31 Oct 2017
Trump should sue Mueller and the Investigation Committees
in America

Time to save Trump. This is what President Trump should keep in mind. Everyone is subject to the law … every single person on US soil. Not a single person is above the law … absolutely no one. And this includes Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, his team and everyone in the Investigation Committees. You can sue the shit out of them. You can’t fire him but you can sue him.

Before we get into that … let me give you some background info on what Mueller is doing. Mueller is following “bamboozling tactics”. There was no Russia collusion and there was no Russian interference … he has no evidence and he has no proof. But bamboozling your current or ex-associates gives him “compromised information” for creating new lawsuits.

This is how it works. Look at the case of Julian Assange. They did a thorough hunt of the person’s history … and they located two girls from Sweden. They chose Sweden because it is a close American ally and it has a lot of Establishment control. They picked up these two girls … because they probably found some legal glitches in the lives of these girls. They used that “legal pressure” to bamboozle and flip these girls against Julian Assange. What did these girls accuse Assange for? Rape. Why was it rape? Because Assange did not use a “condom” while having sex with them. It was not rape because Assange forced himself on them out of their will … it was consensual sex … but since Assange did not use a condom … they are terming it as “rape”. This was the allegation against Assange. Do you see how ridiculous and utterly cheap this gimmick is?

Mueller is following the same “bamboozling” technique with your ex-employees. These were the prominent features of his allegations:

  • Russia investigation is only a pretext. There was absolutely no charges related to Russia or collusion. They have used this pretext of Russia investigation only to hunt into the lives of some ex-employees and found some glitches from their past.
  • Charges on any mistake. Doesn’t matter what mistake or legal glitch or crime you might have committed in your entire lifetime … they will charge you on that glitch.
  • Worst charges possible. Once they have that glitch from your life … they will charge you with the worst possible charges. They are charging Manafort with “conspiracy against the US” … this track leads to espionage and treason. These are the worst possible charges on any US citizen.
  • Bamboozling Technique. Why are such extreme charges made? These are bamboozling techniques. They pick up a few of your associates … using one of their mistakes … the worst possible action is shown upon them. But then again … they are given a way out … a deal is made … because they are not the main target. The main target here is Trump. All they need from these associates or ex-employees is some info against Trump. In order to escape a life sentence … these guys will say anything or do anything … or possibly even “make up stuff” against you. This is open “manufacture of evidence” against the main target … using bamboozling techniques.

All what Manafort needs to do is … in order to save himself … just make up some stuff against Trump and he gets a very light sentence or maybe he is even let go. Very important here … never turn against the guys who fall. Don’t call him a moron and don’t call him a bad guy … just because they are not with you any more or because charges have been filed against them.

James Comey’s Flip
You should have already learnt the above from James Comey’s flip. Comey is a nice guy. He actually helped in your win by opening the investigation against Hillary while you were deep in your sex scandal at the helm of the election. But he was showing errant moves by investigating Russia more and more. However, the Establishment leaked your phone call where you mentioned Comey as a “moron”. You said something like … you fired the moron. The Establishment created full-fledged publicity for that statement only to turn Comey against you.

“Ah look, your Boss calls you a moron. Why would you support such a guy? Turn your testimony against him.” Did that strategy work? Yes, it worked. Comey turned against you and they live streamed Comey’s testimony live in all TV channels.

  • They leaked your phone call
  • Widely publicized the phone call
  • Turned Comey against you
  • And then live streamed Comey’s testimony against you

Creating False Witnesses
What they doing here? They are turning people against you and pushing them to make statements and allegations against you. If any of your ex-employees says … “hey, I heard Trump say this and this … I saw him do this and this.” It might be totally false … but the guy becomes a witness against you. This is exactly what they are working on right now.

How to handle employees who fall?

  • First, say that your mission is to Make America Great Again
  • Then say that, so and so person made promises to get on the agenda and do good things for the country … which is why you hired them.
  • Now, they are going through a difficult situation in their lives and you regret that.

And then you stop over there … you don’t side with them and you don’t speak against them. You don’t say … “God bless them or good luck or good wishes”. No positive comment. Nor do you condemn them. Don’t say that “he was a moron, he was a bad guy or whatever”. Just say that “you regret the situation that he is in” … then stop over there.

It helps you both ways … if he is acquitted … then congratulations for being acquitted. If he is jailed … then you still regret what happened. That is a safe statement. But what you are not doing here is … turning against your employees or ex-employees. If you turn against the people who fall then Mueller can use that angle to:

  • Extract confidential information about you, your campaign or Administration
  • Or even create false witnesses or accusations

On the frontend … you regret their situation … in the backend … look how you can actually help them so that they will have confidence in you and it will make it difficult for them to turn against you.

Let’s kick Mueller’s ass
Now that being said … let’s kick Mueller’s ass. Firing Mueller will back fire on us. But no one is above the law on US soil. Each and every one is subject to the law … and they cannot go around doing whatever they want … adversely affecting innocent people. And this includes Mueller, his entire team and everyone in the Investigation Committees. These are the features of the ongoing investigation:

  • No evidence, no proof. They have absolutely no evidence or proof in any Russia collusion.
  • Threatening Tactics. Mueller is openly targeting anyone and everyone involved in the Trump Administration and Campaign. These are nothing but threatening tactics designed to create false witnesses. These are tactics designed to scare White House employees.
  • Political Gimmicks. These are nothing but political gimmicks. The FBI is supposed to be neutral and be away from politics. The FBI is running a political agenda here … there is no crime committed.
  • Open Deligitimization of the Trump Administration. This is nothing but political bickering using tools of the FBI. It is designed only for the deligitimization of the Trump Administration.
  • Defamation of President Trump, his family and Administration. This is leading to the open defamation of President Trump, his family and the entire Trump Administration.
  • Misuse of power and authority. This is nothing but the misuse of power and authority by a bunch of politicians who have setup these “Investigation Committees”.
  • Misleading of the people via false investigations. This is nothing but misleading the people via false investigations.
  • False and misleading objectives. All of these investigations have “false and misleading” objectives. In the name of Russia Collusion, they are openly bamboozling and investigating old history of anyone associated with the Trump campaign or Administration.
  • Public bamboozling of Trump Employees. This is nothing but public bamboozling of Trump employees.
  • Country cannot be led by propagandas. Our country cannot be led by propagandas. If they have proof then bring it on … otherwise stop bamboozling and threatening the Administration and stop misleading the people via false investigations.

Time to sue Mueller and the Investigation Committees
This is what you need to do. Pull in your best lawyers and formulate counter lawsuits on these guidelines.

  • Show the proof or stop the investigation. If they have no proof for any Russia collusion then demand an immediate halt to this investigation.
  • Obstruction of Justice. If you ask for a halt on an investigation then they will say … it is obstruction of justice. But in the name of doing justice they cannot carry out an injustice. They cannot go on and on and on … forever … crying collusion, collusion, collusion … when the alleged person is totally innocent and there was no crime done. There has to be a “time frame” to show evidence.
  • This unlimited time to show evidence is only leading to defamation and it is a waste of tax payer money.
  • Misleading Investigation. The investigation itself is misleading because the charges filed on Manafort have no connection to Russia or Trump. If you are investigating a crime committed then investigate that crime. Why are you wasting our time on some other unrelated acts committed by some person that have no connection to what the investigation is about?
  • The current charges filed clearly show that you have no proof to the “Russia collusion” which is the main title of this investigation. These charges filed clearly show that you have no proof, you are bamboozling Trump employees, misleading the people and wasting tax payer resources.
  • Not obstructing justice but asking for justice. We are not obstructing justice … we are asking for justice. If you have no charges that you can file related to the Russian collusion or Russian interference or Russian meddling … then you need to shut this down. This is a false investigation.

Pointers to use to file counter lawsuits
These are the pointers that you should use to design the counter lawsuits.

  • False Investigation. This is nothing but a false investigation. It is designed to be a “Russian Investigation” only to pick and bamboozle Trump employees.
  • Defamation of the President. This is nothing but open defamation of an innocent President who has done no wrong.
  • Defamation of the entire Administration. This is leading to the defamation of the entire Administration who is trying to do fantastic things for America and the American people.
  • Leading to bamboozling and threatening of employees. This investigation has nothing against the Trump Administration or Russia. It is a false investigation leading to the bamboozling and threatening of employees.
  • Hampering the Administration's work. This bamboozling and threatening approach of the FBI who is picking on any fault of the Administration’s employees or ex-employees is hampering the Administration’s public works.
  • Psychological stress on the Administration's employees. It is creating an enormous amount of unnecessary psychological stress for everyone involved.
  • Creating public discord. It is creating open public discord. People should be focused on their lives and how to make their lives better. But instead they are being consumed via a false investigation.
  • Creating mistrust among the public. It is creating mistrust among the public which is making it difficult to promote our policies and accomplish crucial milestones.
  • Spreading false rumors and accusations. This false investigation is doing nothing but spreading false rumors and accusations … which is nothing but injustice.
  • Waste of tax payer money. We are wasting tens of millions of tax payer money to fund this investigation and its activities. This is a total waste of tax payer money.
  • Waste of the Administration's time. This investigation has wasted enormous time and resources of the Administration.
  • Leading to delay in achieving targets for the people. It is leading to a delay in achieving targets for the people.
  • Losing of hundreds of billions in returned productivity for the country. Eventually our country is losing hundreds of billions in returned productivity. If the false demonization via this false investigation was not there then we could have accomplished so much more for the country.

How much to sue for?

  • Special Counsel Costs. Find out the total costing for the investigation team. How much the entire team has costed tax payers since its start.
  • Psychological Costs. Put in a value for the psychological stress created by this investigation on President Trump, his family and the entire Administration.
  • Defamation Costs. This false investigation has created enormous costs for the Administration’s legitimacy. Put in a cost for that.
  • Delay in milestones. Put in a cost for the delay in milestones and lost productivity owing to this false investigation.
  • Losses in Stock Market. Mueller’s charges created a dip in the Stock Market. Put in a cost for that also.

The total cost should be quite hefty. Sue Mueller and the Investigation Committees for this amount.

Outcome of Counter Lawsuits

  • Provide proof or shut it down. Your counter lawsuits should hammer them on the point of a “false investigation”. This is your strong suit here. It is a FALSE INVESTIGATION. They have no proof or evidence of any Russian collusion or interference. Press them on the proof. More the time you will give them, more the manufactured evidence they will try to create.
  • Charges unrelated to Russia. Charges that are not related to Russia or the Russian interference should NOT be carried out by this team. Ask other FBI or CIA guys to carry out those investigations. Mueller team should NOT question or charge anyone that is not related to Russia. Allowing Mueller to hammer any of your employees gives an overwhelming power to Mueller over any of your employees. This is not the basis of the investigation. Mueller is recruited only for the Russian investigation. No where in the investigation it says that Mueller is allowed to hammer anyone related to Trump under any pretext.
  • Protect Trump employees from bamboozling. Mueller needs to stick to Russia. Doesn’t matter what shit your employees have done in the past … those crimes CANNOT be prosecuted by Mueller. Your employees will not be exposed to Mueller for charges unrelated to Russia. Mueller will not charge them and he will not question them. If it will be done then it will be done via the routine and regular channels.
  • Cannot allow the mixup of charges. We cannot allow Mueller to question and threaten our employees based upon some glitch that they have in their past lifetime. We cannot allow Mueller to mixup charges and make up false witnesses and evidence. We need to protect our employees from any kind of bamboozling and threatening from Mueller.
  • Mueller CANNOT question Manafort. And this begins from Manafort. Mueller should not be given access to Manafort. Mueller should have absolutely no authority over Manafort. Firstly, he should never have been charged by Mueller … and secondly, now that he has charged … Manfort should be processed via the routine and regular channels. Nobody in Mueller’s team should question Manafort … unless it is something related to the Russian collusion.
  • Either shut it down or remain strictly on course. This false investigation should either be shut down immediately if they have no evidence or they should strictly remain on course. Anything not related to Russia should not be tolerated in this investigation. We cannot allow Mueller to go around demonizing the Trump Presidency based upon unrelated charges.

Accomplishment via counter lawsuits

  • Protect employees. Firstly, you will protect all of your employees and staff from Mueller. He can’t just whip up any charges against whoever he wants.
  • Greatly limits Mueller’s powers. It greatly limits and focuses Mueller’s role on the Russian Collusion. He has given us clear evidence to hammer this investigation as a “false investigation”. We need to use this to the fullest extent in our favor. No committee can say, “hey, we are the FBI and we can openly investigate anyone and everyone for whatever reason in the Trump Administration” … they cannot formulate a committee with such an open objective. Such an objective would be totally ridiculous and blatant defamation. Mueller needs to stick to the track. We will not offer our employees on a platter for him.
  • A great impression among the people. This would be Trump fighting back. This will create a good impression and build confidence among the people. It will show the people how hollow this investigation is.
  • Early termination of the Investigation. Since there was no collusion, it will bring about an early termination of this investigation.

Pros and Cons
There are some pros and cons with this approach. The pros are already mentioned above. The cons are something like this:

  • Trigger a showdown. This will trigger a showdown. Since you are pressing on evidence, Mueller might show all of his cards. It will accelerate the whole thing to a very fast pace.
  • Check your sleeves. Before you use the above strategy, check your sleeves first. Have you or your family done anything wrong that Mueller can use? It might be anything. Can Mueller use any activity from the past? If you have clean slate then you can strike. But if there is something then it will back fire … you will be actually pushing Mueller to show what he has.
  • Immediate charges. If Mueller has something on you then it will result in immediate charges being placed.

If you have a clean slate then take this shot. It may not terminate the investigation immediately but it will definitely greatly limit Mueller’s powers and the investigation. Right now, you and your Administration are the victims of this investigation. Okay fine, Manafort was in Ukraine … what does it have to do with the Russian collusion? Where are the charges related to collusion? Why is this being publicized under Mueller’s hat? All of this is unnecessarily defaming the Trump Administration under a false investigation. This is your line … go get’em.