05 Nov 2017
Limiting and ending Mueller's Investigation via the Supreme Court
in America

Lawsuits are a game of “crime and evidence”. If the Prosecutor cannot provide any evidence for the alleged crime then he is simply wasting time. Which is exactly what Mueller is doing right now. The counter lawsuits that President Trump can initiate on Mueller’s Investigation have a long list of evidence and proof. They have zero evidence and we have enormous evidence. We have the winning strokes here.

If the President shuts down the investigation or fires Mueller using his Presidential authority then:

  • It is seen as abuse of power and dictatorship
  • It is seen as obstruction of justice
  • And it would invite more investigations

But if President Trump uses the courts and sues Mueller’s Investigation and the Investigation Committees then:

  • It is seen as “justice served”
  • Not only the President gets to limit or shutdown the investigation but he also gets to impose heavy fines and penalties on everyone involved.
  • If they cannot pay the fines and penalties imposed via the counter lawsuits then they are also looking at possible prison time.
  • These counter lawsuits will serve as a lesson to other false propaganda based investigations.

When the President uses the court system to address these investigations then he actually gets 4 fold increase in his powers. He gets to impose heavy fines … show possible prison time … teach other miscreants a fitting lesson … while everything is being done via courts as “justice served”.

How to do this?
It is not required for the President to directly file the lawsuits. You don’t even need to be in the picture. I am sure you already have a lot on your plate. This can easily be done by using 2-3 Republicans for each case. Why will Republicans file these lawsuits? Because you are a Republican President … any damage being done to the President reflects on the Republican Party and its potential to achieve target goals.

What you need to do is … pick a few loyal Republicans and with their help initiate lawsuits against this investigation. Don’t wait for the investigation to be completed. Mueller can extend this investigation for years to come … they can extend this investigation even into your second term. The same was done for Bill Clinton … his investigation entered in the second term. There is no requirement to wait for a counter lawsuit. You can initiate the below lawsuits right now.

There are 3 major points based upon which you can sue the Mueller Investigation. The effective way to do this would be to … file separate lawsuits for each issue. Take 2-3 Republicans … file one lawsuit … another set of Republicans … file second lawsuit … another set of Republicans … file third lawsuit.

It’s time to prosecute the Prosecutor … investigate the investigation
What will happen with 3 lawsuits is that … you will get 3 Prosecutors prosecuting Mueller and the Investigation Committees … under different aspects. Now, you will get to prosecute the Prosecutor. You will get to put the microscope on the Prosecutor. You will be able to screen his entire lifetime and pull up any possible glitch that you can find to hammer him. All members of the Investigation Committees will be subject to the same level of prosecution. With several lawsuits … you will get to investigate everyone involved to their finest details throughout their entire lifetimes.

Here’s the list of the lawsuits.

Lawsuit 01: This is not an investigation but it is a “political biased propaganda”. This investigation is a fraud.
Don’t wait for this investigation to end. File this lawsuit now. You are placing charges of “fraud” on this investigation. What they are doing here is … running a “politically biased propaganda” under the cloak of an investigation. This investigation itself is a total fraud. They cannot misuse the people’s funds, resources and legal tools to run a fraudulent propaganda.

Evidence for the same
We have evidence on our side:

  • It has been 6 months. Have they provided any evidence or proof that there was collusion? No. But still they are running this investigation wanting more funds and staff … with a massive publicity campaign.
  • Irrelevant charges being pressed in the name of the President.
  • Massive Publicity. Look at the massive publicity that this investigation is getting. With no evidence shown of any crime … this is a clear biased political propaganda.
  • Look at all of the headlines in Newspapers, TV Channels and all media outlets. This is clear evidence of their political propaganda.

This is clear misuse of public funds and legal tools to run a biased propaganda. This is misuse of power, authority and legal tools. Everyone involved in this investigation … including Mueller’s team and the Investigation Committees are responsible for this false propaganda.

Lawsuit 02: Open defamation and demonization of an innocent President
The President is totally innocent of any collusion and he has been fairly elected to serve the people. This “politically biased propaganda” in the name of an investigation is nothing but a massive defamation campaign against the President. This is the second lawsuit.

Evidence for the same

  • While they have absolutely no evidence that there was collusion … we have massive amounts of evidence for the ongoing defamation.
  • News headlines all over the country and the world
  • Thousands of media outlets assuming that there was collusion
  • Look at the information being published in Newspapers, TV channels and media outlets

And again ... this has been going on since more than 6 months ... but no evidence or witness has been provided by the Prosecutor. This is not an investigation ... but it is open defamation of an innocent person and an innocent President. They have no evidence against us ... against their assumption that there was collusion but we have evidence and we have proof ... that this is nothing but a politically biased propaganda designed to defame and demonize an innocent President.

Lawsuit 03: Creating National Security Risk for 330 Million Americans
This is not just the demonization of one innocent President ... but it is also the demonization of a fantastic world power that intends no harm to America and it is eager to partner with us. This massive media campaign that is being run along with the "Mueller's Investigation" ... it is only worsening relations with a fantastic world superpower ... namely Russia.

Owing to the promotion of this "false biased propaganda" which has no truth ... the majority of Congress is turning against Russia. Till date there is no proof or evidence ... but because of this biased propaganda ... the Congress is turning against Russia ... which is leading to adverse moves against an innocent world power. Sanctions are being placed, relations are being worsened, we are dipping back into cold war, military drills are ongoing ... and in this unstable world condition where we have a psycho leader in North Korea ... if a war breaks out and it spirals into unexpected ways ... then we need Russia on our side.

But because of this "Mueller's Investigation" and its associated false biased propaganda ... it is alienating and pushing Russia away from us and creating scenarios of a conflict. There will be no good for America or 330 Million Americans in a conflict with Russia. This investigation and its resultant effects is only creating a massive "National Security Risk" for 330 Million Americans.

This investigation is an unjust aggression towards an innocent President but not only that ... it is also creating a major National Security Risk for millions of Americans ... all for no reason at all. No evidence and no proof. This is a false investigation ... this is a politically biased propaganda under the cloak of an "investigation" ... and it is creating a major risk for the entire country.

Putting Mueller under the microscope
This is how you grill Mueller.

  • Did you find any evidence? No.
  • Did you find any proof? No.
  • Did you get any witness? No.
  • Then wasn’t it your responsibility as a "responsible citizen and prosecutor" to come clean and call this investigation off?
  • For months and months you have investigated and you found nothing.
  • Were any voting machines rigged by Russia? No.
  • Were any election officials bribed by Russia? No.
  • If you found absolutely nothing then why didn't you shut down the investigation?
  • Didn't you see the massive ongoing demonization of an innocent man and an innocent President?
  • Didn't you see the repeated sanctions and worsening of relations with a world nuclear super power?
  • All of which was happening because of "this investigation".
  • Didn't you see that this investigation was creating a National Security Risk for the lives of millions of Americans?
  • Despite seeing the worst coming ... why did you continue the investigation?
  • Why did you hire more people for the investigation?
  • Why did you ask for more funds for this investigation?
  • On top of that, why did you start pressing charges for "irrelevant actions" that had no connection to the President or Russia?
  • Weren't you reading the news headlines and seeing what is happening in the country & world affairs?
  • Despite having no evidence or proof ... you went on continuing this investigation by taking it into an irrelevant sphere. Why?
  • There are tens of thousands of people that work for the Trump Administration. Are you going to continue this investigation till infinity?
  • Are you going to run this politically biased propaganda till infinity?
  • Are you going to wash everyone’s dirty laundry in the name of the President and be a part of this blatant demonization campaign?
  • You need to come clean Mr.Mueller ... you need to come clean. Your investigation is creating a National Security Risk when we are in very unpredictable times.
  • Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow ... and this worsening of relations with a nuclear world super power ... God forbid if something bad happens.
  • Then it will be your name on the line ... you and your investigation will share a burden for whatever will happen next.
  • It will be because of your false biased propaganda in the name of an investigation.

What are we doing here?
We are not doing anything illegal here. Everything is 100% legal and legit. We are using legal channels to:

  • Extremely limit Mueller’s Investigation … so that he remains exclusively focused on the topic of “collusion” without defaming the President via other pretexts.
  • Pressing for deadlines … this investigation is nothing but a politically biased propaganda in the name of an investigation which is causing harm to the President, to his family and the Administration. There need to be deadlines for this investigation.
  • Pushing for a complete shutdown of the investigation … if there can be no evidence or proof found of any collusion within reasonable time limits and then this false propaganda needs to be stopped immediately.

Advantages of these lawsuits
As discussed previously, below are some of the advantages of these lawsuits:

  • Security for President Trump and his family. Mueller cannot question you or your family members on any other matters other than collusion. You or your family members are not answerable for any other crime or glitch in the lives of the people working for you that do not relate to collusion.
  • Security for the Trump Administration. They can refuse to talk to Mueller on any other topic other than collusion. These lawsuits limit Mueller and provide power in the hands of the Trump family and the Administration over Mueller.
  • Prosecute Mueller and his team. From being victims of this prosecution … now you get to prosecute the Prosecutor. With 3 lawsuits filed against Mueller and his team … you get to prosecute Mueller. Now, you get to pick any fault, glitch, crime, scandal, financial or sexual, personal relations or commercial … in the life of Mr.Mueller and his team. Now you get to investigate the investigator.
  • Prosecute Investigation Committees. Just because they have placed 5 investigation committees after us they think that we are criminals … and we will sit in one corner out of fear and in total defense. And they will just sit there pulling strings watching the show ... well, that’s not going to happen. Because these lawsuits will include all investigation committees … it might be Congressional Investigation or Senate Intelligence or whatever. This whole thing is nothing but biased political propaganda designed only to defame and demonize an innocent person. Anyone and everyone who is a part of this show will be prosecuted and investigated. Now you get to place prosecutors on the lives of all of the members of these investigation committees placed after you. You get to prosecute and investigate every little glitch from their lives … it might be bribes, scandals, improper dealings, cash from lobbyists or whatever … now we will investigate your entire lifetime.
  • Multiple Lawsuits. The advantage of filing multiple lawsuits is that … if one lawsuit goes down then you have 2 other lawsuits ongoing. File a different lawsuit from every different angle that you can find. I just gave you 3 examples above. If one lawsuit goes down … make sure you come up with another one very soon. We need to scrutinize them with multiple prosecutors via multiple lawsuits.
  • Worry of public opinion. Now, the Investigation Committee members will be worrying about their public opinion. When lawsuits are filed against them and when their names hit the headlines … and when their image is rattled … when their public image goes down the drain … now they will start worrying whether they can hold on to their position or not … whether they will get re-elected or not. What if they are indicted in this propaganda? What if charges are filed against them?

What President Trump should remember here is that … the law is not just for them to be used against you. The law is available for everyone. The law is available for you in its fullest form … in its fullest strength. Use it to protect yourself, your family and your Presidency.

Chances of Success
Based upon the current dynamics … these are the chances of success in each of these moves.

  • Mueller Recusing himself. It was a nice idea to give an opportunity to Mueller to recuse himself. But will he? There is only 10-20% chance that Mueller will actually recuse himself. 80-90% chances are there that Mueller will continue to investigate.
  • Limiting Mueller. If you initiate the lawsuits to limit Mueller only to collusion then you have a success chance of 70-80%. Mueller’s Investigation can definitely be limited to only collusion. But then there is no guarantee that the Establishment will not initiate alternative moves. There is every chance that the Establishment will initiate alternate investigations and alternate prosecutors to investigate other aspects of the Trump Family, Campaign and Administration. You can definitely get success in limiting Mueller but the lawsuit will only concern Mueller. It cannot control the initiation of additional investigations.
  • Ending Mueller’s Investigation. Based upon the defamation lawsuit, you can definitely pressurize Mueller to end the investigation when there is no evidence or proof of collusion. You have a 40-50% chance of success in pressing for deadlines and the ending of the investigation. However, the deadlines to end the investigation may very well extend for another year or so. Mueller can easily argue that he has leads that he would like to pursue and investigate. And if he says that some crime was possibly done then he wins the argument for extensions. It will be a game of extensions based upon leads.

How do you win this game?
The key thing here is … how do you win this game? How do you eventually end all of this mess? This is exactly what we specialize in. First you need to understand who is behind this and what their objectives are. And then you have to eliminate their control points. You have to address the main roots of the problem … and then it gets solved. We have warned you again and again that this is “Establishment activity” … and the only way to solve these issues for good is the “elimination of Establishment monopoly”. If you don’t eliminate their monopoly then they maintain their control points, namely:

  • Establishment Politicians … which are present in both parties Democrat and Republican.
  • Establishment Media … massive ownership.
  • Legal and Judicial Systems … control at key decision making.

If you don’t eliminate their monopoly then they will easily activate other investigations and prosecutors against you. What you should realize is that … you are not just fighting “Mueller” here. You are not fighting only one person. It is an entire system that is pitched against you. You can have some partial victories against Mueller … but those victories will be partial and very temporary. As we speak the Establishment is already preparing for alternate plans to address the forthcoming lawsuits.

It is a simple game of numbers. The more control points that they have under their control … the more chances of victory and domination they have. How many control points does President Trump have? Only Steve Bannon on the ground level who is only doing mudslinging. He doesn’t even understand the system, he has no plan, he has no idea how to break monopoly or establish any new systems. How will mudslinging help you win against investigations, prosecutors and corporate monopoly in several fields?

Don’t feel scared … don’t feel let down, limited and helpless. Don’t be. We know exactly how these problems are created … we understand their roots and we know how to pull these problems off their roots. Your initial lawsuits against the Mueller Investigation will give you some confidence and public reassurance. You will not win but you will stand strong in the game. In order to win successfully … you need … overwhelming support of the people against the Establishment. You need to be ready to eliminate Establishment monopoly in several fields in favor of the people. That’s when most of the Establishment control points will fall … that’s when the game will turn in your favor.

Until then it will be just mere survival. Dealing and managing one attack after another and only surviving to be in the White House. Because that’s how the game is run. You want to win against the Establishment? Be ready to activate any and every pressure point against the Establishment and eliminate their monopoly for good.