27 Sep 2017
China’s Double Treachery How China will destroy America and Russia
in America

The Establishment’s Criminal Patterns
What you should know is that the Establishment is nothing but a bunch of criminals. If you want to know what the Establishment will do next … then just place a self-serving criminal in their place and predict its next moves. Let me show you the behavior of their criminal patterns.

All of the below are Establishment activities:

  • North Korea’s war mongering
  • Radical Islamic Terrorism
  • Trump Investigations
  • Police Violence

And what we said a couple of weeks ago was that … look at the time and place of these activities … all of these activities are perfectly timed one after another. When North Korea is firing missiles then no terrorist activity happens … when Trump investigation is in the headlines then no Police Violence events happen. In fact, all of these events happen one after another … so that the Establishment can fully promote each of these activities to their fullest extent. If these activities overlapped then it would be difficult to promote these activities … it would be difficult to get the desired effect on the people with such a mashup. This is the pattern that we disclosed a few weeks ago.

And to our amusement … what the Establishment does is … carries out all of the above events simultaneously last week just to show that … “hey, hey, hey … we are not the ones who are doing it. We are not planning this. We are not behind it. See … all of the events happened together now.”

Lol. They synchronized all of the above events and made them happen together:

  • North Korea fires a missile across Japan
  • A terrorist event in the UK
  • Trump investigations ramped up
  • Protests against Police Violence

All of them carried out together … just to make us believe that the Establishment is not behind them. Lol. Looks like they have just proved that they are ones behind this. If you see the main target of all of these events is America.

  • North Korea. Why is North Korea yelling against America all the time? What America done against you? Why don’t you quarrel with your neighbor South Korea? Why is America and Trump more in your mind than your immediate enemy located next to you? Why are you targeting America and inviting America for a war? Because … America is not North Korea’s target … it is the Establishment’s target. It is the Establishment that wants to keep America constantly occupied in war and destruction … which is designed to eventually destroy America.
  • Radical Islam. The same goes with Al Qaeda and ISIS. Why were they continuously targeting America? There are so many Christian countries around you. Why didn’t Al Qaeda pick some country from East Europe? Why America? Why was ISIS beheading Americans and broadcasting it live for America to see? Because Al Qaeda and ISIS have nothing to do with a caliphate or Islam or whatever bullshit they claim to be. Both of them are Establishment designed entities to keep America occupied in war.
  • Trump Investigations. One nice patriot has come into the office that will finally decide what is best for the country and the Establishment’s plans to destroy America have hit a major road block. There is one major hefty elephant standing in the way that says, “screw you, I won’t allow my country to be destroyed.” Which is why they are ramping up Trump investigations to remove this road block.
  • Police Violence. If police is racist then why is it racist only towards blacks? Why not towards Latinos and Asians as well? Why isn’t the death of a Latino via a policeman being broadcast on TV? Because Latinos will not protest for one dead guy … but Blacks will … owing to their history Blacks will protest against violence coming from the government against their community. This is a carefully designed “Establishment activity”. Yes, Latinos will protest when all of them are threatened for deportation. That’s a thread that is designed for the Latin community.

Now, tell me … which guy or entity can carry out all of the above events? Does the policeman have any control over Trump Investigation or on North Korea or on terror in London? The guys investigating Trump … do they have control over police or over North Korea or terrorist groups? Al Qaeda and ISIS … do they have control over our police or over Trump investigations or over North Korea? Does ISIS control North Korea? No they don’t my friend … no they don’t. The only entity that has control over all of the above elements is the freaking “Establishment”.

  • North Korea is a Communist country. The Jewish Establishment has a long history in setting up and controlling Communist countries.
  • Al Qaeda and ISIS. All of their events have been perfectly timed and calculated with precision that would be simply impossible to do without “inside help”. It is none other than the Establishment that has setup these sponsored entities and it is the Establishment that directs its events and activities as per their plan.
  • Trump Investigations. The Establishment has massive control over American politics and intelligence. They have setup these investigations to rattle Trump.
  • Police Violence. Using their legal network, they are freeing every policeman accused of killing a black man and then giving mass publicity to the same in the media that they own.

All of the above events are given massive publicity in the Establishment owned media. It clearly indicates the Establishment’s hand and involvement and benefit in all of these events.

China and the Establishment China
Things are not as they seem to be. North Korea yelling at America is not an invitation to wipe out North Korea … there is a bigger destructive plan out there. ISIS wanting a caliphate was not about a caliphate at all … it was about draining American wealth and immersing America into a $20 Trillion debt ocean. ISIS might have been eliminated from most positions but the Establishment succeeded in its agenda. Trump investigation is not that Trump has done something illegal … it is about eliminating a patriot that will save America. Police violence is not about one black guy being killed … it is about creating chaos inside the country.

Similarly, China is not just China … it is the largest Establishment stronghold in the world. It hosts all of Establishment’s manufacturing industries and gold reserves. All of it is stolen loot. There will be one thing as “China” … as the Chinese government that you see and interact with. But then again there will be another China … the “Establishment China” that caters hardcore only to the Establishment’s interests. It is this Establishment China that you need to be aware of.

You are already seeing the colors of this Establishment China … your ship sails into South China Sea … and they are giving you threats of war. Why such aggression and insecurity? Because that section holds the Bankers gold reserves. The Establishment China will be extremely aggressive, ruthless and merciless … because that’s exactly what these guys are. These guys have already killed more than a 100 Million Christians during the Communist Rule … don’t expect them to follow any kind of normal diplomacy or politics. You will get shockers from the Establishment China … massive surprises that you might have never imagined.

Chinese Central Bankers Buckle
What did we write last week? We wrote that China will defend North Korea … “China will declare war against America … China is already increasing trade with North Korea instead of sanctions.” These guys are criminals … doesn’t matter how powerful they are, doesn’t matter how rich they are or what weapons they have … they live a scared and insecure life. The moment they are exposed … they will buckle and immediately change tracks … the most guilty ones change first.

When we said that China will defend North Korea and declare war against America … who was the first one to change tracks? The Chinese Central Bankers. Lol. The Central Bankers were the first ones to say … “no, no, no … we will not defend North Korea … we are with America … we will sanction North Korea … we will not do business with North Korea”. They are already scared and changing tracks. Lol. Why? Because they are afraid that their plan is busted and that the Americo-Russia forces might join together against them. I wrote just one page and the Central Bankers are changing tracks. Since months they did nothing … once their plan is exposed, they are scared as shit.

Major Points of Malice
With the North Korean crisis … these are the major points of malice that you have to preplan for. President Trump … you cannot do this on your own. Cooperation with Russia is a must. Tying up with Russia is a must. You have to work with Russia, there is no other way out. Only when you join forces with Russia, you will be able to manage the internally rigged system and win internationally.

Point of Malice 01. North Korea. Your objective should not be to totally destroy North Korea. That will be a war crime and you will face immense backlash from within America. Instead, if you plan better … you can use their mischief against them. Instead of totally destroying the country … organize South Korea to take over the North. Make sure North Korean military is destroyed … destroyed enough so that the South successfully takes over. We are not going to destroy North Korea like we did before and allow its rise again. That will not be the case. Instead we will unify the country and make the entire country Democratic under the South’s leadership. There won’t be a North and South … just Korea under fantastic democratic leadership.

  • Korean Unification. This is something that has been sought for decades. You will get the credit for the same.
  • Elimination of a Communist Country. People are treated terribly in the North. If your objective is only elimination of the Communist government and the unification of Korea then your campaign against the North will gain immense internal support from the North. The South will love it because they got rid of a nasty enemy government and they rejoined with their families. The North will love it because you got rid of their dictator. You should publicly declare this to be your objective to bring local and world support for your operation.
  • Praise instead of war criminal. If you totally destroy North Korea then you become a war criminal. But if you tactically eliminate only the military and the Communist government … and you unify the Koreas under a democratic government then you will get a lot of praise within America and around the globe for the fantastic victory. Doesn’t matter the expense, Americans will love it.

Point of Malice 02 – China
Once you have teamed up with Russia then 90% chances are there that China will not support North Korea and that China will not enter the war against America. But these are nuclear wars and you simply cannot take chances here. You need formulate a strategy to take down China … just in case, it joins the war. This is what you need to study along with Russia … a strategy to take down China.

  • Nuclear Stock Piles. These are nuclear wars. It might be against North Korea or China. Your number one priority should be to destroy their nukes. Work with Russia and find out all locations of North Korean and Chinese nuclear stock piles. Your primary attacks should be to neutralize their nukes even before they can use it. These are your most important target points.
  • Missile Systems and Air Force. The secondary targets will be their missile systems and air force … both of which can be used to carry the nukes. You need to make sure to destroy this next.
  • Navy … including submarines. Evaluate China and North Korea’s navy and submarines … make sure to destroy this as well.

Once you have eliminated the above then the nuclear threat to the region will be eliminated. Then they are left only with guns and tanks … which are comparatively easier to eliminate. If North Korea messes with us … then it is actually a good opportunity to eliminate a criminal communist government. But do it with a better understanding of the bigger games in play … join with larger forces and be very fast and effective in the elimination process.

Divide China
You will cripple China’s intentions of a war … when you join with Russia and have a full- fledged plan to eliminate China. President Putin will not join you against China for nothing and obviously it has to be a joined campaign of Americo-Russian forces to take down China. What happens when China is taken down? You take half and give Putin half of China. You can divide it into North China and South China … but unlike the Koreas … both Chinas will be democratic … half of it in American control and half of it in Russian control.

This is the advantage of planning 10 steps ahead. They are trying to fool us into a trap and then destroy us. If you see through their traps and skins … and join the right forces … then you can destroy them and win, win and win. It is unlikely that China will dare to enter the war … but if it does then you need to have this plan ahead of time. You need to right away work with Russia in locating all of China’s military bases and have a plan to handle China. This will be a major security blanket for you.

And yes, give Putin Syria … allow Putin to take over Syria and secure the region. If that is what they want for cooperation on North Korea. You have to give them something to gain trust. International war games are a give and take relationship. There has to be considerable interest for Russia.

Point of Malice 03 – South China Sea
Here is where the banker gold reserves are stored. Once the conflict with North Korea begins and even right now … you should be very carefully monitoring this region. If you are seeing that they are moving their gold from here then it means that China will enter the war. Track all ships and submarine activity in this region. If the gold is moved to another Communist country then the Establishment won’t really care about China.

And if the war against China begins and you successfully get these gold reserves … then you just got hundreds of trillions worth gold reserves that can be used to rebuild the entire world several times. This is a very important malice point that must be kept under watch. And discuss with Putin of how he wants to share this gold.

Point of Malice 04 – East Europe
The fourth major point of malice in the North Korean crisis is East Europe. Some East European countries like Poland can attack Russia … or they can claim a “fake attack” from Russia. Just like today they are creating fake chemical attacks and blaming it on the Syrian government. Similarly, they can create attacks on European countries and blame them on Russia. This will be designed to create a NATO war against Russia. You must be vigilant on such attacks. And congratulations to Angela Merkel for her victory … glad to have you in the game. She will cooperate with you on such Establishment malice.

Under no circumstance you should allow European countries to wage war on Russia. You should lead as a combined force … it should be Americo-Russian world leadership. That is the only way to subdue these tiny Establishment controlled countries that will try to create a world war.

Establishment’s interest in making China the world’s Super Power
It is in the Establishment’s best interest that America and Russia are both destroyed in the war. As per their current plan … first China will backstab America and support North Korea … China will lead an offensive against America. But the moment Russia is involved, China will move into defense … backstab Russia and allow Russia to face all of the aggression coming in from America and NATO. Establishment China will betray you guys twice … first they will betray America and then they will betray Russia.

This double treachery will lead to the destruction of America and Russia … the end result of which will be that China will be the surviving Super Power of the world. And once the entire West is destroyed along with America and Russia … then China will step forward … provide loans and cheap products for the redevelopment of these countries. China will benefit from your destruction for the next 20 years and all of the Western countries will owe China additional tens of trillions of dollars. This is exactly what will happen if America and Russia will not work together. You will be enslaved to Chinese money and products.

Russia and World War III
You can predict international moves by looking through the Establishment’s interests. Forget about the frontend government, the politicians, their promises and contracts. You expected a lot of changes under Trump … what happened? Only what the Establishment wanted, that happened. Look at what the Establishment wants for Russia … then you will understand all of their moves and the end result that they are planning for Russia.

Russia has done absolutely nothing against America or Europe … but they are designing several conflicts that are designed to pull Russia against America. They want massive mutual termination of both countries. They will use America’s fullest forces in order to create maximum damage to Russia while keeping China off the hook. There is nothing much to gain for Russia in this preplanned war. Yes, you will destroy a lot of America but that is what they want … they will facilitate America’s destruction via Russian hands. Simply, so that they can blame Russia for America’s destruction.

America and World War III
America is the biggest victim of the Establishment’s exploitation systems. Which is why they have constantly kept America under threat, terror, war and destruction. Now, they are moving ahead towards nuclear wars. With the rigged systems … even the Pentagon and military is rigged … with such Establishment controlled systems … major wars against Super Powers like Russia and China … will only spell doom for America. America is in no capacity to go alone against Russia and China.

Not because it does not have enough nukes … but simply because all of your systems are rigged. You can note that wherever American funds and weapons have been sent … terrorists have only increased and flourished. That is not the intention of the White House but that is exactly what has been happening since the past 16 years. Why and how? Rigged systems.

China will be the biggest beneficiary of World War III
If America and Russia don’t combine then China will be the biggest beneficiary of World War III. China will flourish while the West, America and Russia are destroyed.

Play 10 Steps Ahead
Understand the full game, understanding the forces at play … look 10 steps ahead. It is incredibly important for America and Russia to join forces … and this entire game can be reversed. Instead of China becoming the Super Power of the world … China can be split into two. Instead of North Korea being bait for a major world war … we can root out the Communist government and unify both Koreas. Instead of the entire West, America and Russia being the victims of a major war … we can win in this.

Russia is worried about American hypocrisy
I know Russia is worried about American hypocrisy. On one side, Trump is trying to cooperate with you and on the other side … there are sanctions being implemented on Russia. What is this? This is actually not hypocrisy. These are actually two different elements at play. Trump is 100% with you … the White House is with you … which is why you get the promises of cooperation. But the Establishment is quite active in America, they are the ones who use their influence in the Congress to create anti-Russian moves. They are the ones who turned Obama against you … only to use Obama to demonize Trump.

Since there are two elements at play … you have to separately handle both the elements. You need to cooperate with the White House but you also need to boot the Establishment from the West. The Establishment is not only in America but it is in many Western countries as well. If you want to be a world leader then you need to play independent moves. Your major opposition force is the Establishment … it is not Trump and it is not EU. Irrespective of what the politicians say, you need to make independent moves to root out the Establishment from the West and America. This way you will win both … the White House as well as the full American government.

Don’t expect Trump to handle the Establishment alone by himself … he cannot. Most politicians don’t even understand how the Establishment functions … let alone root them out. The great thing about Trump is that he is a patriot, he has commonsense and he will do what is right for his country. That’s all you need to root out the Establishment.

Trump should not worry about our campaigns
Sometimes we will tell you where you are going wrong and where the Establishment is misleading you. But we will not be running any anti-Trump or anti-American campaigns. We love America and America is lucky to have you in this critical moment in history. And we are sure you will be one of the most fantastic leaders in the world … not because you already have the policies to rise to that level … but because among all other 500 Congressmen … you have the killer instinct to do what is right for the country. That’s what we need to take you to great heights.