22 Nov 2017
Swiss Bank account funds are “fictitious”
in America

This is what you should know about Swiss Banking for “corruption money”. The funds deposited by Establishment elements in your Swiss Bank accounts are “fictitious”. This is not routine banking. These accounts can be slashed or even wiped out at any moment in time. This applies especially to American politicians.

Background Info on Establishment corruption money
There are two major countries designed to hold the Establishment’s corruption money. These countries were specifically designed for this.

  • Israel. Israel is the Holy Land for Jews ... it is the promised land ... a God given land. All of that is bullshit. Jerusalem was the promised land several thousand years ago. But after that, Jews were specifically banned from forming a country of their own ... owing to their criminal activities and material love. Because if they formed a country then they would only use that country to spread crime, hate and irreligion around the world. I am not saying this ... it is the Rabbis who follow only the Torah ... they are the ones who say this. And if you look at Israel ... that is exactly what they are doing today. Israel was basically created by the Rothschild Family to store their loot via the Federal Reserve System. This is the main purpose of the creation of Israel. It was created by only one person and then World War II was designed to populate Israel. And if you look at Israel’s activities ... this is exactly what they have been doing since their creation. Hate against their neighbors, promotion of constant war with one country or the other, widespread marketing of LGBT, Scientology, Atheism and Kabbalah. This is the reason why God forbade Jews from forming a country of their own. If you give a bunch of criminals a country of their own then the only thing they will use it is for crime. It is an ideological issue ... once you pull out the negative ideology from their systems ... then you will see good changes.
  • Switzerland. Yes, Switzerland ... one of the finest European countries and one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. The entire country is also the host of a worldwide massive corruption system. This entire confidential Swiss Banking system was created by none other than our lovely Jewish Establishment. These guys went around the world eliminating Kingdoms and installing Democracy. Firstly because they hated Kings ... as these Kings expelled Jews for witchcraft and criminal activities. Secondly, because Democracy was more manageable ... leaders could be changed in cycles of time. And with the setup of the Swiss Banking system ... they got a fantastic “legal” technique to bribe and corrupt politicians.

The Establishment is running Democratic countries via Swiss Banking
What our lovely Establishment is doing here is ... running Democracies, pulling politicians and votes in the Congress in their favor ... via “Swiss Banking”. Elizabeth Warren is keenly hammering on banker’s malicious practices. What she does not know is that ... it is not just one or two banks in America that are malicious ... but there is a worldwide network of Banks ... and this road leads to Switzerland.

Swiss Banking “legalizes” corruption
All major Establishment exploitation and corruption systems in the world are setup via legal means ... using the law. They have learnt this the hard way. For thousands of years Jews were expelled for their criminal activities by Kings and their governments. So, they have evolved crime and facilitated to make it legal ... so that the government does not come after them. Using the law, they have just averted the worst case scenario that they would face.

Swiss Bank accounts are not transparent. They provide 100% privacy to their account holders. No government can question Swiss Bankers ... “hey, does so and so politician have an account in your bank?” They have created laws to keep the whole thing behind curtains. Any politician can create a Swiss Bank account and the Establishment can tell them ... “hey, we transferred so and so amount in your account ... please vote for the bill or against the bill”. It is simple plain direct corruption. And the American government or the British government or the Spanish government ... nobody can question the Swiss Banks to enlist their account holders. It is an “illegal system created using the law” that only promotes corruption and political puppetry around the world. If you cross check ... the main designers of this system are none other than elements from the Jewish Establishment.

Issues for American politicians with their Swiss funds
The above is just the basic setup of the corruption system. But in this also, there are issues that politicians face ... even in the corruption money ... especially American politicians. Why American? Because the Establishment has a pretty good network established in America and they hold a lot of domestic control over them. There are majorly two issues with corruption money here.

Issue One – Clean Presidency – Slashed Funds
What you should keep in mind is that ... you are dealing with criminals here. This is not routine banking. Your account and your funds ... doesn’t mean that it will still exist as shown to you. There is no guarantee for this. One major issue is “slashed funds”. During your Presidency ... you are in power ... but once you step out of the Presidency then you are back as a citizen, with no power. During your Presidency, you are shown huge figures in your account ... hey, $100 Billion! ... $500 Billion!! ... $1 Trillion!!! And you are jumping up and down in happiness ... celebrating how much money you are making via the Presidency.

But once you leave the White House ... those $500 Billion become only $50 Million. Your funds are slashed by thousands of times. The only thing that the Establishment will tell you in response is that ... “you know what ... it is tough times ... we did not make that much money ... its quite tight, there are a lot of losses ... and this is the best we can give you”. When you are President ... you were seeing $500 Billion in your account ... but once you leave the White House ... you are seeing just $50 Million in your account. And there is nothing you can do about it. Its take it or leave it. What are you going to do? Sue them? Tell the world that you deposited $500 Billion as corruption money in your Swiss accounts? You are looking at jail time in that path. There is absolutely nothing you can do ... it is simply take it or leave it.

Cash for a stolen car
This scenario is something like ... cash for a stolen car. The car is worth $50,000 but you get paid only $5000. You get paid several times less than the actual value. Why? Because all of this is crime and it is all criminals involved.

Issue Two – Investigated Presidency – Funds wiped out
The first scenario is actually a nice one ... where you are at least getting paid, something whatever it is. But if you are under investigation then the entire account is wiped clean. The accounts don’t even exist. The only response that the Establishment will give you is “hey, you are under investigation ... there are prosecutors after you ... we don’t want the trail coming right to us. It will be jail time for you as well as for us. For both of our security, the deal is off.”

When you are President ... you drove them hundreds of billions in revenue and profits ... but once you step out of the White House ... since you are under investigation, the account is wiped out. You don’t get a single penny. And even in this case ... there is nothing you can do about it. These guys own the banks ... these guys can show whatever they want and they can remove whatever they want. And since the whole thing was corruption and illegal ... you have no legal stand to fight for your share.

So, President Trump ... is your Presidency a clean Presidency or an investigated Presidency? Examples will help.

Excellent example - The Clintons
One of the most highly experienced couple at the top most level in American politics would be the Clintons. Their experience with the Establishment is worth learning from. You know that President Clinton signed NAFTA, right? Almost every free trade deal and unfair deal has an Establishment beneficiary pushing for the deal. Tens of thousands of Establishment outlets benefited from NAFTA. But since Bill Clinton was under an investigation ... all of his accounts were wiped clean.

Do you know when Hillary says that “we were dead broke” after our Presidency. That is actually true. The Establishment gave him the finger ... wiped out all of his funds ... on top of that ... he had to pay in millions in legal fees and settlements. And Bill Clinton was not a billionaire businessman like you. He came from a humble background ... all he earned was his salary. A two time President who created 23.5 Million jobs for the American people ... did huge favors for the Establishment ... ended up totally broke. He had to start right from level zero ... going from city to city making speeches for a living.

The Clinton Foundation
He made some money and created the Clinton Foundation. He is an extremely talented and diplomatic person. He did not have any existing business like you do. He designed the Foundation to address some world issues and pulled all of his political contacts to fund the foundation. His entire rise from level zero was without the Establishment. It was pure genius and skill.

How many Jews did they unleash after Bill Clinton? Only two ... Monica Lewinsky and his investigator ... both of them had Jewish backgrounds. Using just two Jews, Bill Clinton was highly demonized, brought near impeachment, all of his funds were wiped out and he had to start from ground zero. Now, look at your Presidency ... President Donald J Trump. How many Jews have they unleashed after you? There is an entire parade of Jews after you ... the entire Hollywood, a line of celebrities, a line of scandals, your own Republicans back stabbing you, investigations and lawsuits ... several committees setup after you. Do you really think that this criminal Establishment will roll out a red carpet for you ... when you leave the White House and say “here are your trillions Mr.President ... pls let us know how you would like us to convert them for you”. Hell no, that is not the plan ... see what they have already done, understand who they are.

Hillary and the Foundation – The bird in hand is what counts
Why do you think Hillary used a “pay and play” scheme with her Foundation? Why would Hillary ask foreign governments to deposit hundreds of millions into her Foundation? Because she knows that ... it is the bird in hand that counts ... rest everything else is fictitious. Those funds can be wiped out or changed at the tap of a finger. Hillary could have easily setup a Swiss account and ask her donors to deposit the cash there. But they learnt it in the hard way. She knows that the funds that are deposited in my account for my Foundation are totally under my control. She was not playing silly ... she was actually playing smart.

And whatever funds are going into her Foundation ... they are 100% in her control. The Establishment can make no changes and they cannot wipe out any account of her Foundation. She has legal rights here. And she won big this time. She got the shadow of a pay and play scheme ... but she got 100% of her funds. Nasty and mean ... but she won.

Trust only the bird in hand
I know that you guys are very happy and very joyous about the funds coming in via politics. But trust only the bird in hand. Whatever is in the Establishment’s hands is not worth trusting ... doesn’t matter how much the amount is. All of it is fictitious money. This mainly applies to American politicians and especially to the President. Because as far as the Congress is concerned ...

  • The funds are quite petty
  • Congressmen keep getting re-elected
  • If you start messing with Congressmen then the word spreads and they lose the hold over the Congress

Which is why, the President is generally the victim.

  • He is a single guy who can be easily managed
  • He has a fixed tenure
  • And the funds are huge ... the Establishment cannot afford to put such huge funds in the hands of a Christian or non-Jew. Control of finance is extremely important for their monopoly.

Which is why ... it is generally the American Presidents who get screwed. And nobody likes to talk about this because it is crime and corruption. They remain silent while they are screwed.

How to manage this?
Everybody knows that you are in for the cash. It is better to learn the game while you are at it. Lol. This is what you should not do:

  • Local Banks. Don’t deposit funds locally within the US. Obviously, you would be under scrutiny for how hundreds of billions are turning up in your accounts. This you know already.
  • No Swiss Banks. This is an Establishment stronghold ... a stronghold of the same guys who have unleashed an army in order to impeach you. Do not use any Swiss Bank accounts.
  • No Chinese Banks. China is another Establishment stronghold. Do not rely on any funds in China or any other Communist country.
  • No US Banks. Check who owns or runs the bank. Do not trust any US bank overseas. Most of them are operated by the Establishment.
  • No Democratic Countries. Do not place funds in any Democratic country. Leadership in Democracies keeps changing. All accounting is open to investigation and exposure.
  • Not too many deals. Don’t tie up with many people for corruption deals. The more the people you involve, the more the risk of exposure.

The only safe haven against Establishment banking malice you will find in ... Middle East Kingdoms ... why? Because:

  • Zero Establishment Control. Countries like Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi, Qatar and Oman have almost zero Establishment control. They are not really fond of the Jewish Establishment.
  • Kings and Kingdoms. These countries are Kingdoms run by Kings. There is no accounting or exposure issue. If anyone questions the King then he is beheaded.
  • American Allies. These countries are American allies.
  • American Security. These countries rely on American security from regional rivals like Iran.
  • Jewish Establishment. Most importantly, they will love Trump if Trump is the leading figure in kicking the Jewish Establishment’s ass. If you gear up to kick the Jewish Establishment’s ass then they will support you very dearly.

How to do it?
It is pretty darn simple.

  • Step One – Acquaintance. Buddy up with their leaders. Play golf together, spend time in some recreational activities now and then ... and then take their help. Don’t expect the Emir of Kuwait to come and tell you ... “Salam Alaikum Mr.President. Do you need a bank account in our country for your corruption money?” That will not happen. You have to make the first move.
  • Step Two - Create Account. Once you are acquainted, then ask for a secure, private and totally confidential bank account under an alias. Don’t open the account in your name ... use an alias. Tell them that the figures will be large and everything about the account should be totally confidential among you. Cooperate with them on how to operate the account/s.
  • Step Three – Transfer Funds. Now, tell these Establishment assholes to transfer funds into that account. From Swiss Banks, from China ... whatever it is. Transfer all funds into this account.

This will provide 99% security for your funds. Doesn’t matter what happens in the White House ... your funds will be safe. No one will slash your funds and no one will wipe out your account. I say 99% because ... it is corruption money. The guys who you are asking to transfer the money into this account will know of your Middle East account. Just like they will know of your Swiss Bank account ... just like President Xi knows of your funds in China. Similarly, they know of your Middle East account. If they blow the whistle then you are toast. But the same case also applies to Swiss Banks. If your donors blow the whistle on your Swiss account even then you are toast. It is illegal corruption money ... you are dealing with some level of risk.

But the good thing is, you will avoid major screw ups by the Establishment. If nobody blows the whistle then you are super secure. 

Double Alias
One simple way of dealing with whistle blowers is via “double alias”.

  • Alias One. Funds are transferred into Alias One.
  • Alias Two. Then funds are transferred into the main account which is Alias Two.
  • Whistle Blowers. Even if they blow the whistle then Alias One account will not even exist. By the end of your Presidency or whenever required Alias One account will be deleted and no record of it will be found. And there will be no record of funds transfer from Alias One to Alias Two.
  • Conspiracy. If the account does not even exist then it becomes an unproven conspiracy.
  • Establishment Anger. You can tell the world that ... this is the Establishment pissed off because of my patriotic policies. Just look ... all of them are Establishment elements who are creating this conspiracy. Whistle blowing will only backfire for them. Yes they will have a cash transfer receipt ... it will show funds transferred to a name like "Mohammed Abdullah Saleh". People will be like ... you transferred the funds to a guy named Mohammed Abdullah Saleh and you are blaming the President for corruption? What is wrong with you? There will never be any proof because your name will never be used throughout all transactions.

You can use several Alias Ones to transfer funds into the main Alias account.

Don’t allow the Establishment to stab you in the back
They are openly stabbing you in the front. There are billboards in Time Square for your impeachment. Protect yourself and your family.

For anyone reading this page. We do not support or promote corruption. Whoever does it, does it at their own risk.