26 Nov 2017
Multi-Faceted Goodness
in America

Here is another thing that Trump and Putin should know. Our project has “multi-faceted goodness”. There are like a dozen different angles of goodness associated with our project. And the good thing about this multi-faceted goodness is that … we can use each of these angles to move into any country in the world.

Examples will help. Look at the below examples and see how this single project has so much goodness and how it will help us enter any country across the globe.

  1. Christians – Mainly Americas, Europe, Australia
    The theme of the project is “empowering Christianity”. Why empowering Christianity? Because Christianity and Christians have been overtaken, suppressed and abused by this malicious Jewish Establishment … which is not actually “Jewish” at its roots but it is actually criminal and Satanic. This widespread Establishment monopoly is only abusing Christians on Christian soil. They have setup widespread debt based exploitation systems only to leech Christians and Christian countries off their wealth. The result of these systems only creates massive debt for the people as well as the country … which is exactly what is happening in America and Europe. One of the critical solutions that we will be providing is … bringing the control and money network back into Christian hands. This is how you move into Christian countries.
  2. Muslims - Middle East, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, North Africa
    The common thing between Christians and Muslims is fighting the evil. Just like in Christian countries Christians are empowered … similarly we empower Muslims in Muslim countries. Muslims are already in power and in control in most Muslim countries … this will not be the major milestone. But the major milestone will be moving these countries to fantastic levels via new people centric systems. All of these countries will gladly support the movement and incorporate the new systems because they are already in sync with goodness by virtue of their religion. The demonization of Islam via Radical groups is all trash. Countries like ME, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia and in North Africa … they would love to kick the Jewish Establishment and setup fantastic systems. This is how you move into Muslim countries.
  3. People – Any country
    It might be Muslims or Christians or Jews … religion is not the factor here. These are “people centric” systems. They will result in great, fantastic and positive changes for any people of any country around the world. The only thing that you need to do is promote the goodness that this project has for the people of the country … and the people will rally for this project / policies. It doesn’t matter what religion of the country is … it might be Buddhist or Atheist … as long as we have people who want great things for them and their children, we can easily move into that country.
  4. Ruling Party Politicians – Any country
    The good thing that this project has for any ruling party politician is that … these reforms are so fantastic that any leader who will take up these reforms … his name will go down in history for unleashing these fantastic reforms for his people. His name will be immortalized in history for doing great things for his country. Leaders who love to do great things for their people … irrespective of their religion, race or color … they would be keenly interested in this project.
  5. Opposing Party Aspirants – Any country
    Just in case, the ruling party is too busy only benefiting themselves … then every opposing party aspires to rule. They aspire to take down the current ruling party and come in power asap. With the widespread support that our policies will create among the people … it will be very easy to burn any ruling party. A simple example of this is using Le Pen in France to take down Macron.
  6. Church – Christian Countries
    Apart from reaching out to common Christians … the Church itself will provide us with a massive network of hundreds of thousands of Churches across America and Europe to promote these changes. As one of the bases of the work is “fighting against evil for good”. The project can be simply put as “good vs evil”. The Establishment has setup a long list of exploitation systems, promotion of decadence, violence and crime … all of which is nothing but support for evil and crime. The Church’s default duty is to fight against evil and pull people towards good … doesn’t matter what denomination. Not only we can enter any Christian country via the Church but the network of Churches will be critical in campaigning against this evil and establish new people centric systems.
  7. The Pope – Americas and Europe
    The most fantastic and spectacular element in the Christian world against this Establishment malice would be “the Pope”. It is his inherent divine duty to fight against evil, to save the people from evil and to save the world from an evil catastrophe. It is his divine duty to pull the people and the world towards good. Especially for the Christians, the Church and the Pope that we are creating a separate program called “Under the Skin” … in order to show them the main evil ideology behind all of these systems. If they can understand the roots, the ideology and where all of this leads to … then they will understand what is going on. And once they will realize this and how this malice is destroying the world … and how our policies will save the people and pull them towards goodness … then the Church and the Pope become spectacular support points for the work.
    It is not routine for the Pope to endorse political campaigns … but this is not just politics. The raw base of the work is the fight against evil and to pull the people towards goodness. And all of our systems will facilitate the same. Another reason why the Pope will be in favor of the project is because … the Jewish Establishment has been a long time enemy of the Church and the Christian people.
  • Bubonic Plague. Right from the Bubonic Plague which killed one third of Europe’s Christian population.
  • Communist Rule. To the Communist rule where thousands of Churches were burnt to the ground and tens of thousands of Priests and Clergymen were executed. While Christianity was suppressed, Atheism was widely promoted.
  • Elimination of the Church’s Rule and Control. The Jewish Establishment actively worked through the ages to limit and eliminate the Church’s rule and control. Today is payback time. Now, the Church will help in rooting out the Establishment from around the world in favor of Christians.
  1. Common Jews – Routinely used and victimized
    The common Jews themselves are routinely used and victimized by the Establishment. The common Jews themselves are the victims of these debt based systems. Millions of them are suffering just like anyone of us. Once they see how they are being fooled, used and abused by the Establishment … and how our policies will revolutionize Israel … then they will themselves fight for these policies. Yes, forget about entering Europe and America … with our policies, we can easily revolutionize Israel itself. All we need to do is expose Establishment malice and how people are being fooled and abused by them.
  2. Pro Russian – Russia, East Europe and Ex-Communist Countries
    One of the major victims of the Establishment in modern times is Russia. The Establishment has facilitated widespread sanctions in order to isolate Russia from the world. In this case Russia becomes a key ally in the work against the Establishment and so do all Russian allies in East Europe and Ex-Communist countries. We can easily move into this zone via Russia’s support.
  3. Establishment Victims – Trump, Putin, Obama, Merkel
    Talking about victims … there is a long list of Establishment victims. Right from political leaders like Trump, Putin, Obama, Merkel to a long list of countries like America, Europe, Russia and Communist countries. Establishment malice has been widespread and endless … knowing no bounds, no control and no atrocity has been less for the Establishment. All of Establishment victims would love to teach them a lesson.
  4. Anti Establishment Countries – Middle East, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia and Ex-Communist Countries
    These countries are already well aware of Jewish Establishment malice in one way or the other. Not only they would form good bases for support against the Establishment but they would love to take them down.
  5. People Centric Leaders – Trump, Oprah, Warren, Obama, Putin, Merkel, Trudeau and ME Kings
    All it needs to handle the Establishment is people centric leaders like above. Some balls and a fight for the people is all is what is required.

All in all … the above is nothing but “goodness marketing”. Goodness can be moved into any country seamlessly … just like light moves into darkness.

Gestures are not enough
President Trump is probably wondering why I am still considering Oprah and Warren … because gestures are not enough. Let me explain this to you in condo terms … you are in the business of selling condos, right? Let’s say that you have a condo that’s worth a $1 billion and there is one guy that is signaling that he is interested in buying the condo. But there is no email, no phone call, no initial payment and no contract … and he is still “signaling” that he wants to buy the condo. Will you not reach out to others because there is one guy who is signaling interest and there is absolutely no verifiable confirmation from his side? That would be foolish … don’t you think so?

“Hey, don’t reach out to others … because I am giving you the signals.” It does not work that way. There have to be verifiable confirmations of your interest.

And guess what? Who is the most keenly interested from the Democrat’s side? Lol. Hillary GodDamn Clinton! I am like … ah Jesus Christ … the woman has a craze for the Presidency. My dear lady … my door is open … but it is open for “people centric” leaders … like Trump, Putin, Oprah and Warren. For you, the only thing I will suggest is … try not to die early … because what is waiting for you on the other side is not pretty.

Project Previews
Let me give you some previews of how it would look like under different scenarios.

  • Oprah, Warren … and then the Pope!
    Let’s assume Oprah ties up with us and we work with them. Oprah can finance the whole thing. Warren is a fantastic leader. Oprah is not only finance … she has been looking into people’s issues for several decades and she has been addressing them on her show. She is more people oriented than most politicians out there. If you take Oprah’s fame and Warren’s political savvy nature … combine them with our fantastic policies … and then later on you get the Pope’s endorsement for all of these policies. Just imagine the waves that it will create. Trump would not be fighting just a lame Democrat in 2020 … like he did last time. It could be Oprah + Warren + the Pope! No American politician can ever compete with a combination like that. We can facilitate that combination. What Trump does not know is that the Pope is already within the Matrix.
  • Trump + Fantastic Policies + the Pope!
    If Trump confirms the deal with us then we can easily hold off the above configuration. We love Oprah and Warren. We want them in the White House but we can hold them off till 2024. Because what is more important for us is “change for the people”. If President Trump initiates that … then automatically he gets our policies … and with our policies he gets the Pope, God willing. Today everyone is ridiculing Trump but tomorrow Trump can reach an iconic level.
  • Putin + Europe + the Pope!
    This project can also be easily done without American leadership … although we would really love American leadership. The key issue here is that … America is not the only country suffering because of the Establishment debt based systems. While America is 104% in debt, Italy is 132% and Greece is 179% in debt when compared to their GDP. There are about 50 other countries in Europe that need help. Based upon the above mentioned few movements, we can find ways of initiating the work in Europe. A splendid example of this is Le Pen. She was directly funded by a Russian bank and she carried out widespread Pro Russian marketing at a national level. The Establishment can control RT and Facebook … but they can’t control European politicians and their own citizens. Europe has already seen catastrophes after catastrophe happening because of the Jewish Establishment. The Pope will love to help. Almost entire Europe is Catholic … it will provide a fantastic medium to end this malice.

Action Model – Cop and Thief
The Establishment is nothing but “criminal” in nature. I keep on saying this because this is exactly what they are. Dealing with them is like dealing with a bunch of thieves. Examples will help. If you call the cops and tell them that … “hey there are some thieves and they are going to rob so and so bank”. Once you give this information to the police and what the police say is “ah, this is fake news. This is anti-semitism. Don’t bother, nothing is going to happen.” After that they don’t take any action to secure the bank … then what will happen? Obviously, the bank will be insecure and it will be looted.

When we point out where the crime is going to happen … you should immediately take action using your political and intelligence tools in order to stop that from happening. That’s how you suppress the crime from happening.

  • Turkey – Apology Letter. When I came to Turkey, I said that … “all what Putin needs is sorry … you say one word and trade relations will be restored”. They got the information and within one week Putin has an apology letter from Turkey. Instantly, they initiated dialog and eliminated almost all trade restrictions. What if Turkish officials said … “nah, we don’t believe this. We will follow NATO and we will do what our authorities say.” There would be no resumption of trade, no normalization of relations and no S400 systems for Turkey. They followed simple advice and got fantastic things in return. Not only they got booming trade relations but they are also getting a fantastic defense system. This is an example of quick and real action.
  • Russia – Syria and Iran. The Establishment sanctioned and isolated Russia. We showed them the main culprits behind this. And showed them how to gain allies and boost trade via Syria and Iran. They followed our advice … got instantly into action. Today, Russia is the hero of Syria. Putin will go down in Syria’s history for supporting them. And they have developed tens of billions worth trade relations with these countries. Russia’s entire operation in Syria cost them zero. The only thing they got in return was benefit … allies and trade … via good work. Another example of real action.
  • Trump – Saudi Defense Deal. Initially Trump was totally anti-Muslim and wanted to open legal cases against the Saudis for 911. This was a flawed approach. We showed Trump the fantastic trade partner that Saudis are … they are incredibly hospitable and lovable people. Trump changed his approach and he got half a trillion worth deals from the Saudis. You listened to simple advice, dodged Establishment malice and with a good approach got great deals.

In all of the above, I showed you where the malice is and how to fix it. All of the above could easily be done via simple moves. In the other works, that require a little bit complicated actions … you guys have not made any realistic positive move … which is why you are suffering. You allowed the criminals to continue their malice and they have only worsened the situation. Examples.

  • Trump – Demonization and Investigations. You cannot end this by pulling simple strings. You need to eliminate Establishment monopoly and facilitate new systems. Then this will end. This requires a more complicated set of actions. You have made no real action to initiate the work to end monopoly and the criminals have successfully moved forward with their work and they have made the situation only worse. We had told you this right in the beginning of your Presidency. The more you delay, the worse it will get. Because these guys are criminals and they are following a destructive agenda. The most effective way of stopping them is via eliminating their monopoly and control points.
  • Russia – Sanctions. The same applies here. This also requires the elimination of Establishment monopoly in America and especially in Europe. Then the aggression against Russia will stop automatically. We have made no progress in eliminating the monopoly at any level … and the demonization and sanctions against Russia have only increased. Because no action was taken at the root of the problem.
  • Debt Crisis – America and Europe. The same goes with the debt crisis. This is mainly designed by the Establishment and they are the beneficiaries of the same. We cannot eliminate the debt crisis until and unless we eliminate their monopoly and control over our countries. This crisis has only got worse with countries like Greece reaching a debt of 180%. Europe was on the verge of kicking them out of EU. They were going to face an entire economic collapse.

Take real action to stop these criminals and eliminate this crime. Days of signaling and gesturing are over. We have already avoided WWIII. We have peace. It’s the perfect time to root them out.

And by the way, this is one of the reasons why Israel is teaming up with the Saudis against Iran. First they went to America … telling them again and again to bomb Iran … it did not work out. Now, they are trying to use the Saudis to start this war. What Saudis should know is that … these guys are GodDamn criminals and they there is no intention to help anyone. They will create events … blame them on Iran only to start a destructive war that will destroy the entire Middle East. Don’t fall for “Israeli Intelligence” … the whole thing is made up bullshit. They will push you in a war that they have been planning for a long time.

They are eager for war only because they want to facilitate destruction. There is nothing better for them than … everyone who can come after them get destroyed in a massive war. This is their objective.