06 Dec 2017
Help the Establishment and then they piss on you
in America

This is what President Trump does not know. We are in very critical and sensitive times right now. Routine politics don’t work. The Establishment already has a fixed agenda and they are using every support point to facilitate that agenda. And this agenda involves the destruction of America, Europe and Russia … at a minimum that is. In this scenario if you try to help the Establishment then they will just piss on you.

Why? Because your moves are from a different ideology and a very limited understanding of what is actually going on. If you try to help the Establishment by:

  • Giving them power and positions
  • Doing favors for them in cash or kind
  • Compromise with them
  • Or make any kind of deal

Then it is only seen as “goyim activity”. Goyim means cattle. In their view, we are all just cattle. As per our understanding this is the best we can do … try to make a deal with them. This deal making or any kind of favor will not work. Because the crisis is terribly dire. It is like offering ice cream to a girl when sitting in a building that is on fire. You might be thinking that it is quite hot and that she may enjoy an ice cream. But the girl knows that the building is on fire and soon you are going to burn down. She rejects your ice cream and runs away. You still don’t know that the building is on fire … you think that it has become unusually warm and that you tried to do the right thing. But your understanding of the situation was very limited.

I will give you some real examples and you will understand how they function.

  • Banks. Almost all major banks in the US and the world are owned by the Jewish Establishment. We gave them a fantastic entity at hand to secure the funds and savings of billions of people around the world. And what do they do? They create massive debt based systems and put the world in trillions of dollars in debt. People are unable to survive with the wages that they are getting and they are asking for the doubling of the wages. You helped them by giving the banking industry under their control … and they pissed all over you.
  • Corporations. Most of large corporations in the US are owned by the Establishment. We gave them the largest corporations of our country. And they are using it to drug, spy and control people’s activities. You help them and they piss on you.
  • War Contractors. We gave them hundreds of billions worth in war contracts in Iraq. And what do they do? They give us ISIS in return. ISIS rose out of “war contractor controlled Iraq”. Most of these war contractors are Establishment companies. We gave them hundreds of billions in revenue and they gave us ISIS. They sponsored, formed and trained a terrorist group right under the nose of our government. You help them and they piss on you.

Why are these guys like this? Because that’s how they function. It is a criminal ideology … it’s a criminal mindset. It’s all about leeching more and running a superior self-serving agenda. All of the above were done for the same. I will give you more precise examples that happened right under your Administration.

  • Council of Advisors. The Establishment was demonizing you and ridiculing your Presidency right from the beginning. What did you do? You extended a helping hand and created a “council” of advisors … with leaders from top companies and media organizations. You brought them to the White House … gave them respect and authority … gave them a role where they can advise the President. What did they do in return? They publicly quit your councils in a way to humiliate you … one after another. Eventually, you had to terminate these councils. You gave them respect and they gave you humiliation in return. You help them and they piss on you.
  • LGBT Rights. Ivanka along with Jared … fought for LGBT rights. What do they do in response? They conducted a “dance protest” right in front of Ivanka’s house using an LGBT group on the pretext of climate change. You just helped them one week ago and they are standing protesting against you outside your own house. You help them and they piss on you.
  • Federal Reserve. Trump is trying to buddy up with the Central Bankers … favoring an increase in interest rates just to gain their favor. You are giving them favors and what are they doing to you? Israel is none other the frontend entity of the Central Bankers. Israel is directly working on rooting out your support from the Middle East by teaming up with the Saudis and pushing you to relocate the Embassy. They are telling the Middle East … “hey we are your friends and Trump is the bad guy. Don’t help Trump in any way”. You help them and they piss on you.

I can go on and on. You gave defense companies half a trillion in revenue. You think you got some commissions but those commissions are “dispensable” at any moment in time. The moment you are impeached or indicted … the funds are vaporized.

You remember the Snake Story, right? The one that you used to recite again and again. Yeah, it is something like that. They reverse applied it to Muslims. It is actually their criminal nature which leads to such behavior.

In the Jerusalem issue also … they might be pitching for you to side with Jews rather than Muslims. They might be playing this card. You think that Muslims are bad and you might be feeling right in creating a Capital for Israel in Jerusalem. What you should know is that … all of this anti-Muslim propaganda is bogus and bullshit. It is all sponsored and designed as per Establishment agenda. This agenda was designed only when USA started sinking by $1 Trillion in debt and that is … during George Bush’s first year. It’s a deviation tactic.

In fact, Muslim countries will be your strongest allies in rooting out the Establishment. The Establishment knows this very well. Which is why they are pushing you for the Embassy move … it will only upset several Muslim countries and help in rooting out Trump support from these countries.

Most Important Pointers – Dealing with the Establishment
These are the most important pointers that you should know in dealing with the Establishment.

01. Playing the game all wrong.
Firstly, you are playing the game all wrong. Your biggest mistake is that you are playing the game wrong. Deal making, commission, taking sides, favoritism … all of that does not work. You yourself are seeing this since one year. Nothing has changed against your Presidency … lawsuits, investigations and demonization has only been ramped up … despite giving them half a trillion in revenue, position and respect. Deal making does not work … taking sides does not work. The only way … the only and only way … to win against the Establishment is by rooting them out. Simple examples … Obama kicked out Hillary from the State Department. Why? To root out an Establishment puppet so that the direction of the county could be changed. And it worked. Second example … Putin in Syria. Putin did not make any deal with any Establishment element at the ground level in Syria. He simply rooted them out. And he won. He got a fantastic victory and the entire country is stabilized.

Quit taking sides … quit deal making … quit favoritism. Just work on strategies of rooting them out from every critical sphere … including politics, finance and technology. Then you get your country back. Then you will be on your path to victory. It is a simple number game … of how many Establishment support points you root out … the more you root out, the more you win. How many did you root out till now? None. You are just scared and you are into deal making with them. Which is why things are only getting worse for you.

This is not hotel business … nor is this routine politics. We are in critical times and the only peaceful solution for this crisis is to root them out and take our country back. Because we are the only ones who can fix this massive crisis that they have created. They do not have the sense or stability to handle the situation. Their self-serving ideology, massive guilt and a fear of backlash will only push them to create more crisis.

You need to understand the game … play the game right and your only path to victory is by rooting them out. Playing the game wrong has been your biggest drawback as of now.

02. Never fear Israel
Never ever fear Israel. It is a tiny country of 7 Million people that depends upon us for its very survival. We pull support for Israel and it will get wiped off the map in no time. They have done so much crap in the region and the Establishment has created such a large crisis … that the Establishment itself wants Israel to be wiped off the map. These guys don’t care for their own brothers and sisters … their own people … and you think they will actually care for the Trump Presidency?

Doesn’t Israel know that Syria is protected by Russia. If Russia takes action on Israel then it will be wiped off the map in no time. The thing is that the Bankers themselves don’t care about Israel. They have moved their gold to South China Sea and they don’t need Israel anymore. And you are thinking that “hey, if I create the Capital as Jerusalem then things will be better for me”. They don’t care even if Israel exists or not.

And that too … when you are the US President … you are the one who has even more power over Israel. This is international arena and the President is in charge here. It might be for their:

  • Military Support
  • Technology Support
  • Financial Support
  • Defense and Security Support

They depend upon us for everything. And as President … at the tap of the finger you can change everything. And Israel can do nothing about it. Never ever fear Israel. It is a terribly tiny country that can never do anything to the United States.

03. The criminal Establishment is scared of our success
Till date, you thought it was just “Establishment” … an entity that does not have a defined existence. Till date, they were just playing behind the scenes … by using other people for their agenda. Like celebrities to make fun of Trump, media agencies to demonize Trump, legal agencies to investigate Trump … in none of these activities did the Jewish Establishment come on the frontend. It was all behind the scenes activity.

But now, Israel is itself jumping in the scene and trying to demonize Trump and root out his support base. Israel knows that:

  • Our project will be immensely successful
  • Our project is unstoppable
  • The Middle East will be a fantastic financial support base
  • Not only in America but we can root out the Establishment all across Europe

That’s why Israel is coaxing itself with the Saudis. They are attempting to please the Saudis by providing “intelligence” against Iran. On one hand, they are trying to show friendship with the Saudis and on the other hand they are only promoting a chaotic war. While they are doing this … they are pushing Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Capital of Israel. Thus demonizing Trump and removing his support base from the Middle East.

In this scene, Israel is directly involved against Trump … out of fear that this patriotic guy will root out the Establishment from the entire world when he teams up with the Middle East. They are actively running dual policies … both of which benefit them. While Trump is demonized, isolated and rooted out … the Establishment moves ahead with their destructive agenda.

Use of events to control the flow
What you are seeing above is that … they have actively designed “events” to control the flow of work. Israel providing Intelligence support to the Saudis … is an active event of cooperation with the Saudis to win their trust and support. And the movement of the embassy is another active event … to root out Trump’s support from the Middle East. They induce events to control the flow of work and decision making.

Dealing with them … taking sides … all of that is a waste of time. Understand how the game is designed and work on rooting them out … and you will win. It is simple game … provided you understand what is going on.