20 Sep 2017
North Korea is bait. China will defend North Korea.
in America

Okay, this is what President Trump must know. Things are not as they seem to be. The Establishment is from a different ideology and mindset. If you follow the normal thinking pattern then you will be caught off guard. You will get a big surprise. What you should know is that ... “North Korea is bait”. China will defend North Korea.

North Korea is a Communist Establishment Stronghold
You are not dealing with Assad or Gaddafi here ... where you can just bomb and the world will watch. Communist countries are vicious criminals ... most of them led directly by the Establishment. You might be thinking that ... “hey, this is a tiny country and I can wipe it off the map”. But the bigger picture is that ... China is going to get involved. They are not inviting you to wipe out North Korea. They are inviting you in a much bigger trap.

China’s Background – Will play maximum defense against America
This is the stuff that you should know about China.

  • Massive Military. China is a massive military power with all of the latest military equipment of massive scales. After America and Russia ... it is China that is the biggest military power in the world. That’s point number one.
  • Stores Establishment Wealth and Resources. The main reason why China has rapidly developed its military in the past decades is mainly because it hosts all of the Establishment manufacturing industries and technology that has been taken from the West. Via Central Banker funding ... Establishment entities have bought all of the major manufacturing industries and technology ... and moved it to China. This military buildup was designed to defend its loot. On top of that, China now hosts Banker gold reserves in South China Sea. The gold has moved from Israel to China.
  • Hardcore Establishment Entity. China is a hardcore Establishment entity. It will not play along as per American wishes or instructions. It will only cooperate for its own benefit.
  • Incredibly Against America. We give them hundreds of billions in revenue via trade but they are incredibly against America. If an American ship sails by they will say “hey, do you want war! Get out of our waters!” You asked them to sanction North Korea but they are increasing trade with North Korea. China does not care what you say or what you want. Because they know that America has always been the biggest threat to Communism. And they have stolen all of the industries from the West ... and America is the biggest victim of this theft.
  • China will wage war against America but it will play defense. This North Korea thing is just bait. The Establishment actually wants to eliminate America. For this a major war has to be waged. North Korea will just initiate that war ... China will get involved on the “pretext” of protecting North Korea. Details below of how the war will enfold. In the next step Russia will be involved ... once Russia is involved ... China will play maximum defense. Because it has to protect all Establishment industries and wealth. China cannot afford to fight alone with America.

Surprise is the norm
These guys are war designers. They are planning a major world war ... so surprise is the norm. Don’t be surprised if China steps up and gets involved against America. Everything that has been going on since the past 16 years is a surprise. Right from 911 happening ... to bombing countries that have no connection to 911 ... to groups who started beheading people for no reason ... North Korea is tossing missiles across Japan. All of this is not predictable and not under the “routine normal thinking pattern”. But all of this was used to keep America as the major target. All of this was used to drain American resources and keep America occupied in war. Because America is a very powerful superpower and it is the major victim of Establishment malice.

The Establishment cannot afford to have Americans turn against its ideology and entities. They know that ... the moment this starts then it becomes totally unstoppable. The Establishment’s priority is to destroy America. They want America along with Europe to be terminated.

Russia is needed to terminate America
To do this ... to terminate America ... there is only one country in the world that can do this successfully ... and that is Russia. They have to turn Russia against America. They need Russia to fight against America. Which is why you will see all of the below moves were designed to pull Russia against America.

  • Syria. Attacking Syria, a country protected by Russia. Russia is not going to wait till the bombs fall on Moscow. Russia will stop America outside its territory itself. The Establishment knows this very well. This is why they were telling the American Administration to shoot Russian planes in Syria.
  • Iran. Another entity protected by Russia. The pretext of a war with Iran in the name of its nuclear program is designed for a conflict with Russia. It is not about Iran anymore.
  • Ukraine. Supplying arms to Ukraine and fighting side by side in Ukraine ... even this step is designed to pitch America against Russia.
  • North Korea. What you are seeing is ... all of this is happening around Russian territory ... either Russian protected countries are involved or Russian borders are involved. The key in the recent war games is to pull Russia against America. All of the above failed ... now they are using North Korea.

This is the main reason that they are not lifting sanctions against Russia. In fact, the Establishment has used the Congress to curb Presidential powers in removing Russian sanctions. They are designing war games on Russian borders while maintaining Russia pissed off at America.

Handling the Establishment – Think 10 Steps Ahead
Now, this is how you handle the Establishment in war games. The key here is thinking 10 steps ahead. Think all of the steps that the Establishment can take and you play 10 steps ahead. Let’s take a look at Establishment’s steps first.

Step 01

  • North Korea attacks Japan or South Korea
  • America attacks North Korea. This is what you have planned as of now.
  • Surprise: China declares war against America. China steps in to protect North Korea.

Teams in Step 01
On one side we have North Korea and China ... and on the other side we have South Korea, Japan and America. But this is just Step 01. The Establishment wants destruction of America via Russia. The Chinese involvement in North Korea is designed only to expand the conflict and surprise the world.

Step 02

  • Malice in East Europe. This is what you need to know about Poland. These guys were the ones who pushed Hitler to invade their country. They started massacring German residents in Poland villages near the German borders. Just like today’s ISIS, they did this repeatedly only to infuriate Hitler and invite him for a war. The moment China gets involved in the war ... there will be malice in East Europe. It can be a direct attack on Russia from Poland ... or an attack from Ukraine on Poland which will be blamed as a Russian attack.
  • Poland will attack Russia. Poland is the most likely country that they will use but any other East European country could be used including Ukraine. There are already active war games along the Russian borders in the West.
  • Russia will respond to Poland. This attack will be advertised as “Russia attacks NATO countries. Russia joins China against American allies”. These are the headlines that will be published in America.

Teams in Step 02
If you look at the current teams in Step 02 then you will get North Korea, China and Russia on one side ... while you have South Korea, Japan, America and NATO on the other side. This is the exact configuration that the Establishment wants. They want China and Russia on one side ... with America and NATO on the other side. The plan is to use Russia to stomp on America and NATO countries.

How to handle this? What to do if North Korea attacks Japan or South Korea?
We can’t sit idle and take punches. If North Korea drops a missile on the mainland in Japan or South Korea ... then it is open and clear war. You have to respond. There is no second option. But we can play smarter here ... we can play wiser ... if you understand the full Establishment game.

The Establishment’s number one priority here is to push Russia on the other side. They want to take Russia on China’s side. This would be possible if it was the Soviet Union ... but luckily today Russia is a beautiful Democratic Christian country led by a fantastic Christian leader who is President Vladimir Putin. The game is changed and we are in different times now.

The Establishment’s biggest weakness is that they are a tiny minority
It might be at the domestic level or at an international level ... the Establishment is well connected but it is a tiny minority. We can easily stomp them out using our majority ... using the majority of Democratic values and the common Christian ground.

Time for International Diplomacy
President Trump ... it is time for International Diplomacy. This is your arena. The Establishment or the Congress or the Democrats or the Republicans ... nobody has influence here. This is your arena ... you rule here. Don't allow them to create the teams that "they want". Don't allow them to divide you. Putin is a fantastic Diplomat ... if you approach him with a positive proposal then he will cooperate. Negotiate with Putin and take his cooperation.

Time for Americo-Russian World Leadership
Its time for Trump and Putin to lead the world. This is how you handle the North Korean crisis. First understand the Establishment plan and objectives:

  • North Korea is only bait
  • They are baiting you for a world war
  • This is no Assad or Gaddafi ... North Korea is an Establishment stronghold
  • This is not an invitation for you to wipe out North Korea
  • This is an invitation to bring about America's destruction
  • They will do this by dividing you away from Russia

You have to cripple their efforts and play a wiser game of 10 steps ahead.

Create a Security & Trade Alliance between Russia, Japan and South Korea
This alliance will have two major segments


  • Combined Security and Action against the North Korean threat
  • Russia will respond to any aggression from North Korea
  • Russian war ships will be stationed in the Sea of Japan (very important)
  • Next time a North Korean missile flies towards Japan or South Korea ... Russia itself will shoot it down
  • Russia will join in hammering North Korea ... just in case North Korea attacks Japan or South Korea
  • Russia will join hands with America in securing the region

Trade and Defense

  • To compliment Russia for its security cooperation, Japan and South Korea will sign up trade and defense deals with Russia
  • There will be bilateral boost of trade between Russia and Japan

What's in it for America?
You don't need Russia to hammer North Korea. You can totally obliterate the country all on your own. But you should understand the bigger game here. North Korea is just the spark. The major countries that will be turned against America are China and Russia. You cannot control what China will do or will not do ... it is another major Establishment stronghold.

But definitely we can pull Russia on our side. The moment we pull Russia on our side, North Korea or China will not dare to start this war. Even if they do, they will be squished and you will have overwhelming support.

What's in it for Russia?

  • Image Enhancement. The Establishment is sitting there and promoting North Korea as a major world crisis. They are also demonizing Russia. If Russia steps in to smash down this major world crisis ... then it will completely backfire on the Establishment. This entire demonization and nasty image of North Korea that they have created ... it will help in enhancing Russia's image ... because you are stepping forward to save the world from this menace.
  • World Leadership. Since everybody knows that Kim Jong Un is a crank head and he is crazily firing missiles across other countries ... Russia stepping forward in this mode of crisis is a fantastic opportunity for Russian world leadership. This is a major concern that is widely promoted in the West. Providing a helping hand ... placing Russian warships to secure South Korea and Japan will show Russian heroism to the entire world.
  • Boost in Trade and New Defense Deals. Japan is a very rich country and a world technology leader. New relations with Japan and South Korea will show the world that Russia is not the same Soviet Union and it is ready to be friends with NATO.
  • NATO cooperation in East European Malice. There is a lot of chances that some malice or attack being created via East European countries. You need to make sure that America and NATO will cooperate in hammering down any malice or attack that might be created from East Europe. Trump should use Angela Merkel in controlling East European countries. It should be made clear that if these countries unnecessarily mess with Russia then America will join Russia in hammering them.

Establishment Isolation
Right now the main countries that can be used to create "events for a world war" are:

  • Syria. Malicious chemical attacks in Syria ... that will be blamed on Assad ... this is again an excuse to attack a country protected by Russia
  • Iran. Attacking Iran on the pretext of stopping its Nuclear program ... this is another technique of starting a war with Russia
  • North Korea and
  • East Europe

If Trump cooperates with Russia on these aspects then the Establishment is pretty much isolated. China will never lead an attack on America or NATO ... China will always play defense as it hosts all of Establishment's wealth and manufacturing industries. It is these small miscreants that you need to take care of. All of these are tiny guys ... but they will be used to create a massive world war. Cooperate with Russia ... sign Security and Trade Alliances with Russia ... and you will have a very peaceful and solid reign.

Establishment has zero influence in International Relations 
You have full authority in International Relations. You can collaborate with Japan and South Korea ... in creating the Security and Trade Alliance with Russia. You don’t need to be on the frontend ... you can get this done from the backend.

The Alliance between Russia, Japan and South Korea will also give a good boost to your image locally within America for having good relations with Russia. Since Russia is coming out as the hero in curbing the North Korean malice ... the American people will know that Trump made the right choice to be friends with Putin. Again Establishment demonization of Trump relations with Russia will backfire on them.

You have to do this ... if you don’t create this Security Alliance with Russia to handle North Korea ... then you will have to respond ... and thereon it will be a major crisis. Play 10 steps ahead ... consolidate in such a way that the Establishment will never be able to move you. This is a fantastic deal that will take care of North Korea for good.

Removing Sanctions on Russia is complicated
Putin should not expect sanctions from the West to be removed because of this deal. This deal will only help you tie up with Japan and South Korea. It will get you 2 friends in the region and it will serve as an image booster in the West.

Trump Administration will need to explain the bigger picture to officials from Japan and South Korea as to why tying up with Russia is crucial in handling the North Korean crisis.

Team Design

  • America - Trump
  • Russia - Putin
  • Europe - Merkel

If you 3 work together then it is more than enough to manage the entire world. Doesn't matter which country it is ... or whatever crappy scheme the Establishment might create ... you will have full authority all over the world. Only 3 people need to work together. Dealing with the Establishment at the local level is a little bit complicated ... but in world affairs, you guys can easily rule.

We will show you how.



Trump's instant contact with South Korea and Japan was a very good move. It is very critical to involve Russia also and its a must to keep Russia on our side. The Security Alliance with Russia might take a few weeks to be formulated. Within this time, just in case, North Korea attacks ... Russia must be on our side. Russia must join forces with us in hammering North Korea. Get Putin on a hotline and explain to him the scenario ... and get him on the same page. This is very important and it is of immense priority.

The moment Russia is on our side then China will never dare to stand up against the Americo-Russian forces. North Korea will be dealt with an overwhelming force or it will buckle seeing Russian warships in the Sea of Japan. Russia is the key to victory against this North Korean crisis.