02 Dec 2017
Don’t fire Rex Tillerson
in America

Hiring and firing is the President’s job. I generally don’t get involved. But the Secretary of State is a key position and it affects our work. Rex Tillerson is a great guy, don’t fire him. I am glad that you have decided to work out things among yourselves. It is a good decision.

Hillary as Secretary of State
You will understand Rex Tillerson’s importance for America and the Trump Presidency when you look at what happened in the previous Administration. Hillary was Secretary of State during Obama’s First Term. She totally destroyed America’s and Obama’s reputation. She ran the State Department as if she was the President herself. She overran Obama’s agenda … ran her own thing and totally destroyed Obama’s legitimacy.

She was an Establishment puppet. She was a total war mongerer. All she did was war war war and bomb bomb bomb. This was in total contrast to Obama’s agenda that he campaigned for. Obama is an incredibly polite gentleman. He maintained his silence while Hillary was running her own agenda. Only to respect the Clinton’s extended experience in world politics. Obama allowed her to run her agenda … only because he was polite and out of respect. Otherwise she was an utter total disaster.

Obama had to abandon his “yes, we can” punchline
Hillary was so totally disastrous and in stark contrast with Obama’s original agenda … that in the next elections Obama had to abandon his “yes, we can” punchline. Yes, we can … was a beautiful positive democratic and energetic message that instilled hope in the hearts of millions across America. But the disaster that Hillary created … Obama was ashamed to even use his own punchline.

We recommended that he needs to fire her. That is one way to root out this war mongering and also to get rid of Establishment puppetry in the Administration. Which is exactly what Obama did … and then he hired John Kerry who worked fantastically in diplomatic style to revert all of the chaos and destruction that Hillary created in the first term.

Obama paid big time in understanding Establishment patterns and activities. It costed him his entire Presidency. His first term was spent falling down under Establishment misguidance and then he spent his second term rising from that falling momentum.

Trump Administration is doing great when it comes to wars
I know you are interested in war but you haven’t started any yet. If you look at the full picture then you are actually doing great when it comes to wars. Syria is stabilized. Iraq has been cleaned from ISIS. Two countries have been fully stabilized … thanks to the Trump Administration, its understanding of Establishment malice and Russia’s cooperation. You are doing fantastic in stabilizing countries so far.

Rex Tillerson’s Diplomacy
One of the key reasons for your success is Rex Tillerson’s diplomacy. The guy is very cool, calm and diplomatic. He shows no signs of Establishment puppetry and he is not a war mongerer like Hillary Clinton. You have a fantastic savior at hand.

Trust me, Obama was totally destroyed by his own Secretary of State. Obama made fantastic accomplishments in his first term. He got a terrible failing economy with employment plunging like crazy. He got an environment filled with hate and fear. Obama changed all of that in his first term. He got rid of all of the hate, division and fear from the society … which helped in creating a fantastic economy. And Obama could never brag about it. Why? Because of the disasters that Hillary was creating right under his nose.

Right now … Rex Tillerson is doing a great job. This fantastic record breaking economic growth that you are seeing under your Presidency is partly because of the cool and diplomatic style of Rex Tillerson. He has not made a single statement that provokes war or induces hate and fear among the people. Rex is doing great … stick with him.

Don’t bother about gossip
Don’t get carried away by gossip. Maintain an open mind. This is democracy. This is not a dictatorship. People should be free to express their opinions. You need to allow people some level of freedom. Don’t catch any and every slight deviation. What’s important among your staff is:

  • Respect. When they are in front of you … do they respect you? Are they behaving rudely on your face in an unacceptable manner?
  • Work and Performance. See their performance in the work. Are they doing what is good for America? Are they helping the Trump Presidency?

If they respect you in your presence and they are doing a fantastic job … then that’s enough. Doing a fantastic job is itself enormous respect. It is not “wordy” respect but it is respect in action.

Don’t bother about what they talk about among their friends and colleagues. You need to give them some space and freedom … so that their personal life should not be bossed by you. People talk whatever among their friends … it is just sharing and gossip. They talk about their boss, their wife, their parents, their managers … and it is not necessary that every time it has to be praise. Sometimes you disagree … with your parents, your wife or boss or manager … and you say stuff. It does not mean that you hate your wife or parents or your boss.

Okay fine … he called you an effing moron. So what? Did he call you that on your face? Is he disrespectful on your face? No, it was just gossip among friends … which they should be totally allowed to do. It’s okay, it’s normal. What our lovely Establishment does is … they leak such private information to the media … create friction only to get rid of the good guys from the team. If you go ikky picky on everything that is leaked to the media then you will get rid of all of the good guys from the team.

Handle it like a sport
You don’t have to play the boss card every time. It will become terribly difficult for you if you try to play the boss at every instant. A boss should also be a friend and a human being. If you react to such gossip aggressively then people will laugh at you. But if you take such info like a sport … and you yourself laugh at it … the people will smile and ignore it. And they will appreciate the “friendly boss” that you are.

When it comes to work, agenda and strategy … be the boss. But when it comes to stuff that happens outside the office among friends and colleagues … then be a friend. Be a human being … treat them equally. Don’t be a boss at all places.

Don’t rely only on “yes men”
Yes men are nice when it comes to listening to you but most of them cannot handle a crisis. An example … Sean Spicer. He was a nice yes-man to have but he was getting beat up. And when these “yes men” fail in a crisis … they will only blame you for the instructions that led to the failure. The more yes men you hire, the more responsibility you have to take for the crisis that they may face.

With good and talented people in a democracy … you have to give them some leg room. Don’t be ikky picky on tiny stuff. Take it easy and be a sport. Focus on bigger stuff. Focus on overall work and performance.

About the Embassy in Jerusalem
That is not a great idea. We already wrote about it here:


You might think that “hey, if I move the US Embassy to Jerusalem then it might please the Establishment and they will go easy on me with these investigations.” Well that will not work. US Embassy in Jerusalem is only a local domestic agenda within the US. Almost every Congressman is pestered to support the embassy in Jerusalem. It has nothing to do with the investigations or Establishment main policies.

Forget about Jerusalem, the Establishment is keen on destroying Israel itself. This is why Israel is constantly attacking Syrian military positions. They know that Syria is protected by Russia. They are attacking a Russian ally only to pull America in the war. The priorities are different. They don’t care about Israel itself right now … why do you think they will care about Jerusalem?

If you give them the embassy in Jerusalem … they will take it but they will continue to humiliate you and your Administration via the investigations. Nothing will change. Why give them something more only to get more humiliation for you and your family?

The way to deal with Israel and Establishment based issues is “dual layers”. They play with layers and you respond with layers.

  • Frontend. Tell them that you are interested in moving the Embassy to Jerusalem. So that they get the wordy comfort that they need.
  • Backend. And then put a condition that … let there be peace in the Middle East first. Reconcile with Palestine in all matters and then we will look forward to the Embassy issue.

You are not giving a negative response. You are being positive and encouraging positive moves. They have given us only total disasters and we should give them everything that they need? Yeah right. That too when Jerusalem is illegally occupied?

Once we eliminate Establishment monopoly then no one will talk about Jerusalem. They will have more pressing matters to deal with.