24 Nov 2017
Techniques of moving into Europe
in America

America’s Status
This is what both Trump and Putin should realize. America’s status in this crisis is of the “victim”. America is the sinking ship. And we are the ones who are saving America. They are sinking under the weight of $40 Trillion debt which keeps on increasing by billions every single day. We are designing the rescue mission for America. If the sinking ship cooperates in its rescue mission then it gets saved. If they don’t cooperate or delay or stall or reject … then they keep on sinking more and more and more.

Their delay does not hurt Europe … it does not hurt Russia … and it does not hurt us. They are the victims and their delay will only hurt them. Waiting for someone’s leadership when they don’t want to lead … will be an idle waste of time. Hoping and praying will lead us to nothing. Real ground level action is what’s required to solve a crisis. President Trump seems to be on the same page and he wants to cooperate … but until some real action is taken … we are only wasting time.

Third Party Investments
Moreover, in the initial phase America invests absolutely nothing. They are the direct beneficiaries and the highest beneficiaries of this project … without making any direct investment that is. All of the important donors for this project are third party elements. If they are not the ones whose finance is going to start the project then why should we wait for them?

This excludes Oprah’s option … where she becomes a considerable donor. But other than that, the US government directly invests zero in this project in the initial phase.

Europe is the primary target for Russia
The third major point that Putin must consider is that … Europe is the primary target for Russia. You are waiting for the trade with Europe … and not with America. There was hardly any trade with America even before the sanctions. Your primary client is Europe. Which makes … rooting out of the Establishment from Europe … the primary objective for Russia.

Yes, the rooting out of the Establishment from America will eventually lead to the elimination of Establishment control in Europe. That is true. But even in this scenario, your primary target is Europe … and not America. You need resumption of trade with Europe. For this, we have to prioritize ways of moving into Europe while America moves into real action.

Ways of moving into Europe
There are several ways of moving into Europe. Europe is not one country controlled by one person. Europe is a collection of about 50 countries. It is led by hundreds of politicians. And this broadens our chance of moving into Europe. It gives us a widespread field with various support points in several countries. Some of the ways of moving into Europe are:

  1. America’s Influence
    I am sure President Trump would love to take the lead and support the project. In this case, we would have a key entity to assert some pressure and control over European leaders. President Trump would be helpful in controlling Europe’s direction. In fact, if President Trump takes the initial lead … not only he will go in American history for fantastic reforms … but he will also go into the history of about 50 European countries for initiating the reforms in these countries as well. President Trump would be eternally remembered in the history of dozens of countries around the world for his leadership. This is one way we can move into Europe.
  2. Pro Russian Leaders
    Pro Russian leaders like Le Pen in France could be very useful in launching the campaign in France. It is more about how you mold and train the leaders. Since Le Pen is already on Russia’s side … we can channelize the campaign to her. She is one of the key leaders in France with quite an influential political party now. If she leads the campaign … her party will be behind each advertisement and concept. If Le Pen leads it then they cannot blame Russia for anything. She already ran as the Presidential candidate with no obstruction.
  3. Anti Establishment Leaders
    There are several ways we can pull political leaders on our side. Being Pro Russia is not the only requirement. If the leaders understand Establishment malice … even to some extent … then they will love our policies and reforms. A good example is Jeremy Corbyn from the UK. He knows a little bit about Jewish malice. Once we give such leaders the full picture and the reforms for the same … it will be very easy to pull them on our side. To make them Pro Russian … it will be very easy. Wherever we go and whoever we will work with … we will explain to them the critical role of Russia in solving this massive Establishment led crisis. We will make them Pro Russian.
  4. People Centric Leaders
    There are fantastic people centric leaders in Europe which include Angela Merkel and Tayyip Erdogan. Both of them are fantastic leaders that like to do great things for their country and people. Such leaders will very easily follow our policies in taking their countries to new heights and eliminate Establishment debt based exploitation systems. It will be easy to gain support for our policies in Germany and Turkey. Germany will be the central beneficiary of most manufacturing equipment sales as some of our industrial policies will directly promote the high-end quality manufacturing equipment from Germany.
  5. Establishment Free Countries
    There are several countries that are totally Establishment free and the Establishment has almost zero political influence … like Spain, Turkey, Middle East and some Ex-Communist countries like Tajikistan. These countries are currently suffering from the debt based systems designed by the Establishment. For example Spain is itself 99% in debt because of these policies. The Establishment is extracting hundreds of billions as interest every year from Europe. The fantastic thing about Spain is that … the King can dissolve the entire parliament at the tap of his finger. This eliminates any and every political opposition … giving us overwhelming access to these countries.
  6. Burning the Ruling Party
    Another technique of moving into Democratic countries is “burning the ruling party”. For example in France, Macron is an Establishment puppet and he is also anti-Russia. It is quite unlikely that he will support our policies of eliminating debt based systems. And the thing is … our policies are so fantastic that if the current leader does not support them then we can easily use the opposition to burn the ruling party. Lol. As most of European countries are victims of Establishment malice and debt based systems … we can easily pull support from the opposition to launch our policies against the ruling party in order to win. Whoever supports and promotes our policies, the public support sways in that direction. This is another technique of moving into Europe.
  7. The Pope and the Catholic Church
    One of the most powerful allies that we can get in Europe is guess who? The Pope! One of the important bases of our work is fighting evil. Once the Pope knows that … this Establishment is nothing other than an entity setup by the same witchcraft lovers of the Middle Ages … who are doing nothing but exploiting people and spreading hate, evil and decadence in the world … then automatically it becomes the Pope’s divine duty to fight the evil and save the people. And when he knows that our policies are empowering Christianity and Christians all across America and Europe … and Jews themselves will move into Christianity owing to our policies … then there is every chance of getting overwhelming support from the Pope and the Catholic Church.
    Today, they can scream Russia, Russia, Russia … in order to stall our work but when the Pope himself endorses our policies, campaigns and supports them … then we have just reached every single country in Europe and South America … as this entire region is mainly Catholic. It will be simply impossible for the Establishment to stop the Pope and the Catholic Church. The Pope and the Church will be one of the key elements that will help us in stomping out this evil.
    They can call it disinformation from Russia … they can control Facebook … but once the Pope and the Church gets involved … we will flush them down like filth.
  1. The People
    The biggest victims of Establishment’s debt based systems are the people. And the people in Europe are already moving into the streets by the millions against Austerity measures. There is a massive debt based crisis in Europe. And all of our systems will directly benefit the people. The people will be one of our strongest allies in whichever country we move into. They can control some media agencies and some social websites … but they can never stop the people.

The Establishment is at their desperate lows. That is the only reason they are trying to control Facebook, control disinformation from Russia, prevent democracy from Russia and bla bla bla. They think that these are the only tools at our disposal. What they don’t know is that we can root them out from within and outside. They can never stop our work and campaigns based upon the “anti-Russian” propaganda excuse when:

  • Their own leaders start campaigning for these policies. Because these policies are designed to benefit their country and their people. How can they blame Russia for this? Even if they blame … the people will actually welcome the policies because they are simply great. They will like Russia’s involvement.
  • How can they stop the Pope and the Catholic Church based upon the anti-Russia excuse? Will they say … “no, no, no … the Pope is a Russian propaganda element … don’t listen to the Pope?” The moment they will say that … the Catholic Church will kick their ass.
  • How will they stop the people who are drowning in debt and who will fight for all of these policies? Will they say … “no, no, no … refuse all of these good things in your life and continue with all of your debts … because this is Russian propaganda?” Lol.

They have simply no way to stop us. They will use some cheesy techniques which we will easily overtake.

Basic Project Requirements
We have already met the basic project requirements a long time ago.

  • Security. We already have Russia and Turkey for our security to form the base. Malaysia will readily help. We already have a set of countries geared up for the work.
  • Leaders. We already have leaders who will easily move into action. The most consistent ones are Putin and Erdogan. Trump also seems to be in favor of the project.
  • Malice and Solutions. And right from the beginning we have the entire list of their malice and we know all of the solutions that need to be implemented.
  • Finance. The only thing that is holding back is the project finance. Otherwise we would have already started kicking their ass. And we need finance from the right people … not from dictators and Communist countries.

Multiple Support Point Strategy
All of the above should be designed based upon a “multiple support point strategy”. We need to create multiple support points for each of the major requirements so that the project does not stall or stop … if one person flips or moves back … even then we should have 10 others for support. The project has to move forward smoothly and successfully. And one of the key requirements for that to happen is … multiple support points.

Don’t wait for anyone. Move on with the guy that is ready. And create multiple support points.