21 Nov 2017
Trump needs to see beyond horn blowing
in America

Disrespect? Try to see beyond horn blowing. Keep this in mind. In a Democracy, doesn't matter what your position is ... you are a public servant. You do your job or you get your ass kicked. This is Democracy and this is how it works. The sooner you understand this, the better it will be for you.

When you are in America ... it has more than 200 years of Democratic existence right from its creation and it is one of the most vibrant, dynamic and interactive democracies in the world. The American people are one of the most powerful and interactive citizens in the world.

It is better for you not to see anything from the lens of "respect". It is a very bleak and weak viewpoint ... it will not provide you with any intelligent input. Always try to see and view things from "reason and logic" perspective. Doesn't matter who the other person is ... it will help you analyze things intelligently and make an intelligent argument. The concept of respect only shows you plus and minus and nothing more. But the concept of "reason and logic" will open your mind to several possibilities and it will help you be more intelligent in your words and action.

The other guy might be as disrespectful as possible ... but if you obliterate him using reason and logic then you will be seen as the "man with substance". The way to come out as a man of substance is by using intelligence, reason and logic. This is one of the reasons why Oprah and Warren are immensely famous and respected ... because of their right actions with use of reason and logic.

It is simply too much for you to ask for respect when you have just entered the job. Firstly, you never ask for respect. Secondly, you get respect when you have done something phenomenal and made the impossible possible for the people over several years. That's when people bow to you and that's when they respect you. Why do you think that the world respects Gandhi? Because he did something that was phenomenal for hundreds of millions of people. The people love, adore and respect Gandhi ... "after" his accomplishments for the people ... not during his first year in politics. Why do people love Jesus? This love and respect comes "after" your efforts and accomplishments for the people over several years. Jesus spent several years guiding the people and then came the respect. Unfortunately for Jesus, it came terribly late ... but it came at a worldwide level.

You are in a Democracy holding a position given to you by the public. First do something remarkable and phenomenal for the people for several years ... and then expect respect. If you hold a public position and do nothing for the people then the people will kick your ass. This is the truth about Democracy. Understand it and integrate it into your words, actions and policies. Learn and practice how to respond with intelligence using reason and logic ... to every single person out there doesn't matter who it is. This is not a hotel business where people will bow to you just because you are the owner of the hotel. You are a public servant holding a public position.

Respect takes time ... but reason and logic can be applied instantly. You will win with "reason and logic" ... screw respect. If you understand this ... it will help you deal with colleagues as well as opposition members in the Congress. And it will also help you deal with any criticizm from the people or media.