03 Nov 2017
Dealing with Mueller and Investigation Committees in the Supreme Court
in America

Some pointers to help President Trump in the Supreme Court against Mueller and Team. These are some of the arguments that the opposition will try to make. Their objective will be basically to rattle you and bamboozle you with a show of power, authority and legalities. Don't fall for the show. Focus on rules and regulations ... scope and role of each entity ... focus on core principles. When you are focused on this then doesn't matter who is standing opposite to you ... you can easily rattle the shit out of him.

1.Why do you want Mueller NOT to investigate other crimes of the suspects or members of the Campaign and Administration?

Point Number One - Defamation and demonization of the President's name.

The Special Counsel has been setup to investigate the allegation that "Trump colluded with Russia". Washing other people's personal dirty laundry is direct defamation of the President's name. We are talking about the President of the United States here ... who has been fairly elected by the people and he has the responsibility to serve 330 million people. While washing other people's personal dirty laundry under the President's name adversely impacts the fantastic work that the President is trying to do for the country.

We are not against the investigation of any crime but these unrelated activities cannot be done by Mueller's Investigation team. It has to be done via routine procedures.

Point Number Two - Threatening and bamboozling of members to create compromised witnesses and evidence

The second major point why Mueller should NOT investigate other personal crimes of any members involved is because ... there is a high chance of Mueller using the pressure of these other personal illegal activities to bamboozle and threaten the current or ex-associates of the President in order to create compromised witnesses and evidence. Mueller would be openly misusing authority and laws to bamboozle and create compromised witnesses against the President. And this we have clearly seen on the charges that have been filed on Manafort and two other members. All of these charges have nothing to do with collusion but the path that Mueller is on ... it directly leads to the threatening and bamboozling of members involved.

Point Number Three - Where does this stop?

There are tens of thousands of people that work under this Administration. If we allow Mueller to pick anyone and everyone whoever he wishes and he starts prosecuting  them for whatever little glitch that they might have in their entire lifetime ... then we are only unleashing terrorism over a legitimate Presidency. This is not law ... this is not investigation ... but this is open use of fear and threatening tactics.

It is a MUST that Mueller remains very specific to the investigation of only "collusion" related activities. He simply cannot investigate any other crimes or glitches of the Trump Campaign or Administration. If it has to be done then it has to be done via routine procedures ... but not by Mueller.

2. Mueller is the prosecutor and the prosecutor can prosecute all crimes found in the lives of the suspects which includes President Donald J Trump.

This is another point that they might try to make. They will try to dig into your personal life and dig into your and your family's entire history. This is how you protect yourself from Mueller so that he does not investigate your entire history. If they say we are going to investigate everything.

Your defense is - This is political bickering. This is the use of FBI tools to facilitate political bickering. The FBI is supposed to be neutral by its very nature of formation. The FBI cannot be biased. The FBI cannot take sides in politics. This is point number one.

Point Number Two - False and malicious investigation
Your major claim to form the "Special Counsel" was to investigate the collusion. This was the publicly cited reason. You cannot expand this investigation into whatever direction you please.

This is a country and Donald Trump is the President of the United States ... this is not your home kitchen where you can do whatever you want. This only shows "malice" on the part of the Investigation Committee. They are bent on finding fault on President Trump doesn't matter what it is. You cannot setup a "Special Counsel" to achieve your malicious and political biased objectives.

Point Number Three - The life and activities of the Businessman Donald J Trump is "off limits"
You cannot condemn and abuse a candidate using investigation tools only because he won. Winning is not a crime. You cannot setup a Special Counsel to investigate the entire lifetime of the winning candidate and all of his family members. This is simply abuse of power and political bias.

Anything and everything that has happened in the life of the Businessman Donald J Trump and his family members will remain "off limits" to the Mueller Investigation Team. Mueller will investigate only Candidate Trump and President Trump and only on "collusion". If there was anything in the lives of the Businessman Donald Trump or his family members ... then it will be investigated via routine procedures and not by Mueller.

Criminal Techniques - Scared of the law coming after them
What President Trump should understand here is the Establishment is mainly a criminal organization. Most of their techniques are simply criminal in nature. It is all about setting up people and the use of criminal ways of getting away with their malice. The thing that scares them the most is "the law coming after them".

They fear Kings and governments coming after them. The moment you take a grip over the law and use the law to go after them ... then these guys panic and run. Right now, they are playing the upper hand ... by setting up so many committees and investigations ... they have nothing on you and they are just playing fear tactics. The moment you reverse the game and start using the law against them ... that's where they dissipate and start running away.

A splendid example is what happened recently in Spain. They were trying to create chaos in Spain on the pretext of the creation of a separate State for Catalonia. They were trying to create a rebel movement in Spain just like they did in Syria. But we exposed the whole thing and gave very specific instructions to the Spanish government as to how to handle this situation. Take absolutely no action on the people ... take over the media and very precisely root out the leaders who are promoting the separatist ideology.

That's exactly what Spain did ... a direct action on the current leaders, police raids all over Catalonia, rounding up miscreants ... without affecting the people in any way. And guess what happens? The core leaders who wanted a separate State flee Catalonia to Belgium. They abandoned the State and ran away. Lol.

Why? Because they can't rally the people anymore and they are facing sedition charges. The main guy is still stuck in Belgium. Their demand for a separate State is screwed. Spain acted fantastically ... it was swift, beautiful and very precise. God bless Spain ... may you thrive for a thousand years to come! They saved their country from a major crisis and people don’t even know what the hell happened. Why did their leaders run away from the country? Lol.

The point is ... once to start using the government and the law against them ... these guys will run like chicken. Don't sit there and take the punches. Take Mueller and the Investigation Committees to the Supreme Court. You have rights and these are your most basic and fundamental rights. It will secure you, your family and your entire Administration.

And trust me this is just the beginning ... there are going to be a lot of changes in laws and system ... a lot of top level changes. Get used to using the Supreme Court to hammer the Establishment.

Deviation Tactic
Asking you to focus on Hillary and the Democrats is a deviation tactic. Hammering Hillary is fine but turning your mindset against the Dems will not get you anything. This is the job of the Democrats. You are the ruling party and they are opposition party ... it is their job to criticize you and screen everything that you do ... this is what makes the ruling party more efficient.

Turning you against the Democrats is a deviation tactic so that you don’t look at Mueller's blunders and bamboozling techniques. You have every right and authority to sue Mueller and the Investigation Committees. You can control their scope and operations via the Supreme Court. But you can’t take action against the Democrats. What lawsuit will you file against them? They comprise of 50% of the Congress. You need them every time you have to pass a major law.

The more anti-Democrat you become ... the more ineffective your Administration becomes in creating new laws. Which is what the Establishment wants ... to make you incompetent while you turn a blind eye to Mueller's malice. If Democrats oppose you then feel free to oppose, debate and fight ... this is what's politics is about. But don’t turn a blind eye on Mueller ... because this guy is currently unchecked and working without any boundaries ... he could be very dangerous. Your priority should be to put Mueller under control.

Mueller is in the aggressive mode
And that’s actually good news. If these guys had something real on you against the “collusion” accusation … then Mueller would never be aggressive. He would just chill and play his cards at the right time. The fact that Mueller is using aggression and hammering on irrelevant charges only shows that he has nothing against you.

But the bad news about Mueller is that … if you take no action to stop him and control him, then he can whip up stuff only to create an appropriate lawsuit against you. The News headlines will read like “while Mueller was investigating the collusion, he found this … under this investigation, this is something what we found”. They are on a fault finding mission and the Russia investigation is only a pretext. We already told you this long before … if you don’t take action against the Establishment then you will end up on the receiving side. Sit with your lawyers and formulate a strategy to control Mueller. The more you delay, the more it becomes difficult to defend you.