03 Dec 2017
Trump’s next two years will be the most important years of his life
in America

President Trump has become President at a time of a major world crisis. At a time when the Establishment is keen on destroying America, Europe and Russia. Any politician who solves this crisis … will come out as the most historic leader of the modern world. The world is about to transition into a new era … and whoever leads this transition will be the most loved and respected leaders for ages to come.

And those politicians that will fail to address this crisis … they will never be remembered. We have told many things before … stuff even before it happens. So that leaders can take precautionary measures to prevent that from happening. And this includes stopping of WWIII … which would have already happened under the Obama Administration had we not alerted them of the same. Obama tactically handled the moves that would lead to such a disaster to avoid it from being realized.

“We will see” when it happens
Taking an approach of “we will see” when it happens puts you on the weaker side. Dealing with Establishment malice is like dealing with a bunch of criminals or bank robbers. If you are alerted that a bank is going to be robbed then you should take all precautionary measures to make sure that there is no route available for the criminals to enter the bank. You need to initiate measures to fully secure the bank and then if the criminals attempt … then you hammer the shit out of them.

This is how the alert system works. It gives you the leverage … it gives you the upper hand. But if you wait, do nothing and take the “we will see” when it happens approach … then the criminals get the advantage … they will be running with the cash from the bank and you will be busy chasing them on the streets. This is what happens when you act “after” the bank is robbed.

Examples will help. We warned Obama about many things and he benefited a great deal from them. Forget Obama … let’s talk about the Trump Presidency. We told you repeatedly that the Establishment is after your Presidency and they want you impeached. The scenario that you are in is not routine … any deal making with the Establishment will not help at all. You need to act to take down the Establishment. We warned you about the investigations … they are not after your staff or administration members … Trump and his family are the main targets.

They will start levying charges and start flipping your own staff members against you. Each of them will be used against you. Each of them will be stepping stones to come after you. You were warned ahead of time.

  • Impeachment. In January 2017 itself we warned about impeachment procedures. That was more than 10 months ago. No other President faced impeachment issues in his first year itself. If you had taken action in January then you would be at a fantastic phase right now. You would be kicking the Establishment’s ass. Instead, you allowed Establishment monopoly to exist in its fullest strength and took all of the demonization and ridicule that they levied onto you … for one full year. Why?
  • Investigations and Lawsuits. We warned you about this as well. We told you that they aim to humiliate you and terminate your Presidency. Now, you already have 3 guys who have been charged and they are actively cooperating against you. We told you all of this ahead of time.
  • Chaos Design. They were trying to use elements from your agenda to create chaos in the country. Like your Border Wall … you were blaming the Mexican government for sending in criminals. Deportations – you wanted to deport 11 million immigrants. Travel Ban was being promoted as a Muslim ban. All of this was being used to create protests and create chaos in the country. We encouraged you to blame the “drugs” to promote the Border Wall and stop talking about deporting immigrants. It helped in saving a lot of internal disturbance within the country.

Establishment is pushing for “bombastic blunders”
Since they did not succeed in creating chaos … they are pushing for the creation of “bombastic blunders” under your Presidency. They need a massive blunder that can be blamed on President Trump. If they can blame it on Trump then they can impeach Trump.

  • Chemical Attacks in Syria. This is the main reason they created a chemical attack in Syria … so that they can push you to take action against a country protected by Russia. The right thing to do was to investigate it via Russia and put in measures so that it never occurs again. Instead they sent you on a bombing spree. Because if Russia responds and sinks your ship then that blunder will be blamed on you. Because it was your decision to bomb Syria. Now, you either face a worldwide embarrassment of being slapped by Russia or risk a war against Russia. Either ways it was a disaster for the Trump Presidency.
  • North Korea. This is another technique of creating a massive blunder under the Trump Presidency. You think that North Korea is the only country that you will be attacking … but while you attack North Korea, they will initiate conflicts on other fronts and create an entire disaster. North Korea is just a stepping stone for a major disaster. The new conflict lines can be in East Europe against Russia or also between Iran against Saudi Arabia.
  • Israel helping Saudis. Why do you think Israel is helping Saudi Arabia with intel on Iran. Do you actually think that Israel wants to do something good for the Saudis? No my dear friend … they are just creating all of the possible lines of conflicts in the area that connect with Russia. All of the intel that Israel is providing to the Saudis is designed only to initiate a new conflict with Iran via the Saudis. And this conflict can begin while you are bombing North Korea. What Saudis don’t know is that … Israel does not provide “intel” … but these criminals create the “events” required for the war. Once the event is created or the missile is fired … they will blame it on Iran and push Saudis for a war. Israel has two benefits in this:
    • Create a disaster under Trump Presidency. Firstly, while you are in a conflict with North Korea … Israel can easily start this conflict by firing a few missiles here and there. A conflict between Iran and Saudis will not only create chaos in the war against North Korea but it will also push you to take sides in this new conflict. You are already bombing North Korea which is on one side of Russia … do you think Russia will be okay for you to bomb another Russian ally at the same time? No my dear friend … in this dual conflict you will not get Russian support. In fact, Russia will stand against you … leading you again in a conflict that the Establishment wants since a long time now.
    • Middle East Support. The second major reason for Israel’s support of intel for the Saudis is that … for our project in which we will take down the entire Establishment in America and Europe … Middle East financial support will be crucial. Israel is trying to coax itself with the Saudis just so that their Establishment network does not get demolished in the West. This is Israel’s statement to the Saudis: “Why do you want to take down our corporations? We are helping you against Iran. We are your friends. And why do you want to help Trump. That asshole has declared Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. Don’t help him, burn him.” On one side they get to create chaos and on the other side they get to root out your support. What to do? You need to call the Saudis and tell them that the intel from Israel is a hoax. And that they are just trying to create disasters. These guys are just taking care of their own malicious interests.
  • Embassy in Jerusalem. This is another major blunder that they are trying to push under the Trump Presidency. It will have two major repercussions:
    • Disaster in Middle East peace. Jerusalem actually belongs to Jordan. It is illegally occupied by Israel. Even if these guys put security guards on the Al Aqsa Mosque then it leads to protests and riots. Jordan has already terminated diplomatic relations with Israel. Now, do you think that if the Trump Presidency moves the US Embassy to Jerusalem then it will be good for Middle East peace? It will be a major disaster.
    • Not popular in ME. You will be seen as one of the worst Presidents by Middle East countries. On one hand, they are trying to use the Saudis to initiate a war against Iran and on the other hand … they are pushing you to take a disastrous move where anyone will be reluctant in supporting you. In both ways, they are destroying support and popularity of the Trump Presidency.
  • Gutting Net Neutrality. We already wrote about this in the previous pages. Gutting Net Neutrality would be like selling off the internet to the Establishment. This will again be a terrible blunder under the Trump Presidency. It will be incredibly unpopular.

We tell you stuff before it happens so that you can take measures to stop the disaster and crisis. If you act quickly then you come out winning.

Democrats going after your agenda “Make America Great Again”
That is just the Establishment coming after you. Now, this is what the opposition party does once you have almost completed one year of your first term. They see whatever moves you have made … whatever policy you have unleashed … and then they crosscheck it with your main agenda. This is not the Establishment at work here … it is simple opposition party politics.

Your agenda is Make America Great Again. It has already been almost one year. Now, what the opposition party does is … they come after your agenda. Because it is a fantastic way to deligitimize your Presidency and root out your supporters. We tell you stuff before it happens … these are the cards that the Democrats will play very soon.

  • Where is the great America? Make America Great Again is a nice punchline … but where is the great America? What is he doing to make America great again? Where are the policies? The only thing we see is terror, hate and racism.
  • Border Wall. It will be promoted as a racist and dividing cold hearted element … that shows absolutely no consideration for our neighbors. Trump thinks that the legitimate government of Mexico is involved in sending criminals in the country. He thinks that Latinos are criminals and rapists.
  • Travel Ban. This is another racist policy from a racist President that works against American principles. He classifies and demonizes people based upon their color, race and religion.
  • Refugees. People are fleeing war and persecution and he shows no heart or warmth in giving them support. This is totally against American principles and against what we stand for.
  • Jobs and Economy. He keeps on bragging about jobs and economy. It is in fact Obama’s accomplishment. Obama took a failing economy and pushed it towards a fantastic direction. Trump brags about other’s accomplishments as if they are his own.
  • Tax Cuts. They will add a $1 Trillion to the debt. Take money from the Middle Class and provide cuts for the millionaires.
  • Infrastructure. He has put $200 Billion for infrastructure. That is just blowing up money among his construction buddies at the expense of the American people.
  • Defense Marketing. Wherever he goes, he is marketing for the defense companies and selling their products. He has become a marketing agent for the Establishment.
  • Eager to bomb countries. He is standing on one leg and eager to bomb other countries … only to create a hefty income for the defense companies. He does not care about America. He is just benefiting himself using his Presidency under the banner of Make America Great Again. His whole agenda and Presidency is a sham.

Promise and Real Action – Take the Cash and Avoid the Jail
One thing is the promise and the second thing is “real action”. When the opposition party starts dissecting your real actions and compare it to your promises … it becomes a tough issue for most politicians. Many politicians are in the game for the money … but when they show that the only thing that Trump is doing right now is … encashing the Presidency while he is bent on destroying other countries … then that becomes a problem. The only thing that Trump is chasing is cash … and if another thing that comes to his mind is … saving himself from being indicted. This is plain criminal behavior. Take the cash and avoid the jail.

When the opposition party will show that Trump’s agenda is not “Make America Great Again” … but his actual agenda is “Take the Cash and Avoid the Jail” … then it becomes a problem. You need to prepare for it before it happens.

What to do?
Now, we come to the main point of the page. Your next two years are the most important years of your life. There is a widespread Establishment scheme to take down your Presidency … while they do that … they are pushing you toward massive blunders … so that it becomes easy to terminate your Presidency. The other major disadvantage that you will face in the coming months and years is the opposition party. The opposition party needs only one year to analyze your agenda. They will initiate moves to come after your agenda.

What to do in such a crisis? Firstly, never be an Establishment puppet. Don’t give a rat’s ass about their schemes … everything that they come up with … it is easily breakable … provided you pull the right strings. Secondly, don’t fear the opposition party … you can easily kick ass. I know you have it in you. This is how you solve this crisis.

2018 – Address key issues
This year will be critical in addressing the “real issues” that people face. Don’t think that … hey, 96% employment means that 96% of our people are happy. Employment rate is not equal to happiness. The truth is that many Americans are working on 2-3 jobs only to survive. Getting the job is not the problem at all. Job does not equal to happiness. Most Americans are surviving off 3 credit cards only to sustain the living expenses. There are massive debt based systems designed by the Establishment owing to which the people are in massive debts as well as countries are in massive debt.

We will work with you in the first year to address all of the key issues and problems … while we design a media revolution in your favor.

2019 – Media Revolution
In 2019, you will unleash the Media Revolution. You will not be reaching out to 20K or 50K people in an auditorium … but you will reach out to a 100 Million Americans almost every week. There will be some molding required in your policies and approach to certain issues … to make you more lovable. So that when you reach a 100 Million Americans then you are also loved and respected. Your policies and solutions will echo around the world … giving you global fame and glory. You will be a Rockstar President.

2020 – The Pope and Europe
2020 is election year. Not only you will have overwhelming support from America … but you will get enormous mileage across Christian nations in the world. By molding your policies and making some tweaks in your approach … you will launch fantastic systems that will benefit almost every nation across the globe. You will not be just the President of the United States but you will be a prominent loved and respected world leader.

You will be pooling in millions of Jews into the fold of Christianity. The Pope himself will be glad to work with you. You will get enormous support from the Pope and the Church. Along with the support of fantastic nations like Russia, Germany and Spain … you will easily pinpoint and direct policies all across Europe.

Once in a lifetime chance
Right now, what you are doing is itsy bitsy stuff. It is not good enough. You have to move to a totally different scale. I know you have the potential to handle that scale. Some people can’t handle the pressure. It’s like … you can’t fly a rocket on kerosene oil … for a rocket, you need rocket fuel. I know you can handle rocket fuel. Everyone can’t handle rocket fuel.

And all of this is once in a lifetime chance. Once time passes by, you lose the chance to rise to glory. Look at Obama … two term President … 8 years in office … but time is out. Now, doesn’t matter what … he cannot get his Presidency back. You have the chance to rise to a level that no other President in US history has ever done.

For me … it doesn’t make much of a difference. There are 50+ countries out there and hundreds of aspirants. After you, I will be working with many other leaders across the world. I get to take hundreds of leaders to glory. You have a limitation of time at hand … make most of it. Fight for the people and they will fight for you. It is only people … that can save you from this crisis.