28 Nov 2017
Multi Point Frontend Strategy
in America

What Trump must be thinking is that … during such an anti-Russia phase how I can support a super pro-Russian campaign? And what Putin must be thinking is that … while Europe and America is taking so many measures to counter Russian involvement … how can I enter these countries with a pro-Russian campaign? And I think that … if I provide some info on the front end presence of the work then you will get a better idea.

Active Democracy – Concept
Firstly, Active Democracy is only the concept. Once we launch the work … there will be no physical presence of Active Democracy as a company or organization in any country in the world … at least for the initial stages. Technically, no one will work for Active Democracy directly. Active Democracy is basically a concept … an idea … a formula … that will be promoted around the world.

It will be present online via the website. Everyone will be able to see the site and the concept … but there will be no physical presence of Active Democracy. The work that will be done to facilitate this concept and to promote this concept … it will be done via a “multi point” frontend strategy.

You will not be working with or endorsing just one company or organization. We will be setting up and working with hundreds of companies. Our concept will move into several countries via hundreds of companies. Not just via one or two companies. I am not supposed to write this online … but its okay … we are not doing anything illegal. All of our activities are 100% legal and they do nothing but good for the people. In fact, the people will love it.

Frontend Multiple Points
I will give you a brief overview of how it would function. Below are some of the frontend points that we will design:

  • Active Democracy. Its only a concept site.
  • Think Tank. This is the brain of the work. Here we will be doing all of the research, data collection and ground work. This will provide the backbone for all of our frontend points. Think Tank operations will be via a nameless organization or a variable name … its legal name is a mere formality which can be changed at any moment of time. And the Think Tank operations also will be subdivided to separate locations.
  • People Power. This may be clubbed with the main website Active Democracy or it may have its own individual presence. It depends upon how the operation moves forward. Just like Active Democracy … no one will work for People Power. The work of People Power will be sub-contracted to a company of another variable name … which would be again our company. Over here we will campaign against the Establishment, the bankers, the corporations and the top 1%. People Power videos will be circulated around the world. But its production will be done by other variable companies. The operation is designed in such a manner to keep our staff safe and to counter Establishment moves.
  • Under the Skin. This will be a very sensitive operation. It will be exposing the roots and the main ideology behind the malice. Because of its high sensitivity … not only there will be no physical address for this operation … there will be no single person that will be on the frontend in any way in this operation. It might be news anchors, presentation, reporting … whatever it might be … the entire content will be created via animations and graphics … using companies under variable names.
  • Telemarketing and Social Media. There will be widespread telemarketing and social media operations. But again … none of them will be done under the banner of Active Democracy. All of this will be again … a separate company with different staff and a different manager. Our own guys will not know how many other companies are working under the same concept. Who, what and where … will only be known by us.
  • Blogger Network. A separate company and a separate location with different staff … where hundreds of bloggers will be trained on how to write and campaign for the concept.
  • Onsite Activism Network. To start with … we will activate onsite activism in the top 20 cities of America. And they simply cannot stop us because these are Americans standing up on American soil demanding for a better life for Americans. This is basic human rights. This is not Russian propaganda. This is Americans asking for a better life and systems for themselves. There is absolutely nothing illegal about it. It is 100% legal and fully protected under law. We will design an entire network to facilitate this activism at the ground level. Each group could be working under their own name or totally nameless.
  • Church Network. Since our works are directly related to Christians and Christianity … our onsite activists will network with almost every Church in their cities. The Church itself will become a point of promotion of the concept and policies. How are they going to stop the Church? Tell them that you can’t preach in favor of Christians and Christianity? In all of this … none of them are working for Active Democracy. The activists are not working for Active Democracy nor is the Church. None of them are directly employed by Active Democracy.
  • College and University. The same goes here.
  • Celebrity Network. Same here.
  • Email Marketing. Same here.

And it moves ahead like that. There is no single company here. Don’t think that if you are working with us then you are working with just one company. No, it is not like that. We will be designing a network of several companies … each of them with:

  • Different name
  • Different staff
  • Different operations
  • At different location
  • And possibly, with different sponsors

Why is it done like this?
I said this before … like a diamond cuts a diamond … you need a system to beat another system. The Establishment is not one person or one company … it is a system. The creation of the above system gives us the flexibility required to beat the Establishment system.

For example … look at the vast anti-Russian propaganda right now. But our Think Tank is totally nameless and it can be setup in any safe country around the world. The only thing it is doing is … research and data collection. We can take funds from anywhere around the world and we can work with any politician around the world. Even if we get funds from Mongolia or Timbuktu … it is not going to make any difference. Because the Think Tank would be nothing but a simple research institute. And this Think Tank itself will be sub-divided into different locations.

What the Establishment is trying to do is … “hey, Active Democracy is associated with Russia … this is Russian propaganda! Stop Active Democracy!” This is the strategy that they are gearing up with. Lol. But in reality Active Democracy will not even exist and no promotion work will be done via Active Democracy.

Distributed Sponsorship
Our initial sponsors can be from anywhere around the world. Because our Think Tank operations will essentially be nameless. In the later stages … this will become a very media heavy operation. Media will be one of the central tools that we will use for this work. We will campaign for donations from within America and Europe … so that we can directly associate our Activism Teams with local sponsors.

This will again help us combat Establishment’s malicious moves. It will be:

  • American citizens
  • Campaigning in America
  • For Americans
  • Funded by Americans

This pretext that the Establishment is trying to use by saying … “hey, this is Russian interference in our democracy!” … this will soon vaporize the moment we start pulling sponsorships from various sources. What are they going to say … “hey, Saudi is financing Russian propaganda … Qatar is financing Russian propaganda … Turkey is financing Russian propaganda … American billionaires and companies are financing Russian propaganda”. Their pretext becomes total bullshit … the moment we distribute our work. The initiation can be from anyone … but during the initial phase … we need to create a distributed strategy.

Trump thinks it is impossible for him to get the Pope’s endorsement
President Trump is having a hard time understanding and believing what is going on. Lol. He is like … what the hell? What’s going on? What the hell have I inherited? And now it is possible for the Pope to endorse me and my policies? Lol. He probably thinks all of this is impossible and nobody cares about these issues.

Firstly, if you need the Pope’s endorsement … which will work like magic for you in your next election … then you need to handle a few policy based issues that you have.

  • Wars. If you need the Pope’s endorsement … don’t rush for wars. Show diplomatic skills, use pressure tactics, give first preference to saving lives … rather than just bombing countries. It will be difficult for the Pope to endorse a guy who is bombing smaller countries. As of now, you have not started any war … so you are good on this.
  • Minorities. The second issue is minorities. You have a good agenda of keeping America first. But in the eyes of God and the Church … every life is important … every single life. Try to show more love, patience, support and care … for the minorities. The Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, refugees … people are fleeing war and persecution and you are giving them the finger. Getting an endorsement from the Pope … is like the Pope saying that … God is in agreement with you. That … Trump’s policies are right in the light of God. God loves and cares for every single life … you need to show that your policies will love and care for every single life. Put checks and verification in place to address the issue … it might be drugs or terrorism … but show utmost love for all and protect all of them.

Try to mold your policies as per the above two main issues and then follow the below steps:

  • First, analyze all of the ground level issues. See how they are impacting Christian life.
  • Formulate a strategy to handle these issues.
  • Involve local Church Cardinals and top Priests for insights and opinion
  • Design laws to empower Christians and Christianity
  • And then connect with the Pope. Tell the Pope “I think there are so many issues that Christians are facing today in America and Europe. So and so is the scale of the problem. And as the President of the United States, I would like to connect with every European country in solving this crisis for the Christian people. These policies and measures will bring millions of Jews in the fold of Christianity. What do you think?”

Don’t tell him what to do. Involve him and take his support. Seeing your work at the domestic level itself … the Pope will know about your policies and how you have reformed yourself so fantastically. Now, since you want to take this work across the globe … in Europe and Americas … and affect the entire Christian world … the Pope will only be delighted to be of help.

Once you reach this stage my friend … there wouldn’t be a single American politician that will be able to stand in front of you. You will outmatch everyone. Even if Oprah and Warren stand against you … then on what basis will they fight against a guy … who the entire Christian world loves and who has been endorsed by the Pope himself. Do you see the fantastic and iconic level that I have for you?

You might say … “hey, no one cares about this Establishment. I talked to a few people and no one cares.”

  • Deviation. That’s how they deviate you from taking any action. That’s how they deviate you from becoming great and doing great things for your country. They try to fix you on the path that they have designed … which is nothing but stagnation, hate, crime, debt and destruction. You know who are the Clintons and Obamas, right. They spent several decades in politics … both of them two term Presidents. As the US President, is there something that you don’t have access to? You have the best military commanders, the best intelligence officers and the best technology … but despite that Obama used to check our writings to understand what the Establishment is up to. Why? Because the info that we provide … there is absolutely no one across the US spectrum in military or intelligence … that can provide this info or strategies. Despite having the best resources at hand, they used our writings to handle Establishment malice. It is not necessary that the other people that you talk to know what is going on.
  • Censorship of Anti-Austerity Protests. If nobody cares about this and it is not important … then why are they censoring the anti-austerity protests in Europe? Why is there no coverage of these protests in the American media? Countries are on the brink of collapse owing to the Establishment’s debt based systems. And they don’t want America to know this. Because the thing with Americans is that … once they know about a crisis then they jump into action and eventually the Establishment’s ass gets kicked.
  • Unlimited Loans for America. This is the main reason why they have extended an unlimited loans facility for America. America gets to keep on raising its debt ceiling. Why? Because if you don’t borrow more then the government starts shutting down … then people get pissed off and the Establishment’s ass gets kicked. Do you know how much the total debt of Greece is? It is just about $300 Billion. That’s it. And the country was about to be kicked out of EU and going to fall into an economic collapse. Unlimited borrowing is not available for small countries like Greece because these countries can be managed. But a collapse in America means end times for the Establishment.
  • Termination Strategies. You can’t stop America from borrowing. You can’t allow America to collapse. But you can terminate America. That’s exactly what the Establishment is repeatedly trying to work on. This is the main reason why they are promoting anti-Russian movements in the West. You think nobody cares and it is not important … but the Establishment is freaking out at the scale of its malice … it is terribly scared and it wants things terminated. That’s why … first they used the chemical weapons excuse in Syria … then North Korean missiles … and now … since we stopped both of them … they are pestering Saudi Arabia against Iran. Why do you think Israel is trying to team up with the Saudis? Because if Israel and Saudi Arabia are on one side … then they get America on their side … while on the other side they get Iran and Russia. You think nobody cares … they are working on a termination strategy while we speak.
  • Russian Disinformation. While you guys are still pondering on what to do … whether to do or not to do … to do or not to do … to do or not to do? The Establishment has already pulled the Theresa May to combat “Russian Disinformation” in the UK. They have already allotted 100 Million Euros to combat this “Disinformation”. While you guys are still pondering whether to sponsor or not to sponsor … they have already released 100 Million Euros to control flow of information in the UK.

And why are they calling this “disinformation”? When has Russia “disinformed” anyone? Everything that RT says is 100% verifiable. They are using this term only to defend themselves from their Communist crimes. When we are going to publish information of how:

  • Millions of Christians were executed in Communist countries
  • Thousands of Churches were burnt and
  • Tens of thousands of priests and clergymen were killed
  • Suppression of Christianity and promotion of Atheism

What they are going to say is … “this is Russian Disinformation”. The issue with their Russian “Disinformation” tactic is that … Communism was not there in Russia alone … there are scores of countries in the East that were ravaged in this savage manner for more than 90 years. Info will flow from every single country. It is not going to be only Russian information … it will be collective information from scores of countries.

But this is the best that they can do. The Establishment has an upper hand in a few things … because they take real time action. If you take the info and sleep on it … then they are the ones who move ahead with their agenda. It is easy to take down the Establishment … provided you act on it.

Take the Easy and Juicy
Don’t be a scared chicken like the rest of the Congress. The American Congress is more like a chicken farm. You don’t want to be a chicken. But at the same time, you don’t want all of the risk. It is better to take the easy and juicy parts of the project … that will give you immense fame and publicity with minimum risk. While you lead with easy and juicy … distribute the rest. You will find some fighters for every topic … among Republicans as well as Democrats. Train them and let them lead. For all of the work being done under your Presidency … you get all of the credit. There are easy ways of managing things.

Hillary will not be the Democrat nominee in 2020
Another thing that you should know is that Hillary will not be the nominee from the Democrat’s side in 2020. The Democrats know it very well that they lost because of Hillary … being the most hated woman in American politics … it was a surprise nomination for many of them. The current Democrat strategy to win in 2020 is to nominate anyone other than Hillary.

The Establishment is already demonizing Trump to the maximum and approval ratings are at the lowest. All that the Democrats need to do is not nominate Hillary. And they are already working on raising alternate candidates. The above strategy that we gave you … will help you beat any Democrat candidate.