08 Dec 2017
The Establishment using Trump to delegitimize himself
in America

Since the past two years, the Establishment has been continuously using Trump to delegitimize himself and he does not even realize that. These guys are so good in the game that the person does not even realize that he has been played. He has been tricked and misled … in such a way that he thinks that “it is his decision and it is his policy”. They fooled him into a scenario making him do what they want for their agenda and they are sitting there and laughing at Trump.

The game is incredibly easy provided you understand the game. You need to understand the players, the parameters involved, their techniques and how to play the game. Right now, you are just a tool that they are continuously using against yourself. And you don’t even know that.

Check twice before following any “Jewish” advice
We gave a simple formula to Obama and Putin to dodge Establishment malice. And that is … check twice before following any Jewish advice. In fact, we asked them to root out all Jewish Establishment elements from their circle … which would be an easy way to eliminate any kind of misleading.

The major crisis in the current US election was that … on one hand we had Hillary GodDamn Clinton, a total Establishment puppet and on the other hand we had Donald Trump who had direct Jewish links within his family. Both of them were prone for total disasters … owing to the Jewish Establishment’s misleading. The only advantage we had with Trump was that … he was a patriot and we could encourage him to use commonsense. Hillary showed no sign of using commonsense throughout her political career.

To help us in the scene, we got the golden lady, Ivanka Trump in the White House. It was a relief to have her beside her father. Since she was the main Jewish connection in the family, she could guide Trump correctly and save the Presidency from Establishment misleading.

Some Background Information
To understand how the Establishment is destroying the Trump Presidency, you will have to understand what has been going on before you entered the scene. Before you even entered the scene, we had already given the Obama Administration of how the project would work. We had shown him certain key points and a wireframe structure of how to take down the Establishment. Below are the key support elements for the project:

  • Leadership - Obama / Trump / Putin. Trump entered the scene later on … but what we showed Obama and Putin about the project was this. The leaders that will take up this project will go in history as the most fantastic and fabulous leaders of the modern world. People will love them and adore them. And they will create remarkable changes for every city in their country. This is the promise of our project for world leaders.
  • Muslim Countries. To support the project in America and Europe … “Muslim countries” like Turkey and Malaysia were identified as strong bases and the Middle East countries for the finance. The main reason we went for Muslim countries is because for this project … Muslims are by default well aware of Israeli and Jewish malice. By virtue of their religion, they know how Satan functions, how he misleads and what is Satanic ideology. Since our main target is a criminal Establishment system that is based upon a Satanic ideology, it would be very easy to train staff on this project … while getting security and protection for the work in these countries at the same time. This is one of the main reasons why Muslims and Muslim countries would be fantastic in solving the Western crisis. The Establishment knows about this strategy even before you came into the picture.
  • Ex-Communist Countries. And the second base that we have identified to support this project is Ex-Communist countries. Cities like Moscow and Belgrade are ideal for support in their own ways. The main reason we picked Ex-Communist countries is because these countries have already been the victims of the Jewish Establishment malice for more than 90 years. Not only they will help but they will also provide enormous information of all Communist crimes committed by the Establishment in their countries against Christians and the Church. Ex-Communist countries would be an incredibly strong base against the Establishment in the West.

These are the 3 key supporting factors for the project … leadership, Muslim countries and Ex-Communist countries. All of this was planned even before Trump declared his candidacy for the Presidency. The Establishment is terribly scared of our strategy … and most of their fear comes out of their own malice and crime committed across the world. They are scared of the immense success of work, if we are not stopped.  

Don’t think that bad things are happening to you because of us
Firstly, don’t think that bad things are happening to you because of us. The Establishment’s priority was to destroy America, Europe and Russia during the Obama Administration itself. We stopped that from happening. And then we designed this strategy to take them down. The Establishment was already struggling to destroy your countries via a massive catastrophe and today it is still struggling to make that happen. Nothing has changed on that front. The only thing we succeeded was to fail them and maintain them in a struggling mode. To diffuse them from the struggling mode … we need to root out their monopoly.

Establishment Objectives
After Trump’s surprise election, these are the two main Establishment objectives that they have been working on non-stop:

  • Impeach Trump
  • Destroy America, Europe and Russia

These are their top two objectives. And doesn’t matter how much you pester them, this will not change. Because of the bigger game involved. The Establishment’s ideology believes in “formulas of success”. They have an ideology that trains them on how to succeed in this world. And this involves:

  • Creation of scenarios and
  • Control of decision making

to facilitate their success. In order to impeach Trump and destroy America, Europe and Russia … what they need is “the scenario and the decision making” so that it is realized.

  • Blunders to impeach Trump. They need Trump to go on doing one blunder after another so that it will create a scenario in which decisions can be made for his impeachment.
  • Catastrophes to destroy America, Europe and Russia. They need to design pathways to catastrophes that will destroy America, Europe and Russia.

They are very realistic in their approach. They deal with real time actual events and decision making … which is why they call it “formulas of success”. And this is how they succeed … they can create the scenario and facilitate the decision making.

How the Establishment has used Trump to delegitimize himself
Now, in this scenario … let me show you how the Establishment has used Trump to delegitimize himself. In our formula, we create leaders that are adored, loved and respected … because our policies are like that … they do fantastic stuff for everyone out there owing to which the leaders gain enormous respect. Now see how they have used Trump to reverse all of that for himself.

The Establishment’s misleading can come from multiple angles and sources. Their formula is … use all means possible and facilitate one agenda. The means can be Don Jr.’s Rabbi, Jared Kushner, Establishment corporations and donors, political advisers, Netanyahu, the Israeli government or whatever source. This is one of the reasons we told Trump right from the start … “trust no one, evaluate everything”.

  • Border Wall. All of these are Israeli policies that Trump is adopting. What Trump does not know is that Israel is one of the most hated countries in the world. As per studies, it is the 4th worst country in the world. If you follow the policies of a hated country, then you get nothing but hate. Which is exactly what he got from the Border Wall. We personally don’t have any issue with the Border Wall but the Border Wall is one of the Israeli policies induced into the Trump Presidency designed to shut out the neighbors. Trump got enormous hate for this move. Why did Trump follow this? It’s a construction project … that started off with $5 Billion then moved on to $8 Billion … then $15 Billion … right now it is at $18 Billion. He is a construction guy and he saw a nice construction project and he went for it. Dislike towards Trump just began with the Border Wall.
  • Muslim Ban. Then he calls for the Muslim Ban. I was myself surprised at this move because even the Establishment runs everything via layers … they hide things under the skin. For example, if you see … Bush never went after Muslims … he did everything under the name of Al Qaeda, WMD and Saddam Hussein. And then Hillary did everything in the name of Arab Spring and Democracies. Nobody did anything directly against any religion. It was simply too stupid for even the Establishment to do this. But then again … if you see the bigger picture … they were not actually being stupid. They were very cleverly rooting out Trump’s support from Muslim countries for the project. The more anti-Muslim Trump becomes, the weaker is his support from Muslim countries. Trump had no idea that he was himself being misled and used in delegitimizing himself. While they misled Trump into this anti-Muslim path … Israel very cleverly crawls and coaxes itself with the Saudis … attempting to help them against Iran. They misled Trump saying “Muslims are bad! Islam teaches hate! It is a Radical Religion!” And they themselves are directly aligning with Saudi Arabia, the headquarters of Islam.
  • Latinos, Blacks and Police Violence. Your stand against the minorities is created only to reverse the idea of making Trump a leader that can be loved, adored and respected. In every way possible, they are pushing you on a path where you are hated, disliked and disrespected. A great leader is there for everyone … not just for one race or one color or one religion. We have enormous greatness for you but you are on a reverse path right now.
  • Embassy in Jerusalem. Another blunder to root out Trump’s support from Muslim countries.

Using defective steel in a building
You will say … “hey, hey, hey … the Establishment is not misleading me. It is my own son. It is my own son-in-law.” Well, my dear friend … check the “Jewish” links. Who is your son talking to? He is a Jew talking to a Rabbi. Who is your son-in-law? He could be a potential mole of the Establishment right under your nose.

The thing is not about suppressing him just because he is your son or your son-in-law … the thing is not about blindly listening to him just because he is your son. The thing out here is that … there is massive misleading going on via the Jewish Establishment that will lead only to catastrophes. They will use any and every source possible. Their strategy is “use multiple angles and multiple support points to run one agenda”.

I will give you an example. You are in the construction business, right? Your son comes and tells you … “Daddy, let’s use this defective steel in our construction project and it will save us 10% on steel costs.” Will you listen to him because he is your “son”. What will happen if you listen to your son? The building will collapse even before it gets built. Forget about saving 10%, you will lose the entire investment that you made in the building till that stage. You will not listen to your son but you will teach your son what is right and what will happen in the next phases if we use defective steel.

What are you doing here? You are using simple logic and reason in doing what is right. Ivanka should help out Trump in this regard. Don Jr. was going on live television and recommending the expulsion of all Muslims from the country because of some events that happened in Germany by the immigrants. The Establishment is sitting there and laughing at you guys because:

  • On one hand … they are pushing you and showing you to be a total racist family who have no idea of how to govern.
  • And on the other hand … they are tactically eliminating your support base from the Middle East.

Israeli policies will only lead to hate and impeachment
Following Israeli policies will only lead to hate and impeachment. Israel is an extremely racist country. It hated by anyone who know what Israel is. They cater only for their “Kazarian White Race”. Even if you are a Jew but if you are black then you face extreme levels of racism in Israel. Israel is not a role model for any country.

Save Jews from the Jew – Misleading Techniques
There are multiple techniques of misleading that are used by the Jewish Establishment. Their strategy is … use whatever that works and make them move into our agenda. Some examples will help.

  • Radical Islam – Politically Correct. “Stop being politically correct. Call it what it is. It is Radical Islam. Obama refuses to use the term Radical Islam. We should call it Radical Islam”. This is one strategy that was used during the Campaign. What are they doing here? They are rooting out your support from Muslim countries. In reality, the issue of Radical Islam is over … this cow is cashed already there is nothing left to it. There are no more countries that can be bombed on this pretext. The main reason why they pushed Trump to use this crude tactic is only to show Trump as “anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic”. Trump was himself used to root out his support base.
  • Don’t follow Obama. Well, I myself told you not to follow Obama. But I also told you to evaluate everything … doesn’t matter if it is from Obama or not. If it is logically correct … if it follow American principles … if it is good for the people and country … then follow it. Otherwise, leave it aside. “Obama did not use Radical Islam and now you should use this term”. What is this? There is no logic in this. Obama did not use Radical Islam because he already saw the show for 8 long years and there is nothing like Radical Islam. The only thing that exists is sponsored events and terrorism carried out by the Establishment as and when required. He changed the entire strategy to successfully root out this sponsored terrorism. It is because of his change in strategy that you have victory in Syria and Iraq. So, don’t go in a complete negative when it comes to Obama … nor should you blindly follow Obama. And don’t allow the Establishment to use Obama’s name to mislead you.
  • Making History. “This is a historic move. You are making history! Do this!” This is not a logical argument. You must verify ground level facts and then logically decide what is good for the people. They used the same technique to fool Obama into restoring relations with Cuba, an Establishment Communist stronghold. Obama made a great historic gesture and the Cuban leaders only farted back in response. So much for making history. It was a historic blunder. The same applies to your Jerusalem move. It is a massive blunder.
  • Saving Jews from the Jew. Yes, our project saves Jews from the Jew. It does not mean protecting their criminal activities. It does not mean officially recognizing their criminal activities. Saving Jews from the Jew is like … protecting a thief. How do you protect a thief? You protect a thief by showing him the malice in his criminal ways and how it will only hurt him on this path. And then you pull them on the right path and create means for their survival via the right path. You need to remove the thief from the crime. Once he becomes a good man who does good things … doesn’t matter where he goes in the world … he will be protected. That’s how you protect a thief. You don’t go out there and legitimize an illegally occupied city. You don’t legitimize a thief’s activities. The thief only made a fool out of you if he made you do that.

And in this case, they got a double sided victory … firstly they got an illegally occupied land as legally recognized by America. And then on the other side, they got to burn Trump’s support base so that he can be successfully impeached or imprisoned. You handed them a dual victory while axing your own legs.

Don Jr. and Jared Kushner getting pissed upon
Now, this is what you two fine gentlemen need to see. Don Jr. has the Rabbi link and Jared Kushner has the Establishment link. No problem. Let’s see how loyal the Establishment has been to both of you. It was Don Jr.’s idea of “Islam being bad, Muslims being bad, Muslims should be banned, Muslims should be expelled from the country” and bla bla bla. Okay fine. You got it done, right? You took this info from the Rabbis and preached it to your Dad … and then finally we have the Travel Ban.

Okay good. You succeeded, right? Israel hates Muslims. The Establishment has been promoting a war against Muslim countries since the past 16 years. With the Travel Ban, you guys should be on the same page with the Establishment, isnt it? The Establishment should have welcomed you with open arms in their club and they should have been the best of friends with you. What happened? Did it happen like that?

No my dear friend. It did not happen like that. You were only used to promote anti-Islamic ideas. Even though you played your role … several investigation committees were formed and several lawsuits were filed against your families. They took your help and then they took a big piss all over you. The demonization continued … the investigations continued … and now they are working on tossing people into jail. And both of you are in their top list.

Jerusalem, a big friendly gesture to stay out of jail
Now, as a big friendly gesture … you gave them Jerusalem … thinking that you will get to stay out of jail. Just look at their “loyalty” since one full year … look at exactly what they have been doing. Despite your alignment on the Muslim track … despite being eager for war and ready to bomb … have they changed their track? They are still pursuing their top objectives which are:

  • Impeach Trump
  • Destroy America, Europe and Russia

They are just using every angle possible … every link possible … every misleading technique possible … to achieve the above.

Russia is also a target
Not only you … but even Russia is a target here. They need Russia to be against NATO. While they are using ev/ery technique possible to make Trump the worst President ever … to make him the most disliked and humiliated President ever … they are also actively working on anti-Russian activities. The ban of Russia in the Olympics is a recent example. They believe in real time events to create scenarios for their success. If Russia has to be against America and Europe then it cannot be only propaganda … there have to be active real time events to get it realized.

Israel’s cooperation with Saudi Arabia
If Israel wanted to show friendship with Saudi Arabia … then it could have setup some schools and hospitals for poor Muslims in Africa. It could have shown better treatment for Muslims in Israel. It could have taken 50,000 Muslim refugees. But no … it is not about doing any good for any country. These guys design strategies for their good and to promote their agenda.

So what they do is … they go to Saudi Arabia and cooperate with them on “intelligence against Iran”. There are so many ways of showing friendship and cooperation between two countries and look what angle they have chosen. This is exactly in accordance to their strategy of “using multiple points and multiple angles to promote a single agenda”.

In this case, Saudi Arabia is not only being used to facilitate a catastrophe but they are also rooting out Trump’s support from the Saudis … saying that “hey, we are your friends. Trump is the asshole who decided on Jerusalem. Support us and don’t support Trump”.

Establishment’s Strategy
Every single thing that they are doing right now is in accordance to:

  • Destroy Leadership Image. They are totally destroying your leadership image at a non-stop rate. We make great leaders who are adored, loved and respected. They are doing everything to destroy your image. Destroying a person’s image helps to a great extent in destroying his credibility.
  • Destroy Muslim Support Bases. In this work, you will get a fantastic support base from the Middle East and other Muslim countries. But they are preaching and promoting an anti-Muslim ideology within your household only to root out your support base. This angle is specifically designed for you. The majority of the Congress does not follow an anti-Islamic or anti-Muslim ideology. Most of them follow American principles of equality and justice.
  • Destroy Support from Russia. Their third major activity involves destroying support from Russia and Ex-Communist countries. This is why they are continuously crying over Russian propaganda or Russian interference.

The above is not just because of our work. The only addition is the anti-Muslim agenda in the Trump Presidency. Otherwise, they need Russia to be against the West to facilitate this catastrophe. This war should have already happened. Since we stopped America’s destruction, the above strategy is into play.

Since one year they are using you for an anti-Muslim agenda but even then they are pissing all over you. You are perfectly in sync with their agenda even then they are extremely aggressive towards you. The only way to handle this is … my dear friend … root them out. That’s the only way to stop this. That’s the only way to win.