20 Nov 2017
Dealing with the Establishment with multiple support points
in America

If you understand what the Establishment is then you understand how to deal with them. The Establishment is basically a massive network that uses hundreds of control points for media, leadership, finance and security. This is how the entire system is designed.

  • 90% media ownership gives them several control points to promote their agenda. If one media agency does not cooperate then there are 99 others that will.
  • A huge number in the Congress is rigged. If one politician does not cooperate then 99 others will.
  • They have setup the Central Banks in more than 190 countries around the world. Even if one country boots the Central Bank then they still have 189 countries.
  • All of their malicious systems are setup by creating laws to support the same. The governments in each of these countries secure Establishment activities by law.

If you have to combat an organization of this scale then you need something bigger than this to solve the crisis. Here is where the Silent Majority / Matrix comes into the picture. The Matrix is a thousand times stronger than the Establishment. It is a very effective entity in dealing with the Establishment.

Secondly, to combat this system … then you need to have a system to match the same. Just like the Establishment has multiple control points in the fields of media, leadership, finance and security … you also need to have multiple control points in all of these fields. Just in case … if anyone flips against you … it might be a media company or a politician or a financier or any government … then there should be 10 other guys to stand by you. That’s how you design a system against the Establishment.

And the good news is that … we already have several entities working on this. President Trump is thinking that … hey, I am the one who is working on this and I control this … no my dear friend … there are several guys working on this. The White House is just one of the entities in the game. My publishing is not just for you … it is for several others.

Examples will help. You know that we need about $1 Billion for this this project. You are not the only one working on arranging this amount.

  • President Putin. Putin was the fastest one to arrange the amount. I love their speed. They are pretty darn fast in doing anything that is good for their country … mainly because there is no Establishment misleading or obstruction.
    • Iran. The Kremlin was informed and Putin had already arranged for an Iranian Billionaire to finance our project. Just one single guy … he was ready to finance the entire project. We were hammering Israel and the Jewish Establishment in America … he was loving the project. The only reason we held off on taking any money from Iran is because … whoever will work on this project … they will reach phenomenal heights. They will be seen as heroes of the new world. And if we joined with Iran then it would be endorsing a ruthless regime that is not really nice to its people. We would be putting 70 million people in a terrible position for decades to come. We held off on this sponsor.
    • China. Once we held off on Iran then Putin pulled China in the game. China is also ready to finance almost the entire amount. Lol. Like I said … there are two types of China … one is the routine China and another one is the Establishment China. China has shown dual behaviors in dealing with Establishment malice. When it came to Establishment wars … China vetoed again and again against an intervention in Syria. China voted against the Establishment. But internally, China is an Establishment Communist stronghold that has given security for the Banker’s reserves in South China Sea. It seems like whenever it comes to kicking America’s ass … China is ready.
  • President Obama. Another finance support point is President Obama. Do you know why Obama has been vacationing with billionaires so often? Lol. Yes, it is to arrange finance for our project. The thing with Obama was that … we informed him too late about our requirement. We informed him in the last year of his Presidency. He called the Saudis. Saudis were taking time so he also called other Middle East countries. The issue was that … it was in his last months of the Presidency and during that phase you don’t have much influence in the Middle East. Since he couldn’t pull funding from the Middle East, he was meeting one billionaire after another to arrange for the funds. And Oprah is ready to finance the project.
  • The Matrix. Do you know why Qatar split from its Middle East partners? You know why if you look at “when” they split. The original program was to create a coalition between Russia, Turkey and Iran to support this project. Because we knew that these countries would step forward in the worst case scenario … if America totally flips against us and comes after our lives … then these countries would stand by our side. There is no reason for America to come after our lives … it was just a worst case scenario analysis … we don’t know what the Establishment will play. That was the backup arrangement. But since we moved Iran out of the equation and we suggested the involvement of Middle East countries … the Matrix said fine … let’s get a Middle East country for support. And they arranged for Qatar. And guess who is fully supporting Qatar? Turkey and Iran. It is just a backup option. Do you see what is happening here? The Matrix is getting us an entire country on the platter for us. Because they know how critical this project is.
  • Europe. America will always be our top priority. But it is not the only country that we will work with. We have to spread across the world and work with all 195 countries. There are several countries in Europe that need our help. These countries will work as very good support points. Details later on this.

Presenting Presidential Candidates
Not only Obama has arranged the finance required for the project … but he is presenting me with Presidential candidates. He is asking me to pick the next President of the United States. First it was Oprah then Elizabeth Warren and now Joe Biden. Why is Obama presenting me with Presidential candidates? If he has the finance … if he has the candidates … then why does he need me? Because my dear President Donald J Trump … Obama has been in the White House for 8 years and he knows the shit that is going on. He knows what kind of malicious assholes this Establishment is. He relies on me because he knows that:

  • Stunning and phenomenal policies. He knows that he will get stunning and phenomenal policies from me.
  • Sweeping Support. He will get sweeping support from the Silent Majority / Matrix. Because once I start working with a candidate then the entire Matrix moves into that direction and the Matrix forms the majority of American cities.
  • Clear Victory. With stunning polices and massive Matrix support … it is a clear path to victory. We already helped Obama win the second term via Matrix support.

If I start working with a candidate … Obama knows that it is a clear victory for him. Which is why, he is sitting there and offering me one candidate after another. And this is what they want:

  • Do not train Trump
  • Don’t give him any policies
  • Work with us
  • And give us 2020

Yes they want 2020. They want to defeat Trump and win the elections in 2020.

Oprah is ready with the cash since several months
You might be thinking that … “hey, this guy is contacting me again and again because he wants $1 Billion. He is contacting me just for the cash.” No my dear friend … Oprah is ready with the cash since several months now. She herself is ready to run for office.

I saw her profile and thought that cannot handle the pressure that the Establishment will throw at her. But to combat that slight weakness … if we combine Oprah Winfrey with Elizabeth Warren as Vice President. Then this combination will be freaking awesome.

  • Both of them are fantastic and people oriented candidates
  • Oprah is an icon for her philanthropic work
  • She is immensely famous and loved by the people
  • Warren is a rockstar in beating the shit out of bankers
  • Warren is shrewd and politically savvy
  • When we combine both of them … Oprah walks in with her fame and finance … Warren doesn’t need to buckle or depend on any Establishment element to finance her campaign.
  • To that … if I give my stunning and phenomenal policies … both of them will be seen as the goddesses of America. Their combination will unleash an entire phenomena.

Both of them are incredibly strong, stable and fantastic people oriented candidates.

Same Timeline
And as far as we are concerned … the timeline will be the same. If we work with you and help you rise … it will take us two years to reach the peak and help you in the election year. Alternatively, if we work with them … it will be the same.

  • Year one … will be setting up, training and launching of our activities
  • Year two … will be malice marketing.
  • Year three … will be 2019 which is election year … here we will unleash the solutions and new policies.

The Russia Thing
About the Russia thing, don’t worry … like I said … the anti-Russia propaganda from the Democrats is only local party politics. We know how important Russia is. And wherever we go … whoever we work with … we will show them how important Russia is and what their role will be in this Establishment issue. And nobody will say no … it might be Oprah Warren or any European country. Everyone will understand Russia’s role and they will welcome it.

The only reason … we held off Obama for a few months is that … we did not see any reason to eliminate Trump. The guy has potential, he is talented and if he works with us … he will rise. There is no reason to eliminate Trump. Following Obama would be only playing party politics. We are not interested in petty party politics.

Too much pressure
I know … right now there is too much pressure on you.

  • You have a long list of investigations and lawsuits. The Establishment is biting your ass.
  • And then you are already making good money via defense deals and China. Yes we know about your deals with both of them and more. And its okay … almost everybody makes some money on the side. Almost every politician has some side deals. In fact, if you work with us … you will make a few trillion on the side as well.

You might be thinking … “hey, I am already making a killing here. I got a massive deal from the defense companies and from China. And the Establishment is already giving me a headache with these investigations. All I want to do now is … deal with these lawsuits safely, take my money and get away with all of this … while doing a little bit for the country”. This is your current state of mind.

But this is what you don’t know. The same Establishment that is providing you with commissions on one hand … they are planning to stab you in the back with the other hand. A living proof of this is Tom Steyer … a Jewish Billionaire. He is spending by tens of millions to get you impeached. He is literally running impeachment Ads on live television against you. If this Establishment was truly loyal to you … then couldn’t they handle this Jewish colleague of their’s? If you talk to them … they will say … “no, no, no … we are not connected with him … we are not connected with the lawsuits and investigations”. When in reality … these guys are their other hand. And they are openly stabbing you in the back.

What you should know is that … once you get impeached or get sent to jail … then you can forget about all of these “commissions”. All of them will give you the finger once you lose the Presidency. Nobody is going to pay up. What are you going to do then? Sue them? Saying that … hey, I gave defense companies $700 Billion and they did not pay my share. They will send you back into prison for another 10 years for that claim. Swiss Banking has been designed, setup and controlled by the Establishment. Those funds will be gone.

You lose everything with the Establishment:

  • You will lose your Presidency
  • You will lose all of those commissions and side deals
  • And you will lose your opportunity to be a historic world leader

Lost votes to Hillary
Here’s the thing. Hillary is one of the most hated political figures in America. Her own leading Democrats waited till the last moment to endorse her. Nobody likes her and nobody wants her. Even then … more people voted in favor of Hillary. This was the level of Establishment demonization against you. Now, if we put a combination of Oprah and Warren … both of whom are the most fantastic and loved personalities in America … do you think you stand any chance? Do you really think that your name calling will work on these ladies? Who is going to help you? Bannon? Bannon doesn’t know shit.

Work with us and rise
Your only way to win in all fields in through us. Because it is our policies and Matrix support that makes all of the difference. If you work with us …

  • You will automatically rise to a stunning level. People will automatically not want anyone but you.
  • Since you are working with us … then you already got all of the policies … these policies will burn and overshadow anyone in the way. Doesn’t matter who stands against you … they will stand empty handed. Only an idiot will dare to stand against you.
  • And once you reach those beautiful heights of glory … all of these lawsuits and investigations will automatically be terminated.
  • You win in all fronts … lawsuits are terminated, side deals are secure and glorious heights in achievement are guaranteed.

And without us … you will be seen as the guy who is pimping out his country for his self-benefit at a time when we are $20 Trillion in debt … it will be very very difficult to save you. The only reason we are keeping you first in the line of candidates is because … we like you. You are a nice guy and we have the same objectives. We want to Make America Great Again, we want to do fantastic things for the country and we want to take America into new heights of a new era.

The Early Days Count
But just because you have some potential it does not mean that there aren’t other candidates with potential. There are other candidates also with immense potential. It has been 10 months from our side … that we have given you. Do not blame us if we team up with Democrats hereon. We have clearly shown you your fate … on both paths. It is clearly your choice. There are some options possible … will give info on that soon.

But what you should know is that … early days are important. What matters is who connects with you in the early days. It is just like parents. Why do you love your parents? Because they were there with you in your early days. If other members team up with me … then please don’t say that … hey, why didn’t you help me?