27 Oct 2017
Formula and Credit Stalling Techniques
in America

Another two stalling techniques that they use on politicians are “formula and credit”. If they are using any pretext to delay or stall ... trust me ... it is a total waste of time designed only to stall. It will contain only a tiny fraction of reality and all mental voodoo. The same goes with these “formula and credit” issues.

The Formula Technique or Data Leeching
It is essentially stealing data. I told you before ... these guys are criminals ... this is how they think and behave. Stealing the data ... taking the formula ... to do it yourself is shown as the right thing to do. In fact, they have used this technique to build their manufacturing empire in China. Almost all initial manufacturing in China was on a “copy paste” strategy. Just copy whatever the Western countries are making and then do it on your own. The end result would be totally crappy ... but this is the best that they could come up with. Their ideology is intertwined in all of their operations.

In same manner ... they will just suggest you to just steal from the guy ... take the formula and do it on your own. Lol. There are some issues with this:

  • Firstly, they will never let you succeed. Because ... despite the limited information that you might have ... it will be impossible for you to execute it on your own ... owing to the massive networks that they will unleash to stall and fail the work. They already played this gimmick with Obama and he failed. He thought he was doing something fantastic and that he was going to be a winner ... but he ended up totally failing in the operation and he gave up ... coz he had no idea of how to move forward.
  • Secondly, doing this work is like a neurosurgery. You know where the tumor is, you where the brain is, you know that the bad guy is the tumor and you have a knife in your hand ... but that’s not enough. Every single person knows where the brain is and where the tumor is ... and every single person can use a knife, almost. But this basic information is not enough to operate on someone’s tumor. You can’t say that ... “okay fine, the only thing that the surgeon is going to do is ... open your head and take out the tumor ... I can open your head with this knife and take out the tumor myself ... no big deal ... why do we need a hospital or a surgeon for this?”

What will happen if you stick a knife into someone’s skull to break it open? The guy will die instantly ... the operation will be a total failure. The Establishment knows this very well ... this is why they will mislead you in a direction where you will fail. And the end of the day, what will you say ... “you know what ... we tried ... but it didn’t work out”. We already got that result from Obama and he ended up being a zero President.

The Establishment is a more complicated animal. There are several factors involved. Even asking me to fix Establishment issues on my own is like ... giving a kitchen knife to a neurosurgeon and telling him ... “okay fine, you are the surgeon ... now, do your job”. What the surgeon will tell you is ... “we cannot operate on a person’s brain on a kitchen table using a kitchen knife. There are several factors that we need to consider while we operate on the person. We need to make sure that he does not feel any pain ... that his heart keeps beating ... that his brain does not go dead ... that he does not lose a lot of blood ... we need to operate in a way so that all of the other body functions keep working ... and then we need to put him back into place so that the person recovers normally. To be able to do this ... you need to be aware not only of where the tumor is ... but you need to be aware of all of body’s functions and parts. And secondly, you need all of the equipment and team members to operate on the person successfully. You need a proper hospital and staff for the operation.”

This is exactly the case ... when it comes to operating on the Establishment. You need to know all of their operations, ideology, networks, moves, members and everything that they can do to obstruct the work. For this you need an entire team of various skill sets, different types of equipment and technologies, political, financial and legal support ... and then you can do the operation. If anyone is attempting to handle the Establishment without this knowhow, team and support ... then he is just wasting his time.

This concept of “take the formula and win” helps when you are manufacturing some simple products. But when dealing with the Establishment ... it is only a stalling technique.

How it works
I will you an overview of how it works. It will not be a simple news agency. We don’t want $1 Billion to setup a news website. Lol. There are several disciplines involved ... the news part is just one section. There are about 30 different teams ... each with different skill sets that will be working on this project. We will be hiring about 1500-2000 people on this project. All of them focused only on “exploitation systems”.

We are not bothered about day to day news. We track news just to see what is going on. The difference between us and other news organizations or human rights groups is that:

  • We expose exploitation systems
  • We expose where people are losing big time ... in whatever sphere it might be
  • And then we actually work towards solving the problem
  • We connect with the necessary decision makers ... the top politicians
  • Create full-fledged solutions
  • Empower them with all the tools necessary to solve the problem
  • Required tools might be political support, media mileage, financial strategies or international cooperation
  • We work with you step by step till the god damn problem is solved for good

To facilitate the above ... apart from the 30 or so teams that will be working with us ... we will have a complete full-fledged “think tank” ... that will analyze each and every move possible by the opposition throughout the phases of the work and then supply you with the tools and support in order to overcome each and every obstacle.

A lonely ship in the waters
If you go on your own like Obama went ... your ship will be totally alone in unknown territory and it will be attacked from several angles. You are already seeing how your Presidency is being attacked in so many ways. There will be so many pirates in the Ocean and they will surprise you in unexpected ways.

But when you work with us, 80% of the unknown will be eliminated even before we start the work. There will be another 20% of some crappy stuff that the Establishment will make up “on the go” ... they will come up with some new stuff. This 20% of new stuff ... if any ... we will help you on the go. When you work with us ... you will not be a lonely ship in the waters ... but your ship will be accompanied by hundreds of warrior ships and fighter jets in the air. These cheesy pirates that will dare to come in our way ... we will squish them with overwhelming force.

Media Revolution
The first thing that we are going to do ... within 6 months of our launch ... we will start working with you on a full-fledged strategy in order to completely revolutionize the media in the United States. We are not looking for a record breaking change or whatever ... we are looking at a total full-fledged “revolution” of how the media functions and who owns it. Each of the major industries that we enter ... we will totally tear it apart and revolutionize it ... in favor of the people. And media will be one of the first things that we will be working on.

Yes, the media is mean to you ... but know that their days are numbered. This Trump bashing will be reduced to a great extent. And anyone bashing Trump will be seen as a moron ... because the changes that you will be making will be so fantastic. People will love you.

The Credit Stalling Technique
Another stalling technique that they use on politicians is “credit”. “Ah see, he is going to be famous ... he will do awesome stuff ... what about you? You are the President. Credit should go to you ... not to this other company”. And bla bla bla. This is again a stalling technique.

If you see ... Red Cross and Amnesty International are doing fantastic work ... across war zones and in places of dire need. They are doing fantastic things for the people in need ... that their own government is not able to do. Does their work affect any President or Prime Minister? Hell no, it does not. The Presidency and human rights works ... are totally different institutions. The recognition for both of them are totally different. The truth is ... for every law that will be created ... who signs in those laws? It is the President who signs those laws. It is the President who gets the credit for all of the new laws and systems created.

History will only remember that “President Trump signed this into law ... President Trump made these changes for the people ... under the Trump Presidency so and so changes were made in America” ... history is always about who was the President when that activity happened. For every fantastic thing that will happen under the Trump Presidency owing to our works ... President Trump is going to get the credit.

And honestly, credit is not our concern ... our priorities are totally different. We need to move into 195 other countries. We are focused on how to enter and establish our works in each country. This credit, fame and bla bla bla ... it is a total waste of time for us. You will not even see my name of any of the websites and it will remain in this manner. Well, you are the President ... your Presidency lasts for only 8 years ... so enjoy it and take all of the benefit and credit. We have absolutely no issues with that. Heh ... just imagine, going into 195 countries and bothering about “credit”. Lol. No, we have other stuff to take care of. Our main priority is doing the work successfully and safely. This credit thing is just a silly stalling technique.

Some additional pointers

  • Border Wall. We are okay with your border wall. Build it. In fact, once we start our work ... America will reach such fantastic levels that there will be a craze to enter and settle in America. You will find a massive increase in immigration. And guess what ... you will need the Border Wall to control the illegal immigration. We are okay with the Border Wall.
  • North Korea ... you have to be careful with the war there. Will give details later.
  • Criticism. No, we will not be criticizing you in public. Why do you think we will do that? The current website is essentially used for alerts on important issues. It is a total mashup of content about Jewish history, Satanism, America, Russia, Israel, Obama, Netanyahu, Trump, other countries and so on. We use this website only for sensitive alerts. Once we start the work ... this site will be taken down and you will be one of our most important leading warriors on the ground. It would be silly to demonize your own forces. We will have a confidential and secure channel for communication. If we think that you need to be warned about something ... or if we think that you might be making some mistake ... then it will be done via confidential channels. There will be absolutely no public anti-Trump activity from our side. We are with you.
  • TPP ... it was the right move to make.
  • NAFTA ... yes, we will cancel it. But don’t do it now. You should do it in style. It should be done in an interactive and attractive manner with the people involved. People will love that style. We will show you how later.
  • Fed ... this is not the number one priority. Number one priority is the Media Revolution. Once we revolutionize the media ... everything will become easy to a great extent. These nut jobs think that we will be using only social media ... which is why they are banning RT ads on Twitter. They have no idea that the first thing that we will do is ... revolutionize the media itself! Lol.

President Trump is 10 months in office and ISIS is no more
And by the way, you can congratulate yourself on the victory against ISIS. 10 months in office and ISIS is no more ... this is freaking awesome. It is as if ... ISIS didn’t care about Obama ... but once they saw Trump in office ... they ran away. It’s a nice “Trump effect”. Feel free to congratulate yourself on this. Obama bragged forever on killing Osama Bin Laden. You have vaporized Al Qaeda and ISIS ... something which Bush nor Obama could do. Congrats!