01 Nov 2017
The Two Hammers that Trump can place on Mueller
in America

The Establishment thinks that this hotel owner who has entered politics doesn’t know shit … let’s kick him around, bamboozle him, rattle him and make him bend onto his knees. They have launched 5 Investigation Committees to rattle and bamboozle President Trump. Their objective is to rattle Trump and kick him out of politics.

But what the Establishment does not realize is that … nobody is above the law. And the law is available to protect any and every innocent individual in America in its fullest strength. These are the weak points of the Investigation Committees.

  • Cannot do anything illegal. They cannot carry out any illegal activity … or any activity that leads to abuse or the throttling of someone else’s rights.
  • Subject to the law. Just in case, they do anything illegal or abuse anyone in any way … then they are fully subject to the law just like any other common citizen is … doesn’t matter who they are or what position they hold.
  • Can be sued in court. They can be easily sued in court. All of their operations need to follow the law. The court can suspend the committee, direct its operations or actions and control its procedures … just in case they are breaking the law and abusing the people.

There is absolutely no organization on US soil that is allowed to break the law … doesn’t matter who it is. It might be the FBI or CIA or the Senate or Central Banks or any one. Doesn’t matter how much power you have … doesn’t matter how much money you have … you cannot break the law and abuse innocent people. Anyone and everyone can be sued and pressurized to follow the law.

Investigation Committees and Presidential Powers
One thing that Trump should understand is that … he should not use “Presidential Powers” to control the Investigation Committees. That will come under abuse of power and obstruction of justice. But just like every citizen of the United States, even the President has rights. What you are doing here is simply using your civilian rights. I will show you how.

Hammer Number One – False Accusation
The Mueller Investigation is about the Russian Collusion. Their accusation is that “Trump colluded with Russia”. Since day one, President Trump has maintained his innocence that there was no collusion … the President is innocent.

Let me give you an example. Your neighbor finds his car is burnt to ashes, one fine day. And he blames you for burning his car. You say that you are innocent … but even then he presses charges on you … takes you to court … and you are hiring lawyers fighting a case that has nothing to do with you. You get a bad reputation in the neighborhood … you lose your job and you are struggling to survive just because of this lawsuit against you. After 10 months … a surveillance video is revealed … which shows that you are innocent. That neighbor had an issue with some guys and those guys came to his house … burnt his car and ran away.

You are 100% innocent and you are claiming to be innocent since day one. But just because of your neighbor’s suspicion, accusation and lawsuits hell broke loose on you. You were subject to defamation … it caused you financial problems and psychological stress. You have every right for a “counter lawsuit” against your neighbor. Your neighbor can be sued to pay for everything that you have lost because of his accusations and lawsuit.

The same applies in this case. Since day one, President Trump is innocent. All of these are false accusations … which are leading only to defamation and demonization of his Administration … which is greatly hindering the Administration’s performance and work. Mueller’s Investigation Team is obliged to provide “tangible proof” of collusion. If they find no evidence or proof of collusion … then President Trump has full authority … as a civilian … these are his basic civilian rights …

  • To sue Mueller and his team
  • To sue the Investigation Committees
  • And to sue all of the guys who formed those Investigation Committees

You are not using Presidential powers here … you are not obstructing justice … you are using your basic civilian rights to fight for justice. And no one can stop you from doing this. It is 100% legit and legal.

President Donald J Trump … this is your Hammer Number One. You can send them a legal notice informing them that there will be a counter lawsuit for all those involved in this investigation … which will include Mueller, his team, the Investigation Committees and the guys who formed this malicious Investigation Committees. They need to provide proof otherwise there will be a counter lawsuit. You can issue them this warning.

Effect of Hammer One
The effect this hammer will have is that … it will put pressure and accountability on Mueller and the Investigation Committees. There was no collusion … there is no proof of collusion. This will pressurize them to end the investigation as soon as possible. The more they continue this investigation … the bigger the hammer that will fall on their heads.

They will know that their heads are on the line here now. Till now, they were just kicking around a new comer … thinking that he knows nothing. But once they know that you will take them to the Supreme Court and hammer the shit out of them … for ridiculing you and demonizing you for several months together … they will be scared of the hefty fine on their way or even prison time. Till date they were just putting fear in your heart … it’s time to put fear in their’s.

Hammer Number Two – False Investigation
The second hammer is that … this investigation itself is false not only the accusation. The accusation is “Trump colluded with Russia”. If you look at the charges filed against Manafort … that is his personal dirty laundry. The President is not responsible for people’s personal dirty laundry. There are tens of thousands of people working for the Trump Administration. Should the President’s name be used for everyone’s personal dirty laundry? Why should we allow the President’s name to be used for someone else’s personal dirty laundry?

Mueller’s Investigation Scope
There has to be precise specification and control over Mueller’s Investigation. The very name given to them is “Special Counsel”. As publicly declared … this is a “special” counsel with a “special” purpose … and that is to find collusion between Trump and Russia. This control over Mueller’s Investigation scope is incredibly important because it is the name of the President that is attached with this investigation.

The allegation is that “Trump colluded with Russia” and therefore anything and everything that Mueller does … directly reflects on the President. He calls people for questioning, he issues subpoenas and he presses charges … for everything it is the President’s name and reputation on the line. With all due respect … Mr.Mueller cannot start washing other people’s dirty laundry under the President’s name. This is direct defamation … beyond the scope of the investigation … and it is directly affecting the reputation of the President.

We don’t care what the people did … he might have killed a 100 people or whatever. If that act has nothing to do with “Trump colluding with Russia” then it is totally irrelevant to this investigation. There are other legal channels to process those crimes. Manafort had contacts in Ukraine … so what … what does it have to do with the President? Where does this stop? What’s next? A White House employee passes the red light … now is he supposed to be afraid of Mueller knocking on his door? One guy has not paid his parking tickets … now Mueller going to knock on this door? If Mueller goes on his current track … this is not an investigation but this is terrorism. Mueller is terrorizing the White House and the Administration.

Whatever Mueller does … it directly reflects on the President’s name … because the allegation is against the President. Mueller simply cannot be allowed by any legal means to investigate anything other than the “collusion”. Mueller needs to be exclusively focused only on the collusion.

Yes, what is wrong is wrong … Manafort might have done something wrong … thousands of people work in the Administration … many people might have glitches from their past. But Mueller cannot use all of personal glitches and prosecute them in this particular investigation. There are other agencies that are present for these activities … FBI, CIA, NSA and the police department. Other personal crimes that do not relate to collusion cannot be under Mueller’s fold.

This is the second notice that the President should send to Mueller and the Investigation Committees. The notice should clearly state that:

  • Mueller and his team cannot investigate any other crime than collusion
  • They cannot press charges on any other crime
  • They cannot question people for any other crime
  • Manafort should be processed by the routine process and not by Mueller’s team
  • Manafort should not be questioned by Mueller for other crimes
  • Mueller is allowed to question, investigate and press charges only on “collusion”

 Sit with your lawyers and formulate a notice for the same. Send them the notice and if they do not agree … immediately take them to court. You have every right to take them to court. You are not using Presidential powers here. You are fighting for justice like any other civilian. Mueller has already entered the illegal sphere of his investigation. He is using your name and washing other’s personal laundry … it is a direct defamation case. A Special Counsel’s purpose must be clearly defined and they cannot work outside that scope.

This is 100% legal and legit … you can take Mueller and the Investigation Committees to court … and demand control over their operations. You have rights. They can’t kick you around like this. You have every right to control the Investigation Committees via court. Hammer them in the Supreme Court if necessary.

Benefits of Hammer Two
Mueller made a big mistake by pressing charges on Manafort on his personal mistakes. Once you lock Mueller and keep him exclusively focused on collusion then …

  • It will protect all of your employees of the Campaign and the Administration. They can refuse to answer any questions that do not relate to collusion. Mueller cannot press them on their personal dirty laundry. Your employees can have anything under their fold … but when it comes to Mueller … it will be their legal right to refuse to answer any questions that do not relate to the collusion. You are putting power in the hands of your staff here. It will build a great level of confidence in your team. And it will protect them.
  • The second major benefit is that … now since Mueller is limited to only collusion … he and his team cannot question you or your family members on any other topic as well. It will protect you from any other skeletons that you might have in the closet. Let’s say, Trump University or anything else … Mueller and his team cannot come to you and question you about Trump University. He has to remain specific to the collusion. You and your family members can refuse to answer any other question that is not related. This will put power in your hands and take away powers from Mueller.

This will be a big victory for President Trump, his family and Administration over the Investigation Committees. If you sit back and allow Mueller to do whatever he wants then he will create havoc for you. Act now. Place both of the hammers on Mueller’s head. Do it via legal channels. You have a very strong case here.