23 Nov 2017
Project Options
in America

Option One - Trump Leadership

I think President Trump is a little bit not certain about the work ... which is why he might be a little bit hesitant. Let’s give him some info on how it works. So that he has a better understanding of the process.

You are not endorsing me
First and foremost ... you are not endorsing me. I am not the leader ... I am not the politician ... I hold no political position. In fact, I don’t even exist on the frontend. Technically, you are not following me. We have formulated the entire thing in a “problem-solution” format. What you would be doing is ... addressing the problem and work towards a solution for the same. The only thing you do for us is ... support the project.

Module Formulation
Once you support the project, we will start creating “modules”. There are a lot of issues ... “systemic” issues that the Establishment has created. There will be a long list of problems that we will be working on. To make everything easy ... we will formulate individual modules to address each issue and to formulate a working action for the same.

This is exactly what we will be working on in the first year. This is the part of training and preparation. One of the first things, we will be doing is researching and collecting all statistics related to each issue. We will hire experts in each field ... law, politics, media, economics, crime and so on. The data and solution what we have is raw. These experts will help us in collecting exact statistics related to the issue in each American city.

It is too much for me ask you to work on this ... work on this ... when you don’t even know what it is. You need to know all of the parameters that you are supporting.

  • What is the problem?
  • What is its impact?
  • What is the solution?
  • How much it will solve?
  • What will be the end result?
  • How will we arrange for all of the necessary tools and parameters required to accomplish the same?
  • What are the possible obstacles?
  • How will we overcome the obstacles?
  • How will we handle the financial, technological and political issues?
  • How we can make it successful?

Right now, you only know the problem statement and who is behind this problem. That is the only thing that you know about the issues. What you know about us is ... our objectives and some methods that we are going to use to solve the issue. You don’t have any other details other than that. It was a strategic decision for us not to write any solutions for this ... because how the solutions function is a total different scenario.

But once we create these modules ... you will have a full fledged picture of everything in action. You will know all of the parameters into play and you will know exactly how to solve the problem. Our work will help you overcome almost every obstacle in the way. Which is why it works as an “intelligence system”. It is not just one proposal on a piece of paper. But it will be an interactive system between your team and our experts. We will systematically walk you through everything.

Module Presentation
If you choose to work on the project then you become the key central leading figure for the project in America. Whatever solutions we have to launch in America they will be presented to you first. You will have the full picture in front of you. And you have 100% discretion when it comes to the modules. You are the leader ... you are the President and you will be the key decision maker. The choice will be yours.

  • You can accept
  • You can reject
  • You can revise
  • You can hold
  • You can discuss further

Whatever you decide ... we are okay with it. We may coax you a little bit based upon the need of the module ... but it is 100% your decision.

There will be a long list of modules. Your remaining 7 years are not enough for all of the modules. You will be able to launch only a few modules during your two terms. Rest of them will be taken forward by the next President. But once you take up the module, try to stick to it ... otherwise you will show an unstable nature to the people. Unless of course there is some genuine reason to hold off on the module.

Factors in selecting a module
There will be 3 major factors in selecting each module.

  • Scale of positive change
  • Risk involved
  • Ease of accomplishment

Based upon the above 3 factors, we can categorize the modules into 3 different initiation levels.

  • Executive Decision - Easy and juicy. Almost all of our modules will have massive levels of positive change in the country. But then some of them are extremely easy to accomplish with minimal risk. These modules can be initiated directly via Executive Decision.
  • Congress - Medium difficulty. Some modules or level of accomplishment would require lengthy legislation. For such modules, it is better to involve the Congress.
  • People - Highest difficulty. The modules or regulations that have the highest risk factor should be initiated by the people.

Risk and Leadership Scale
Here’s the thing about risk and leadership scale. More the people involved, lesser the risk. We are dealing with malice and criminals here. More the number of hands we have in beating the shit out of the criminals, easier the task becomes. Which is why we broaden the leadership scale along with the difficulty of the work.

You don't have to go out there and eliminate the Establishment all by yourself. That's too much of a task for one person. Why the unnecessary risk on one person's head? Take the easy and juicy ... and distribute the rest. Let everyone contribute in making a better country ... why should everything be on your shoulders?

It would really not be fair for me to ask Trump to hold the sky on his shoulders. This crisis not affecting Trump alone ... this crisis is affecting everybody. This is a national crisis ... it is affecting 330 million people in America. The people need to take the leadership in solving their issues. And the people will love it and they will fight for it. Because it results in great things for them eventually. By distributing the leadership role and scale, you eliminate the risk factor to a great extent.

This is what you get in this option
You get to be the key central leading figure in America for solving each problem. More the modules that you take up, more the problems get solved, more the credit the Trump Presidency gets. Each of our module will create history. The leaders of this movement will go in history.

It is something like Edison. Who invented the light bulb? Edison. Philips makes really nice lighting equipment. But is their name in history? Nope. The first leaders who launch the solution, solve the crisis and fight for the people ... these are the ones who go in history.

Since you are the one who is launching it, you get to go in history for solving the crisis. Your name will be written in history ... President Donald Trump solved this crisis and it was completed under so and so Presidency. You will get the credit for the launch of every module ... although they might not have been fully realized under your Presidency. It is not possible to launch all modules ... but more the modules you launch, more the history you make.

What not to do

  • Don't stall the project
  • Don't reject the project
  • Don't obstruct financial flow
  • Don't obstruct political cooperation

Instead help in financial and political cooperation. The project as a whole is quite massive. You can support the project ... but you get to choose the modules. In choosing the modules you have 100% discretion. But be in favor of the project.

Option Two - Democrat Leadership

The door is open for Democrats hereon
Let's say President Trump, whom we really like ... becomes totally anti project for some reason whatever it might be. Then obviously we will not turn down Democrat leadership. If Democrats want to take up any module, then we will gladly work with them. Our objective is not Democrat or Republican ... our objective is "solving problems" ... eliminating exploitation systems.

We will work with any people-centric leader who is ready to fight for the people. It might be in America or anywhere around the world. More the modules Trump rejects, more the opportunity for Democrats rises.

Basic Threshold
It is not necessary that Trump has to work on all of the modules ... otherwise we will go to the Democrats ... it is not like that. There is a basic threshold ... if he is taking up the basic modules that he can handle within his Presidency then that is more than enough. We will not flip to the Democrats unnecessarily.

Involving Dems could be of strategic benefit
Even if Trump takes the leadership role ... giving one or two modules to the Dems could encourage their participation instead of blatant rejection to everything that Trump wants to do. Strategically it would be useful to give one or two modules to the Dems. They would get onboard with the same project.

As it is there will be a lot of pressure from the people, as this project is extremely media heavy. There is a lot of publicity involved and a huge amount of media coverage. It might be Dems or Republicans ... anyone not supporting the new laws and systems will be under extreme scrutiny and public pressure.

A more amicable way to involve the Dems under a Trump leadership would be to give them a few modules which they can take full credit for and then join forces in hammering the shit out of the Establishment. Instead of dividing our forces and weakening our powers ... it is always better to share the cake and enjoy the party together.

Worst Case Scenario
However, under the scenario where Trump goes ultra anti and extremely against the project ... I don’t see a reason for that happening ... but if it happens then the Dems would be leading the modules, possibly.

What will happen in this scenario is that ... the people will see that the Dems are actually talking about the "real problems" that the people and the country faces. It would be a revival of Obama's campaign of 2008 ... where he got overwhelming support from the people only because he was addressing some key issues. The people loved it and gave him overwhelming support.

This is what happens when the malice marketing begins ... people connect with those leaders who are truly addressing the problems and issues that the people face. And if Democrats are addressing all of the right problems and promising stunning solutions for the same ... then obviously the movement moves towards the Democrats. If we create a combination of Oprah and Elizabeth Warren ... along with these solutions ... then it will be "O Eli 2020". The Democrats will easily win 2020. They will have a 95% chance of winning.

I am sure Trump does not want that to happen. We can easily hold off O Eli. After all, we are all a team and we will work together. O Eli can campaign after your two terms where you can gladly hand over your policies for them to continue.

I would strongly advise Trump to support the project and look at the modules. And then make his decisions. Each of our modules will be creating history.

Option Three - European and International Independent work

Now, here is the thing with the Establishment. You can't just sit and rely on two people to change the world. First it was Obama and now Trump. The Establishment will put enormous pressure on them and try to derail the work.

Which is mainly why ...

  • We want Trump to make some initiatives
  • Republicans should also get involved
  • Democrats should also get involved
  • And the people should also get involved

This helps in distributing the pressure and to also counter the Establishment network. More the people and countries we work with, lesser will be the Establishment pressure. The Establishment will lose more and more power and credibility.

Which is why we can simultaneously start these modules in other countries around the world where there is negligible Establishment control. Like Russia, Turkey, Middle East, Spain and other European countries. This option is totally independent of the Democrats and Republicans but it will greatly help our work in America.

Fantastic working models of the concept
Our every success in other countries will be a living example of how fantastic, easy and successful our work is. That we have correctly diagnosed the problem and provided fantastic solutions for the same. This will create an excellent helping hand in promoting the work and establishing new systems in America. And it will help us counter attack the bogus propaganda by the Establishment media.

The moment we say ... "hey look, Russia has already done this. They have already started implementing it. Turkey is following the same! Spain is already implementing it!" These worldwide accomplishments will give a huge boost to the domestic momentum in America.

And it will actually help the leaders as well as the people ... not only in America but around the world ... to understand the ongoing crisis and how it can be successfully solved. These will be living examples and guiding models for the same.

The Bogus Anti-Russian Propaganda
Another point it will help in is ... countering the bogus anti-Russian propaganda. This anti-Russian propaganda is created only because they don’t want America and Russia to join forces. But if we start implementing this in other countries around the world ... then they can’t blame Russia anymore.

The people will be like "Spain is doing this, Belgium is doing this, Turkey and Middle East as well ... what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you blaming Russia?"

Launching the work independently internationally in other countries will be of fantastic support for America. The only disadvantage is that ... the world will see that American leadership is lacking. That's the only disadvantage. America will lose the leadership advantage.