russia

They are trying to destroy you in every way possible. We told you this before … it is “multi-point strategy”. They activate several paths to accomplish one thing. They have put you on more than a dozen paths … all of which lead to impeachment.

  • If you don’t get impeached via sex lawsuits
  • Then it will be via Russian lawsuits
  • If you don’t get tossed out via hate against minorities
  • Then you can get tossed out via massive war blunders

Out of a dozen paths … if they succeed only on one path then that is enough. This is how the multi-point strategy works.

What is good for a Christian is bad for a Jew
This is their formula of deciding what to do. “What is good for a Christian is bad for a Jew”. The Establishment’s entire ideology is based upon crime. It is based upon stealing and leeching from Christians and non-Jews. For example, if you are a bank robber then … is high security at the Bank good for you? No, it is not. If there is less security then it is good for you. If the Bank’s employees are not honest then it is good for you. What is good for the Bank, it is not good for you. High security and honest employees are good for the Bank … but when you are the bank robber then it is not good for you.

The same applies to all of their systems, policies and advice. Examples:

  • Banks. Extremely high cost of living is not good for Christians. But it is good for the Jewish Establishment banks. Because when cost of living is high then you don’t save any money. When you don’t save any money then you go for loans … and when you take loans then Banks benefit. But when cost of living is low then it is good for Christians but it is not good for the banks. What is good for a Christian is not good for a Jew. The “Jew” out here refers to the Jewish Establishment.
  • War. If there is no war … then it will be peace. If there is peace then it is good for Christians. But if there is no war then defense contractors cannot sell weapons and they don’t make money. So, war is good for them. Peace is bad for them. What is good for a Christian is not good for a Jew.
  • Monopoly. The same applies here. If corporation ownership was distributed among millions of Christians then the profits will flow to the families of millions of Christians. But if the entire ownership is within the hands of a few Jewish Establishment owners then all profits go to the Establishment. What is good for a Christian is not good for a Jew.
  • Stall and Extract. The same applies to our project. If you work with us on our project then all of the above changes. Everything becomes good for Christians. So, from their “formula” … should they do this or not? Obviously, as per the dictation of their formula … it is better to stall the project … because what is good for a Christian is not good for a Jew. Lol. They know very well that the information that we publish … only stops wars and stops catastrophes. Establishment monopoly cannot be eliminated without working with us. So, as per their formula … they will say is … “no, no, no … we got all of the information … don’t work with him … we will handle it”. Lol. When the information given is very limited and only informs on the problem statement.
  • Trump Policies. And that’s how they are designing all of the above policies in your Administration. These policies don’t Make America Great Again. They put Trump’s impeachment on a fast track. What is good for Trump is bad for the Jewish Establishment. So, they are using several control points to put bad policies in your Administration that will only create “hate for Trump and debt for the country”.

The whole thing is done via “multiple angles and multiple points”. They will stick with whatever works. Whatever works to demonize and eliminate Trump … and whatever works to stall our work. And while they demonize you and stall our work … they continue with their own agenda of impeachment and worsening relations with Russia. We are in the same boat, my friend.

Don’t be afraid of Russia and China
Another important point is … don’t be afraid of Russia and China teaming up against the Establishment. It will be good for Trump coz it will gather good support. If Russia, China and America unify … then along with American leadership we can get several Middle East and European countries in the project. It will only consolidate our work … and it will create a fantastic team.

President Trump, you are the power
Your major drawback is that you are playing the game all wrong. You are trying to be in the Power Club. What you don’t realize is that … you are the power. You are the one who defines the Club. You will define who is in the club or not. You will define if the Club will exist or not … let alone being a part of the Club.

Right now, you are running simple hotel politics … of teaming up with powerful friends to help in your business. Its fine when you are the hotel owner … rich guys get you the money and poor people don’t matter much. When you are the President, the game is totally different. You define the powers in the country. You are playing the game all wrong.

Lastly, we are the only ones who can help you on this. There is no one in the US Intelligence or Military that is aware of Establishment malice or who knows how to handle it. A new example … wildfires. It is Establishment activity. I will have to write 50 pages for you to understand how it functions. For now, do only one thing. Try to innovate better ways of extinguishing wildfires. Work on better technology and techniques.

Handling Terror Events
Thanks for controlling your Tweets after the recent "event". Observe how Bill de Blasio reacts to such events. These are not a Democrat's statements but that is a wise way of addressing such events. Check his previous comments and statements on such events. Take that approach. It will help.

He basically does two things ... he will address the atrocity of the events and also commit to go after the criminals behind the event. But at the same time, he will talk about peace, stability and unity ... he pulls people together on a united and consolidated front against crime and criminals. He does not allow such events to divide us and put fear in the society.

It is because of this approach that he got very easily re-elected. Learn it, absorb it and use it. People will like it. People will like the new Trump.