25 Oct 2017
Trump is afraid of the Establishment?
in America

I think it is better for the lovely golden lady to get involved here. The lovely golden “sister” Ivanka Trump. So, Sister Ivanka ... your dad seems to be stuck in a position where he is taking the beating but he cannot fight back. He is getting thrashed by the Jewish Establishment but it is difficult for him to fight back because of the several parameters that they have unleashed after him. Its time for you to step in.

Trump is good with simple
Yeah, Trump is good with simple things that are straightforward to understand. But when it comes to complicated things ... he is like “whaattt???” ... it is even difficult for him to believe that things are as they are. The major crisis is that ... your Dad has become President in a time of a major world crisis. Things are pretty darn complicated. And if you can’t handle complicated then you are bound to lose. And we are in a time ... that in this massive crisis, if you come out winning ... then you will be one of the most fantastic world leaders ever. But if you lose, you will be the worst leaders that history has ever seen ... because the catastrophe is going to be colossal. I am sure ... your Dad loves to win. He is a winner and not a loser.

The thing with our lovely Establishment is that ... they like to make it complicated. Whatever has to be done in favor of the country or in favor of the people ... they will make it terribly complicated and make you feel that it is impossible to accomplish the task. They will put condition after condition after condition and then test after test after test. Which is why I said ... “do not fall for any condition or test” ... just do not buy it. Always look forward to making real concrete measurable steps in favor of the people. 99% of the “tests and conditions” are mental voodoo designed to stall and deviate.

They will take one tiny fraction from reality and twist it their way in order to run their agenda. This is how they function on a day to day basis. They specialize in this. This is their specialty. We the normal people focus on science, medicine and technology ... we focus on gaining expertise in these spheres of knowledge. But our lovely Establishment specializes on techniques and methods of lying, cheating, misleading and mental voodoo. This is how they fool and win. Which is why ... you never ever fall for the test or condition.

“Respect” is a deviation strategy
The latest condition of “respect” is simply another deviation strategy. “Ow, he should respect Jews.” This is a garbage request designed to play with your head and deviate from the work. I will show you why and how. Firstly, you never ask for respect. If someone is asking for respect then it means that he doesn’t actually deserve it. Respect is something that you never ask for. They know it ... this is basic info ... they are smarter than this.

Look 10 Steps Ahead
The best way to deal with the Establishment is by understanding what happens 10 steps ahead. Do you know why they are inserting this condition? Because we have already discussed with Obama to some extent of how to deal with the malice that comes from this Establishment without harming the innocent common Jews. These guys play “layered” games. Not all Jews ... but some of these key Establishment owners are Satanists under the cloak of Judaism. They defend themselves using the rights of a mainstream common religion of Judaism. They fight for their personal rights, corporation rights, political rights and massive ownership under the cloak of a mainstream religion. But in reality these guys are Satanists.

And if we move this skin and show the world who they truly are ... then their Establishment cripples and falls. Their entire monopoly falls. We have an entire book of more than 500 pages on this ... we can easily show their links to Satanism in their religious books, practices, policies and lifestyle. We have the complete info to take them down.

Protecting innocent and common Jews
But the important thing in this work is protecting the innocent common Jews ... who share no part of this Establishment malice. Because we don’t want history to keep repeating itself and leading to the expulsion of millions of Jews.

Combat a layered game via a layered game
You can’t play a simple straight forward game with these guys. Firstly, you need to know all of their misleading techniques and then ... you must be able to design a layered game in response to their layered games. I will give you a brief outline.

We designed two different programs ... each of them will be on different websites, with different people and different content.

  • People Power. This program will be the base. It will be directly marketed in several streams in the US. TV, newspapers, buses, trains, colleges, Churches ... anything and everything. We will be hammering the Establishment using “neutral” terms. Such as ... the Establishment, the top 1%, the Corporations, the Big Companies, the Bankers and so on. All of these are neutral terms that do not address any religion or race. The word “Jew” will not be mentioned in any negative way. So, the common Jews have absolutely nothing to worry about. Using neutral terms in 100% legal ... there is absolutely no law that says you cannot speak against the corporations or the Establishment or the bankers. It is a 100% legit campaign. It will face absolutely no obstacles. The Occupy Movement is a living example of this. It was based on the same concept. And we got millions of people on the streets campaigning against the 1%. The Establishment simply cannot stop this campaign ... doesn’t matter what.
  • Under the Skin. But the above campaign is not enough. We need another campaign to show the people what the hell is actually going on. So, that they know exactly where the culprit is, what to do and who to stop. The Under the Skin campaign will fully expose everything about the “Jewish” Establishment. Right from their ideology to beliefs to systems that have setup to exploit people and the massive exploitory policies that they have designed around the world. In this campaign we will pull Jewish Rabbis with us in order to expose this ideology. We are not going to encourage action on the common Jews. This will be fully and completed explained. In fact, Jews themselves will rise against this corrupt and malicious Establishment.

Respect and Deviation
The above concept was already discussed with Obama. They know it. Now, in order to stall the Trump Administration ... they came up with this idea of “respect” ... “ah, he should respect Jews. Ah look! He said “Jewish” Establishment ... he is blaming Jews for being rich! He is using religion! He is coming after us. He does not respect us!” Lol ... what are they doing here? They are again hiding under a mainstream religion. This concept of “respect” was designed so that ... when we talk about their malice, their exploitation system and their policies of self-benefit ... they will start shouting ... “ah see, he is not respecting us”.

That’s why I said, don’t fall for these stupid conditions and tests. All of them are stalling and deviation techniques. Look at 10 steps ahead ... now, let us say ... we stall this work ... what will happen next?

  • They are continuing the demonization and sanctions against Russia
  • Continuing to make Russia negative against the West
  • Continuing military activity near Russian borders
  • Hammering Trump at the local level
  • They will bring you to a pushing point where Russia will say “screw Trump” and Trump will say “screw Russia”
  • And voila ... fireworks will begin ... and then?
  • The first thing Putin will do is wipe out Israel. Putin knows that the entire game is designed by the Jewish Establishment. Putin will focus on every Jewish concentrated places in the world ... which includes Israel and Florida and other key American and French cities.
  • Netanyahu wants this to happen which is why he is repeatedly attacking Syria, an entity protected by Russia. Why? Because our programs are so fantastic that Jews will turn against the Establishment. And once that happens, the Jewish Establishment cannot defend itself in any way. It will be totally screwed. Why will Jews turn against the Establishment? Because this time they will have the backing of the world’s top superpowers ... the Americo-Russian force. This time common Jews will not be afraid. So, the Establishment’s program is ... lets just wipe out this menace for good and save ourselves.
  • The Jewish Establishment itself is ready to sacrifice millions of common Jews just to save themselves. This is exactly why they are continuously worsening relations with Russia and putting Israel’s security at risk.

They are enabling this by stalling our work on the pretext of “respect”. Yeah, screw them and their request. They have nobody’s interest at heart except their own.

Winner or Wigger
Sister Ivanka ... do you know what a wigger is? A white nigger is called a wigger. The Congress is full of white niggers. Do you know what a slave is? A slave is that who puts up with insults, abuse and oppression in silence without any fight back ... because he has no rights or strength to fight back. That is exactly what a slave is. They have sold off our country, shipped off all of our jobs and industries, taken over our banks and corporations, fooled us into meaningless wars, put us in $20 Trillion in debt and are about to terminate our country via more wars ... and nobody has the balls to stand up and say “enough is enough ... who the hell are you ... we are going to take our country back” ... nobody has the balls to say this.

The Congress is a bunch of White Niggers who have no balls to fight for their country. At least, the Black Slaves fought for themselves ... they fought for full freedom and 100% equality. What the hell is wrong with the Congress that they allow themselves to be humiliated, abused and allow their country to be sold off? Do you know who is the biggest White Nigger in American politics right now ... Hillary GodDamn Clinton. She knows everything about them ... but still she sucks up to them, praises them and does exactly what they say. You should look at her in any AIPAC meeting ... she will be on knees doing the job.

Why is the Congress a bunch of Wiggers?
The Establishment has designed things to be like this. The Congressmen are lovely Americans ... but the Establishment has placed so many pressure points and control factors that at the end of the day ... this is what it results into. Total silence on Establishment malice ... everyone allows them to do their shit turning a blind eye on everything ... and they go along as if life is totally normal and this is how things are supposed to be.

Why did the Establishment design it to be like this? Because as per their ideology ... we are all chicken, sheep and cattle. They are allowed to use us, cheat, lie and kill for their benefit. Just like a farmer ... he takes one chicken and makes a nice barbeque ... while the other chicken are supposed to just shutup and be okay with it. He is the farmer and he has the right to kill and eat anyone at anytime. The animals are there for the farmers use ... so if any animal ends up on the BBQ, then others are supposed to be okay with it. This is how they treat Christians and Non-Jews ... all of these pressure tactics and policies are designed based upon this ideology.

Trump wants to be a winner or wigger?
What your Dad needs to decide is ... does he wants to be a winner or wigger? Does he want to win and lead the world into a fantastic new direction where things are going to be simply fabulous for everyone? Or does he want to go down as a wigger like Hillary GodDamn Clinton ... and be hated and ridiculed by everyone? Hillary’s career is over ... she is not going to get another chance ... she has timed out ... she is one of the most untrusted and hated politician in America right now. Why? Because of her wigger politics ... doesn’t matter how country and people are getting screwed ... she wags her tail in favor of the Establishment. People hate her.

All of these are massive works and colossal problems. Till date, your Dad is mostly fine ... for a first time politician and given the extent of Establishment pressure on him ... he is actually doing good. But just surviving is not enough ... we need to be able to address the problems and make changes. Trump is good with simple ... but you need to step in and help him with the complicated. Especially with the Jewish Establishment issues ... mainly because you are the Jewish connection in the family. We need you to step in and make things easy for him. We will provide the necessary guidance. With the current knowledge that you have things will seem uphill, very difficult and enormous to handle ... but trust me, it is very very easy. All you need to do is take it step by step. Just focus on getting the next step done ... and before you know it ... you will be at the top of the mountain.

And when it comes to your Dad, he has a lot of goodness in him and enormous potential. Once he passes the initial phase ... once he knows how to put things into place ... then he will excel in it. He will be phenomenal ... he will be one of the best leaders that the world has seen. I know it. But he needs the initial training. It will take a few years ... but trust me, its worth it. Not only its good for him ... but it will be good for the entire country and the world. All we need to do is take the initial phases ... step by step.

Handling Local Pressures
Now, you will say that “this freaking Establishment is giving us a lot of headaches with demonization, impeachment and investigations ... what should we do?” The answer is ... you respond to layered games with a layered game. This should be your official stance:

  • We love all Jews. We do not support anything that is racist. We will not tolerate anything that is racism.
  • Israel has our support. Israel will be protected by us.
  • There will be no action taken against you because you are Jew or Christian or Muslim. Everyone will be treated equally and fairly.

The above are not lies and they are the truth. We also stick to all of that. “Technically” this should be your stance:

  • Allow us to do our work ... locally and internationally.
  • Take absolutely no legal action against us, locally or internationally.
  • Cooperate in all proposed changes in laws and regulations

As far as all US laws are concerned ... they are applicable only on US soil ... within your geography. And on US soil, we will be running the program “People Power” ... which is 100% neutral. And all of the laws, regulations and changes that we will propose ... they will apply to everyone ... Jew, Christian and Muslim ... everyone. Even when corporations are concerned, we are not targeting anyone by religion. Your official stand is also 100% legit.

  • The only thing is the program “Under the Skin” ... this will be hosted on Russian servers. If anyone points out to the issue of Judaism or talk about Jews in this program then:
  • Tell them it is not hosted on US soil. It is a program hosted in another country.
  • We have no legal authority in that geography.
  • As far as America or the Trump Administration is concerned ... we love everyone and everyone has equal rights.
  • If the program bothers you so much then take it up with Russia

You are maintaining a 100% clean, clear, fair and legal stand. You will not be involved in anything racist or anything against Jews. And trust me, even the Under the Skin program will be very professional with a lot of real factual data. This is just the “initial propaganda” that the Establishment will use ... trying to brand us as racists and bla bla bla. This gimmick will not work.

Help your Dad in playing smarter and wiser ... Sister Ivanka ... I hope you got the point. And you my dear golden lady, you will be the Princess Diana of America very soon ... very soon ... just wait for us to launch and everything will change.

Weinstein Scandal
And by the way, the Weinstein Scandal is a Matrix activity ... designed only to give you guys some courage. A top Jewish billionaire getting bashed up in America is not routine. We have the Matrix in our favor against the Establishment. Pharma bro ... Martin Shkreli is another example. We can hammer any Establisment element in America ... provided he is guilty. This is being done just to build your spirits up a little bit. Don’t be overcome by the Establishment, we have them under our hammer.