01 Dec 2017
Gutting Net Neutrality The Establishment is trying to control, categorize and commercialize internet access
in America

Today the internet is freely accessible to anyone who has internet access. You have access to all of the content on the Internet. This is what the Net Neutrality allows. The Establishment is trying to gut Net Neutrality laws in order to control, categorize and commercialize internet access.

Some background info
You will understand what the Establishment is trying to do if you take a look at how our media access changed from Dish TV to Cable Channels. If you remember before we had easy access to all of the TV channels available via your TV antenna or a Dish TV. All you had to do was buy a good receiver or a Dish TV and you could access all of the channels in your city, state, country and as well as you could pick up some channels from neighboring countries as well. This was the scenario before Cable Channel came into the picture. This is from the viewer’s perspective.

And if you were the provider … if you wanted to setup your own TV channel, then the only thing you had to do was:

  • Channel Setup. Setup your channel and link to the Satellite. And your channel would be accessed by everyone who had a Dish TV in your target area.
  • Campaign Cost. Apart from that, you would carry out some campaigns to promote your channel.

These were the two major costs for any prospective TV channel owner. Anyone who desired who setup their own TV channel was free to do so, provided he had the basic setup costs at hand.

Content control via Cable Ownership
What our lovely Establishment did was … they introduced Cable Channel. In the name of high quality access, they promoted Cable Channels which mainly held their own TV Networks and Channels. Cable Channel was widely promoted and many people moved from Dish TV to Cable Channel.

The viewer’s perspective – Cable Channel
This is how the Cable Channel changed the viewer’s access to the media.

  • The viewers had access to only the channels that the Cable company provided.
  • The viewers had lost their access to any and all channels that they could access via Dish TV.
  • Cable Companies categorized the channels and made the viewers pay more to access those channels.
  • We got categories of Star Network, the Fox Network, Movies, Cartoons, News and so on.
  • “Pay per view” channels – They started commercializing the “access” to some channels. You had to pay to just see the channel … let alone the routine advertising that goes on in the channel.

This is what the Establishment did:

  • They took something that was totally free … a medium that was totally free … a medium that was accessed by hundreds of millions of people every day.
  • They introduced technology and legislation … in order to control, categorize and commercialize access to that medium.
  • They made everyday people pay more for something that was totally free.
  • And they took the control of the entire medium in their hands.

It gets worse … keep reading. The above is how the life changed for the viewers. Today if you want to setup your own TV channel then this is how it goes.

  • Setup Costs. You have the setup costs of the channel.
  • Access Cost. If you want your channel to be carried by Cable Distributors then you have to pay an incredibly high cost to the Establishment just so that people can access your channel. This cost never existed before. It was totally free before.
  • Channel Rejection. On top of that, they can totally reject even carrying your TV channel based upon its content. They can simply say “heh, we don’t like the content of your channel … buzz off.” A bunch of Jews can tell an American citizen on American soil to buzz off and that he will not be given access to the media. A bunch of Jews sit there and decide what 330 million Americans see and what they don’t see. They are not the government. Private Jewish owned companies are controlling what Americans can or cannot do in the media.
  • Campaign Cost. Once you manage to enter the system … despite the incredibly high costs of entry … then you have to spend on campaign costs to promote your channel.

Before it was just two simple steps … setup your channel with a link to the satellite and then run a campaign to promote your channel. But now, you might have all of the resources required to setup the channel and campaign for it … but even then you may not get even an entry into the Cable Network … because everything is owned by a private Jewish Establishment. You have to pay an enormous cost so that people have access to your channel and then you have to obey all of the conditions that this “private Establishment” levies on your channel. A private entity is controlling 330 million Americans in the media industry. Its their country … they are the citizens and they can do nothing about it.

Cable TV access costing $11.8 Billion per year in USA
What you may say is that … “hey, I don’t pay much for Cable TV. It costs me only $10 per month.” That’s true … but take a look at the full picture. Before cable TV, antennas were built-in along with the television sets. Your cost for accessing TV channels was zero. Even if you bought a separate signal booster or high end antenna then it would cost you $25-100. It was a one-time investment without any recurring cost. You could access TV channels for as long as the television set worked … it might be 5 years or 10 or 20 years.

Now, to access Cable TV, you have to pay every single month. If you don’t then you have no access at all. Yes you pay only $10 per month … but that becomes $120 per year. Cable TV has 98.7 million subscribers in USA. The total cost that Americans are paying to access Cable TV channels today is $11.8 Billion per year. Since the past 20 years we have paid about $236.8 Billion just to access TV channels … something that was totally free before.

This is what they have made just via the “access” route. Then all of the advertising funds go to them … which is more than $70 Billion per year and the worst part is … you see only what they show you while all of your cash is drained away. You are enslaved to their system.

Gutting Net Neutrality – Déjà vu of the commercialization of TV Channel access
Gutting Net Neutrality is déjà vu of the commercialization of media access. Just like before … all of the TV channels were freely accessible … all you needed was a Dish TV and you had access to the entire medium. Stronger the Dish TV … better the access. In the exact same manner today:

  • The internet is 100% free. You can access whichever site you want freely. There is no private company controlling what you access on the internet. In the same manner as you had access to TV channels via Dish TV.
  • Internet Connection. All you need is an internet connection. If you have an internet connection then the entire internet is freely accessible. Stronger the internet connection, higher the speed.

Today, if you want to promote your site. All you need to do is … setup your site and promote your site via a campaign. It is simple two step procedure. Just like it was before for TV Channels.

All of this can change when the Establishment guts Net Neutrality laws

  • Control. A bunch of private companies will come in between your access to the internet. These companies will be able to control which site or application you access.
  • Categorize. Just like in Cable TV … you have access only to those channels that your Cable provider provides. In the same manner, the Establishment can categorize the internet into commercial, educational, gaming, shopping and news categories … and they can control which sites are shown in each of these categories.
  • Commercialize. Just like in Cable TV you have to pay an immense cost so that people have access to your TV channel … in the same manner, just having a website will not be enough anymore … you will have to pay providers to show your site on their network. You will have to pay a private party in between … just so that people can access your site.

This is exactly what Net Neutrality prevents and by gutting Net Neutrality we are headed towards total control, categorization and commercialization of internet access by a private entity.

Why does the Establishment come up with such ideas?
Well, they have an ideology where we the people are cows and sheep … and whatever we do should be for their benefit. It is all about exploiting and leeching the most from us. The TV Channels were totally free and they introduced a system where we pay the highest amount possible to access the channels. TV is popular … everyone wants to watch TV for entertainment, education and communication … it is a necessary tool. Thus if you make the people pay a little bit more … the people won’t like it but they can be forced to shell out that amount.

Similarly, today the internet is highly popular. Billions of people are on the internet. It is a totally free medium as of now. Once they start introducing legislation so that private companies can control what you see and cannot see … the whole thing will lead to the control, categorization and commercialization of internet access. The Establishment will sit there and make billions via a simple legislation … while the people have to shell out enormous amounts for something that was totally free.

Gut Obama Regulations
The Establishment might come to President Trump and try to gut Net Neutrality because it was an “Obama Regulation”. “Since the Democrats are the opposition party … let’s gut everything that they did.” This can be one of the techniques that they can use to persuade President Trump.

Inheriting of a Presidency can be something like … inheriting some features from your mom and dad. You may not agree with your mom and dad on something … but will you cut off your nose because your nose reminds you of your dad? Will you shave your head because your hair remind you of your mom? No, you will not. Because your nose and your hair are something that will help you.

Similarly, not everything that came from Obama is bad. Don’t allow the Establishment to mislead you using Obama’s name. These guys are malicious assholes. Net Neutrality is a good thing. It was a very move by Obama. It secured the internet in its free version as it exists now. Don’t allow the Establishment to mislead you on this. Stick to Net Neutrality laws. Do not allow the Establishment to control the internet. Do not allow a bunch of Jews to control what 330 Million Americans can do or cannot do on the internet. We simply cannot afford to allow a private company to control the internet.

How it will affect the Trump Presidency?

  • Most unpopular moves. Firstly, it will be seen as one of the most unpopular moves which will be highly demonized in the media.
  • Widely Publicized Blunder. Remember that the Establishment is trying to push you towards major blunders. First it was Syria then North Korea … and now the Internet. Once you fall for the blunder … then they will carry out a mass campaign against your Administration and Presidency for this blunder.
  • Public and Democrat Backlash. Tens of millions of people have already reached out to the FCC … so that they don’t change Net Neutrality laws. If this change comes into effect then there will be a massive backlash from the public and Democrats will enjoy every bit of it and they will come after you along with the public.
  • Establishment Puppetry. It will be seen as clear Establishment puppetry. He campaigned for a great America and said that politicians are Establishment puppets … and today he sold off the internet to the Establishment. It will clearly show that you are working for the Establishment in the name of making America great again. It will create massive backlash. It will not help in your re-election at all.

Can be handled via simple moves
Stuff like Net Neutrality can be handled via simple moves. You can handle this completely on your own. Establishment monopoly is a more complicated issue. This you can easily handle this by yourself. Just pull the strings and it will be done.