29 Oct 2017
Mueller Investigation is a plain "pressure tactic"
in America

Basic Information
Mueller and the Russia investigation is a plain pressure tactic
Objectives: Rattle Trump, Move him away from Russia, Pressurize Trump to quit, Impeach Trump via legal loopholes
Techniques: Demonization, investigations, legal pressure loopholes and games

Disadvantage for the Trump Administration: It will create some level of mistrust and helps in the delegitimization campaign against your Administration.

Their Weakness: Their major weakness is that ... it is not a short term strategy ... it will take a very long time for them to successfully impeach you or remove you from office via legal games.

It is not impossible ... it is possible ... but it will take a long time for them to put it into place. Because there was actually no collusion and there is no proof or evidence that Russia hacked any election machine or bribed any election official. If they had this evidence then they would have already played this card. Since they don't have this evidence, they have setup several investigation committees so that they can "create" some legal glitch or loophole in order to initiate some legal action. This process generally takes a long time.

Mueller is NOT the immediate threat to your Presidency but interestingly "North Korea" is
Mueller will only play pressure tactics in order to rattle you ... but what you don’t know is that North Korea is a more critical and immediate threat to your Presidency. Because right now, they have zero evidence against Trump or the Trump Administration ... they have absolutely nothing to impeach you.

And if Mueller will come up with something then it will be made up stuff against you or Russian influence. Feel free to cooperate in clarifying anything placed against the Russian involvement with Putin. The main reason why they are taking such a long time for this investigation is so that ... they can "manufacture" evidence to show that Russia was involved. We live in a computerized world ... anything can be made in the digital age. However, you need to rest assured that your impeachment will not be via Mueller, as of now that is ... God willing.

Hardcore evidence is required
What they need is hardcore evidence to show the world and America that Trump is not fit to lead ... here is where North Korea comes into the picture. If you see the advertisements of some Jewish Establishment leaders ... they are calling you a "moron with nukes". Which again emphasizes that your use of nuclear weapons or the start of a nuclear war will be highly demonized and ridiculed ... and it will be used to impeach you.

How to handle this?
Now, you may back off from North Korea ... but there is no guarantee that North Korea will back off. There is every possibility that North Korea will continue its aggressive tactics trying to instigate you for a war. This is Establishment malice. This is not about North Korea. This is about terminating your Presidency.

Point Number One - Don’t be the first one to start the war
Never drop the first bomb. Do NOT be the one to start the war. If you start this war then it will be terribly difficult to defend you. Whatever shitty test North Korea might be doing ... just ignore it ... do not be the first one to take military action. However, feel free to sanction them as much as you want.

With sanctions, you will get full support and cooperation ... using sanctions as a tool will show that you are dealing with the situation with patience and intelligence. This approach will work in your favor locally and internationally. Because via sanctions you are not hurting a single life nor are you blowing up tax payer money in wars. Sanctions come under the safe zone.

The Hydrogen Bomb test - they are planning to test the Hydrogen Bomb. If their testing has not hurt a single human being ... if it has not taken any life ... then ignore it. Do not use this as an excuse to attack them. You should remember here that the Establishment is trying to "frame you" as the criminal ... as the bad guy. All of these anti-Trump statements ... this repeated testing, these provocations are designed to push you out of your comfort zone and make you take the first step towards war.

It is a "setup". So, whatever North Korea will say or do ... if they did not drop the first bomb ... if they did not kill anyone ... then ignore it ... it’s a trap. We will give them an overwhelming response if they dare to attack us or if they drop the first bomb on us.

Point Number Two - Team up with Russia
Let's move into the second scenario ... where we are patient and they make the first move. There are chances that they may take the first move. The chances are 30:70 right now. All of their current tactics are designed to push you to take the first move. There is only 30% chance that they will take the first move.

What you should know about the Establishment is that ... they are at a terrible desperate low ... they are crawling on their knees to save themselves. There is a chance that they will take a terribly low desperate move to initiate this "mega war". That move will be ... North Korea attacking America or an American ally.

This is how you win in this ... you understand what they want to facilitate in the next moves and play an upper hand over them. It is not about just North Korea fighting with America. There are two major entities out there that you have to pull on your side ... they are China and Russia.

China is not trustworthy. Do not trust China. It is a Communist country ... a very strong Establishment stronghold. These guys can flip anytime. In fact, if your war begins with North Korea, then China can supply manpower and weapons to North Korea for its defense ... in order to prolong the war or defeat America. If you check history, America tried to take over North Korea and it failed ... which is why North Korea is still a Communist country. You need to be aware of China's backend support for North Korea.

The only major trustworthy entity out there is Russia. It is terribly important for you to team up with Russia in this North Korean crisis. This Mueller investigation is designed to push you away from Russia. If you push away Russia then the North Korean war can spiral into terrible ways.

  1. If you take an anti-Russian stand and do not support or cooperate with Russia ... then they will easily start a conflict with Russia via Eastern Europe. This conflict can begin at the tap of a finger. If this conflict begins then it is doomsday for your countries ... which is what the Establishment wants.
  2. The second major reason why you should team up with Russia is that ... Russia should be on our side. You cannot allow China to team up with Russia in this conflict. If Russia and China team-up against NATO then doomsday begins.
  3. The third major reason is ... our military operations are rigged at the ground level ... which is why terrorists were "growing" wherever our forces went. So, if you actually want to defeat a highly trained and highly equipped military with a million soldiers ... then you need the help of Russian intelligence to track and monitor ground level operations. You need the intel to monitor rigged elements in your forces so that they are not handing over our weapons and ammo to North Koreans ... and secondly, to cut off China and maintain its hands off this conflict.

How to get Russia to work with you?
If you understand Putin's mindset ... he can be a very good trustworthy friend but he is also the President of Russia. Whenever you talk to him with any proposal ... he will look for "what's in it for Russia". What are you giving Russia? How does Russia benefit? This is one of the key things you should keep in mind when you talk to Putin.

We have put sanctions after sanctions on them ... and then if we need help ... we can't call them saying "hey buddy, we need your country's intelligence and military working in our favor". We can't tell them that.

First, we need to show them some signs of cooperation and understanding ... so that they know that the Trump Administration is pro-Russia. The good news for you is that ... Putin already knows that this is Establishment malice ... these sanctions, this demonization and these wars are all Establishment malice. You don't need to explain him that. We have already done that. All you need to do is give them something real and verifiable ... so that they know that Trump is on their side. Putin is ready to help you ... but you need to give him something real.

What can you give Russia?
You are already in a Russia scandal ... Mueller is pressing charges now ... how do you cooperate with Russia in such a scenario? You don’t need to give anything to Russia directly from the Trump Administration or America.

You can just pull a few strings in Europe ... look for some loopholes and help Europe do business with Russia. You are the President ... the international game is your arena. Use your subordinates and help Russia to do business with Europe. Make sure Putin knows that this initiative is directly from the Trump Administration. This will be a clear sign and Putin will not lose trust in you.

Second: Once you have Russia on your side, make sure that you stand by Russia just in case there is any malice from East Europe. This is very important.

Third: Ask South Korean authorities to directly contact and cooperate with Russia on this North Korean crisis. You can't contact Russia again and again. But this is a South Korean issue ... they can contact Russia any number of times and it will not affect you in anyway locally. Moreover, the world will see that it is a collaboration between Russia and South Korea. And the world will actually welcome Russia's help in this crisis.

Respond to layered games via “layered games”
Like I said before ... when you deal with Establishment malice, you need to respond to layered games via “layered games”. They are trying to outsmart you and use the Congress to put the sanctions on Russia. What you need to do is this:

  • Frontend. Let Putin know that this malice is from the Establishment and not from the Trump Administration. Publicly, maintain your stand that “good relations with Russia is good for America”.
  • Backend. Use your political influence in Europe to keep things in favor of Russia.

If you follow this strategy then Putin will understand what we are dealing with. And you will get Russian cooperation when needed.

South Korea and Russia
South Korea cannot even pay us for our military support ... so they would be kind of baffled of how to meet with Russia and Putin. What can they offer to Russia? Tell them it has been taken care of via Europe. They need to discuss the formation of a “united front” against the North Korean malice. It’s a nuclear war and you need all the help you can.

What do we need from Russia in this?

  • Warship. We need a Russian warship in the Sea of Japan to pressurize North Korea and maintain the control in the region.
  • Russian Intelligence. We need Russian drones and intelligence to cooperate and work with us through all phases of the war, if it ever begins.

Find out the costing for the same and make sure Russia is supplied with the necessary investment via Europe. The good thing about Russian military is that ... it is cost effective. Their figures will be quite normal and manageable.

Point Number Three - Take out their nukes
Under the scenario where the war has begun ... the moment it begins ... the first thing that you must do is "take out their nukes". Very quickly and very rapidly take out their nukes. Remember this is going to be a nuclear war ... at least from their side. And this "nuclear war" is going to be used to demonize your Presidency back home. This is not about fighting against North Korea ... this is about saving your Presidency from a trap.

You have to make sure that you eliminate their nukes and that the damage via nukes is reduced to a minimum. And then make sure that "China" is not supplying them with additional nukes. Keep an eye on China through all phases of the war. Whatever you eliminate, China should not be a supplier for the same. It took us only two weeks to eliminate Saddam's air force and navy. Try to maintain the same performance. This time it is a more organized military.

Point Number Four - Finish the war within 6 months
If you see the Gulf war ... where Kuwait was saved from Saddam Hussein ... the war lasted only for about 6 months. This is how people like it ... the bad guy is there ... you go out there ... win and come back ... and it should be over within 6 months.

If it goes beyond 6 months, then people see "war" in a very very negative light. War has huge casualties on the common people ... doesn't matter which country or what religion. It will start backfiring on your Presidency. The people, the media and the Establishment will get a genuine reason to trash you ... which is the main objective of this war. Have a plan to complete the conquer of North Korea within 6 months.

Point Number Five - Turn a catastrophe into a victory
The Establishment is desperately trying to create a catastrophe for the Trump Presidency. You can convert it into a fabulous victory.

  • Firstly, by showing patience and intelligence in the initial phase. Don’t be the first one to start the war.
  • Secondly, pull regional giants in your favor ... this is Russia and use their support to control, monitor and win the war very quickly.
  • Thirdly and most importantly ... the greatest winning element of this war will be ... "the elimination of the Communist Government" in North Korea.

Simply take over North Korea and convert the entire country into a democratic and people centered country. South Korea should be ready for this operation. This may take a little bit longer than 6 months ... if you successfully move the Southern Army and take over the North ... then that is a fabulous victory that will last lifetime. Koreans will thank you forever for this unification.

But make sure it does not last for more than an year or two and that it does not lead to the destruction of the entire country like Syria ... and that millions of people don’t die. The more the deaths, destruction and time taken ... the more it will backfire for you. So, make sure that you are very precise in all of these 3 factors ... deaths, destruction and time.

Handling Mueller
Mueller Investigation is designed only to push you away from Russia. If you push yourself away from Russia then they will create catastrophes in this war. They created chemical attacks in Syria and no one was able to stop them. These guys are criminals of the worst kind. They will create nuclear attacks within the country to facilitate the catastrophe. Nukes and other WMD might be moving into South Korea as we speak.

You will need all of the help that you can get to successfully handle this crisis. You don’t need to directly talk with Russia again and again ... you can ask the South Koreans to speak with Russia and take their help. If South Korea directly approaches Russia, then it will open the right channel for support and cooperation. No one can demonize you at home for the Russian involvement in the North Korean crisis.

You can tell them that South Korea itself directly approached Russia ... and Russia is being a positive element in this crisis against North Korea. Do not allow the Mueller investigation to push you away from Russia.

Victory in North Korea will not change anything back home
The sad news is that ... your victory in North Korea will not change anything much back home. You can see it for yourself ... there were hurricanes after hurricane ... you have released billions to the affected areas ... done the best job that could be done. You have done a great service for tens of thousands of your own American citizens at home ... and how do they treat you?

The only thing that they remember is "Trump was throwing paper towels" ... that's all you did? Throw paper towels? Billions released in aid, fastest and best response possible, tens of thousands of people directly benefited ... and they shove everything down the rug and continue to demonize you. This is how twisted and mean the Establishment is.

Now, if you go to the other side of the Ocean and save some people on a tiny Island ... do you think that they are going to treat you as a hero? On American soil ... you have saved American citizens ... and they give you no credit. Do you think they will give you credit for an operation on the other side of the Ocean?

The only thing that they will talk about is:

  • The massive expense
  • The damage done via nukes
  • The lives lost via nukes
  • The use of American soldiers if any
  • The American lives lost, if any

Even if you come back victorious ... then this is what they will talk about. Which is why we said ... first eliminate this GodDamn Establishment and then you get to shine. If you had got in touch with us 10 months ago then by today we would be discussing and implementing strategies to bring about the Media Revolution by now. You would be implementing the Media Revolution already ... which would have been fantastic to provide the right type of coverage for this North Korean crisis.

I will show you an overview of timelines so that you know what happens and when.

First 6 months

  • Hiring and training period
  • Staff will be screened, hired and trained
  • Journalist data collection and research will begin
  • Production of the content begins
  • Training is an ongoing process

6 months onwards

  • Here is where the publishing of the content will begin
  • Formulation of new laws and systems begin
  • Activism Begins
  • Marketing is launched

For us to give you a full-fledged strategy to revolutionize the media ... it will take at least 6 months to one year from now. Had you got in touch with us before ... today we would have already been discussing and implementing that strategy. As of now ... this is how it works for the Trump Administration

Trump Admin - Year Two
We have only 3 months left in the first year. If we start now then you get the strategy in year two ... April-May 2018. You will start implementing the strategy.

Trump Admin - Year Three
Here is where the strategy will start putting several media channels in your favor. For these channels to gear up and come on the same page ... it will take 3-6 months from there. By year end, you will have a fantastic and active network working in your favor.

Trump Admin - Year Four
This is an election year. It is time for re-election. These are "revolutions" ... they don’t happen in weeks or months. They take considerable time. But once they are done, you will still be in time for a massive network that will help you to easily win the next election and overcome the current demonization and aggression of the Establishment media.

In year three and four is where you will shine immensely. In the third year, you will get the momentum and in the fourth year, you will be at the top of your game.

Along with the Media Revolution, we will initiate some other massive changes as well. But they will also take the same timeline. It is possible to fast-track them, but consider this as the timeline for now. Fast tracking requires more coordination ... will discuss that once we launch.

The point is ... you are late ... but not too late to save your Presidency. You still have the shot for glory. The more you delay, the more everything gets postponed and the more mess they will put you in. If you had listened to us right in the beginning, then you would have been changing the game right now. However, still not too late.

Quite clean till date
Till date, you are quite clean ... they have nothing on you. That's why they resort to making headlines using some grammar mistakes or simple statements or using basic formalities. You are clean and you are strong. It is only "wars" where catastrophes can be created. The war element is very difficult to control. Other than that they will play games using politics, legals, finance, media ... all of this is basic bullshit and we can easily manage it and hammer them in these fields. It is only wars where you have to be very careful.