30 Oct 2017
Facilitating one crisis via another crisis
in America

Mueller will be taken care of
But you need to take action against the Establishment to actually bring an end to this investigation. Otherwise this guy is there only to make things worse for you. Firing him will not help ... it will only back fire. The best thing to do is to root out the Establishment right from its roots. You remove them from the core then these outer skins will easily fall ... including Mueller's Investigation team and all other investigations against you.

Hillary GodDamn Clinton
Forget about being President ... she will never hold public office again. We don’t waste much time in bashing Hillary ... her voice gives me the creeps. She has the souls of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in her voice who died because of her ... screaming for help and crying in pain. It’s a little bit difficult to listen to her voice.

We do it ... only when it is of national interest ... when she runs for office or when we need to expose the Establishment malice. In fact, she will be a role model for the White Niggers in American politics ... we will use her as a model to describe everything that is wrong with American politics in our campaigns of People Power ... as well as Under the Skin program.

Once we run our programs, she will stand no chance to ever get elected for any public office ever again. She may try to run for President again ... it’s good for us ... she will hand over us an easy victory.

Hillary will be the least of your problems
She is malicious, yeah ... go ahead and hammer her ... she has used a lot of tools against you ... feel free to do the same. But what you should NOT do is ... while hammering Hillary, don't push yourself away from Russia. While showing that Hillary colluded with Russia or the Uranium deal or whatever ... hammer Hillary as much as you want ... but don’t push yourself away from Russia.

Russia is what's going to save you
All of this internal anti-Russian propaganda is total bullshit. It is designed to facilitate one crisis using another crisis. These guys are experts in crisis management and war designs ... this is their specialty ... controlling decision making in extreme situations of crisis.

“Crisis for us is a blessing for them”
This anti-Russia crisis is being designed to facilitate an even more major crisis via North Korea. If you don't team up with Russia against North Korea then 90% chances are that you will fail. If you go on your own in North Korea ... 90% chances are there that you will fail. This is why they are pushing you away from Russia to ensure their victory in creating a catastrophe via North Korea. This is facilitating one crisis via another crisis.