10 Dec 2017
Maintaining the Muslim Support
in America

Dealing with Israel – Helping a Thief
First and foremost President Trump needs to understand how to deal with Israel. Yes, in a lot of our writings we have mentioned the protection of “Common Jews”. But if you understand the Jewish Problem then dealing with Israel is like helping a thief.

The Jewish Establishment and the Israeli Government are involved in a lot of abusive and criminal systems. You don’t go out there and help them in their ongoing works. It would be like endorsing and supporting crime. If you help a thief in his criminal activities then you end up being a thief yourself.

How do you help a thief?
You help a thief by pulling him out the crime. You do not endorse his ongoing works. Instead, you show how harmful his ongoing works are for himself. You stop him from his criminal activities and then pull him on the right path … give him the tools and technology to do what is right and create scenarios to facilitate choosing what is right. Once you pull out the crime from the thief and you made him a responsible and an honest citizen … then you have nothing to worry about. Since he is an honest citizen, he can live anywhere in the world without any fear of abuse or harm.

That’s how you help a thief. This is a tiny example. This needs to be applied to the entire Jewish Establishment … especially the Israeli Government. You are making disastrous mistakes by supporting and endorsing the criminal activities of the Israeli government and the Jewish Establishment. And these guys are only stabbing you in the back. It is not helping you in any way.

Your blind support for Israel and the Establishment can easily be seen via:

  • Nikki Haley’s total puppetry for Israel. She is blindly endorsing Israel wherever she goes doesn’t matter what the topic is.
  • Your Anti-Muslim Stand. During your campaign, you lobbied for a Muslim Ban and thought that Islam preaches hate.
  • Tweeting Spree on any event. Any event occurs in America or in Europe where there is a Muslim involved … you go on a Tweeting spree demanding the Travel Ban. It only shows your hate for a minority.

Reasons for Establishment Support and Israel Puppetry
Puppetry in favor of Israel … blind Establishment support … and an extreme Anti-Muslim stand … all of these 3 factors came into the Trump household mostly after you entered politics. Prominent reasons for this might be:

  • Join the Establishment Club. You are being misled into joining the Establishment Club. You are just trying to be in the power club.
  • Tiny Minorities. You are being given the impression that Muslims, Blacks and Latinos are tiny minorities who cannot do you any harm … so feel free to stomp over them because you are backed by the power club.
  • Cash Schemes. While you stomp on Latinos and Mexicans … you get to build the Border Wall … which is a $18 Billion construction project. Stomping on Latinos and Mexicans in the name of illegal immigration … you get to follow a massive cash scheme. In the same way, when you become anti-Muslim … you get to bomb Muslim countries … which is another cash scheme via defense contractors. Favoring the Establishment while stomping on minorities is essentially a cash scheme.

All of the above are totally disastrous approaches for the Trump Presidency. This is not how you become a great President or leader. This is actually how you are misled into destroying yourself … which is exactly what the Establishment wants.

In the Hotel business, teaming up with the powerful helps. But in politics, you are the power … the people need to see that you are there for everyone without any bias.

Radical Islam is over and ISIS is replaced by Trump
You are being massively misled by Establishment elements … it might be via Don Jr.s Rabbi or Establishment donors. What you don’t realize is that … Radical Islam is over. It’s an old story now. This cow has already been cashed … the ATM is empty and Radical Islam has already been rooted out. What you don’t realize is that … “ISIS has already been replaced by Trump”. Have you even watched the news since the past 2 years? ISIS is over … ISIS has been replaced by Trump.

Before 2 years … it was all about what ISIS is doing and this and that. But Russia and Obama have successfully taken care of it. Thanks to Russian cooperation, ISIS has been successfully rooted out. And the Establishment has already replaced ISIS with “Trump”. Before ISIS was demonized, ridiculed and collective action was sought to root out ISIS. But now who is being demonized? Who is being ridiculed? The collective action is designed to root out whom? Yes, President Donald J Trump … it is all designed against you, by the same Establishment Media and Entities.

Radical Islam was the crisis under the Obama Administration
You are thinking that … “hey, if I go anti-Muslim … I will join the Power Club of the Establishment and I will make a lot of money. All I need to do is spew hate against Islam and Muslims.” What you don’t know is that Radical Islam is old story. Radical Islam was the crisis under the Obama Administration. We have already pointed out the main roots of this problem, their game plan and how to root them out. Obama has taken fantastic measures against them … including cooperating with European leaders on this issue.

Intelligence before Politicians
You are coming off as extremely foolish with your Tweets every time any event happens. The strategy we gave to Obama was to “investigate everything” and politicians should not be the marketing agents of hateful and divisive ideology. This is why Prime Minister Theresa May was getting pissed off at your Tweets while the investigation was still going on. You are 8 years behind in this game. You don’t know all of the measures that have already been taken on this stupid bogus “Radical Islam” issue.

The major measures that are put into place to handle Radical Islam are:

  • Go for the criminals and not for the religion. Whoever committed the crime, needs to be brought to justice.
  • Don’t criminalize religion. We don’t criminalize religion.
  • Don’t generalize crime. Don’t generalize the acts of a few criminals on billions of innocent people.
  • No political marketing. Politicians should not be the marketing agents for this hateful and divisive agenda.
  • Stop believing in criminals. Stop believing in criminals that this is Islam and that this is Jihad. We should not believe criminals. That is not how criminal science works.
  • Use Intelligence. All tools of security and intelligence should be put into place to catch the actual criminals and their supporters for the crime.

All of these measures have already been incorporated not only in America but also in many countries across Europe. Obama has taken care of it.

“Blunders and Catastrophes” are the crisis of the Trump Administration
Screw Radical Islam. The Establishment is nicely stabbing you in the back. It is only misleading you into an anti-Muslim stand in order to root out your Muslim support bases. Radical Islam is not the crisis anymore. The major preliminary crisis that the Trump Administration faces is of “blunders and catastrophes”. This is the major crisis that the Establishment is actively designing under your Administration.

  • They want major blunders to impeach Trump
  • They want major catastrophes to destroy America and the West.

This is exactly what they are working on repeatedly. Take a look for yourself:

  • Chemical Attacks in Syria. You went there eagerly ready to bomb a Muslim country. And Russia was preparing to take down your ship. It would have been a major catastrophe.
  • North Korea. You are eager to bomb North Korea. You did not even consider the possibilities of simultaneous wars on other fronts.
  • Muslim Ban. Your anti-Muslim stand is a blunder designed to root out Muslim support bases. It’s good that you revised it to focus on unstable regions.
  • Jerusalem. This is another major blunder.

The Establishment is treating you as if you are ISIS. Constantly demonizing you and working on ways to root you out … while they are doing this … they are misleading you into taking hardcore anti-Muslim moves that will root out any Muslim support bases for you.

Look 10 Steps Ahead
To understand Establishment plans … always look 10 steps ahead. Muslim countries and Ex-Communist countries will be of immense support to root out the Establishment from the West. There are no more Muslim countries to bomb. Radical Islam is over. Your anti-Muslim stand is designed only to root out a fantastic support base. Yes, Muslims might be a tiny minority in America. But Muslim countries become a very powerful and fantastic force when it comes to dealing with Establishment malice.

Stop wrong and help in good
A little bit of reforms are required. You are a good guy. I know you are good material. With a little bit of reforms, you can take a more stable and stronger approach to such issues. Like I said … dealing with Israel and the Establishment is like dealing with a thief. Don’t blindly support them. Intelligently and fairly analyze the situation and then take a right stand. You don’t need to become anti-Israel … but you can be fair. You don’t need to be an Israeli puppet but you can do what is right.

Here are some of the atrocious activities of Israel … which they want you to turn a blind eye on. And in the current scenario if you turn a blind eye on Israel and help them … then you will be on the losing side.

  • Illegal Settlements. I told you … these guys are criminals. They have already occupied so much land … can’t they build homes on their own land? No, despite occupying so much land … they will continue to build homes on more illegal land. Only because the Palestinians cannot do anything about it. They don’t have a military to combat Israel’s aggressions. They have to remain as silent victims. Not only that … they risk Jewish lives by making them live in illegal settlements. It is the poor Common Jews who risk their lives by living in these zones.
  • Bombing Syria. Another criminal activity. Israel is continuously bombing Syria. Would it be okay for Canada or Mexico to bomb Washington because they have “security concerns”? This government doesn’t give a shit about its own Jewish citizens. This is how the Jewish Establishment is towards its own Jewish citizens. They don’t care that a response from Russia will totally destroy Israel.
  • Overly Aggressive Force on Palestine. They will say “Ow, they are firing rockets … they are firing rockets”. But this rocket fire is nothing more than fireworks … hardly anyone gets injured. In the name of rocket fire, Israel carries out bombing operations on Gaza and other Palestinian locations … killing civilians and destroying homes. What you don’t know is that … the Establishment maintains teams on both sides. This “rocket fire” begins whenever Israel wants it to … just like the terror events in the West. They design and manage both sides and facilitate the conflict for their benefit. This is what has been happening since the past 50 years in this zone. Look at Israel’s expansion since the past 50 years and you will understand what they are doing. They are the beneficiaries of this conflict.
  • Jerusalem. The Al Aqsa Mosque is the third holiest site for Muslims. The Muslim world is not upset with Israel just because they are killing Muslims … but they are upset mainly because they are carrying about this bloodshed near the third holiest site in Islamic history. Jerusalem is a city that has been illegally occupied by Israel. The government has been killing Muslims and taking away their land since the past 50 years … and you just declared Jerusalem as the official Capital of Israel. Massive blunder my dear … massive blunder.

Reform to be fair and just
How to handle this?

  • Don’t Encourage. Firstly, don’t encourage, endorse or recognize any illegal or criminal activity. If you want to help a thief then first stop him from his crime. Hold him back on his criminal activity. Do not support, do not finance, do not endorse politically and do not recognize these activities officially.
  • Show Concern. Show concern for the rights of the victims. It might be Palestine or Syria. Everyone has rights. Boundaries must be respected. International law must be followed.
  • Show Adverse Impact. Show how it adversely impacts Jewish citizens and Israel’s standing in the world. Their own government will not do what is good for their own Jewish citizens. It is a malicious game. The Israeli Government is a Banker frontend system. It only cares for the Banker’s interests and agenda.
  • Don’t follow but lead. Don’t think that if Netanyahu comes to you asking for something then it will be good for Israel or its citizens. The whole thing is a banker game with absolutely no interest or care for their own people. You need to use your own intelligence, commonsense and international law & principles to help and direct Israel. Do not follow them but tell them what to do.
  • With Compassion. You don’t need to toss them under the bus. You can do the whole thing with love and compassion. Israel can have your support … America is there for Israel … but they need to stop these activities and move towards what is right for the safety of their citizens and their neighbors as well.

Handling Jerusalem
Your Jerusalem move was a major blunder. Trust me, you have nothing to gain from it.

  • You might be trying to favor the Jewish Establishment on par with Muslims
  • Or trying to save your son from jail
  • Or showing anti-Muslim sentiments to gain favorability with the Establishment
  • Or thinking that you are in the Power Club

All of those are plain illusions. The Jewish Establishment is already stabbing you in the back. They are treating you like ISIS since the past 2 years. They don’t care about their own Jewish citizens … forget about caring about a politician from the other side of the Ocean. They are only misleading you into blunders to destroy your support base from Muslims.

How to handle this?

  • Put it on hold. The best thing to do is … put it on hold. Sight regional security concerns and put it on hold. Tell them that “we have no intention of creating a crisis in the region and the Jerusalem decision will be a part of the peace deal. We encourage both parties to come to the negotiating table to discuss the issue”. This is your easiest way out. The negotiations will take several years and the issue will be off your back.
  • Delay it. Another technique would be to delay it via following a lengthy procedure. During this time we will root out the Establishment and they will have bigger things to worry about. The disadvantage of this option would be that … your stand on the Jerusalem issue will be a major concern in Muslim countries and you might not get that much support from them.
  • Remove Support. While you work on the above, make sure all other countries back off on Jerusalem. It will be good if you connect with other countries from the backend and encourage them not to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. Most of Europe and Russia have already pushed back against this decision.

Importance of Muslim Bases
Now, here is the key thing that the Establishment is trying to root out for the Trump Presidency. This is what you need to understand about Muslim countries and their role.

  • Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia alone can finance the rooting out of the Establishment from every country in the world. Muslims might be a tiny minority in America but Muslim countries have enormous financing capacity when it comes to the International arena … especially when it comes to dealing with Jewish Establishment malice.
  • Turkey and Malaysia. Turkey and Malaysia form fantastic Democratic bases to root out the Establishment from the West. The Saudis might be okay with your Jerusalem move. But how am I supposed to explain hundreds of Muslims working for me in Turkey and Malaysia that President Trump is a good guy? How am I supposed to use their help in making you the greatest President of all time … when you are going to show such racist and anti-Muslim moves? No one will believe in you.
    • Media Revolution. The second major crisis with a racist approach is that your own people will not believe in you. We will be creating a fantastic Media Revolution. The Media will be a crucial entity in creating reforms. If you are going to be anti-Minority … if you are going to be racist against Muslims, Latinos and Blacks … then how will anyone stand up and support you? Some reforms are required on this front. You need to be everyone’s President and you need to fight for everyone equally with dignity, love and respect for all religions, races and colors. This is a very important aspect of American Principles which if you do not follow then it will be a major problem.
  • Your loss will be the opposition’s gain. And whichever countries you will be losing … it will be the opposition’s gain. Having just one Muslim country like Saudi Arabia is not enough. Financially, it might be enough … but politically, it is still not good enough. You need to have a uniform, loving and non-discriminating approach. Iraq, Iran and China are ready to make a move against you. It is not advisable to lose more countries.
  • Russia and Europe can take the lead. We are facing a global crisis right now. It is not just America’s problem. There are 50+ countries adversely affected by Establishment malice. If America does not lead then it will follow. Russia and Europe can easily take the lead … several Muslim countries will be glad to work with them. By becoming anti-Muslim … especially with the Jerusalem move … you are isolating yourself from the world in the international arena and in the domestic arena you are making yourself more “impeachable”.
  • Losing World Leadership. We told you before. You are in such a crisis that those who will solve this crisis will go in history as the most fantastic world leaders ever. By isolating America and not taking the leadership role … you will end up losing America’s world leadership chance.

Show Common Courtesy
And yeah … show some common courtesy. The Saudis gave you half a trillion worth deals and you don’t show simple common courtesy of hosting an “Iftar dinner” for fasting Muslims during Ramadan? Half a trillion was not enough for a little bit of common courtesy? Was it unacceptable for you to be surrounded by a few Muslims in a room? Get a grip … such anti-Muslim sentiments and activities will only backfire. And try not to talk about Radical Islam every time you talk about Muslim countries or Islam … or even when you wish them Happy Eid or Ramadan. Your association of Radical Islam with mainstream major Muslim countries shows your limited know how of the scenario.

Two Key Requirements to root out the Establishment
There are two simple key requirements to root out the Establishment.

  • Some Balls. You need to have a little bit of courage.
  • Some Brains. You need to have some common sense.

What you are dealing with is a “criminal” entity. Can you join the police force when you are scared of thieves? Can you join the military when you are scared of holding a gun or facing the enemy? Just like a policeman or a soldier needs to have some balls to do his duty … similarly politicians need to have some balls to deal with the Establishment. Just imagine a policeman making a deal with the thief or a soldier making a deal with the enemy … then what will happen? Such policemen and soldiers are total disasters for the country. The same applies to politicians who strike deals with the Establishment. They are total disasters for the country.

Do you want to be great for the country or do you want to be a disaster for the country? Why would you want to strike deals with the Establishment when they are themselves openly stabbing you in the back? You have nothing to gain from them.

Root out strategy – Law and Government
These guys are criminals. How do you root out criminals? Using the law and government. This is exactly how we will root out the Establishment. And they are afraid that the governments of several countries will come after them. This is why they are misleading you on an anti-Muslim and anti-Russian agenda. Because all of these Muslim and Ex-Communist countries will come after the Establishment. And if America joins them … it will be a clean sweep. They are trying to break the unity.

So, what our smart ass Establishment is doing is … they are turning you against Muslim and Ex-Communist countries while rooting you out from within. They are working against you internationally as well as domestically.

Important Pointers

  • Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is very important. Keep it in your favor.
  • Turkey and Malaysia. Bases will be here. Maintain good relations with both of these countries.
  • Net Neutrality. Gutting Net Neutrality is another blunder in the design process. Do not sell off the internet to the Establishment. It will become a major selling point for the Democrats to discredit Trump.
  • Petro Yuan backed by gold. This is the Central Bankers moving their gold into the world mainstream. First, they looted trillions from America every year … converted it into gold … moved it to China and now they are challenging the American Dollar in the world market. See? You help them and they piss on you. This is how malicious they are. Using the gold bought by money stolen from you, they are challenging your dollar.

Slurred Speech and Dry Throat
And lastly your slurred speech. You have been having a dry throat and slurred speech recently. Your face is also going pale sometimes. It is done via depleting electrolytes and vitamins from your drinks. We told you this before. Establishment products are there in the White House. Be careful with what you eat and drink. As a temporary measure, just use some electrolytes and vitamin tonics … it will help you with hydration and the slurred speech will be gone. But then again, the electrolytes and vitamins can also be tweaked later on … it requires a system to be put into place to fix it. Just check before you use anything. If the electrolytes and vitamins are good … then only take it.

As far as we are concerned … we are open to all options.